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00:06, 00:09
BP: Hi, I'm Bob Parsons here with Leeann.

00:09, 00:13
Leeann: What's cracking in and out was good hey biggidy-boo I got you baby.

00:15, 00:22
BP: On this episode of my video blog I'm going to answer one of the questions I seem to get all of the time. It goes something like this.

00:23, 00:35
Leeann: Bob, I love your videos and success tips. I'm busting my ass to get a piece of the pie, but it's not easy and it's getting to be quite a grind. How do you stay motivated, keep going and have fun along the way.

00:37, 00:50
BP: Well there's no doubt about it, hard times, they can get you down and sometimes, the easiest thing in the world is to throw in the towel. Here's what I know about hanging in there and making the best of it.

00:57, 01:01
Leeann: It's the journey, not the destination.

01:04, 01:21
BP: Making your dreams come true is incredibly satisfying. But remember, it's the process of achieving goals that's the most rewarding part of it. The point here, is to realize that the best part of your life is the time you spend actually chasing your dreams.

01:24, 01:28
Leeann: Get a little better each and every day.

01:30, 01:42
BP: It's a fact, it's easy to get complacent and let business and life get a little stale, but when you do this it creates boredom and bored people are usually really unhappy people.

01:44, 01:51
BP: To truly feel fulfilled in life you have to be moving forward, always setting new goals and dreaming new dreams.

01:52, 02:14
BP: A simple trick I use to keep myself motivated and moving forward is this; Raise goals, a little, every now and then and this will help you get a little better each and every day and over time you'll do more, you'll strive for more, you'll be capable of more and you might now imagine.

02:17, 02:21
Leeann: Avoid being your greatest enemy.

02:23, 02:30
BP: When you're not happy, guess who the person is that you hurt the most? That's right, it's you.

02:34, 02:51
BP: Think about it, has anything positive in your life ever come from being unhappy? I don't think so. Being happy is a choice, so make the decision to be happy, find the positives in your life and let those things keep you smiling.

02:57, 03:01
Leeann: Flex, your mental muscles.

03:03, 03:29
BP: Mental conditioning is just as important as physical conditioning. Take time to workout your mind by thinking through the obstacles you deal with. Coming up with new ideas, learning something new, the point is do anything that challenges you mentally. A sharp mind makes better decisions and good decision making is required if you really want to live a truly wonderful life.

03:35, 03:40
Leeann: Early bird, gets the worm. It's right here. I got it, 'cause I was up early.

03:43, 04:05
BP: Develop good habits. Get up early, go to sleep early. I find the early morning to be - by far - the most productive time of the day. In contrast, not much good happens after 10pm. So that's a good time for your ass to be in the sack.

04:08, 04:24
Leeann: Big expectations lead to big disappointments! Bob!

04:25, 04:50
BP: You need to replace expectation with ambition. Ambitious people, well they do the best they can all the time and they deal with - and often overcome - every negative situation. High expectations, well they can often lead to big disappointments. But ambition never gets disappointed and ambition is at the root of all success.

04:54, 05:03
Leeann: Nice people actually finish first! I won. I never win anything. Thank you. Thank you.

05:04, 05:17
BP: Always treat those you come in contact with - with kindness. The golden rule really is golden. You'll find that kindness - over time - does come back around.

05:19, 05:25
Leeann: The present is a gift! Love Bob and Leeann. You're welcome.

05:27, 05:49
BP: Spending too much time thinking about yesterday causes regret, spending too much time thinking about the future, well that causes worry. The best and most productive place to be, well it's in the here and now. So stay present and ambitious and that will go a long way towards making every day the best it can possibly be.

05:50, 06:02
BP: Well, that's a wrap for this episode. If you have any comments or questions, please post them here. I'm always interested in what you have to say. For Leeann and myself...thanks for watching!

06:03, 06:05
Leeann: We gonna see you next time internet! Sorry.

06:10, 06:24
BP: During my life I've assembled a collection of 16 rules. Most of them I learned the hard way. These rules help me in business and my personal life. I got to believe they can help you too! Today's rule, number 16, my favorite rule.

06:25, 06:42
There's always a reason to smile. Find it. After all, you're really lucky just to be alive. Life is short. More and more, I agree with my little brother. He always reminds me: "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time!"

06:43, 06:49
Announcer: Want more Bob? Follow Bob on Twitter. Search DrBobParsons.
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