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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Hot new television ads. Do they go too far? New email surveillance techniques. Be careful what you write!
Our Super Bowl ad just goes on and on.
Our Super Bowl ad seems to have a life of its own. Although it's been almost four months since the Super Bowl (which took place on February 6, 2005), hardly a week goes by without reading something in the media about the ad, or seeing it re-run on television.

For example I read just yesterday an article in Business 2.0 that talked about our Super Bowl Ad. Under an article with the heading, "The new old thing" it talked about how our ad was a home run. I, of course, tend to agree.

There's a hot new commerical in town.
Also, just yesterday our Super Bowl ad emerged once again on television. This time it resulted from another very controversial commercial. This controversial new commercial was produced to promote the Carl's Jr. burger chain and stars Paris Hilton.

The Paris Hilton commercial has been called "soft core porn."
Since the Carl's Jr. commercial emerged, it instantly caught national attention. As you might guess, the Parent's Television Council immediately jumped into the fray, and called the ad "the ultimate example of corporate irresponsibility." Brent Bozell, President of the PTC also called the ad "raunchy and sexually graphic" and "soft core porn."

Parent's TV Council afraid of Radio Go Daddy!
I thought it would be fun and interesting to have Mr. Bozell (or some other representative) of the Parent's TV Council to come on Radio Go Daddy and tell us exactly why the Hilton commercial is so damaging to the youth of America. Of course, we'd expect him to factually support his claims, and we would ask him about some facts of our own (which clearly show that the commercial is harmless). As you might guess, the Parent's Television Council politely declined our invitation.

Calling the commercial "soft core porn" is an exaggeration.
I personally think calling the commercial "soft core porn" is a gross exaggeration. True, the commercial is definitely edgy. But it most certainly is not porn of any kind. I also do not find it either raunchy or sexually graphic.

ABC used Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial as an example.
Diane Sawyer on ABC's Good Morning America called the Carl's Jr. ad "too hot to handle." To my absolute delight, during ABC's coverage of the ad and discussion of how it might have went too far, they showed a clip from the Go Daddy Super Bowl ad and mentioned that the Go Daddy ad was cancelled after being allowed to run just once. Our ad was shown as an example of an ad that went too far.

NBC will also compare the Carl's Jr. commercial with Go Daddy's.
I also understand that NBC's Today show will be talking about the controversial ad tomorrow morning. They've informed us at Go Daddy that, in doing so, they plan to show our Super Bowl ad as well. To be honest, I rather like the fact that Go Daddy's ad during last year's Super Bowl has seemed to set the standard against which new "over the edge" ads will be judged.

Where you can see clips of news coverage.
To see clips of recent news coverage of the controversial Paris Hilton ad just visit the Parent's Television Council website at www.parentstv.org.

Carl's Jr. produced two versions.
Following Go Daddy's lead, Carl's Jr. produced both a 30 second version of their commercial for airing on television, and a 60 second Internet-only version. The day the Paris Hilton commercial appeared, traffic to the Carl's Jr. site was so heavy that it brought the site down for several hours.

Brad Haley, who handles marketing for Carl's Jr., said that they chose Paris Hilton because she's a hot actress and they are trying to sell a hot burger " their new "hot and spicy" burger. In the commercial, Paris Hilton appears scantily clad, washing a very expensive automobile (I think it's a Bentley) and once or twice apparently taking a small bite out of a big, dagwood looking burger. Mr. Haley said, "we've got a great looking actress, a great looking car, and a great looking burger."

Here's where you can see both Paris Hilton versions.
You can see the 30 second Paris Hilton television commercial by going to http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=56F0502473075694&playnext=1&play next_from=PL&v=GgBpfP5jn8Y. You can see the 60 second version, plus added commentary by Paris and the Carl's Jr. marketing staff, by going to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gby0zfCYiA.

I've watched both the television and Internet-only productions of the Carl's Jr. ads (each a few times to make sure I understood the message), and must say that I like them both. The Internet-only version is a slightly hotter and longer version of the television ad.

What I like the most about the Paris Hilton commercial.
There is one thing, however, that I like positively, absolutely the most about the Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton ad. As you might guess, it's that it is causing people to once again discuss the Go Daddy Super Bowl ad. And the beat goes on...

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