Dear Mr. Parsons,
I spent a month volunteering with an elephant conservation charity in Namibia this summer. EHRA (Elephant Human Relations Aid) actually makes real change to the subsistence farmers in Namibia. I built walls around water pumps and windmills to protect them from elephant damage and helped locals build bee hives. Mr. Parsons, there are long-term solutions to this problem and I invite you to look up EHRA at, your donation here will go further to actually helping the impoverished African people. Please contact me, you can make a real difference.
Chloe Honeyborne (United Kingdom) on Dec 30 2011, 02:22pm  Reply
Just heard a broadcast about the elephant killing... I'm Buddhist and i would have suggested you do the same thing.... If these coalitions wanted to fix these types of issues... then they need to get there and figure a solution... We can't allow our resources to be destroyed... We could find a place for these elephants to go but?? Where... A bullet later and you have meat on the plate... Just saying...
Ian Leckey on Nov 27 2011, 07:36am  Reply
bob parsons., How small a man are u that u have to shoot elephants to feel big?? To take the life on and innocent animal that was just there is a travesty in itself. All the years it had lived a life that was tough enough and u go and kill the animal for fun. You are lower that whale shit on the bottom of the ocean and I hope your kids see u for the maggot you are..Cancer would be to good for u.
steven on Nov 22 2011, 05:12pm  Reply
Dear steven,

I am always amazed when I hear from the likes of YOU. Here you are quick to express a sharp opinion and even make ugly statements like your cancer comment, and all the while YOU don't have the faintest idea as to what the facts are.

Should you ever care to know the facts, do a google search for the following "Shoot an Elephant, Save a Village" and you'll find a academic paper written by the Hoover Institution of Stanford University that clearly states the facts supporting what I do, and why it makes sense not only for the local villagers (they do count, don't they?) but also for the elephant population.

bob parsons on Nov 23 2011, 06:49am  Reply
I was emailing to say just how good your support technicians were today. really sweet support. but I got to add, that while looking up your contact details I read the Elephant news. Its your personal life, but that was wrong and your sad cover story of "subsistence farmers friend" is pathetic (utterly self-delusional). You come across as much better than this, I hope your future actions restore the tarnish. I know wealth can afford you almost any life experience, choose wisely.
Jules Newgrosh (United Kingdom) on Nov 4 2011, 07:53am  Reply
Thanks for posting this, Mr. Parsons! Being the daughter of an outfitter in Tanzania, I am very appreciative of people like you who are not ashamed of sharing your trophies with the public. Taking an elephant is a very rewarding experience, but even more so when the meat will be harvested for the locals as was done here. It is a shame that more people do not understand the true meaning of conservation as we do. If you ever attend SCI or DSC please come by our booth and chat with us about your adventures.


Alex Brittingham
Tanzania Adventures Inc.
Alex Brittingham (Texas) on Oct 2 2011, 10:32am  Reply
While I feel sorry for the poor elephant, i also understand the people living there. It's not easy to take sides.
Tom ( on Sep 15 2011, 01:35am  Reply
I was sent a short vid of the shooting part, with an anti-Bob rant. It angered me and I considered closing my GoDaddy account. But I remembered a tip in one of Bob's blogs about there being at least two sides to every story. The taking of any life makes me uncomfortable, but I'm glad to see this video filling in some of the details. I've never got the whole Hooters-Harley-NASCAR thing with Bob, but taken all together, I really believe he's doing his best to share the love. BTW, I teach in a private music studio with 500+ kids, and I've posted Bob's 16 Rules on the wall. Everybody digs it!
Steve Snelling ( (California) on Aug 21 2011, 11:02pm  Reply
The PETA crowd that has besieged you for doing this are morons!

Thank you for helping the farmers and community in Zimbabwe! Like Salongo wrote, the PETA crowd has no clue about Africa, or any place else on the planet!

Semper fi,
Paul Younghaus (South Carolina) on Jul 26 2011, 11:28pm  Reply
I have been doing business with godaddy for years and have many of yalls products. I will keep doing business with yall solely because of this video and article. I am a hunter and dream of one day getting to experience Africa. That a boy Bob, keep up the good work and conservation efforts.
Austin ( (Texas) on Jul 26 2011, 09:24am  Reply
Bob, Those that write bad comments about your hunting have no clue about life in Africa. If they were ever in Africa, they would probably try to pet a lion or pose for a photo with a cape buffalo. Just remember that each elephant that you take will do more to help those people, then all that is written in blogs by the tree huggers.

PETA's "Animal Record" report for 2010, which the animal rights group itself filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that PETA employees killed 94 percent of the dogs and cats in their care last year.
Salongo (Nebraska) on Jul 7 2011, 09:32pm  Reply
Bob, You are truely a great man. Thank you for providing food to the Africans and for protecting their crops. I hope that some day I too can go to Africa (besides the MEDFLAG trip that I went to Morocco on) and help to feed and protect the Africans.

It is too bad that there are so many people in the world that follow PETA like lemmings over a cliff. They have no idea what is really happening in the world, nor will they ever understand it. If you need an idea of how to feed the "endangered" animals in Africa, may I suggest a PETA tour on a crappy tour bus.

Semper Fi Devil Dog!
John Swanson on Jul 6 2011, 09:43pm  Reply
Dear Dr. Bob,
You are always great man. Will you go for hunting problem elephans in the near future? We faced some really problematic elephans here but don't know how to chase them away. I have tried to shout, making noises, . . . but they still keeping on destroying each and any of my trees.
I know that you are very busy man, but could you please lend me your guns for some time to shoot them or shooting myself before giving up?
Problem animals are born to be problematic, not only to other creatures but also to themself! They are not of reason.
Please help!
God bless you.
Duong Trung ( (Vietnam) on Jun 15 2011, 07:04pm  Reply
I just posted this piece highlighting an excellent article discussing why your hunting expeditions are good for wildlife and local communities in Africa. Hope you enjoy.
Laura Huggins ( (Montana) on Jun 9 2011, 12:22pm  Reply
Don't know if you watched the news last night about the elephants running wild in a city in S. India whereby one poor soul was gored to death (captured on camera) and considering the controversy with your shooting the elephant in Africa, thought I would send you today's news cuttings from there. This is a constant issue there.
Bill Ganapathy ( on Jun 9 2011, 10:25am  Reply
Been there, done that, got the tusks. More power to you. How 'bout a Russian Brown Bear hunt on the Kamchaka Peninsula? I'm going May 2012. Looks fun and will give you a chance to use the big gun again.

BTW: I'm a gun writer for Dangerous Game Magazine.
Tom Murphy (Nevada) on Jun 6 2011, 10:09am  Reply
In the bout of Bob Parsons v PETA, Parsons is the true conservationist. See "Shoot and Elephant, Save a Community" at
Terry Anderson (Montana) on Jun 6 2011, 05:20am  Reply
Hey, Bob. Good on ya for "killing several birds with one stone":
-You saved the crop
-Fed the villagers
-Showed the other elephants "what for"
Mankind are naturally hunters who can easily justify the "kill" in situations such as shooting groundhogs/prairie dogs whose holes break legs of cattle and ruin machinery; shooting crows that damage corn crops; shooting over-populations of deer that would otherwise starve THEMSELVES, etc.
To me, and EDUCATED others, the hunt is all about the "greatest good for the greatest number of people". I'm not religious, but, humans rule!
Michael Scott (Canada) on Jun 1 2011, 06:19am  Reply
People are so out of touch with reality they'd rather save an elephant that is destroying crops then to save people you could look at the video and see how the people were starving people really need to come off of that space cloud they are on and get for real! Bob keep helping the people and you will be blessed as long as you are alive you will always have haters!
carol graham on May 30 2011, 06:20am  Reply
Dear carol,

You're right when it comes to the haters. Look for a future blog that provides suggestions for how to deal with cyber haters.

I'm fine dealing with those people, but I worry about young kids who fall prey to that vindictive, mean spirited, typically uninformed or ignorant nonsense. Often they feel trapped, suffer needlessly, and sometimes wind up taking their lives because of it.

Check out the following link. I'm on cover of NRA Magazine. These guys do a great job of telling my side of the story.

Appreciate your support,


bob parsons on May 30 2011, 07:17am  Reply
Bob with your money you could have shot the poor animal with a tranquilizer and air lifted the thing to somewhere where it would hopefully add to the population of elephants. Even a zoo, what you did was a Yeehaaa red neck thing to do. There are plenty of fat white balding rich guys around the world but few elephants.
By the way Indians believe the elephant is bringer of good luck especially in a business context and I believe you doing this turned virtually the whole of India negative against you and I did admire you before this too. (United Kingdom) on May 30 2011, 03:25am  Reply
Dear Dude,

First, the elephants in Zimbabwe are not endangered. Not even close. At present there are 100,000 of them, the herd grows by 5% year and only 1/2 of 1% are taken by hunters.

Second, shooting a six ton elephant with a tranquilizer solves nothing. Relocating it would be a chore indeed assuming it even would be possible. Before I try doing that with my money, I'd like to first give it a shot with your money and if we can make it work, then maybe I'll follow suit.

Finally, the people need to eat there. They get no protein so killing it and butchering it provides them valuable meat for months.

bob parsons on May 30 2011, 06:45am  Reply
How did it feel Bob? Did it make you feel like a man? Did your mates give you a pat on the back and say "Well done Bob, that was very manly of you Bob?"
The fact that you even attempt to justify this act of brutality just goes to show what a low life you are. You speak of yourself being some sort of hero, but to most (other than your fellow rednecks) you are just a egocentric coward. Just remember Bob, what goes around, comes around!
Ray (Australia) on Jun 11 2011, 02:18am  Reply
Dear Ray,

I wonder ... did writing your blog post somehow make you feel like a man? My guess is you've never been there, and don't have any idea what goes on there and what's involved. That's OK, because all of us are here to learn.

Here's a link to a recent well research academic article that explains it perfectly. You might give it a read.

bob parsons on Jun 12 2011, 09:40am  Reply
Bob, I have always admired you but you shouldn't have taken on the job yourself of killing that elephant. THAT WAS A WRONG DECISION! If that elephant was a problem for the village they should have solved the problem themselves. Personal responsibility!!! Personally I'd have a tough time killing an animal that wasn't a danger to me. That elephant was no danger to you ... Also I am a vegetarian so I eat NO ANIMALS...No animals were killed to feed my face.
Mike Hott (California) on May 29 2011, 03:42pm  Reply
Bob, I just watched your interview with the NRA. How generous and thoughtful you are! What you did was not a glamorous safari hunting elephants, but waiting in pitch-black darkness for a herd to charge at you, possibly keeping a village from starvation. To be able to shoot at only one takes a lot of guts! And, on top of that, you had to pay to do that! Your dedication to the less fortunate is to be commended. If PETA and HSUS would do only a fraction of what you do, just think how much better this world would be! Kudos!! From a fellow NRA life member,
Bob Compton (Florida) on May 29 2011, 05:18am  Reply
A few months ago I spent an annoying amount of time concluding my business with Network Solutions in order to finally transfer my domains to my Go Daddy Account and then you made me so mad I was crying (almost) when you killed the elephant.
Now, I need your solemn oath that you will not kill, injure or maim another living thing. Otherwise I will need to move my account and (50+) URL'sfromm Go Daddy.

What do you say?

Please don't disappoint me Bob. I know you are enjoying your success but put down the firearms...Bobby.
I await you reply,
Sharon D
Sharon Day (California) on May 27 2011, 11:59am  Reply
Dear Sharon,

You were crying because you didn't know the facts. The facts in a nutshell are ....

1. In Zimbabwe there are about 100,000 plus elephants.
2. The herd grows by 5% a year and only 1/2 of 1% are taken by hunters.
3. The elephants are very destructive and are a particular problem when crops are ready for harvest.
4. Zimbabwe farmers are subsistence farmers. They raise their crops to eat, not to sell. No crops = starvation.
5. There is no economy where they are at. No electric, no nothing.
6. If elephants destroy their crops, they starve to death.
7. The farmers try all sorts of thing to protect their crops and run the elephant out of the fields. They use fire, drums, cracking whips, etc. None of this works well, it's mostly ignored by the elephants. Often the elephants kill desperate farmers who are simply trying to save their fields.
8. The damage takes place at night when bees are in their hives, so that proposed solution won't work at all.
9. The elephant I shot were in fields, shot at night at personal risk to me and my team, in each case we only shot one and the rest of the elephants realizing that one of them was killed stormed out of the fields not to return — at least that year.
10. The dead elephant was butchered by the farmers who had huge celebrations because their crops were saved and they had elephant meat to eat (they ate or used everything).
11. Most people who have a problem with this have no idea what the facts are and are basing their understanding on what they saw on Walt Disney or Nat Geo which either distorts or doesn't show all sides of the issue.
12. While I hate to disappoint you, and I really do, if I have a choice between disappointing you or disappointing poor farmers who really appreciate what I do, want me to come back, and who face starvation, I have to pick disappointing you. I know you'll be OK and won't starve if it's you who is disappointed. I really can't say that for sure about them.
13. So here's my solemn oath, I plan to go back and continue to deal with problem elephants as long as the problem exists and I'm physically capable of doing so.

Thank you for taking the time to post here, and know that I very much hope you understand.

bob parsons on May 27 2011, 12:26pm  Reply
PLEASE consider: The best way to improve African villagers' lives (even saving them) is RESOURCE PROTECTION. Bob, you can help protect natural water supplies and natural resources by funding legitimate habitat protection from illegal logging and poaching. When elephants have some of Earth's real estate for themselves, they won't encroach on human turf.
You can make a big difference.
Thanks - Derby
derby ODOnnell ( (Oregon) on May 19 2011, 03:16pm  Reply
Bob, I've been a GoDaddy customer for a little over a year. I'm sure there are things you and I would disagree on, but hunting is not one of them. I love hunting and either my family or friends eat every thing I harvest. I was unable to hunt for 4 years due to a serious illness. Now, I'm making up for lost time. I wholeheartedly support you on your hunting endeavors and respect you standing up for what you believe in even though you are taking heat for it. One of your competitors, HostGator, is using the controversy for their own gain. Do you happen to know what their views on hunting are ??
Johnny ( (Tennessee) on May 16 2011, 08:12am  Reply
What I remember about HostGator is that they were hosting FaceBook scams March 9, 2011 involving an "almost" naked teen celebrity, with very private graphics they admitted that they knew were stolen from her in a computer hack incident, and they refused to remove the stolen graphics unless teh celebrity sued them. As soon as they knew they were hosting the XSS attacks they should have disabled the Survey Scammer's account, and they diddn't.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 04:23pm  Reply
It has been proven that the planting of hot pepper plants along field borders will prevent elephants from destroying crops. Don't mask your love of killing with a "it's for the good of the people" rationale, Bob. I have just initiated the transfer of my domain from Go Daddy.
Jeff Nadler ( (California) on May 11 2011, 08:54am  Reply
Dear Jeff Nadler,

Proven by who Jeff? How many have you planted, or paid to have planted?

bob parsons on May 11 2011, 07:27pm  Reply
We must ask Us, why they life in this kind of Conditions !!!!

Sanya ( (Croatia (Hrvatska)) on May 10 2011, 01:41am  Reply
Dear Austen,

In my opinion the farmers and villagers of Zimbabwe should be the ones we hear from. They have a sharply different opinion than you do. Like you I care about all sentient beings, both animal and human — I don't much care about insects. That's why I do whatever I can to make sure our wildlife on every continent is protected from poachers and those who would destroy it and leave nothing. Like it or not my friend, the moneys and energies that protect most of the world's wildlife is provided by hunters.

bob parsons on May 9 2011, 07:24pm  Reply
You have been such an inspiring person to me, but I definitely don't buy into your elephant killing justification. It really makes me wonder how a person with so many virtues can do so.. Bob, please use your virtues, God gave you, to fullest before doing similar acts. I still have extensive faith in GoDaddy corp.

Pankit (New York) on May 20 2011, 01:24pm  Reply
Right, but why not just give money to protect habitat instead of hunting?
Austen Heinz (South Korea) on May 9 2011, 08:35pm  Reply
Dear Austen,

There really is no economy there. So that being the case, when there is nothing to buy, what good will money do. Better to help the people in the ways they want to be helped.

bob parsons on May 9 2011, 08:47pm  Reply
There is no economy because there isn't a stable currency thanks to Mugabe. If you pay them in American dollars that money has value and can stimulate conservation just like it can here. It can be used to buy land and anti-poaching services. You're a creative guy. In addition to leveraging your personal fortune, I'm sure you could think of many ways to increase tourism and save animals without killing them.
Austen on May 9 2011, 09:01pm  Reply
Killing animals is NOT okay, Bob. And using this as an ad for your business is even more shameful - the villagers using the goddady garb made me cringe.

I am moving my hosting servers elsewhere.
You, Bob - Get a life.
Vijay on May 9 2011, 09:56am  Reply
Dear Vijay,

You really don't think I was trying to promote by giving the villagers those orange hats, do you?

It wasn't intended as an ad for the business. It was intended to show what the farmers in the Ndlovo community of Zimbabwe have to deal with. That said, if you think the right answer was to let those villagers go hungry, you and I are simply going to have to disagree.

Should you move your hosting, do know you'll always be welcome back.

bob parsons on May 9 2011, 07:15pm  Reply
I just watched the Piers Morgan show you were on with the PETA rep, and I must say... Is the PETA rep for real? Comparing what you did to troubled teens? Really? Get a clue. What you did Bob, was heroic, and you helped those people stop worrying about their food. If I had a chance to help out as you did, I would do it as well. Great job Bob. Keep up the good work.
Javier (Oregon) on May 6 2011, 12:59pm  Reply
Hi Bob, Let's see here... You removed a problem elephant, that was destroying crops, and was a a threat to the villagers themselves... The end result, was the feeding of a couple of hundred people... So, it's all good with me ! Not to mention the monetary boost, while you were in the area. Everybody have a great day...!
Jerry (Nebraska) on May 5 2011, 01:47pm  Reply
Bob, your elephant hunt sounds exciting. Too bad the non-hunters don't realize that life in Africa is extremely difficult in the bush/rural areas and elephants are a very real and dangerous problem for villagers. As a fellow dangerous game hunter, I applaud your posting the video and encourage the Peta supporters and other non-hunters to send their donations to the many worthwhile Africa causes, and at least maybe then they can help the people. Michael W.
Michael Wilmet (Arizona) on May 4 2011, 04:00pm  Reply

After hearing your interview on the Cam Edwards program I had to check out your VLOG.
As a member of PETA (people eating tasty animals) I support you. Stick to your guns (pun intended)
Karl (New Jersey) on May 4 2011, 10:47am  Reply
stop hunting innocent endangered elephants!
Jessica on May 2 2011, 06:03pm  Reply
He didn't hunt any innocent endangered elephant. He stopped a dangerous hungry elephant that was killing a whole village of human beings.

Sitting in a dark field on a moonless night with nothing but a flashlight and rifle between you and a violent hungry animal, knowing that if you fail you will probably die quickly and horribly and a whole village will die of slow starvation, that has got to be extreme.

If I had the means to do so, I would likely try also. So, invite me as your guest next year, Bob. 8)
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 01:59pm  Reply
Keeping it short. You are my hero.
Ignore peta, they do not care what kinda of attention they get, as long as they get any they will not go away.

Ooh Rah
Stay - Semper Fi

Joseph Jozwik
Joseph Jozwik ( (Michigan) on May 1 2011, 10:15pm  Reply
I Breathe,as I was searching your VLOGS, this is the third today. Deep feelings and thoughts surfacing and tears of confusion mark my cheeks. At first the small trampled field seems reasonless to KILL an Amazing Creature and then Suddenly the REALITY of your JOURNEY seems more significant..As we kill cattle everyday to pad the pockets of BURGER KING and other FOOD Franchise owners..I LIKE filet minon best. RARELY do I get to enjoy it. Anyhow thanks for sharing this journey of yours. I'm sure your efforts will be challenged Sacrifice HAS always been a part of our successes. BULL DEPARTED.
Albyena Newberry ( (California) on May 1 2011, 10:17am  Reply
Good video.

Regardless of the 'conventional wisdom' what this video depicts makes sense and is just as rational today as it was back several thousand years ago when those who work in the news media would have had a different chance at survival.
Sam Caldwell ( (Texas) on Apr 30 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
I disagree with your fellow it badboysbailbonds???? I get the mentality...I think it is just horrible! Who are you or anyone to take an aminals life...and be proud of it....just another trophy on your wall uh...let that animal take you on fair and square and lets see who's head lands on whos wall!!!
Chase (Texas) on Apr 29 2011, 11:46pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
I have been receiving e-mails from a competitor complaining about your recent trip to Africa where you shot and killed a ROGUE, KILLER, bull elephant that was terrorizing a village and destroying the crops. This competitor "promised" they would give money to some save the animal charity if I would buy one of their names. It was nothing but pure solicitation and exploitation. Since when are animals especially KILLER animals more important than humans? You can come and take care of our varmints anyday...we have skunks and coons that get into our chickens. Bring your GUN! Thanks
Sandy ( on Apr 27 2011, 04:34pm  Reply
Great job on taking on the problem elephants in Zim. Most people don't understand that these elephants are over populated and when they run out of food they go into the villages and destroy there crops. You are a true hero! You saved LIVES!
Craig on Apr 26 2011, 01:34pm  Reply
Bob-I want to first thank you for all the great work you are doing in the southern part of Africa.I have been there first hand to see what you have done. For you to travel so far and help these poor malnourished people who diet almost has no protein, it has a lot to say about you. In the area your in the elephants are over populated 50-75k elephants and to also know that all the permit fees(very costly)go to animal conservation. I wish there were more people like you. Thank You. C.Jeffrey Stanley
p.s. All my accounts will be switched to godaddy.
C.Jeffrey Stanley ( (California) on Apr 25 2011, 03:08am  Reply
Hi Bob
Firstly i am from Zimbabwe although now living in the UK. I can never condone hunting any animals unless the pose a risk to human life. Gone are the days where everyone goes hunting in Africa.

At the end of the day, the elephant where there before the farmer. The bigger problem that needs solving in Africa is the government, not some stray elephant. If you want to feed millions of people, rather than hundreds then that is the problem that needs solving.

So, while i am a big fan of yours, i don't think this specific action of yours was right.

Colin Durrant ( (Zimbabwe) on Apr 23 2011, 11:49pm  Reply
Ummm. So you say people must die: animals there first. Ummm. You try first.
Tarzan on Jun 7 2011, 02:50pm  Reply
It would be harder to get a permit to hunt the government officials.

Maintaining animal populations through scientific conservation, including controlled hunting, is the most successful way to improve quality of life for man and beast.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:08pm  Reply
not a good decision to do this as it is not a good look for whatever reason. In australia and USA, UK, etc we have a view of sustainability not quick fixes. I do know Africa is in stress for food, health and a secure future, they do what they have to, BUT realise many of your customers have strong views about killing Elephants for ANY reason. My son wants me to cancell all business, but I know this is not black and white, maybe you could explain more to support the video.
Bob ( (Australia) on Apr 23 2011, 03:07am  Reply
The elephant cull was win /win. Piss on the antis. They are clueless morons
dan on Apr 22 2011, 08:57am  Reply
I know that with your resources you could have found a better way to deal with the "problem" elephant. I was going to move all my domains, but I see that you have already given over $3million to charities including the humane society and the spca. I have looked into the other web hosts and registrars and do not see the level of giving back to the animals and the community that you have. I hope that you do not participate in any more elephant hunt trips and that you continue to donate to animal causes.
Valerie ( on Apr 21 2011, 04:10pm  Reply

My buddy just asked me what I thought of your elephant hunt. I hadn't heard about the uproar you caused with this. (but then again, you never stir things up, do you?)

I just watched your video, and must say, it was informative and not offensive at all. I was thinking more about the safety of you and your team. How do you know you won't have a wild cat coming after you or something? Do you use night vision goggles or something?

That would be quite the experience!

Aloha, Nate
Nate ( (Hawaii) on Apr 21 2011, 12:55am  Reply
I think it's terrible what you've done Bob - I think a lot of other people do also
Jani on Apr 26 2011, 02:28am  Reply
Bob, i have over 35 domains with you and just keep buying more, i think what you did was great i don't see any harm in killing an elephant even a couple more as long as there is enough for the species to carry on and your helping to feed the locals.
Its pointless spending money putting up fences and why should you. It's good to see you have stayed down to earth with your HOT commercials (which I like btw lol)
Sometimes when people get rich they come off the rails look at Charlie sheen however you have stayed grounded by doing things you enjoy and I don't see why people should have a go at u
Alex Hill ( (United Kingdom) on Apr 20 2011, 04:26pm  Reply
I stand behind you in every way possible, and i definitely applaud the courage it took to put yourself out in the public with this.
Thanks for being a great inspiration!
trisha on Apr 19 2011, 08:17pm  Reply

I support you in your efforts. It's a shame so many people can be so narrow minded about so many things. If only life was truly as black and white as many of these people think it is. I admire your spirit and your integrity. Keep doin what you're doin, both in business and your personal life. Thanks!
Allen ( (Arizona) on Apr 18 2011, 10:31am  Reply
Can't you catch it and move it or something? Why the need to kill it?
phototristan ( (California) on Apr 18 2011, 09:55am  Reply
Bob, you could have built a hundred fences around 100 sorghum fields for the price of your trip. The truth is, far to many people are trying to live in a finite earth. Africa's population growth shows no sign of slowing. 1985's "Feed the World" campaign was about a once per 100 year drought. Americans feed them now the population has doubled! By the time the next drought hits, who will feed them?
T Laws (Michigan) on Apr 17 2011, 11:08am  Reply
Bob Parson, you sir!.....should be ashame of yourself
Jesper Thrane (Denmark) on Apr 17 2011, 02:29am  Reply
Absolutely, Bob. You guys only shot one. Shoulda got at least two.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:21pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons, I passed an unfair judjment on you and your party, business and business partners after seeing this video without knowing all the facts. For that I hope you can accept my deepest apology. I now understand that, although graphic and unsettling the video and actios are, there is a greater cause for the better good and and welfare for the villagers out there.

Thank you for your time sir
Rixx (California) on Apr 16 2011, 01:37pm  Reply

Great video of Africa! Keep your head up and know you have your highly successful African hunting friends backing you!
Unless they hunt, they will never know the services and conservation we provide!
Rick (South Carolina) on Apr 14 2011, 05:48am  Reply
I'm right there with you Rick. Wish I could have been there with him on this hunt.
Life long hunter here!
Jake (Mississippi) on Apr 14 2011, 11:13am  Reply
We at Hunters Against PETA first want to say "Great job Bob". There's a lot of problem elephants in Africa that cause farmers a lot of damage to their crops each year and some deaths resulting from them as well.Secondly, PETA and other animal rights groups will forever continue to attack our values, our lifestyle and our passion. It's up to us to stand up and fight back against groups like these. And never apologize or justify our way of life.It's great to see that Bob didn't apologize for helping these people out.We're going to continue to use Godaddy's services and recommend them to everyone
Hunters Against PETA ( (Utah) on Apr 12 2011, 06:22pm  Reply
I for one am jealous. We have some hunting videos online and get bad comments all the time as well. If you ever need someone to come along and shoot some video I can clear my schedule :)
Jordan ( (Oregon) on Apr 12 2011, 05:14pm  Reply
I orginally came to know through your NASCAR sponserships. How disappointing it is to see a photo of you with your weapon leaning against a dead elephant. You appear to be happy judging from the smile on your face. Was taking the life of this creature joyful for you? Did it create a high? I will never understand the thrill of taking the life of a living creature, no matter how large or small.
Gail (Colorado) on Apr 12 2011, 12:08pm  Reply
hey bob, hang in there. i'm a hunter and love all animals, but what peta members like to forget is that it was the work of hunters like teddy r. that saved alot of the animals from going the way of the dodo. its easy to look at video and jugde others way of life, but if your not there its hard to realize the hardships these people go thought, just tring to survied the best they can, and they don't see the good from taking out one bad animal can do when it comes to feeding hundreds, only hunters do, thanks and keep doing it right, shot straight.
andrew lloyd (Pennsylvania) on Apr 12 2011, 09:07am  Reply
As a wife, hunter and the wife of a taxidermist & hunter, thank you for your elephant video. People in the States do not understand the damage wild animals can cause. I have been to RSA and have seen the elephant damage in person. The villagers are very lucky that someone was able to taken down this elephant so that is will not cause future damage & the meat will feed them for awhile. Keep on hunting & blogging.
Stacie Testerman (Pennsylvania) on Apr 12 2011, 08:14am  Reply
Screw PETA and NBC. What you did Bob was commendable. When I need a service, your company is the first I'll come to. There's a lot more people like me, than the vocal miniscule minority at PETA, inaddition most people understand the slanted, BS that NBC spews is nonsense.
Al Bean (Pennsylvania) on Apr 12 2011, 08:07am  Reply
I am a hunter. I understand that hunting is what creates stronger and sustainable numbers of animals. We pay the extra taxes that fund the programs that protect animals. Yet, we are described as killers and worst. Peta seems to want the animals to overpopulate, destroy crops and rule the politics of this country. Well, since this is the first email I have ever sent in support of hunting rights let me be clear. Keep shooting and remember there are a lot of people behind you.

In Virginia we have an overpopulation of deer. I support Hunters for the Hungry and am proud to hunt.
Paul Green ( (Virginia) on Apr 12 2011, 06:31am  Reply
I want to thank you for what you do for those folks down in Zimbabwe. Screw PETA and all of those other loonies. What you do is a real service to society and the world. You fed those poor souls down there what was likely their heartiest meal in weeks if not months and the nerve that those nutjobs have to chastise you for what you did is absolutely disgusting. Thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment. Thank you for hunting for the underprivileged. Thank you for being an American in more than just name only. God bless and keep up the good fight. When I have need of a website I WILL go here.
Kevin Malseed (Pennsylvania) on Apr 11 2011, 10:22pm  Reply
I think everyone is blowing the elephant issue out of proportion. Its ok to shoot deer, shoot quail and other animals during hunting season and nobody says a word, its accepted, but because you decided to do it (hunt) all of the sudden its news and everyone is in uproar.

I'm sure more then half the people bitching about the elephant eat steaks and other animal meat that was killed more inhumanly then the elephant.
Jose ( (Florida) on Apr 8 2011, 09:01pm  Reply
Just wondering about the slaughter of the elephant...they are 'rogue' and 'problem' creatures because we have taken away their habitats and their food supplies. With all of your money, sir, it would seem to me that you would be devoting your resources to securing habitats and food supplies for these sentient creatures instead of convincing yourself that what you are doing is beneficial. Solving the problem of the native population and their food supplies should also be paramount in your scheme. Feeding them an elephant or two once or twice a year is not productive.
Diana HARPEL on Apr 8 2011, 02:53pm  Reply
Dear Diana,

Actually at the moment that seems to be the very best solution available. Keep in mind the elephant population rose from 40,000 to over 100,000 in Zimbabwe. The herd grows by 5% a year and only 1/2 of 1% are taken by hunting. If the herd is not able to be controlled through selective hunting — certainly that's the case with problem elephant control — the other option is a culling. That's something I'd never participate in, but in certain cases, like with an out of control elephant population it becomes necessary. Lets hope we can continue to avoid that.

I will also say that I've been there now for six years in a row, and I have yet to see any organization there doing anything for the elephants (and of course the people).

bob parsons on Apr 8 2011, 11:27pm  Reply
Well Bob, you say it SEEMS to be the very best solution. The elephants are overpopulated in your opinion & in the opinion of farmers and local people? The solution is to kill, huh. Bob, no one ever gave you the right to kill. People are over populated too, but if animals were to come in and kill us, then THEY would be cold blooded killers. It's really sad that you can't see that this is just a world that we all must share. It's not your job to do something about the farmers by killing. Instead, use some intelligence and all that money to make a REAL difference. Money & fame will follow
Dave on Apr 30 2011, 04:44am  Reply
Doesn't change the fact that now I'm taking heat for your actions, from my customers.
Joseph on Apr 10 2011, 03:35am  Reply

Your customers are entitled to their opinion as much as everyone else. However you are not Bob, and merely being associated with him, does not place any of his actions on you.

If your customers are judging you based on the choices of another person whom you dont control, instead of on the quality of the products and services which you do provide them - there is something seriously wrong with THEM.

Regardless of how one feels about the incident, business is still business and proven quality products will outshine opinions all day every day!
Thats Business (Arizona) on Apr 12 2011, 07:26am  Reply
Well, "That's Business", you tell Joseph that he's being ridiculous for asking Bob to act more professional. But, if you were in Joseph's place, you'd be saying the same thing. Joseph may be a business partner or associate. If you had a business (which you probably don't, because you can't relate), then you might understand. It's really easy for you to point fingers, but you don't feel any heat. Now, if Bob had taken some of that BILLIONS of dollars he has & REALLY made a difference by doing something to help not just a HUMANE fashion, but a more effective way, then Joseph would thank him
Dave on Apr 30 2011, 04:55am  Reply
Hello Bob,

Thanks for donating to the Arizona Humane Society. Perhaps a donation to an elephant sanctuary would be a good idea.

Mary Cummins
Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins ( (California) on Apr 8 2011, 02:50pm  Reply
Well done Bob .As a Zimbabwean Hunting Outfitter with concessions in Zimbabwe and based in Arizona for 9 months a year THANK YOU for bringing out the truth on Elephants in my dear country. Zimbabwe is over populated because of our great wildlife management, plain and simple. If you need a local Zimbabwean hunt outfitter to back you up in any way with FACTS ...let us know. Thanks again! Arnold Payne
Arnold Payne ( (Arizona) on Apr 8 2011, 01:36pm  Reply
Thanks for posting a link to this now I know more about how you help in the world
Hieg Werira ( on Apr 8 2011, 08:22pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
I really enjoyed your video. This gave me a smile, a big smile really, especially as the figure skater broke the ice so to speak. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. Keep up the cheerful edge buddy and never mind the elephant do-do.
rick cartledge (Canada) on Apr 8 2011, 09:40am  Reply
Gee, PETA destroys 85,000 dogs and cats to date, and no animal rights group has said a word. Not one was used to help feed anyone, none were causing any human conflict. Who's the BAD GUY now?
Bob, I support all your efforts to help these people who the world has forgotten.
God bless ya Bob.
Kenneth Rhone on Apr 8 2011, 08:59am  Reply
On this weeks Show we congrat Bob for his generositry and bravery. We discuss the problem in Zim with Barbara Crown, publisher of the Hunt Report and defend Bob as a Humanitarian—>
James B. Towle ( (California) on Apr 8 2011, 08:22am  Reply
Bob; I do not appreciate your position on the hunt for Elephants. Even in impoverished Zimbawe it does not need a foreign white man to "protect" the local's fields from animals...that seem a lame excuse.
Klaus Gachter (http://kgachter.con) on Apr 7 2011, 06:07pm  Reply
Its interesting to me that people applaude killing animals, some that are endangered and come up with excuses that sound great to the uneducated but the fact is that hunting is unnecessary of animals for sport no matter what the hype is. The fact is Bob just wanted to kill exotic animals for the fun of it. I think those that are calling out people that disagree with this and PETA need to put their Bud down, and educate themselves...
Tonja (California) on Apr 7 2011, 03:40pm  Reply
So get out your own checkbook and go solve the problem without killing any elephants. We will be happy to watch and learn. Post a video when you have achieved it. Chao.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:36pm  Reply
I'm behind Parsons on the elephant hunt. A properly and actively-managed herd is healthier. The villagers get food, and PETA gets pissed off. Looks like Win-Win all round.

Now, if only there was a season for PETA...

Keep up the good work - visionaries like you are driving the Internet into the future. I like where it's going!
Adam Sulis on Apr 7 2011, 09:20am  Reply
You did a mitzvah Mr. Parsons. The ignorant and politically blinded weenies that have grown to run this country can't take that away from you. While they sit on the couch and watch National Geographic channel, you and I know that hunting has done more in one season than all the silly ass organizations "for the animals" have ever done. Bless ya and may your shots always hit true.
Mike (New York) on Apr 7 2011, 05:28am  Reply
Don't use the word mitzvah when you don't know what it means.
Jon on Apr 7 2011, 06:56am  Reply
"Mitzvah" means any good or praiseworthy deed. Now go look up dolt.
Jon (Kentucky) on Apr 7 2011, 05:53pm  Reply
Great job on the video- My wife and i were have a conversation today about why things seem to go well for us- they don't! we just stay positive and deal with the issue. We have family that dwell on there issues, but staying upbeat and solving those issues makes life so much more enjoyable.

Grab life by the tusks. Congratulations on your African trophy!
Jeff (Texas) on Apr 6 2011, 08:20pm  Reply
You can't do much about consumer ignorance. With hunting permits down in several states, I don't think people realize that hunting should be encouraged, not shunned. Because if hunting is not taken up as a sport for the next generation, then rangers will have to do the job for them, on the taxpayers dollar. These are the same people crying about states like West Virginia pushing game and fish programs into schools, not realizing that hunters are statistically far more educated on wildlife than the average citizen. Again, you can't do much about consumer ignorance. Don't change.
BS (Maryland) on Apr 6 2011, 07:39pm  Reply
Bob, leave the wildlife, very disappointed about your activities killing an elephant in africa. There are much better alternatives.
Cameron Hall (Washington) on Apr 6 2011, 04:15pm  Reply
Great summary of lots of good ideas. Whether Bob likes to hunt elephants may be a personal failing but I don't argue with the validity of the ideas presented.
SL ( (California) on Apr 6 2011, 02:58pm  Reply
Find somehting better to do than killing elephants!
What a real shame.
Richard Kidd (Texas) on Apr 6 2011, 02:22pm  Reply
As a South African and someone that knows more about the situation in Zimbabwe... Is this really the headline you see in your mind?.. Big white hunter saves poor africans from starvation while throwin out godaddy caps to the crowds. shame. Please don't come hunting in South Africa, we like our wildlife and it creates many jobs for our people i.e puts food on peoples plates ;)
adrian on Apr 6 2011, 12:29pm  Reply
Can you pls explain why Bob Parsons shot the elephant? Was he on a recreational hunt? Did wildlife managers support the shooting?
Diane MacEachern ( (Maryland) on Apr 6 2011, 12:01pm  Reply
I'm a customer and a big fan of yours. And your recent actions, right or wrong have left me disappointed. The bottom line is the effect you have made on your customers and fans. Did you not expect an outrage by shooting an elephant? You should stick to what you're good at, which is business.
John (Canada) on Apr 6 2011, 11:54am  Reply
John, I too am a fellow Canadian and agree with your comments. I am so disappointed and really hope that Bob will see the light - I don't care if the elephants are over populated or whatever reason he would like to give us for his poor judgment.....
hopefully he will think twice before doing something like this.
Effie (Canada) on Apr 6 2011, 01:47pm  Reply
Hi, Mr. Parsons:
I'm a sole proprietor of a small business whose (single) domain is on GoDaddy. I have conflicting feelings about the elephant kill (gratuitous bravado vs actual help for the locals). I have conflicting feelings about GoDaddy girls (sex sells [sex] vs. women who chose to themselves that way). Out of curiosity, I came to read the comments here. I love that right on the web page, the image that says "Do what I did!" is underscored by "Why YOU should NEVER SWEAT what OTHERS THINK about YOU." So.... nevermind anything I was going to say. Cheers! :)
Juliana (California) on Apr 6 2011, 10:51am  Reply
Bob, I recommend and for those who want to know the real deal about the "animal rights" (AR) movement. Because America deserves the truth.

P.S. I just signed up with you for my domain registrations - specifically because of the AR campaign launched against you. And there's plenty more in my coalition coming to you too.
Tina Perriguey on Apr 6 2011, 08:32am  Reply
Of course PETA puts down some animals because of bad living conditions. And yes, it is a gray area as it's hard to get financial support for them.. The meat industry puts down billions more animals, and inhumanely. And the elephant shooting too, is a gray area. But don't be generalizing the animal rights movement solely around these sites. If you're attacking PETA for putting down animals, I should assume that you're baseline vegan.
Robin Bastien (Canada) on Apr 7 2011, 01:40am  Reply
BOB... Shoot al the elephant you want... to hell with the critics... Job well done for the small town and farm...

No worries your fans and customers support you....
George (Illinois) on Apr 6 2011, 07:48am  Reply
George - I have a bridge you may want to buy. (Sheesh - you BELIVE that crap?? Or were you paid to say that?)
Dianne bayley ( (South Africa) on Apr 7 2011, 09:11am  Reply
Hi-I posted earlier; but it's not up yet. I'm going to try again. Would you consider (or reconsider) non-lethal approaches to control "problem" elephants in these areas? I understand your concerns about giving to a government/group where its destination is uncertain. My father had to go to Ethiopia to determine who/what group would best to support during one of their droughts. There are qualified people who can help you (and they are not PETAphiles). This type of aid could help farmers for years, not just a day-or one crop. Please, please give it a shot (no pun).
Kathy (California) on Apr 6 2011, 07:36am  Reply
I am amazed at how people have attacked you so ruthlessly. I am often surprised that for some people who claim to have such high regard for animals have so much contempt for mankind. Thee people are nothing other than biggots and haters. They look at hunters as though they are the devil and it only exposes them for what they really are, haters. If only they could be exposed for the shild hating people they are. Personally I am thinking of taking out a billboard advertisement hosting some of my own hunting achievements while stating "guess what PETA you lost again this year.
Riley (Missouri) on Apr 5 2011, 07:20pm  Reply
If you want to up the challenge in hunting some time, give me a shout sometime. I hunt with airguns, and yes.....I

I saw them trying to roast you on TV about the elephant thing. I love your candor and intelligent approach to life. Dont sweat it Bob we love ya
John ( (Thailand) on Apr 5 2011, 07:08pm  Reply
I am very disappointed to hear that you take such pleasure in killing helpless animals who have done nothing to you. I do not believe that is was a necessary kill - you seem to have a track record that all your kills are good. Anyone can see past that lie in seconds. Picking on helpless animals is a sign that you lack empathy for the suffering an animal goes through being stalked - the terror, fear and pain when shot leaving his family all alone - who looks after them Bob?When I heard what you do for fun my respect for you dropped to the bottom. You are a danger to all species - humans include
Elizabeth J. Zemdegs ( on Apr 5 2011, 06:12pm  Reply
Are you serious?!?! Leaving it's family all alone?? The terror and suffering?? Any hunter worth his salt will do his best to bring the animal down in as few shots as possible (hopefully just one). In my experience, the animals do not even know that they are being "stalked".

What about the terror, pain, fear and suffering an animal experiences when being chased down by a cheetah or lion and then caught and clawed and eventually suffocated to death while the cat's teeth pierce it's throat? Who will look out for that poor animal's family then? This called making your ignorance shine!
Scott (Nevada) on Apr 12 2011, 08:59pm  Reply
Bob - why couldn't you have just paid to have the elephant relocated and then have a nice dinner for the locals or send them all home with a pound of hamburger. You shouldn't have taken that elephant's life. It wasn't called for. There were other options.
Anntelope ( (New York) on Apr 5 2011, 05:15pm  Reply
I saw them trying to roast you on TV about the elephant thing. I love your candor and intelligent approach to life. Dont sweat it Bob we love ya
Michael (New Mexico) on Apr 5 2011, 03:03pm  Reply
I saw an article about how CEO Bob Parsons shot an elephant (by Jennifer Viegas).
Bob - you are not Theodore Roosevelt and as the "face" of GoDaddy, you have a responsibility to countless stakeholders that depend on you. Regardless of how you rationalize such a questionable public display, the common sentiment will be that this was foolish and as a CEO, irresponsible. From now on, when I think of GoDaddy, I will make it a point to remember you shooting an elephant. I will also be sure to help others remember.
Dennis Chmiel, DVM
Dennis Chmiel, DVM (New Hampshire) on Apr 5 2011, 01:55pm  Reply
So many folks who haven't been there and done that just don't understand. They live in a world that doesn't seem real, and your actions concerning the elephant were justified and needed. Most don't understand that wildlife and hunting are some of the most valuable resources many African nations have.

If you want to up the challenge in hunting some time, give me a shout sometime. I hunt with airguns, and yes.....I've hunted Africa with them! Nothing like a .45 or .50 caliber air rifle for hunting plains game in Africa.

Randy Mitchell
Randy ( on Apr 5 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Please see my website for your shoot another elephant.;storyMediaBox

Please get involve.

Robert ( (Texas) on Apr 5 2011, 11:18am  Reply
While Parsons fancies himself a hero, the fact is there are many more humane, gun-free ways to keep elephants away from crops.

Conservationists and farmers have been working together to create harmless elephant-shooing devices, such as chili-infused string fences, beehives on poles, and people standing guard to bang bamboo sticks, ring cowbells and shine spotlights on the elephants when they approach the crops at night.
If Parsons truly wants to be a hero, he should donate the thousands of dollars he spent to kill that elephant on his vacation to organizations that are working on humane ways
Anne Dyson ( (Texas) on Apr 5 2011, 10:58am  Reply
Dear Anne,

If you had read the in-depth article you would know all that has been tried and it doesn't work. If you have an approach that will solve the problem aI think you are welcome to get out your own checkbook and show the rest of us how to do it.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:48pm  Reply
My prior post, communicating my perspective on your action, was oddly not posted. It is my hope that you are not filtering less than favorable comments, as some have indicated.

If it is truly your intention to assist those that are in need of help, what about doing it in a quiet, behind the scenes kind of way? No ego involved, no media drawing attention to yourself. A true demonstration of charity.
Melanie (Nevada) on Apr 5 2011, 10:27am  Reply
Bob, I speak as a hitherto satisfied customer of GoDaddy. Generally I can dig your sense of humor. I am also a deer hunter. But I am appalled by your seemingly callous disregard for African wildlife, in bragging about killing species such as elephants and leopards, which will soon be endangered (and extinct if human ecological madness and selfishness continues). Bob, we don't live in Ernest Hemingway's era anymore, we live in a time of UNPRECEDENTED evolutionary crisis. (If you doubt this fact, you can inform yourself many places, such as here:
Joseph Rowe ( on Apr 5 2011, 10:10am  Reply
Move over, Tony Robbins!

.I can't fathom how anyone successful wouldn't appreciate this video because obviously they follow most of the same rules. Which leads me to believe they are just jealous.

.Anyway, I came here to delve into the elephant subject but found "alligators" to my delight. Will continue my search now..

..PS Continue your success because I have over 100 domains riding on your ass! BTW, would love to record a TAKE FIVE with you in an exclusive area noone is privy to. Contact me!
KaRi ( (California) on Apr 5 2011, 09:58am  Reply
Many comments from those that are shocked by your misdeed express my sentiments . The egocentric, unfeeling sterotype of the Ugly American, or "It's all about me". If you truly care about doing something positive, start with assisting those that need help within your own community.

As with all of us, karma happens.
Melanie (Nevada) on Apr 5 2011, 09:57am  Reply
Dear Melanie,

Please check out

bob parsons on Apr 5 2011, 03:44pm  Reply
You did a good thing so don't listen to these negative peole that want to bring you down. I'm so glad you did not apologize. This world needs people such as yourself who can stand up for doing whats right and good. I support you and you will always have my business.
Frank Aldaco (Florida) on Apr 5 2011, 09:55am  Reply
I can't say I understand you motive and I don't agree with what you did even if you claim it was to feed hungry people. There had to be a better option. What you did was wrong and you need to own it. Maybe these people should stop procreating at such high rates. Every baby is another mouth to feed. That seems like the real problem, not stomped crops. People always rush to blame animals like humans are never at fault. Humans are a disease to this earth.
Ryan (Pennsylvania) on Apr 5 2011, 09:39am  Reply

Michelle on Apr 5 2011, 09:13am  Reply
Scott (Nevada) on Apr 12 2011, 09:06pm  Reply
Yes, they are screening posts for only hte mildest critism of his monsterous actions. I still say what kind of a person does such a thing and then boasts about it? He is surely compensating for some shortcoming...
E J Krause (Georgia) on Apr 5 2011, 12:01pm  Reply
Bob, You deserve kudos for your good work in Africa. Piers Morgan is a jerk. After seeing the way he treated you I am never going to watch his show again.
Barry MacMurray (Arizona) on Apr 5 2011, 09:02am  Reply
RE: Shooting the Elephant
You got more supporters than PETA has wackos. You did the right thing. Elephant populations need to be controlled just like deer in the US. I wish the PETA supporters could have been in my back lot when a pack of coyotes tore a doe apart at 2:00 a.m. That's how nature controls population pressure. In spite of my Republican leanings, I choose people over elephants.
Gene H. Hansen (Illinois) on Apr 5 2011, 08:58am  Reply
If you condone the killing of a highly intelligent animal just for the purposes of population control, where does it stop? Are the people living in the slums of India next? You claim to care more about people than elephants but studies show that those who care about animals have the most empathy for their fellow human beings.Of course coyotes eat deer. Peaple are not coyotes!
cindy jarrold on Apr 5 2011, 03:05pm  Reply
Tell ya what, Cindy, why don't you move that that Zimbabwean village for a couple years and see it all first hand. You can watch while those huge, hungry, killers eat you entire food supply for the year. Have fun 'driving them off' with bamboo sticks and pans to bang.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:51pm  Reply
I hate to tell ya, but people (peaple?) eat deer too. It is quite good. You should try some venison some time.

As for the population control thing, it's usually called war. I have read information that human population control is in the works, so be looking out for that (can we say NATO?). Also, hunters tend to care about animals to a great extent. If there are no animals or no habitat for the animals, then there is nothing to hunt. It sounds odd, I know, but hunters really do care.
Scott (Nevada) on Apr 12 2011, 09:19pm  Reply
What do you plan to do about the out of control human population. Urgh! Get a clue people! You're all complete idiots!
lucy on Apr 5 2011, 10:49am  Reply
Congrats on a Nice Bull! You can't explain Game Management to those who think with their Heart, not with their Brain. I have been to Africa, hunted also. I saw more animals in 10 days, than in the States in 51 years. The false trash that PETA & HSUS report is so far off base, it should be considered Fictional reading, it sure isn't Fact. I will be checking into your Service for 2 reasons, Danica & your Non-PC, Non-BS outspoken leadership! Great Job Bob.
Gary (Georgia) on Apr 5 2011, 07:50am  Reply
When people learn about what you did, they tend to use the example to support their own world-view, in any way possible. What remains, when agendas fall silent and the public moves on, is the fact that you killed a highly intelligent animal. I'd imagine that you are a smart person and fully capable of coming up with compelling justifications. However, I am sorry that your ethics allow for you to kill for sport, which is what you did.
Tom Clink on Apr 5 2011, 07:28am  Reply
The whole issue with the elephant is disappointing really. In North America we are so damn sensitive to everything and anything. People, instead of thinking about the elephant, why not think about the PEOPLE. It is the people who needed help. Bob, I'm in your corner! People, wake up and understand that we must take care of the people before 1 elephant. Big picture is much more important.

Bob, keep fighting the good fight.. Customer forever from Canada
Charlie ( (Canada) on Apr 5 2011, 07:01am  Reply
Dear Bob! THANK YOU, and THANK YOU for helping those in need in far-off places!!!

I would love to have the ability to help in the same ways you have!

Long live real MEN like you! We OBVIOUSLY need more of them.

You are an inspiration to all of us, and a blessing to those you have helped, and continue to help.

All our best! I was thinking of looking elsewhere for my domain registration, but from now on I will only register with your company.

Long Live Bob Parsons!

-enzo selvaggi
Enzo ( (California) on Apr 5 2011, 06:44am  Reply
Bob I normally don't have much time to get on a blog and post but I want to say I support GoDaddy with 75 plus domains as well as hosting service and I will continue to remain a loyal GoDaddy customer.
Stay with your convictions, help people who need help despite what other may say.
Keep up the great work.
Anonymous on Apr 5 2011, 06:30am  Reply
Back to GoDaddy, away from the elephants. I love your vids, motivational with great energy!
estelle ( (United Kingdom) on Apr 5 2011, 06:22am  Reply
Sad went out of bounds on this......thre are other ways to deal with these problems.....macho doesn't alway play well......
I am highly disappionted in you. You can do better then this.
Anonymous on Apr 5 2011, 05:44am  Reply
So Bob, hunter hero and elephant expert, here is a challenge. Join me and a few mates in a truly wild location in Africa and lets walk amongst wild elephant and lions. No weapons. Keen?
Simon Espley (South Africa) on Apr 5 2011, 05:39am  Reply
Sure, bet he would as soon as the lions and elephants laid down their weapons.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 02:53pm  Reply
Also Bob if you are ever in Washington I'll host you to a quail & chukar hunt over fine pointing dogs, treat you to the best barbacoa burrito this side of Mexico City, and then I'll show you the home of your next server farm (in Douglas county, home to the cheapest electric power rates in the USA).

BTW my domain is staying just where it is, between Danica and Jillian :P
scott (Washington) on Apr 5 2011, 12:26am  Reply
Bob keeping fighting the good fight! What people don't understand is that most African nations have to manage their animal populations for a variety of reasons from over population, disease control, over grazing habitat. & human-animal conflict. They use many management techniques both non-lethal to lethal. The wardens can shoot the gun themselves or collect a significant fee from permits for pro/sport hunters to go on managed hunts to do this work. How many game officers & outfitters were involved/present on your hunt?

I see you shoot a traditional double gun, what make/caliber is it?
Scott (Washington) on Apr 5 2011, 12:15am  Reply
There are a couple of things about this elephant-shooting worth mentioning. It may be legal in Zimbabwe to shoot an elephant, but it's also legal to torture activists, evict people without cause, assault journalists and rig elections (Google it). So, Zimbabwean law may not be the best model. Secondly, elephants are a vulnerable species (IUCN), so they aren't exactly overpopulating Africa. There are also effective ways to deter elephants from farms. So Parson's only real defence is that he was trying to feed a village. Can a man of his wealth afford seed and chickens if he can afford guns?
Borden (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 11:01pm  Reply
What's wrong with the shape of your head????
Oh, yes, I understand. Your brain is mis-shapen because you're missing compassion and human kindness.
Anonymous on Apr 4 2011, 10:46pm  Reply
I would never think about leaving Godaddy. I'm still going to advise every person I know to use GD!!! These people don't care about the starving people of Africa. They don't have the mental capacity to think about people dying of starvation.
Brad (Iowa) on Apr 4 2011, 10:27pm  Reply
Ego and greed motivate you. Nothing will ever be enough for you. I am sorry that you represent my country.
Juell Joen on Apr 4 2011, 10:09pm  Reply
With your position and financial means, shooting this elephant was the best idea you could come up with? And why did you have to come all the way from the U.S. to help these people kill this elephant? They don't have guns in Africa? Quite a lovely spin you have put on it, setting yourself up to be a hero, when it is obvious you went there specifically to take down an elephant and used the law to help you do so. You are unethical and immoral and epitomize the decline of morals and decency afflicting our country. Shame on you Bob Parsons...Shame!
Sherri (Pennsylvania) on Apr 4 2011, 09:38pm  Reply
God Americans are so stupid. anti-poach teams? game authority? dare i laugh... haha ... vigilante? He is in Zimbabwe, not Alaska idiots. Besides he broke no laws. I feel sorry for those stuck in the "American Bubble". Any moron who thinks what he did was wrong should go live in Zimbabwe or at least go there with him, then form an opinion (of course nobody will). I feel sorry for Parsons for having to deal with all this unnecessary negative media attention and judgement by idiots that want to make a rich guy into a bad guy. Barf
-Signed Unfortunately
A Fellow American
Jonathan ( (New Mexico) on Apr 4 2011, 08:56pm  Reply
There is a team of people in every African country who work to take down poachers. I hope they get you next time you pull a stunt like this. Crops or no crops - you are not a game authority and should not have taken it upon yourself to be a vigilante. Disgusting. The proper authority could have taken control of the situation; you claim you did it to help, but there were many other options that would have helped in a more substantial way than shooting the elephant. Amazing. Goes to show that money and success still can't stave off ignorance.
Anonymous on Apr 4 2011, 05:36pm  Reply
Proper authority??? You need to get off your high horses and come to Africa. I live next door to Zimbabwe and there no authority. A rouge elephant is a rouge and cannot be changed. You also need to consider a village who lives off the crops they can grow and that is their only source of food. Strange how overseas "hunters" come to Africa on a daily basis and hunt and nothing is said.
Paul on Apr 5 2011, 07:34am  Reply
I just listened to your interview with Piers Morgan. Congratulations! I though you composed yourself extremely well and, while I was hesitant in my beliefs before hearing the interview, I am now fulling in your corner. I think what you did is respectable and justified for that area of the world.
Michael (California) on Apr 4 2011, 05:03pm  Reply
sorry about your trouble with peta.
nadia on Apr 4 2011, 04:47pm  Reply
Bob, don't listen to those PETA terrorists. Congrats on helping the folks in Africa. I am a GoDaddy customer (and will continue to be).
Tricia (Ohio) on Apr 4 2011, 04:35pm  Reply
I want to let you know PETA and the other groups coming out against you are so far off base. I am so tired of these people coming out of the woodwork and acting as though they are the majority with this elitist attitude. THANK YOU for standing up to them and not caving. They need a healthy dose of reality from someone like yourself. We have 5 domain names with you and have a bunch more we are getting ready to launch. We are going to go out of our way to give you more business. Keep it up BOB We are with you and Go Daddy
Todd (New Jersey) on Apr 4 2011, 04:24pm  Reply
Dear Todd,

Thank you for your support.

bob parsons on Apr 4 2011, 04:35pm  Reply
First of all I must admit I like Bob, his kick ass and his not so politically correct attitude. As a person who grew up in South Africa I can attest to the destructive nature of Elephants BUT to the casual reader it sounds like BOB was just another flowery shirted american with mega bucks who went hunting in Africa - also where are the tusks Bob? If he were smart about this he'd of gotten someone else to pull the trigger, why did he have to? Look, Bob obviously cares so does Peta but the whole thing had become a usual left vs right type bullshit argument that is so common in the US no one wins
Vuvuzella ( (Colorado) on Apr 4 2011, 04:09pm  Reply
Bob, I'm a pretty liberal guy but I support you 100%. They are making a big deal out of nothing. Poaching is a big deal, as I'm sure you're aware, but what you were doing was completely different. Just because an animal looks cute doesn't mean everything is always warn and fuzzy - as you said, those people need to eat. Anyway, just ignore these bafoons and party on my man, I aspire to live a life like you. I also direct all of my clients to your website for any domain/hosting needs :)
Pete (Maryland) on Apr 4 2011, 04:01pm  Reply
Actually, it is illegal to hunt elephants. So this was poaching.
Anonymous on Apr 4 2011, 05:22pm  Reply
Actually, it is not illegal to hunt elephants in many African countries where the elephant populations are stable, including Zimbabwe. So this was hunting. I'm not a huge supporter of hunting, though. But that's just because it's not my thing. My point here for you, Anonymous is this: If you disagree with the act, that's great, and you should express that. However, you should check your facts before you announce a crime has been committed. It just makes you sound stupid.
Matt on Apr 5 2011, 06:43am  Reply
Hey Matt, you should read THIS before pontificating:

"Legal" is a shaky word (especially when brutal dictator Robert Mugabe gets to decide every 5 minutes what HE wants the law to be)... read up on how this may be LEGAL but its a shocking immoral SCAM on the part of the gov't and the park rangers that helps no one.

I can't believe an owner of a multibillion dollar company is SO negligent with his company's image that his machismo is worth risking the "lives" of thousands of dependent employees.
To Matt on Apr 5 2011, 10:50am  Reply
Many of your comments are ignorant of basic college biology. The earth existed and animals existed long before human populations. Things ran just fine without us and hunting is not required to retain natural balance in the earth. Human growth and encroaching on the ancient territories of established species are causing problems, but who are we to say that the animals who have existed in these areas for thousands of years should be the ones to be eradicated. There are many elephant agencies that specialize in resolving human/elephant issues. Bob just wanted to shoot something.
Heather Hil (Texas) on Apr 4 2011, 03:59pm  Reply
I'm not even sure what is, but don't let those crazy PETA folk discourage you! Some people are just out of touch with reality.
ant on Apr 4 2011, 03:15pm  Reply
PETA is an organization out of control. They exploit anything and everything in an attempt to provoke an emotional response from the uneducated masses. If animal populations were left unchecked and hunters didn't exist, wildlife would suffer a far worse fate. The elephant Bob killed provided food for hungry bellies and allowed farmers to rescue their crops.
Spend time in the woods; spend time with game management or a hunter. Learn about game management and how it benefits all of us. If I met Bob tomorrow I would shake his hand, and so should you!
Forrest (Florida) on Apr 4 2011, 02:56pm  Reply
All legal, people being fed, crops saved, and still all the crap.... a long ways from the area that suffers.

And peta should check those eye teeth- made for ripping and tearing flesh. That is us and other mammals.

They still need more of the same Bob. Those people seems happy.

Greg (Pennsylvania) on Apr 4 2011, 02:43pm  Reply
Bob, you can become a champion of elephant conservation!!!

The killing of this bull elephant maybe an opportunity for you to learn about elephant intelligence, family structure, and therefore the moral implications of killing one outright. Now, invest in a long term solution for this village and provide a solar fence or other proven method to protect the villagers and avoid such disastrous conflicts in the future.

This is your opportunity to turn this highly negative press into positive change (and increased business).
Netzin Steklis ( (Arizona) on Apr 4 2011, 02:40pm  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons:

As retired wildlife biologist/Arizona Game
Ranger I want to applaud your efforts to aid people in Africa and your willingness to go toe to toe with the degenerates at PETA.
James Burton ( on Apr 4 2011, 02:31pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

You helped people who were starving. Not only did you feed them, but you saved their crops, allowing them to feed themselves. I, for one, am DAMNED PROUD to work for you, Sir. Well done.
Lilith (Arizona) on Apr 4 2011, 02:30pm  Reply
Gotta love this controversy. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to hunt when you don't need to. You aren't putting food on your table. It doesn't reflect well on GoDaddy but who cares? It's just a business. But, you shouldn't try to make excuses. Those villagers might need the food but one elephant isn't keeping them fed for decades to come. The ecosystem needs to be respected. Here they hunt wolves then wonder why coyotes are killing their stock. Eventually they'll kill the coyotes and wonder why the rabbits are eating all of their grass. You should've helped them build an economy instead.
Ken on Apr 4 2011, 02:03pm  Reply
Big white man come and give us meat, ( and tacky hats ).

Did you get your ear pierced before or after you started making money ?
Ryan Smith (Colorado) on Apr 4 2011, 02:00pm  Reply
So you want some of the meat or the hat?
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:12pm  Reply
The Africans didnt need Bob to come and shoot the elephant.They had their own guns.Bob wanted to shoot it as a trophy and he got his chance.I wish Bob would just fess up and stop trying to make people believe that he was trying to feed the poor people of Africa.If he does i would like him more.
Bill Olsen (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 02:00pm  Reply
Trophy hunting is a "sport" for men who feel very SMALL and INSIGNIFICANT in a very important aspect of their lives. Conquering the beast is their way of overcompensating for the real beast in their personal lives that they can and will NEVER conquer.
MARISSA on Apr 4 2011, 01:56pm  Reply
Dear Marissa,

First, Trophy Hunting implies someone actually takes a trophy home. All of the elephant was used by the villagers.

Second, as to inadequacies, well, if I had Bob's financial business 'inadequacies' a lot more people in Fort Wayne would be employed right now and our National Guard Warriors returning from their year-long deployments would have jobs to return to instead of being made homeless.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:16pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

As a former CEO, retired world traveler, purchaser and user of hundreds of domains through GoDaddy, and lover of elephants and other animals, I suggest you immediately stop the bleeding by making a significant donation to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphan's Project ( Go to Nairobi, Kenya. adopt an elephant (or the entire orphanage) and get photos of such an event to the media ASAP.

The vision & leadership you have provided to make GoDaddy THE BEST, including your great "16 Rules" are in jeopardy. Do the right thing, Bob.
Michael Alexander ( (California) on Apr 4 2011, 01:41pm  Reply
I've been in the Internet business since 1995 and it is headline grabbers like yourself that make all of us look bad. Your elephant killing was disgusting and just a cheap effort to get free advertising through the media. If you truly have a moral interest in the problem those people face you would not be bragging about your "kill" on the internet. There are professionals who can handle such things. And you should not get "bragging rights" by posting your video.

And NO, I am not a member of PETA who I dislike as much as people who profit from grandstanding like this
Paul (California) on Apr 4 2011, 01:31pm  Reply
Bob if your sooo Rich why dont you buy food for the starving people in Africa, obvisouly one elephant wasn't enough to feed everyone! You should spend more time trying to help others than hunting! Just a suggestion ;-) Also if try posting other comments that dont make you look good! I see thats all u are leting peopl see is good comments about! R you afraid!? Post my shit up then!! Also wantd to know what Have you done for your community or helped others in need? Any charity work or just ur selfish greed? Jus wonderin? ;-)
StephRo on Apr 4 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Dear StephRo,

Check out

bob parsons on Apr 4 2011, 03:39pm  Reply
It's astounding that a man of your means is so totally ignorant about elephants. If you're going to shoot them, you need to educate yourself about what you have done. You have destroyed and terrorized the entire herd by shooting the oldest bull. You're disgusting!
Beverly Anderson on Apr 4 2011, 12:53pm  Reply
Dear Jane,

Please let Cheeta review your comments before posting.


Tarzan on Jun 5 2011, 03:20pm  Reply
No one give PETA and credibility. They are too extreme to take seriously. There is nothing wrong with hunting.
LC (Florida) on Apr 4 2011, 12:48pm  Reply
Bob, you explained it exactly as it is. Lets see if all these PETA people put their money where their mouth is and join you to Africa, so they can see life as it is in the REAL world, and not sitting behind a desk and making uninformed, idiotic comments.
PD (Texas) on Apr 4 2011, 12:46pm  Reply
Great job Bob helping out those starved villagers. PETA is a joke and uses any possible act of hunting as a stepping stone for their own publicity. Tell them to go build a damn fence and stop worrying about hunters. How the hell do they think this nation survived hundreds of years ago? They didn't build fences to keep food out, that's for sure!
James Hatch (Florida) on Apr 4 2011, 12:39pm  Reply
Bob-As editor of AHG, I'd like to offer you a free one-year subscription to African Hunting Gazette, a four-color quarterly devoted to safari hunting. Maybe you'd like to write the story of your hunt for the next issue? In the words of a recent contributor about his elephant hunt in Zambia: "Elephant hunting helps control increasing herd populations that are destroying the Luangwa Valley, reduces threats to humans and destruction of property. Monies from hunting are used to support anti-poaching controls. I am satisfied that I contributed to the local economy and provided protein." Brooke
BrookeCL ( on Apr 4 2011, 12:33pm  Reply
Sad to hear the elephant had to be shot, but its destroying local crops. You Rock! I like how PETA is more concerned about an animal when there are hungry people there. PETA u suck
Mark ( (California) on Apr 4 2011, 12:07pm  Reply
From one Marine to another. Semper Fi!! As a smart DI (did I really say that) once said, "We LIVE by that Motto" Doing what you believe in while helping others is the best way to live.
Robert Steele on Apr 4 2011, 11:57am  Reply
Dear Robert,

Thanks for your support.

bob parsons on Apr 4 2011, 02:16pm  Reply
Cause you're gonna NEED it. Your employees will be disliking you more and more every day... as they realize you're just too STUBBORN to do the right thing business/PR-wise to help grow the company they paid their blood/sweat/tears into with you. Cause your "never apologize, never compromise" BS just alienated half your customers. NICE WORK! ;) Yeah, keep asking other Marines-with-issues for moral support instead of owning up to your MISTAKE!
Semper Stultus on Apr 5 2011, 11:00am  Reply
"The prophet which prophesieth of peace, when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD hath truly sent him." Jer 28:9

How many multi-million dollar business have you built?
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:25pm  Reply

I'm a born and raised Baltimore boy with an idea/concept. I know it can be huge and a winner. I need an investor and a mentor. So why not the Much like yourself, I am a dedicated person who sees things through to frution. The only thing I enjoy more than working hard is steamed crabs and beer. Would love to explain my concept to you. I hope you would give me that opportunity.

Best Regards,

Baltimore MD

PS. Good job on the elephant. It was a human decision anyway you look at it. Keep up the good work.
Joe Gardenghi ( (Maryland) on Apr 4 2011, 11:53am  Reply
Dear Joe,

Someone from my staff will be reaching out to you.

bob parsons on Apr 4 2011, 02:07pm  Reply
If Bob wants to legally shoot an elephant than good for him. If other local folks benefit from the death of the elephant then that is a win for those folks. While PETA has a right to protest whatever they want, it would be curious to hear the thoughts of the tribal folks who live right where the elephant was killed rather than hearing anyone from PETA's opinion.
roland (Utah) on Apr 4 2011, 11:43am  Reply
Never apologize for being a hunter. Keep up the good work.
Keith (Florida) on Apr 4 2011, 11:31am  Reply
Um, shouldn't it depend on WHAT he hunts? Can he hunt dolphins? Orangutans? Humans?
Why not start an Endangered Species Hunting Safari and Carcass Mounting Club? You're halfway there!
Hunter Thompson on Apr 5 2011, 11:04am  Reply
Bob , I watched the Morgan video with that rogue org. PETA. I heard you say that the elephant was destroying crops. I get that this was a factor but please do all of us hunters a favor and dont back down or use excuses for shooting an animal. The bottom line is that you paid for a tag, a license, and $ to book the trip (which supports their economy), its legal, its part of game management, you donated over a ton of meat to the local people, and its our heritage. Get it mounted and display it like the trophy it is. Dont dance around making this politically correct and smile in those pics.
Cooter (New Jersey) on Apr 4 2011, 11:29am  Reply
Parson Rocks!
Stay at it!
Keith H (Colorado) on Apr 4 2011, 11:24am  Reply
I have about 30 domains with GoDaddy. I won't be boycotting or transferring anything.

I don't pay Bob Parsons or his company to save animals or to make activists happy — I pay them for their services. That's it. What they choose to do in their personal time is not my business.

You have my continued support as a customer, and my thanks as a viewer and businessman — great advice on the blog, and killer service through GoDaddy!
Josh ( on Apr 4 2011, 11:19am  Reply
The elephant thing doesn't surprise me. People never fail to fall short and dissapoint.
Sheree (Colorado) on Apr 4 2011, 11:17am  Reply
Hey Bob, noticed today that the militant feminista's and other lefty types are mad at you. They'll get over it. As a matter of fact, if you are pissing off the feministas — then I'll gladly stay here and beg you to double your price ! You go boy ! Whatever - they need to lighten up and appreciate your great sense of humor and genuine desire to see others succeed. Peace, Christopher
Happy Customer since 2003 (Georgia) on Apr 4 2011, 11:09am  Reply
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him forever ... Fools, this isn't about hunter's rights, bobo didn't help a village, he didn't do anything for anyone except himself. He likes to do things like this so he can feel like a Big Man. There are MANY people and groups besides PETA who are calling him out on this. And they are not all Americans. Wildlife protection is an international issue! Crawl out of your caves and learn something! Your comments are so freaking ignorant—oh, bob, you helped those people so much—just want bobo wants you to think about him.
BAS on Apr 4 2011, 01:59pm  Reply
Chris, really not necessary or related, is it? You have a mother? wife? sister? daughter? You want them to earn less than a man doing the same job? You want them be denied opportunities b/c they're female? I hope you don't have a wife, cause you wouldn't treat her well enough. Grow up. A good man is more than his worm.
BAS on Apr 4 2011, 01:52pm  Reply
My self and my wife (who is from Botswana) just wanted to send our support ur way for the africa hunting incident. Its been very entertaining watching the news media demonize you for helping out some locals. I thought it was especially funny that CNN was supporting the PETA representative who stated that your hunting endangered species when CNN just a few months ago reported on an excess elephant population. Why don't you build a fence? Hell, at least your doing something. Keep up the great work Mr. Parson!!
matt & colleen (United States) on Apr 4 2011, 11:04am  Reply
I support Bob against non-sense PETA. Bob: you were very eloquent explaining what you did.
Fernando Morena (Rhode Island) on Apr 4 2011, 10:39am  Reply
If you really want to help the people of Zimbabwe with their elephant problem, why don't you donate money to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature— an international organization that is actively working to protect the endangered/threatened African elephants and the local peoples of Africa. It is arrogant to presume that you are really going to make a difference for the people of Zimbabwe by shooting one elephant when what they need is money to support an ongoing problem with lasting solutions that protect not only them but the species they share land with.
Dilwara on Apr 4 2011, 10:14am  Reply
If 50,000 people did their part, paid their money and shot one elephant each, the elephant population and hunger problem would be getting solved.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:30pm  Reply
Just wanted to let you know that I approve of the elephant hunts in Africa. You did more for those people, than their government or tribesmen elders will do for them in their lifetimes
Andrew (Utah) on Apr 4 2011, 10:11am  Reply
I posted a supportive response last week and did not see a response back. I know you cant respond to every one but I am curious to know if you have had the opportunity to hunt with Richard Childress, Rick Hendrik or any of the NASCAR drivers?
Keep up the good work!
I will keep looking for a response but understand if you can not.
Chris (California) on Apr 4 2011, 09:59am  Reply
Dear Chris,

I have not. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

bob parsons on Apr 4 2011, 02:05pm  Reply
When will humans realize they are not the king of the universe? We have brains that can reason, so let's use them! This is just not OUR world, it is every being's world! Stop being so arrogant and ignorant.
Gale (Colorado) on Apr 4 2011, 09:55am  Reply
It is our world and we are responsible for it.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:31pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons. Good on you for standing up for Hunter's rights. Whats funny is the attention this is getting because of who you are. There are thousands of videos posted to hundreds of other social media sites and no complaints from the animal rights groups. Maybe we should take away their lettuce and tofu and let them starve for awhile.
D. McKay (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 08:31am  Reply
It is unfortunate that so many people routinely belive that African Elephants are endangered just because the liberal media says it. The fact is, elephants are one of the most wide-spread and abundant species in Africa. I've made 4 trips to Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, and well know the damage too many elephants can impose upon the habitat in which they live. If you don't know about this, do a webseard for the Tsavo elephant tragedy in Kenya that happened about 30 years ago.

Congratulations on being a hunter, it is a fantastic way of life.
Dan S (California) on Apr 4 2011, 08:28am  Reply
Dear Bob:

I am sorry to hear about the flap you got into.

Our association represents the top PHs in Africa, and our Foundation has several conservation projects that demonstrate the importance of hunting to conservation.

If you are interested please contact me by phone, or email
JOE PRATHER ( (New Jersey) on Apr 4 2011, 08:28am  Reply
Hey Bob, rogue elephants gotta go! Those people are starving to death while the animals ruin their crops. PETA needs to get a grip and get over themselves while they chow down on another Buffalo Chip Burger.

Semper Fi, from Jacksonville, NC
H. Melton (http://www.myfeethurt.cbix) (North Carolina) on Apr 4 2011, 07:29am  Reply
Certainly one of your more contraversial ones BOB.
Glasgow Estate Agents ( on Apr 4 2011, 06:28am  Reply
Hi Bob:
you and the PH helped feed some skinny Zim kids and helped out a farmer.. People must remember that an elephant can eat 700 lbs of food per day.. and are extremely dangerous. They are a daily life and death hazard..not some "cute" Disney character.

Way to go! Let us know if we can help you on your next hunt!

jd cleminshaw ( on Apr 4 2011, 03:31am  Reply
I have just read many of the comments and there is one thing that I did not see. Would Mr. Parsons' be willing to state how much he gives out in humantarian aid to that region? One elephant only can feel a certain number of people. I would like to see if he truly is trying to help these people or just gain attention for him and his company, Go Daddy. It truly would have been better to video him bringing in much needed food or equipment than of him killing an animal.
JJ (Arizona) on Apr 3 2011, 10:28pm  Reply
Have you looked at
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:33pm  Reply
Let's see now, it's some where in the neighborhood of $60K for the hunt, then the Meat goes to the native people or Govt to dist. as they see fit. So with $60+ K & thousands of lbs of meat, if he has it mounted that's still another several K$ into the local Economy. So this is just what I know he spent for the Elephant alone, that doesn't include what else he did or spent. Just because you may not like Hunting, doesn't make it wrong or Bad. Sportsmen/women do more for wildlife than all the Anti-groups combined. We live for wildlife, not just to kill it.
Thanks for listening.
Gary on Apr 5 2011, 08:10am  Reply
Bob, good shooting on your PAC hunt in Zimbabwae. Quick second barrel!

andy tillman ( (Oregon) on Apr 3 2011, 10:10pm  Reply
Thank you for taking a stand against HSUS and PETA!!!
Jessica White-Bryand ( (Missouri) on Apr 3 2011, 08:20pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons - Perhaps you should have taken a page from the American RANCHER or FARMER.

Now that you've gotten the attention of some concerned individuals who may want to contribute to actually helping these African people resolve this problem...

I would be interested in knowing what the approximate cost would be to put some type of protective barrier around the crops at this African village. Can anyone share some helpful intelligence on this?

Maybe we need to bring Oprah in on this one. OPRAH can you hear me?
Teri S. - Newport Beach, Ca (California) on Apr 3 2011, 06:40pm  Reply
Sometimes we all need a "Check Up from the Neck Up" ...and BP yours might be a little over due!
jimbob ( on Apr 3 2011, 06:33pm  Reply
Good shooting in Africa, we had a crazy bear on our property last year and frankly it was him or us same difference. BTW what firearm and ammo did u use, you got that second volley off very quickly.
walter brenner (Canada) on Apr 3 2011, 06:19pm  Reply
it seems that you weremore worried about the people in that village from starving,and i have respect for you do doing what you did,sometime we half to do things and take the whole thing in contrest,you have a good heart but now if you have more money than the elete thinks you should have your a bad person,i just want to say most people as i do respect you
Randall Jensen (Alabama) on Apr 3 2011, 06:04pm  Reply
People that do not get it never will. If i could be out there keeping the bad elephants out of the field I would. That protien helped feed the village. They are not endagered what you did was legel and ethictal. You go there you spend money you help the economy. thats what it is about. GO DADDY!
Bruce (Massachusetts) on Apr 3 2011, 05:52pm  Reply
Was just reviewing all this recent flack, when an idea struck me.
What if you and Ted Nugent got together to create a self-help training camp for these people?
Uncle Ted's Kamp for Kids teaches the same values, skills and independance that these people need to survive! Why not start the same kind of thing over there!
Trapping, hunting, gardening,fishing and other survival & conservation skills are so important to their every-day lives there. I don't think there are any two better people in the world that could combine resources and reall make a difference in the life of a people.
Larry (Pennsylvania) on Apr 3 2011, 05:14pm  Reply
Kudos to you for actually helping the people of Africa with their real problems. I wish all those PETA freaks would actually get off their butts and do something real for starving people and suffering animals around the world than try to crucify someone for merely helping people out with a problem. I think Peta merely exists to make everyone on this planet feel as miserable as they are. They should all go suck it.
Ace on Apr 3 2011, 05:04pm  Reply
You did a great thing, its so easy for others to point fingers and theoretically 'spend' your money for you in saying what they would and would not do. Clearly that broadcaster on CNN was bias and should have not been the one to present the story/interview. If you helped people that day, then you did a good job, dont back down from your position, it was practical, and cost-effective. The point is that people will always have their 'panties in a bunch', and it's easy to slant a story or criticize for a few ratings, but in the end you and those people who ate well that night know the true meanin
A from PHX (Arizona) on Apr 3 2011, 03:03pm  Reply
In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that pretty much anything that chap's PETA's butt makes me smile. I grinned from ear to ear when I read about your recent troubles with them. We all make bad decisions on occasion that we regret later. However, my decision to use GoDaddy for my hosting was not one of them.

Best of Luck in all your future endeavors...

Bob Madden
Bob Madden ( (Illinois) on Apr 3 2011, 02:45pm  Reply
I don't understand how anyone who eats meat would be offended by the video. Hello, a beast has to be killed to put steak at your table! The elephant Bob killed became food for many villagers, many of whom probably would not have eaten meat for months because of poverty. We have an excess of elephants right now in Southern Africa causing havoc in rural communities. Instead of having Game Rangers killing them for nothing, I think it makes more sense for hunters to pay and do the job. That income is much needed to develop the wildlife habitats and the local communities
Robert (Zimbabwe) on Apr 3 2011, 02:45pm  Reply
Get your facts straight. There is not a surplus of elephants, but there is a surplus of humans that invade every species territory all over the globe. It's the human population of 7 billion and counting that really needs to be controlled.
Liz (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 10:31am  Reply
Why was Parsons there in the first place? That's the question I would like to see answered. If he was there to hunt, then his excuses about "helping the people" are extremely lame. And as you pointed our Liz, the human population is the problem. But some people will never, ever get it until it is too late. They'll just keep killing and shooting and killing, making excuses so that they can get their macho kicks.
David Martin (Arizona) on Apr 4 2011, 01:57pm  Reply
There is a bar that will keep a person in everlasting ignorance is contempt prior to investigation..BOB we need more decision makers in this ccountry.. bold Americans..We need to be the innovators not the copy cat..Keep up the pace brother..
Richard ( (Arizona) on Apr 3 2011, 02:31pm  Reply
The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde
You Advise! ( on Apr 3 2011, 01:50pm  Reply
Bob...I am a fan of you and GoDaddy...I Love much as I love GoDaddy. If I were you I would have used a few of my millions to buy a piece of land for a preserve and put the elephant there and paid the villagers to take care of it and use it for breeding stock. Win-Win and great press. Putting it down only caused bad press. I like your ideas, philosophy and your company...but this Elephant thing took me a'back. I wish you had not done it.
Skip on Apr 3 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
They have far too many elephants already. that is the problem.
Kubulai ( (Indiana) on Jun 5 2011, 03:37pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons, I want to thank you for standing up for hunting & hunter's rights and having the guts to post your elephant video on a public forum. I think that too many folks are afraid to stand up for what they believe in due to fear of criticism. Too many of todays hunting fraternity tuck their tails & try to fly under the radar. I'm proud to be a hunter and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I know the villagers in the video certainly were not upset that you shot that elephant. Maybe that is the problem here in the good old USA. Most of us dont know what it is like to be hungry.
Matt Yablonski ( (Pennsylvania) on Apr 3 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
I see none of my posts made it on the board. It's because I pointed out the population of man is actually the issue that needs to be addressed and education for birthcontrol is needed badly. That is why they are all starving.
Anonymous on Apr 4 2011, 03:12am  Reply
Thats got nothing to do with it?!! The fact that Zimbabwean people are starving has to do with their dictator jack*** president, who steals all the money that the country makes!
Anonymous (Antarctica) on Apr 4 2011, 10:11am  Reply
Yeah, it's great to see someone standing up for the act of murdering animals. I, for one, have no tolerance for the behavior of animals... you know, walking around on the earth, and stuff, ... having babies, being parents to their young, eating, sleeping, and trying to find shelter for themselves. It's outrageous what animals do, and they deserve to be shot dead for it! Thank god for hunters who, obviously, would have no food to eat if they were not able to murder harmless animals and eradicate rare, endangered, animals like elephants. Your point is well taken! Thanks!
Robert (Maryland) on Apr 3 2011, 07:09pm  Reply
Animal shows make all sorts of animals seem like majestic creatures to the point where we forget what those animals are really about. If a mountain lion or a bear was tormenting a town in the US everyone would be out to shoot it. People need to realize that not everyone in the world has the luxuries that people of the US have. They can't just put a fence, they can't even afford food! All these people who are crying over the elephant need to realize that by saving every creature they are condemning villagers to die! They didn't kill the whole herd they only killed the one to save a village!
JV (Texas) on Apr 3 2011, 12:01pm  Reply
Yeah, sure. For all the money Bob spent killing the elephant, he could have enclosed the whole village in a fence.
DeeDee (Texas) on Apr 3 2011, 08:44pm  Reply
Obviously you have no idea how much a fence strong enough and big enough to keep out elephants is! Are you gonna help build it and maintain it??? Didn't think so! It didn't cost much to kill the elephant but a couple of bullets and in the end the meat fed the village. Try feeding people fence parts. Sorry they don't eat the same livestock we do, our cow is their elephant!
JV (Texas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:14pm  Reply
Bob, do you think you can keep things more respectful to the temperament of the American people instead of intentionally throwing things in their face.

Did you have to film the killing of that elephant and post it on the Internet. You did NOT look like good. You looked like a blood thirsty American. You should know that many Americans will NOT understand.
David (New York) on Apr 3 2011, 11:38am  Reply
You are truly ignorant, The guy did a good thing and was lucky enough to be able to enjoy it. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT>
Lance (New York) on Apr 4 2011, 11:48am  Reply
Re: Mike from New York.
Mike I have to agree w you on this point. Bob, trophy hunting as it seems to have started, is neither "kind" nor "ambitious." However, what I saw in the video seems to warrant the culling of some bulls. Elephants are social. They will follow the most aggressive Bulls. Where humanity butts up to there grazing territory. The farmer often loses his entire crop. More starvation for an already starving people. There was little more tragic than watching the throng of villager trampling each other to pick the bones. Bob, posing w/ the carcass is just narcissistic.
Rich ( (California) on Apr 3 2011, 01:33pm  Reply
Americans need to wake up and realize the truth about the world. He's not trying to look good or bad, he is trying to wake up all those ignorant and dream filled minds. I'm not saying we shouldn't love animals, in this case elephants, but they are not all cute and cuddly like Dumbo and Babar may make us believe. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do! Would you prefer villagers, young children, die just so every elephant can live? Everyone who wants to save all these elephants should donate that fence and the labor to put it up if they want to save them or just stop talking!
JV (Texas) on Apr 3 2011, 12:17pm  Reply
Ya know, its like here with the deer being over populated and becoming a public problem, being hit in the roads, causing untold damage to vehicles and to people, deer are not gentle creatures and will attach and kill, same with elephants i imagine, being over populated there is a lack of food in their given territory and they wander out in search of more because there is simply not enough to feed the masses that are born to the smaller and smaller enclosures that they are given to roam. Managment is necessary and much needed food comes from it, nothing is wasted and the animal does not suffer.
Kathy (Virginia) on Apr 3 2011, 11:13am  Reply
Aloha Bob and Crew,
Success Breeds Contempt...!!!
Sometimes, Ya just gotta take the shot.

GoDaddy Is The Best...!!!
Much Love From Hawaii...!!!
Aloha BibleRick aka Rick
BibleRick/Rick Weider ( (Hawaii) on Apr 3 2011, 11:07am  Reply
I THANK the Office of the CEO BParson for easily resolving a major issue we had with some of the support tech staff I encountered recently. .Our problem was resolved and things are good with GODADDY and all our DOMAINS we have and are moving to GODADY is the right move.
As for the whinners about your shooting .. GOOD SHOT and at least a lot of people ate that day.
Thank You once again and keep on!
RJ (Canada) on Apr 3 2011, 08:59am  Reply
Thank you
From 1911 (WW1) to 2011 Society, seems to have learned very little from its history, public awareness and its educators, yet American women as combatants.... not educated technical world resolve? You Mr.Parsons just educated and exposed the problems,
I will always remember your statement and true...That you will be the only one on the plane back to assist those poor people.
God bless you sir

Peter C Jurczyk (Texas) on Apr 3 2011, 08:52am  Reply
This elephant was not one of the cuddly pachyderms that munch peanuts and trot around circus rings with pretty girls astride their necks. If those same elephants magically turned up in your backyard, destroying your gardens, trampling the deck, the swing set and getting dangerously close to destroying your home itself - possibly you along with it , you would be demanding that they be taken down. Luckily enough we don't live in such a country that such a fear of loss of property and life are much of a possibility. The hunt was legal, respectful and humane.
M Davidson on Apr 3 2011, 07:52am  Reply
Well said. I totally agree with you.
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 05:59am  Reply
Did you happen to tell them the Populations of wild animals are managed to the benefit of man and animals. Like Teddy R... The hunt is always a major event in Africa. The events spread hope along with food. I know of several RN that got the idea to form a hunting party from their home area where they did not have any MD's..They were treated like royal. Well we plan to go back next year ..

Have a great time and if you want to join us, drop a line..
Bruce Lendrum ( on Apr 3 2011, 07:49am  Reply

Just a word of support... There is no arguing with people who only react with emotion. They have no idea what life is really like for those you helped with their problem. They have no idea about elephant management and how the money spent for these expeditions boosts the local economy. I could go on and on but it would be pointless because they refuse to see the facts.

I am glad you have stuck to your guns (pun intended) on this matter. Keep the faith!
MD (Texas) on Apr 3 2011, 07:24am  Reply
Hi — I have spent quite a bit of time studying elephants. Families of elephants often stay together for live. They morn their dead. They have s sophistical communication system.

Sometime putting down animals is necessary, unfortunately. When it happens, lets do it as compassionately as we can and with respect.

There is no honor in hunting animals for pleasure. The odds between an unarmed animal and a human with a riffle are off balance.

I'm not with PETA. I don't expect an apology. But would suggest everyone, and especially Bob, honor life instead of cheapening it.
Kristen K (California) on Apr 3 2011, 07:14am  Reply
Stop studying elephants and start studying English
Eric on Apr 5 2011, 11:24am  Reply
Haven't seen the video, not interested in looking. Seems like nothing unlawful occured. I don't care for hunting. I eat meat. If you want to hunt, fine. Let's treat each other civilly where possible. The strident attacks against Bob are unwarranted.
Steve on Apr 3 2011, 05:41am  Reply
PETA doesn't care about people. You did the Christian thing to do.!
Rob ( (California) on Apr 3 2011, 01:09am  Reply
Hi Bob. I saw your CNN interview. I think you had better get your facts straight. Yes, they do have electricty in Zimbabwe, and yes, they also have electrical fences to protect both people and animals. I've been there three times, and am heading back again this year. I guess you've never heard of the Malilangwe Trust and their signifcant conservation efforts, or their reserve that is totally surrounded by electrical fences. See, someone did take out their checkbook. Before shooting off your mouth make sure you get your facts right.
stephen (California) on Apr 2 2011, 11:50pm  Reply
Why don't you stay there this time, We don't want you back.
Lance (New York) on Apr 4 2011, 11:53am  Reply
Do you ever venture out of Chitungwiza and Harare on your trips? Go walkabout in Matabeleland for a few weeks then report back on the status of utilities. Hint: bring batteries.
Al Bickers on Apr 4 2011, 07:52am  Reply
I've made 3 posts...none of them flattering to you. Oddly, all of them were "subject to moderation". You can shoot an ignorant animal in the dark with a team of goons using a high calibre rifle...probably with night vision and a laser pointer...but you can't take some well deserved criticism? Behavior like yours is partly why people from other countries frown on our culture as decadent and morally bankrupt. I'm proud to be an American. I am grateful for your service. You are a successful businessman and have much to be proud of. This is not your finest hour.
Mike Griffith (North Carolina) on Apr 2 2011, 11:22pm  Reply
I am proud of him, it is you I am ashamed of.
Lance (New York) on Apr 4 2011, 11:54am  Reply
Hi Bob,
I've been your fan ever since GoDaddy was about 2 years old.

I still think you rule. But you went a little too far with the elephant video. I'm still going to recommend you and your business to everyone I know, and argue your side here in nutty San Fran. I could get killed, but that's how much I respect you.

But dude, please get a better PR person!
Sandeep (California) on Apr 2 2011, 10:41pm  Reply
I am a customer, a small business owner and an American. I am using your 16 rules for success because they work.
We stand by you and your rights.
Thank God that if you choose to hunt you can and you you choose not to you aren't mandated to do so by someone else.
Thomas S. (Texas) on Apr 2 2011, 10:40pm  Reply
Thank you Bob, for having the compassion and concern to help feed and protect the crops of our fellow world citizens in Zimbabwe.

I would imagine that the ones who are complaining have never experienced a day of hunger in their lives. Survival is not pretty; but it's essential. The elephant was able to feed many hungry people and make a day in their lives a little easier and more hopeful.

Please continue to do what is right.
Ivan on Apr 2 2011, 10:23pm  Reply
PETA = (P)eople (E)ating (T)asty (A)nimals.........I am with ya Bob, wish I had the money to do fun things like that, at 54 guess my time is running out.........I'm a real fun guy, you should take me with you next time !!
JMR (Florida) on Apr 2 2011, 09:59pm  Reply
JMR,,,please don't say you're 54 and may be running out of time! LOL I'm 55 and I feel as though we have many good days ahead of us :o(
On the subject of Bob & PETA? I feel as though PETA cares more about animals than people? There are people starving in this country and especially in other countries! I love animals too, but I have people in my own family who worship animals and treat them like children,,,to the point that it's just not healthy. One of my sisters leaves the ANIMAL CHANNEL on for her dog when she goes out so he will not be lonely???? LOL
Suzanne on Apr 3 2011, 10:04am  Reply
People who have never seen how destructive elephants are are the only ones making a lot of noise about Bob killing an elephant. Elephants are destroying crops in Zimbabwe and noone is making noise about it. People being killed by elephants in Zimbabwe and noone has ever made any noise about this but it is very disturbing. One woman who was killed was in her 70s. At times it is good to kill some of these rogue elephants, after all Zimbabwe's elephants are far above its carrying capacity. Should people die for the sake of elephants? So Go Daddy Go!!!!!
chris smith (Massachusetts) on Apr 3 2011, 05:29am  Reply
Hey Bob it's me again from MN the one that doesnt shoot bambi. Anyway you are more than welcome to come hunting in northern MN deer huntng. we have fun get a few deer and eat everything we shoot or fiind some one that will eat the deer we get. It's amazing, there are a lot of senior citizens that welcome getting free deer meat. Many are to old to hunt them selves but still love the taste OOps hope i haven't said to much. Sure would hate to feed people that appreciate the meat our huntig party gets for them.. Bob from Minnesota PS Keep on hunting
bob russo (Minnesota) on Apr 2 2011, 09:38pm  Reply
at least my GoDaddy-hosted website is not censored like this blog is...
kertime ( (Hawaii) on Apr 2 2011, 09:30pm  Reply
Pathetic censoring going on here. Nice, how American is that? Not very. It's one thing to have your point of view Bob, it's another to manipulate public opinion to make it appear all is groovy in Go Daddy land.
Michael (California) on Apr 2 2011, 10:38pm  Reply
Unworthy of you.

While you may be receiving kudos from those of a similar mindset, the rest of us are expecting an apology;

It needs be public, and sincere.
Gary Garchar ( (California) on Apr 2 2011, 09:17pm  Reply
If you did any research you might find that there are other solutions to keeping elephants out of crops, as well as keeping them from being a threaght to people in any way. In addition they are a tourist attraction which helps the economy in Africa. I am really appalled by this, and actually outright disgusted. I don't usually side with PETA. I think they are over the top and give people who care about animals a bad name. For once, I agree with them. You were over the top by posting this.
alias on Apr 2 2011, 08:59pm  Reply
Right on Bob. Most Americans have never been to the third world or lived in it, so they have a very sheltered life. Keep up the good work.
Jim Mellott (Texas) on Apr 2 2011, 08:31pm  Reply
While we don't live in third world countries, there is such a thing called compassion and an appreciation for life. Bob Parsons has neither. Whether there were good reasons for the animal to die or not, Parsosns did not show any compassion, no different than a penniless thug on the streets. I feel sorry for you to not be able to see that as well.
Dave on Apr 3 2011, 01:39am  Reply
Jim Mellott, most definitely you are included in one of those Americans who have never been to a third world country, and definitely never been immersed in their culture. Get an education!
Tara Good (California) on Apr 3 2011, 01:32am  Reply
Obviously you are one of those Americans. Zimbabwe's food crisis began when the country's leader, Robert Mugabe, expelled all white farmers and left the country without food production. Zimbabwe used to feed much of southern Africa. Mugabe's policies are why the country is starving and has nothing to do with elephants. Get your facts straight and do a little research before you shoot off moronic comments to a very real problem.
Jennifer Kuhnen on Apr 3 2011, 12:31am  Reply
Yes they both have the same result, but one is humanely done and the other isn't. Overpopulation of pets is why the are homeless on the first place and hence we spay and neuter. And if an animal cannot get adopted it would be forced to live in a shelter cage for the
Rest of It's life which is no life at all. This is why euthanasia is done. In hunting you are basically ambushing an animal that doesn't know you're there and about to kill it. Big difference between hunting and euthanasia. We're not arguing the
Killing, but the method.
smita on Apr 2 2011, 08:17pm  Reply

As regards the Ele thing,
Well placed shot drops em every time.

As regards GoDaddy & the people that work there,
It Rocks!

I will be putting a 2nd domain online soon. Been with GoDaddy 5 yrs or so and am not looking anywhere else.

Bart Heruth ( (Michigan) on Apr 2 2011, 08:12pm  Reply
Shoot an elephant / Dont shoot an elephant, was it right, maybe not, was it right to post a video, maybe not, but look whose talking about it, everybody!........Any just registered another couple of domains with Godaddy, anyone want to purchase them !! ;) regards Jason
Jason Guest ( (United Kingdom) on Apr 2 2011, 07:49pm  Reply
Do not let Pierce get you down. He is only meaning it well, bless his heart. Without people like him, sad souls like you and me would not know what is right and wrong. Come to think of it, since he brought in someone from PITA, I hope you do not eat meat! You should ask whether he will contact you next time you go to a restaurant! You would not want to be caught smiling having had a steak ... ;)
tim on Apr 2 2011, 07:12pm  Reply
This has nothing to do with Peta and I am not a member of the organization, This is a matter of common decency! Your lame excuses for why you took your gun and shot a thinking, feeling and endangered elephant is ridiculous! If your intentions were to help the farmers and feed the starving people of that village there were many far better ways to keep the elephants out of the crops, for a much longer period of time and far better ways to help the people provide sustaining food for themselves. Why the cop out pathetic excuses? Are you feeling guilty or just scared of getting canned?
Jerry lewis (Florida) on Apr 2 2011, 06:45pm  Reply
To hell with the elephants.

I listened to your CNN interview and was pleased to hear your no-shit answers to the interviewer's stupid questions. I'm about through with this culture of holier-than-thou armchair animal evangelists and to be quite honest it's not till I see those people going to the country for themselves that I'll listen to a single mindless suggestion of theirs'.

Electric fences?! Come on! STFU dipshits!

P.S. Please add 'Scotland' as an option in your list of countries ;-)
Ronald M (United Kingdom) on Apr 2 2011, 06:21pm  Reply
I was flipping through the channels when I came upon this farce of a group criticizing you, peta is a group of fairly well educated people who are educated idiots, I have yet to meet one with a common sense IQ of 50 or more. I don't care why you killed the elephant as long as it wasn't just for the fun of killing and I know there are a few hunters who kill for just the fun but they are rare. peta is a radical organization and have many common traits with other radical religious groups throughout the world.
wayne arnold (Oklahoma) on Apr 2 2011, 06:11pm  Reply
Mr Parsons. As a fellow SCI member I know those who have expressed disapproval don't have all the facts. The ABC news story was so leftist. Unbelievable. The people don't realize that we pay thousands of dollars in license and government fees to hunt there. They don't know that we pump more thousands into those countries economies by traveling there. We are providing for jobs. They don't know that we are hunting the older, male, no longer in the gene pool animals.They don't know that organizations like SCI help to manage hunting all over the world and improved the herds.
Peggy Deiter (California) on Apr 2 2011, 08:05pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons - Your approach to helping these African people solve their problem was antiquated, barbaric and fruitless in the big picture. Did your mission actually solve the problem? No. A man with your status and intellectual capacity should be capable of rendering a more creative, humane and permanent solution to this problem to really help these African people. Your future efforts should be towards accomplishing this task and stop trying to justify your past actions. Hope you can turn this lemon into a more fruitful worthy cause. Make some lemon-aid!
Teri S. - Newport Beach, Ca (California) on Apr 2 2011, 05:36pm  Reply
Mr. Parson,
I will not try to argue on whether on not it was right for you to have killed the bull elephant. I just wanted you to know that what bothered me most was you videotaping the event AND posting it too. I found it very disturbing that you would take pleasure in something like that. Taking the life of an animal in that area of the world for food or crop protection whether or not it is part of the culture or local wildlife management is beyond the point. It is the reveling in the killing and blatantly posting it online for all the world to see is what made it very disturbing and sad.
Rica Dineros ( (California) on Apr 2 2011, 05:35pm  Reply
What a mess....

Any of you out there that supports this type of "vacation work" is an embarressment. You shouldn't be in positions of leadership at all. You aren't the responsible leaders of today or tomorrow. You're way of thinking is slowly being left behind - you're a dying breed yourselves.... and not the type that the future of humanity wants to preserve. Enjoy yourselves for now, because your excuses for killing are beginning to hold less weight in the world.

There are many that aren't impressed.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 05:34pm  Reply
Dear Anonymous, and expressing your opinions behind print in an anonymous manner are approved leadership skills in your new world order?!
I hunt because it's part of my dna; part of my instinct to do so, and I'm not ashamed of that. In fact, I'm very proud of it and not afraid to stand on my hind legs and speak my name while saying so.
Animals without an economic base are extinct.
Good for you Bob Parsons.
Ron Wilson (Montana) on Apr 3 2011, 11:23am  Reply
Bob - to be honest I'm full of mixed emotions here. Yes i eat meat and i understand animals are being killed for me to do so, but slaughterhouse workers aren't traveling to another country and taking video trophy shots when doing this. These villagers have survived until this point and will continue to do so for many years to come. It saddens me to see someone like you with all your success, someone who already helps organizations world wide to help people and someone whom i would normally look up to kill such an intelligent and amaizing animal and use the people as your excuse 4 game hunting.
Understand Elephants on Apr 2 2011, 05:12pm  Reply
Yeah, I'm sure killing an elephant to feed people is so heroic. I wonder how many people you could feed or help with the money you paid to go on that safari hunting expedition. It's not just PETA you're offending with this, and we can't all be written off as tree-hugging loonies, sorry.
kgreen on Apr 2 2011, 04:49pm  Reply
Hi Bob
You did the right thing. Ignore the idiots at PETA.
thank you for posting this.
Micheal Hueschen (Michigan) on Apr 2 2011, 04:25pm  Reply
The role of hunting in Africa is little understood in the US as witnessed by many posts here. Especially in southern Africa, former cattle ranches have been converted to wildlife. Interior fences are pulled out. Locals are hired to guide and also to protect the wildlife. Professional hunters manage the herds with wildlife management driven by science as well as experience on the ground. Only the fees paid by hunters make it possible. For those of you who don't like the fact that Bob ENJOYED the hunt, well too bad! Letting hunters fill this roll perpetuates the wildlife they want to protect.
Mark Rohlfs ( (Oregon) on Apr 2 2011, 04:20pm  Reply
Nice shot Bob, keep up the good work.
Avidd elk and whitetail hunter.
Jeff (Wyoming) on Apr 2 2011, 03:30pm  Reply
My trip to Africa fed at least seven villages. I salute you sir! Keep up the good work feeding the hungry and helping them feed themselves.
David Loeffler (New Mexico) on Apr 2 2011, 03:00pm  Reply
Why do you give them your EMPTY water bottles? Why did you give them all hat's? A less developed country doesnt care about your company. Instead you probably should have given them FULL water bottles, i dont believe they enjoy drinking brown water.
Sarah (Canada) on Apr 2 2011, 02:49pm  Reply
at least my GoDaddy-hosted website is not censored like this blog
kertime ( (Hawaii) on Apr 2 2011, 09:48pm  Reply
Personally, I am appauled at the animal rights activists response to the elephant shooting by the CEO of I think its apparent that no one can satisfy all sides in trying help any group people. Somehow, the anchors continue to premise the event as a food drive as opposed to an attempt to prevent the destruction of crops that feed a starving population. Interesting media spin ha?!! Nonetheless, if it wasn't illegal to kill the elephant, what is the point of the media uproar? If he had not been a wealthy entreprenuer, we probably would have never heard about this story. Talk ab
James Pitts (Mississippi) on Apr 2 2011, 01:59pm  Reply
Hi,Bob. Good blog. I heard about your trip to Africa and your video. Bravo! nice to see there is still a few people in this "politically correct" world who got some ballzz. I will NOT be getting rid of my domain on your site. Hang tuff!
Curby ( (Maine) on Apr 2 2011, 01:41pm  Reply
there are better ways to get rid of an elephant then killing it.....
john leavitt on Apr 2 2011, 01:00pm  Reply
Yes, they respond well to eviction notices
Eric (Kansas) on Apr 5 2011, 11:33am  Reply
I work for you. I think you are amazing. The press for the elephant situation has been handled well from your companies aspect. I do have to say though that it is unfortunate that ignorant people angrily state that you are shooting elephants for sport. When they don't even know why. I am sure some of it wa a kick for you, but its not like i didnt need t be done anyway.
Wendy (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:51pm  Reply
I agree with others that say what you did as wrong! VERY WRONG!! .....How dare you not bring some back and share!?

Don't listen to the critics. Real men eat meat... people who don't eat meat just don't understand.

PETA = Pussies for the Equal Treatment of A-meal. And you saved their crops... a minor, but significant, side effect. What you should have done is taught them to raise elephants as a food source.

I may have to register a domain with you sir.
Dave (Iowa) on Apr 2 2011, 12:48pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons, we just watched CNN and it was evident that they don't have a clue about wildlife management and how the local villages are fed in this cycle of life. Unfortunately, you were targeted since you are a public figure but know that you have millions of supporters. In this regard, we want to let you know that our business as personal importers of hunted trophies has the foundation of the utmost respect for wildlife preservation. We are your clients and in the interest of supporting eachother, may we be of service to you? Looking forward to hearing back!
Robert Quartarone/Safari Specialty Importers, Inc. ( (New York) on Apr 2 2011, 12:42pm  Reply
Dear Bob

Ignore the idiots at PETA; they would rather thousands of people starve and be killed by elephants, alligators, crocodiles, and tigers, than see the animals killed. There is nothing wrong with combining something you desire to do with a method of helping someone.

All those idiots criticizing you need to go live in poverty for a few years and see if their attitude changes; it is really easy for them to criticize you and the people you fed, while sitting in their recliner in an air conditioned room, and eating their tofu they bought at the supermarket.

Good luck and enjoy life!
Virgil Castleberry on Apr 2 2011, 12:35pm  Reply
CNN showed their true colors with that attack story. Inviting PETA for an objective story about hunting,
Blake Hammons (United States) on Apr 2 2011, 12:28pm  Reply
Indeed. If anyone is capitalizing on this event, it is CNN. Regardless of the morality of killing an elephant (I think it is fine), one might ask why they spend so much time on the elephant, and so little on the 100 people who were just murdered in Cote D'Ivoire.
Al Bickers on Apr 2 2011, 01:10pm  Reply
I'm no hunter, but I know where meat comes from, and I know that nature isn't a Disney cartoon. It is easy to sit in a suburban house (where we have conquered nature) and pontificate about what should be done in Zimbabwe. Many would change their minds if an elephant threatened their own livelihood. We kill bears that come into cities all the time and our farmers routinely kill "mammalian pests."

But, you're acting like you did this solely as an act of charity. I'm sure you enjoyed it, and there is no reason not to say so. I'll be registering domains with you from now on.
Al Bickers (Minnesota) on Apr 2 2011, 12:12pm  Reply
Well, did he eat the elephant? No? Then he can't make the excuse that people eat meat.
Celestial Sojourner on Apr 3 2011, 01:26am  Reply
The elephant was eaten, that was clear in the video. Well, I assume that the people clamoring to get at the meat were going to eat it, but perhaps they were going to make some nice meat hats instead. We all love a meat hat!
Al Bickers on Apr 4 2011, 07:35am  Reply
I can't see why PETA and the other idiots out there are complaining about your elephant video. They would much rather see people starve to death instead of seeing one of the overpopulated elephants die for many to eat. I have to say, they are stupid and I would like to join you on your next hunting trip. Please be sure to post the next video as well!
Joe ( (California) on Apr 2 2011, 12:04pm  Reply
This is just about the hunt, if you truly cared about the people you would have TAUGHT them how to do it themselves so they could continue to preserve their farmland, by doing it once you are, in effect, taking them to a restaurant and then leaving, they have learned nothing. When you want to kill again you find another "suffering" tribe and kill another elephant for them to consume, and on and on. Does this sound familiar "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" ? Next time, TEACH them how to do it, don't do it yourself and leave !
Glenn (New Jersey) on Apr 2 2011, 12:01pm  Reply
at least my GoDaddy-hosted website isn't censored like Bob's blog!
kertime ( (Hawaii) on Apr 2 2011, 09:50pm  Reply
Well Said Glenn!!!!!
cruisinccl (Washington) on Apr 2 2011, 05:47pm  Reply
It is so sad that you (and your supporters) think that the best solution to an elephant "problem" is to kill it. How utterly mean-spirited. With all your money and creativity, this is the best you can do? I am truly sad for you.
papago76 (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 11:58am  Reply
Dear Mr. Pardons.
I'm a disabled Deputy Sheriff from the county East of San Francisco. The shooting of this elephant is helpful on many levels. More city dwellers should learn about hunting and the handling of game meat. USA has a wounded worrior program but disabled Police must just disappear. You said next year you'll be alone going back. I'd be honored to go with you and help. Old COP's understand what's right and don't flinch under political pressure.
PS: Some readers of this may be, individuals I saved in past incidents. Lay trust in God & your SHERIFF.
John (California) on Apr 2 2011, 11:57am  Reply
made my comment last night - have yet to see it listed... censorship was popular back in WWII, esp in Germany
kertime (Hawaii) on Apr 2 2011, 11:48am  Reply
me too @!!!!!
cindy on Apr 2 2011, 03:12pm  Reply
at least my GoDaddy-hosted website is not censored!
kertime ( (Hawaii) on Apr 2 2011, 09:46pm  Reply
Bob, don't ever kill elephants. No need to kill elephants. Bad for publicity, bad for the elephant, bad for the community, bad for you, bad for everyone. Don't do it in public. Don't do it in private. Take a moment to really think about it. If you "truly want a wonderful life"... for yourself and others don't intentionally kill anything.
Victor Anderson on Apr 2 2011, 11:44am  Reply
Victor, you must never eat beef ? If you do, then stop this very day. You have No right to eat a poor helpless cow that was raised, then killed for you to EAT.
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:07am  Reply
Have you ever swatted a fly? Ate a chicken drumstick? Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are responsible for animal fatalities. Don't be dense.
Burton (Pennsylvania) on Apr 2 2011, 02:14pm  Reply
Are you kidding?
Ahlea Armstrong (California) on Apr 2 2011, 06:18pm  Reply
Actually, no, I am not. The criticism of Bob Parsons is a lot of self-righteous, PC nonsense.
There are a lot of animal rights extremists busy at their keyboards who are just not grounded in reality and are desparately searching for something to be outraged about.
Burton (Pennsylvania) on Apr 3 2011, 03:14am  Reply
I use GoDaddy. I also have several family members I use Godaddy for web services.

GoDaddy is a business. People strongly feel one way or another about unnecessary killing of animals. Godaddy shouldn't take a position.

I am in the camp that thinks all life is precious. Killing only should be done when necessary. Elephants are beautiful creatures whose habitats are being quickly devoured. Killing them without reason is wrong.

If you cared about people in Zimbabwe you would be spending money to support getting rid of the Zimbabwean government.
Terrin on Apr 2 2011, 11:36am  Reply
AMEN hit the nail on the head !!!!
cindy on Apr 2 2011, 03:14pm  Reply
I heard PETA are giving you are hard time about the elephant thing. Who gives a crap about those losers, they get upset when people kill flies...
Tim (New Zealand) on Apr 2 2011, 11:31am  Reply
Good work Bob.
ps.. P.E.T.A.= People Eating Tasty Animals.
I even had a T-Shirt made like that!!
Thomas P (Connecticut) on Apr 2 2011, 05:54pm  Reply
You have lost a lot of support, I have lived in many parts of Africa and come from a family who made a living from big game hunting. That's in the past. I get a lot more pleasure watching them & shooting them with a camera. You should read or study up on Elephant control, there are many non lethal ways to protect areas were crops are grown. If your so concerned maybe you can put your efforts into that. The real problem in Africa is an exploding population that is forever taking over the bush & pushing wild species out. You should put money into education, conservation & tourism. Please!
ted (Canada) on Apr 2 2011, 10:48am  Reply
Your elephant hunt has no issues with me. Thank you for being a red blooded American and helping others.
bob on Apr 2 2011, 10:46am  Reply
OK Bob, as an astute business man, you understand what your attorneys are telling you when they say this controversy is much bigger than PETA, that the brand damage is significant and your revenue will be hurt. There is one way to turn this lemon into lemonade. You hold a press conference, announce your mea culpa, and pledge $20 million to anti-poaching efforts in Africa. You will get customers back if you do this. Short of that, it will be the biggest mistake of your business career. Don't let your obstinance jeopardize everything you have worked for and have achieved.
Michael (California) on Apr 2 2011, 10:45am  Reply
My previous attempts have not made it through here. If this one gets deleted I shall dedicate an entire web site to the issue. I lived in the region for 45 years and know it VERY well. All I have to say is... Bob, you are quite the marksman there buddy. Difficult to miss an elephant and it is no great achievement to manage to shoot one. If you had instead shot and killed a mosquito from the same distance you would have had something to boast about. On behalf of MOST Africans... please watch this video:
Doc on Apr 2 2011, 10:44am  Reply
A whole entire website?!? That should turn the world in to rainbows and unicorns. I lived in that area too, in fact I used to be an elephant. Claims about how much of an expert you are in the region without anything to back it up really means very little. It's the internet, there is little fact checking and you can say pretty much whatever you want, but don't expect people to believe it.
Eric on Apr 5 2011, 01:44pm  Reply
Dear Bob
It always amazes me to see uneducated people so quickly judge the actions of others. I am a hunter, a fisherman and devoted outdoor conservationist. We as hunters have done more to protect wildlife then PETA will in a lifetime. You should not be ashamed of your hunt, your video or the smiling picture that accompanied it. Nothing wrong with actually enjoying the natural sport of hunting. I am proud to say I am a hunter and I make no excuse for it. Those who sit in judgement just don't understand. I truely feel sorry for them. I commend you on your stance with this issue.
Rick Skiff (New York) on Apr 2 2011, 02:05pm  Reply
Do you know ANYTHING about elephants????
These are highly intelligent, emotional and family- oriented creatures. Do you know that you traumatized them...just as if someone came in unexpectedly and shot your father in front of you. They will mourn this loss in the same way.
You need to dig into your soul and find out what is wrong with you.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 10:43am  Reply
With your vast weath, why didn't you build a fence, and feed those people with REAL FOOD? I have never in my life heard of anyone eating an elephant.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 10:05am  Reply
The folks putting you to task do not understand the socio-economic dynamics and the conservation impetus for the culling of excess wild animals in places like Zimbabwe. This is another case of the uninformed prescribing their bias and one size fits all mentality that is not practical in the theater in question. I was born in Zimbabwe and am CEO of a Private Equity Firm that focuses in investment opportunities that seek to uplift the lives of average people in Zimbabwe and would love to help you share and educate the public here about the economic necessity of some of these hunting activities
Dennis Matangira ( on Apr 2 2011, 09:59am  Reply
I'm no PETA enthusiast, no vegetarian. i promote hunting and am ashamed of how easily people close their eyes to where their meat comes from. but I also respect the work PETA does in making people aware/considerate of the ways we treat our fellow creatures. It's acceptable to me that people need to protect their crops with force if necessary. But, If Bob Parsons really cared about the Zimbabwean people, wouldn't he show their plight and their struggles by raising awareness and opening up our eyes? Why post a video glorifying himself as a gun wielding hero? I just don't get it.
Laura (New Jersey) on Apr 2 2011, 09:55am  Reply
the day peta spends one cent of it's money on helping the people of zimbabwe, I will listen to their criticism. These are the same people who show their moral courage by spray painting the coats of very old ladies.
Norm Bagaas (Minnesota) on Apr 2 2011, 09:41am  Reply
It would have been one thing is a villager felt the need to protect their home from an elephant, but this was not the case. A foreigner came from half way around the world to do this. This is not a PETA issue, but a simple what you think was right or wrong. I think you were wrong. There are other ways of accomplishing the goal without slaughtering wild animals. Just because you can kill an animal doesn't mean you should. Couldn't you have used your abilities and financial resources to find a better solution?
David Schneider ( (New Jersey) on Apr 2 2011, 09:19am  Reply
I'm so tired of these holier than thou bunny hugging attitudes. Humans are not excluded from the food pyramid people. Since the dawn of time animals have eaten animals and yes we as humans are animals. Open your mouth and look in the mirror... hello, you have canines my friend and that makes you a carnivore. What makes an elephant any more majestic then a cow? Meat is meat and it went to good use. Eat well my Zimbabwe brothers eat well.
MeatEater (Washington) on Apr 2 2011, 08:53am  Reply
Bob, great hunting vid. Screw the PETA folks, They don't know what they're talking about, as usual.

You fed more people that PETA, and created incentive for locals to protect elephants instead of letting poachers destroy them.
Dave on Apr 2 2011, 08:43am  Reply
Hey Bob - Not sure what the big deal is over the hunting incident. I grew up in Mich - hunting for wildlife is practically a religion! What makes hunting for deer different than the elephant? Anyway, I continue to be a customer no matter what!
Alex (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 08:39am  Reply
Had a bumper sticker once, it said "I love animals, they are delicious".
My new truck got keyed.
The people who are up in arms about this are about as ignorant as you can get.
Joel (California) on Apr 2 2011, 08:35am  Reply
Bob I used to be an avid deer hunter, not Bambi, adult deer. Anyway because of my health I don't hunt like I used to. My neighbor shot a deer for me last year. It was legel and legally tagged. Does that make him a crimminal?
Bob from Minnesota
Bob Russo (Minnesota) on Apr 2 2011, 08:35am  Reply
Saw the PETA comment on your hunt and as usual wanted to vomit. Tell them to kiss your ASS.
Phil Guarino on Apr 2 2011, 08:21am  Reply
CNN Sucks. U rule. Nuff said.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 08:14am  Reply
Zimbabwean's aren't starving because of elephants. They are starving because the corrupt reign of Mugabe has devastated agriculture and the infrastructure in his country. If you really care about helping the Zimbabwean people, why don't you support a development program looking to address the long-term problems.
Jen on Apr 2 2011, 08:04am  Reply
You're right about why they're starving. A totalitarian, central planning government. Kind of like the one we're living under.
As far as supporting development programs, that's what Mugabe destroyed, and until he's gone and the people are free again, their country and people will suffer. Again, kind of like here.
Dave (Wisconsin) on Apr 2 2011, 08:46am  Reply
Never visited your site until the who rah broke. People don't understand hunters. They think God's creatures are more important than man. Elephants are not extinct, however, they can be dangerous and kill the innocent. They have many times.Thank you for helping the many villagers to survive. Rest assured they thank you. Job well done.
Annette (New Mexico) on Apr 2 2011, 08:03am  Reply
It is amusing that you are so simple. I grew up in MT. My dad hunted elk and deer so we could survive the winter. My dad taught me reverence for the animals we had to kill. We did not turn it into a sport, with disrespectul music and swag giveaways, pics and videos. We gave thanks to the animal. We respected the animal. Mr. Parsons does this for Mr. Parsons. That is wrong.
Roanna M. (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:34pm  Reply
I am sorry—where are you getting your information? Elephants are by nature docile creatures who will only attack when threatened.
Kellie on Apr 2 2011, 12:26pm  Reply
Where are YOU getting your information ? You are wrong.
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:09am  Reply
Actually, elephants can be very aggressive. Saying that they "only" attack when threatened is stupid. You can't make some kind of blanket statement like that based off watching Dumbo and watching when animals attack. Most wild animals behave like they are, well, wild.
Eric (Kansas) on Apr 5 2011, 11:41am  Reply
I think the way you were attacked on CNN was disgusting. Do people really expect you to pull a swarm of honey bees outta your ass? You did the right thing, and if you had to do it again, you'd have my support.
Raymond Michetti ( on Apr 2 2011, 07:56am  Reply
Bob, I think you're an inspiration. You have a great product and I didn't see anything wrong with the hunt. Keep doing what you're doing. I just bought 11 more domain names yesterday and your Deluxe Website package. You're a marketing genius!
Chris (Washington) on Apr 2 2011, 07:45am  Reply
It is obvious you edited out most of the negative comments and left the comments by the ignorant and souless.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 07:42am  Reply
I agree !!!!!!
cindy on Apr 2 2011, 03:29pm  Reply
Actually, I have to disagree. I have been ripping Bob a new one and he has posted every comment of mine and many in support of my positions.
Roanna M. (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:35pm  Reply
Why would you kill an innocent elephant? Don't you realize that our wildlife, all of it, is precious and endangered due to mankind's selfish behavior. You need to make a penance by making a large donation to the World Wildlife Fund!!!....Now!. I hope you realize how unpopular and hated you have become.
Elephants are special and you are not
Laura Tracy Hawkins, Esq. (California) on Apr 2 2011, 07:24am  Reply
How do you know he was innocent? Maybe he was a career criminal elephant.
Eric (Kansas) on Apr 5 2011, 11:43am  Reply
Bob, I'm Zimbabwean living in the USA . Critics about elephant killing lack facts on the ground. Typically, animals that pose a threat to humans & destroy crop are killed by local rangers. Indeed, the meat from the elephant goes a long way to feed the locals. As Founder & CEO of Africa Outreach USA, an international NFP that uses basketball to impact & improve lives in Africa, I'd like to personally invite you to join & support our efforts. Our mission is to construct all weather b/ball infrastructure, supply regalia, educational materials & teach sound fundamentals to kids 5-20yrs of age.
Augustine "Gus" Chikamba ( (Indiana) on Apr 2 2011, 07:16am  Reply
If he really was that concerned about feeding the poor,then may I suggest that he goes down his local bank, take a look at his huge, fat bank account, and start handing out some generous donations to help the needy towards tuition fees, housing and health insurance in THIS country. No I do not, in any way condone violent actions against any animal. They have just as much right to walk this planet as us, only ignorant and arrogant human beings appear to think that they have some sort of superior right to this beautiful planet on which we only SHARE with these creatures. Take a step down!
Joanne Hiley (Georgia) on Apr 2 2011, 06:48am  Reply
Bob - Have you ever heard of SOLAR electricity? Electric fences are SOLAR. So the Elephants kill crops, you kill the elephants and then what happens to you? Do unto others as you would have them to you. They don't know any better, and if the farmers actually managed their fields then this would not happen. Perhaps these fields are planted with your $$$ to attract the elephants so you have an excuse to sport hunt them and then show off what a small one you have by showing how big of a prize you killed.

Why don't you feed the starving Americans first rather than trying to feed anyone else?
Tufo Lola (Texas) on Apr 2 2011, 06:45am  Reply
When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of the works of god we call him a sportsman. ~Joseph Wood Krutch

I thought we had progressed some and killing just for the sake of killing was on the downturn. Apparently, not. Perhaps ecotourism might be a start to help these people. Let's say people continue killing elephants, what good does that do? It just continues a cycle. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Being on one side or the other, does not solve the problem. I believe civil discourse is a huge problem today.
Patty on Apr 2 2011, 06:41am  Reply
The golden rule can also be applied to other creatures on our planet. It's one thing to hunt to eat, but deriving pleasure from shooting an elephant is just sick.
SusanH (Massachusetts) on Apr 2 2011, 06:34am  Reply
Humans encroach on elephants habitats, forcing them to look for food where humans now live. Their population is declining, while the human population is out of control.
So you go and shoot an elephant in the midguided aim of helping humans.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
Tony (Singapore) on Apr 2 2011, 06:31am  Reply
PETA People... Get a life. You will not take any hunting rights away from the amercian hunters. You will not smear godaddy either, Maybe all of the PETA folks should fly over there and help those folks protect their crops. All TALK no show. It sure is easy to flap the jaws about an issue, but that is all it is.
nice to see Bob is standing up for this, GO BOB.
Julie on Apr 2 2011, 06:19am  Reply
Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe... it's more than a PETA issue? How exactly is he helping these people protect their crops if he flies there once a year and shoots an elephant? Please, tell me. Cause all I see is a rich guy who takes pleasure in hunting elephants, in an area that just happens to have an elephant problem. there's been no solution, no work towards relieving these people's poverty, not even a look into how the Zimbabweans could coexist with the elephants and have their agriculture safely preserved.
Udrian on Apr 2 2011, 02:16pm  Reply
Experience the thrill of a lifetime, provide food for people who desperately need it, protect their crops, inject money into the local economy, assist in the management of elephants which are overpopulated in this area...and give the whiners (who can't be happy until everyone else is as bitter and miserable as they are) something to whine about. You, sir, have struck the perfect combination. Congrats!

"Killing an elephant for any reason is completely unacceptable!!!" Really? To protect lives? To maintain healthy population levels? "Completely unacceptable"? Seriously? Grow a brain!!
john martin (Canada) on Apr 2 2011, 06:01am  Reply
PETA humanely euthanizes animals, BIG difference to what you did. They remove animals from their misery, you on the other hand hunt them. My friends and I are leaving godaddy. I read your FB page and you're so arrogant to what others are trying to tell you is wrong. At least be man enough to admit that shooting a defenseless animal is cowardly. Work on getting the government involved to figure out more humane ways to fix the elephant problem. Better yet, reach out to PETA to help you with it.
smita asrani (New York) on Apr 2 2011, 05:40am  Reply
PeTA performing euthanization or someone hunting and killing an animal both have the same end result, the death of an animal. PeTA kills animals because they think an animal is better off dead than as someone's pet. Hunting encompasses a whole skill set to be successful. Euthanization, particularly the way PeTA does it requires no skills other that the ability to confiscate animals.
hokey (Virginia) on Apr 2 2011, 11:52am  Reply
I watched you interview with that Brooke somebody or other on CNN last night. Watched the video later. I am 100 per cent in agreement with you and with the necessity to cull crop-destroying elephants from time to time. As far as the interview, this chick was a real bonehead, baiting you with obviously hostile questions to which you responded admirably and forthrightly. No wonder CNN's ratings are in the tank. By the way, some of these comments from animal rights extremists are hilarious. Best wishes.
Burton (Pennsylvania) on Apr 2 2011, 05:16am  Reply
Pure genius Bob. I have been and will continue to be a fan of GoDaddy. My 8 domains are staying with you. All the rest can knit.
Rob (Pennsylvania) on Apr 2 2011, 04:56am  Reply
Bob, I'm a liberal, and I don't believe in killing an animal for sport. But, it was used, and I respect that. What happened was no different than the cow killed to make burgers, except you taped it, and it wasn't put in the grocery store. I won't watch the tape because I am a wimp, but I don't respect you any less for doing it, even if you had fun the process. Anyone that thinks boycotting Go Daddy is doing anything other than potentially hurting your middle class employees is stupid. Plain and simple.
Anonymous on Apr 2 2011, 04:45am  Reply
I am so sorry to call myself an American sometimes. When I see how we judge the rest of the world and how they do things by our standards.
Bob did a good thing by the standards of Zimbabwe and he fed a lot of people who were obviously hungry.
I am proud to work for you Bob. You walk what you talk and don't apologize for it. If more Americans were as globally minded as you we would not be where we are today.
Don't ever stop and know that we who work for you salute you Sir!
Kim Bowe ( (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 04:11am  Reply
It's a shame the PETA folks care so little about people. Too many elephants is a big problem for the locals, imagine farmers in Iowa losing half a crop overnight..........but what most of the comments ignore is that solving it with licensed hunting by wealthy hunters is great for everyone involved. The villagers eat the meat, the hunter gets the unique experience, the government gets the money ......when the alternative is usually paying rangers to slaughter and waste a herd it is hard to find anything wrong with your method. I'm a confirmed customer now as long as you are there.
Dean (California) on Apr 2 2011, 04:10am  Reply
Did not have enough room. I am pretty sure that he did not go over to Zimbabwe just to hunt down that one elephant and if he did than so be it, it is his money to spend the way he wants. As he states earlier that this is the best way he thought he could help out. I admire Mr. Parson's for that
matt on Apr 2 2011, 03:54am  Reply
The funny thing about situation is that most people commenting on here have no idea what it is like to be starving or have to really survive. Wondering if your crop will bring enough food to feed you and your family. For the ones who do live like that they are the ones who agree with the concept of what he did. I can't even imagine if he did not shoot that elephant and the family and villagers would starve and for one of the people who said that he should do something to help them in the long run, technically it will. However this is not one of those teach a man to fish type of things.
matt on Apr 2 2011, 03:51am  Reply
Bob,I support your efforts to kill those elephants. Some people in America just don't understand what it takes to survive in a third world country. It's easy for the critics to sit in their air conditioned houses on their computers condemning you for shooting that elephant, but they also have the luxury of driving or walking to the nearest market if they're hungry. The critics talk about better solutions (like they always do), but like you said - I'd like to see them open their checkbooks.
Mick on Apr 2 2011, 03:26am  Reply
Dear Bob, thank you for the positive messages on how to deal with life. The message is sound and I can learn much. But the messenger is a bit flawed if you have to convince yourself that you are helping a village by KILLING AN ELEPHANT. I hold no ill will toward you just your actions. You missed an opportunity to do something positive. Next time you get that urge to kill, think about where it's coming from and look for a different answer. Please show your fairness and allow this comment to be posted and not censored.
Juan Lopez (California) on Apr 2 2011, 03:17am  Reply
Great comment, I agree wholeheartedly. There were many other better alternatives other than the one chosen.
David Carr (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 03:00pm  Reply
In the beginning there was...a story on CNN that caused me to pause in my tracks...and as a Go Daddy customer I was wide eyed to see this story on the front pages. It is difficult to see the photo, more so when the animals are large, Elephants, Whales, etc after many discussions with others about the pros and cons (before Bob's rebuttal) most where pretty much educated on the issue and both sides where equally passionate about the Pro's and Con's. Those in my personal circle where divided down the middle. It is a "Tempest Pot" I appreciate your rebuttal, it has raised my awareness of the issue
Christine (Washington) on Apr 2 2011, 03:07am  Reply
Are you kidding! "I kill elephants to help the villagers of Zimbagwe." I saw the interview on CNN in which Parsons tries to justify his kill. Does anybody really buy the BS?
David Gannon (Ohio) on Apr 2 2011, 02:46am  Reply
You fed all those people and saved their crops. You did the right thing, the just thing. God bless. Robby
Robert Horwath (Florida) on Apr 2 2011, 02:40am  Reply
I just watched the Piers Morgan Tonight interview. First of all, Congratulations on the elephant. I applaud what you did and wish I had the same opportunity. Secondly I am glad you represented us hunters in confronted that pompus ass from PETA. Your comments were spot on, relevant and unapologetic. PETA boy had no logical answer and tried character assassination instead.
Once again, congratulations on a fine problem elephant, and most importantly, defending the heritage of hunting.
Mike Neilson (Indiana) on Apr 2 2011, 02:38am  Reply
You and your company have my support Bob. Im the IT manager for a company and I just purchased a service from godaddy and will continue to do business with your company.
Shame on PETA! they should be glad you helped and provided food for PEOPLE instead of attacking you.
George on Apr 2 2011, 02:34am  Reply
People and media don t think they just wan t to please the masses. That elephant probably feed at least a thousand people for a month
John Libbee (Missouri) on Apr 2 2011, 02:26am  Reply
I just seen your interview on CNN...all I have to say is WOW!!! I support you 100 percent and will not be removing any of my 3 web sites that I have on your domain. I only have 1 recommendation for you. A wise man once said you can not reason with the insane......stop trying to defend yourself with the people trying to criticize you.
Micah Sanger (Indiana) on Apr 2 2011, 02:25am  Reply
I am happy that you stood by your decision. Too many judgemental people in the world.

I understand that elephants are becoming an endangered species, however, if those people do not get food to eat they too will become endangered.

The reporter was too judgemental. She needed to have taken a more objective approach to the interview.

Her stupid comment about showing pictures of kids in torn ragged clothes would have been better. She failed to see that, that image is so played out that the world have become desensitized to it and would have just change the
amused on Apr 2 2011, 01:46am  Reply
I think the issue here is not really one mans hunting video- as hunting is still at this stage legal in Zimbabwe. Dont crucify Bob Parsons for doing something that he thought was right within the hunting jurisdictions set out by Zimbabwe. Thousands of American hunters do this every year. Trust me - im african.- i know. Rather than spent time smearing mud on one man- let us focus on the larger issue, which is hunting elephant in a country, which is so clearly going through turmoil and corruption. let us focus on the ethics of hunting in general. that is what this is really about isnt it??
Anonymous (South Africa) on Apr 2 2011, 01:37am  Reply
bob, congrats on your second most successful publicity stint ever, and all it took was for you to to help out hundreds of needy people. i personally THANK YOU for what you did.

it drives me nuts that these extreme liberals that are upset over the killing of an elephant that was threatening the lives of an entire village, are the same people who were upset at Operation Iraqi Freedom where the US took out one of the biggest HUMAN killers in world history. Step back and take a look at the things you people complain about and see just how ridiculous it all is.

Keep up the good work Bob.
Thank You Bob (Michigan) on Apr 2 2011, 01:26am  Reply
Bob, I don't care what the PETA people and others have to say. I'm happily keeping all of my business with GoDaddy.
Joe (Tennessee) on Apr 2 2011, 01:04am  Reply
Way to go in Zimbabwe, you have many supporters.

Ingrid Newkirk can suck it, PETA blows.

Semper Fi
o313 on Apr 2 2011, 12:46am  Reply
Bob, even though CNN and PETA tried to laughably portray you as "a blood-thirsty bully", you explained yourself quite clearly. Having experienced life in a number of different third-world countries myself, I can identify with the situation you were facing. First, people who have never been to a poor country shouldnt say anything, what do they know about poverty? And second, not all animals are as they are portrayed in Disney films. Reality check, animals do terrorize people, and its a shame how many of our fellow Americans seem to care more about elephants than their fellow human beings.
Auro (Nevada) on Apr 2 2011, 12:38am  Reply
Bob, Just saw/heard your interview on CNN! You did an awesome, calm and respectful job handling personal slim slams from both Piers and PETA. PETA does not know what they are talking about as usual and cares more about politics than animals. If PETA kept to more rational agenda, I could support them but as a previous top consultant for the Humane Society who does care about animals, PETA's irrational, uneducated agendas, that can only be debated with personal attacks has discredited them in the animal rights advocacy. I already do but will do even more now to recommend GoDaddy! Keep it up
Jeff Sonnenburg ( (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:30am  Reply
Bob, I saw you video from Africa, I support you. Do not let people who does not understand the struggles of people outside for the USA. Stress you out and you just hold your head high, because you helped those people and you feed a village.... keep go truckin

Kwame Rennie
Brooklyn NY
Kwame Rennie (New York) on Apr 2 2011, 12:08am  Reply
I rarely comment on anything, so I will could be considered one of those "silent" Americans you said would be "ok with this" you mentioned on CNN.

However, I will take the time to say that what you did and what you are doing is disgusting, the fact that you took a picture next to it with a gun resting on it's head makes it a trophy picture.

You go there to hunt elephants, and your excuse in this instance was "helping out".
Phillip (Colorado) on Apr 1 2011, 11:57pm  Reply
I'm not a PETA fan. I lived in Africa for 45 years and know it well. There are many "hunting expeditions" ready to swallow your money. Shooting elephant is not a great achievement. You really can't miss can you?! More impressive would be to shoot a mosquito from the same distance. Better than hunting, go on a walking SAFARI. No guns, no roads or vehicles. Here is the truth about human and elephant , written by a late friend. Please take the time to watch.
Doc on Apr 1 2011, 11:47pm  Reply
OK, for me I understand the whole elephant thing. There are pro's and con's on this. The pro's that I see are, the villagers got a good meal, the crops are better off, and the villagers are safe for a time.

The con's that I see are, the money you used to go over there could have been used to help educate or help better the villagers life's. Also, I am a firm believer in if you kill it, you skin it, you eat it. But I don't think you ate it. Another con I see, is it seemed like a publicity stunt.

That's just what I see out of this whole shenanigans. I don't know what else anybody else see's.
Jaxs (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 11:43pm  Reply
I don't see the big deal with this!!! This guy went out and did something totally legal!!! Does it really matter to you if he helped some village people? We are Americans because we believe in the idea of freedom and individual rights. I'm in the military currently deployed and it makes me sick to see drama like this on the news!! Let the gays be gay and abortions be an individual choice! Live your life and be happy! And always remember the Americans that gave their lives so you can have yours in a safe and great country!
Brett Bingham (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 11:20pm  Reply
Bob, heard you on CNN, you responded that there is no electricity in Zimbabwe and that is why electric fences are not a solution to keeping the elephants away from the crops. Sorry Bob you should do some research, there is a thing called solar powered electric fences that charge battery packs. With all the sunshine there problem solved, use some of your money for solar fences and you can save the elephants and the crops.
John Johnson (Iowa) on Apr 1 2011, 11:04pm  Reply
Villagers are encroaching on the elephants not the other way around.
Jake (Nevada) on Apr 1 2011, 10:45pm  Reply
As I said in an earlier comment, I am against the killing of creatures and I did not want to watch the video since it warns of violence. To come to any kind of fair judgement, each of you should watch the video! (It's not that violent either.) You need to see the joy and happiness of the villagers knowing they will have a decent meal for a change before you condemn this perfect solution for the destruction that these over abundant and hungry elephants do.
MarlaineMarie ( (Wisconsin) on Apr 1 2011, 10:19pm  Reply
I would just like to say that I have always thought that PETA is crazy. I like animals and I don't think they should be treated inhumanely however I know where I am on the food chain and they don't. GOOD JOB with the eliphant, I'm sure thos people were very happy about not losing thier crops and about all the meat the eliphant provided.
Cynthia Easterwood (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 10:14pm  Reply
I applaud you for helping these people. I frequently do missions work, localy, nationally, and ocassionally internationally. You are correct when you say the next time you go, you will be alone. Those critisizing you will still be sitting around talking. There are those that talk and those that do. Keep up the good work, those that you are helping obviously appreciate your efforts.
Brian Killough (Maryland) on Apr 1 2011, 10:10pm  Reply
It's all good! I will be interested to see what celebrity you have for your SuperBowl commercial next year. (if you can afford it)
Charlton Heston is gone, maybe Sarah Palin.
I do know that you are the best thing that ever happened to Michael Vick.
I am certain this won't be posted!
Oh and the person who is moderating this page, you better dust off your resume. Actually, you know what would be if you just walked out!
Tania (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 09:58pm  Reply
I live in Canada to begin with, so this thing about the elephant doesn't really effect me. However, why is it that PETA is forever trying to turn us all into vege eaters. Why can't they see that South Africa has a problem with some elephants and someone has to do something about it. Bob took it upon himself to help these people. And on top of it, villagers around came and took the meat home so they wouldn't starve. So what the he** is wrong with that. The elephant wasn't killed and left to rot. I guess PETA would like people to starve instead. Bob you did a really good thing.
Miss Dale Leadley on Apr 1 2011, 09:53pm  Reply
Well done!
It's unfortunate that there are people like Piers Morgan who are so niave and inexperienced in the ways of the world....and yet he is in a position to have national attention expressing his ignorant views as if he were worldly and smart. If all these ignorant PETA individuals would offer the same time, risk, money and ability to harvest an elephant for all the thousands of villages that need that service annually, rural Africa would be a slightly better place. At least the people in those fortunate villages would have a couple of days of substantial protein once a year to eat
Justin Johns (Alaska) on Apr 1 2011, 09:52pm  Reply
What are you thinking! Killing an elephant for any reason is completely unacceptable!!!
Your Nightmare ( (Colorado) on Apr 1 2011, 09:38pm  Reply
couldn't have said it better myself...
roxiane alexander on Apr 1 2011, 11:07pm  Reply
You americans are so sheltered that you think the killing of an elephant by him is enough to increase the cortisol concentration in your blood, please, shut up and get over it, the world is not a utopia like you wish it was, something called reality actually exists beyond the shores of the USA
Brock (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 10:31pm  Reply
I live where there are a lot of ignorant PETA individuals, but guess what I think you did a good thing. Take a shot for me next time and keep helping those people
Janice Lamm (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 09:36pm  Reply
Good work and stand strong against the whiners of the world. You wont be losing our companys business.
Garry Wolske ( (Alaska) on Apr 2 2011, 12:32am  Reply
Reading these threads is a showcase of how a corporation can attempt to manipulate public opinion. It is clear that GoDaddy is filtering the posts negative to Bob Parsons. Absolutely no way that there would be 15:1 in favor of sport killing of an elephant and then lying about how it was done to feed the villagers. If this post is filtered out as well, I will take my business elsewhere. May do that anyway. Build a fence Bob, do something productive instead of something destructive. You have set a very poor example for the villagers, my friend.
Michael (California) on Apr 1 2011, 09:35pm  Reply
Michael, many Africans must use fallow field farming methods (crop/land rotation)... building a fence may not do much for the next crop area... and it would cost more than the crops themselves are worth. Thank you for your input, I've included some reading to possibly persuade your argument :]

- (login required, contact me)

Brian Kelly ( (Colorado) on Jul 31 2011, 01:29am  Reply
Michael... Why is it so impossible to believe that not everyone believes in your narrow minded point of view? Do you think that they just left the elephant, skinned lying there to rot? Hunters are not blood thirty savages who are out for the trill to kill. I personally don't hunt, but yes my husband does. He is part of an organization that donates thousands of pounds of meat to soup kitchens, feeding those who would otherwise go hungry. What do you do for your community, besides try to control how others live their lives?
Renee (Pennsylvania) on Apr 2 2011, 07:13am  Reply
I'm completely in favor of managing the elephant herds with sport hunting.......and like you I live in Governor Moonbeam's state. Your pollyana, Bambi is too cute to eat, view of the world is shared by a bunch of us Californians...but not most of the rest of the country. I would guess that PETA is disliked at least 15 to 1 in the US and certainly higher where they have an idea of where the hamburgers and belts an shoes really come from. Marauding elephants do mean starvation for those poor folks. A new fence just means the next village starves.
Dean (California) on Apr 2 2011, 04:20am  Reply
rabbit proof fence EASY....Elephant proof fence...yeah let me see you make one
seriously on Apr 1 2011, 11:42pm  Reply
Hey Bob, I'm a CEO, fellow Marine, Eagle Scout, avid hunter and conservationist and love anything that burns gas!! I watched your interview with Piers tonight, what a freaking joke. As a fellow hunter, I thank you for standing behind your decision and taking it to a national podium to defend what you know is right. I agree with everything you said and I many times find myself making the same arguments.

I'm the CEO of the start-up, I'm proud of my history, my bond with the environment and yes, have many proud pictures after a satisfying hunt.
Michael Leek ( (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 09:33pm  Reply
In regards to shooting the elephant... Yes, they are majestic and amazing creatures, and yes, they are on the brink of extinction, but to make a huge deal out of this is terrible on PETA's part. I'm against poaching and ivory trade as much as anyone else is, but this was not done for profit. This was done as an act of service to humanity. You could see the joy on those villagers' faces that they got a sound meal that night and probably for a good while. Forget PETA and the would-be activists. Bob, you sir are a hero.
Chris on Apr 1 2011, 09:29pm  Reply
Thanks for helping those people by saving their crops. The U.S. citizens send money all the time to help them out. And now you're being critized for feeding an ENTIRE village. Hats off to you and screw PETA ( Those who wear leather shoes and point their fingers ).M.P.
MPaseur Chatt TN (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 09:27pm  Reply
SCREW PETA! I'm glad to hear that you had a safe, successful hunt, Bob Parsons!!! I just caught the tale end of your interview on CNN but was happy to hear you stand your ground and defend your position. Remember, PETA is a fringe group just like the Sierra club. They're extremists out of touch with reality.
Jerz_subbie (North Carolina) on Apr 1 2011, 09:27pm  Reply
It stinks, Bob. Killing is not helping.
sony nguyen (Illinois) on Apr 1 2011, 09:26pm  Reply
There are always two sides to a story. Both sides need to check their facts carefully before commenting of other people's actions.

Whether this publicity affects Godaddy as a domain name seller will prove where public opinion is on this issue.
Rod Ritchie ( (Australia) on Apr 1 2011, 09:21pm  Reply
This elephant thing... Geeezzz... so what, A guy goe's on hunt . shoots an elephant,, if it is like he say's..sounds like he is a Hero. and to all the people that want to put a negative spin on it ... you were not there . you have no idea how those people live.. who are you to judge . hey guess what. there shooting innocent PEOPLE in lbya.. get a friggin life people...everbody has a opinion on how things should be. but those same people. do very little about it ,but bitch. good for you BOB.
Murphy ( (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 09:08pm  Reply
I LOVE BOB PARSONS!! Your elephant shoot just made me a GoDaddy customer for life!! Anything that annoys Peta is GOOD for me!! I just renewed my domains, and I will always recommend GoDaddy!! LUV YA!!!
Peter Dixon on Apr 1 2011, 08:50pm  Reply
I agree!
Jenny (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 10:36pm  Reply
God bless you for your service to humanity.
craig brown on Apr 1 2011, 08:41pm  Reply
I'm a hunter but an elephant? Not cool man. If you don't eat it don't kill it.
R Hawkins (Missouri) on Apr 1 2011, 08:31pm  Reply
Maybe you did not hear whole story.. the village was fed... people that were poverty stricken, and hungry were helped, if it is how they are reporting it ..? and if i was starving and hungry I'd friggin shoot bigfoot if it meant i would not be hungry for awhile.. and there is not a person on this earth that would do anything diffferent if faced with hunger or starvation.. ?
Rick (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 10:37pm  Reply
Dude. Did you miss the part where the elephant fed the WHOLE village or what? At least the elephants head did not get brought back to hang on the wall as if a trophy. How many heads do you have hanging on your wall???
MPaseur (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 09:33pm  Reply
other countrys laws are to be respected if we want respect of our own laws.
j wilson (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:28pm  Reply
Bob, what you did for those people is far greater and helpful than 99% of the people complaining would and are doing. If given the money, none of those people would choose to go there and help out the less fortunate. Congrats on having an influence on a life other than those close to you.
jordan on Apr 1 2011, 08:20pm  Reply
Bob - you inspire me brother - your heart felt honesty is truly inspirational - I like to view the world through those who have wisdom, success, and happiness - you just made my list of people to be like - you followed your heart - stand by your choices - anybody who has an issue with it —- that's their problem - FEED'EM CHEAP CHILI - or in this case —- elephant —- many smiles brother —- peace!
BraveAddict ( (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 08:20pm  Reply
Having recently returned from South Africa I know the elephant crisis that is going on and shooting one elephant is just a small step toward the solution. If any of the PETA people would actually go see the destruction the over population of elephants is doing to the country, perhaps they would get in touch with reality. If they don't do a mass herd reduction soon there will really be an animal crisis. Don't let the mis-informed get you down. You did the right thing. What does elephant taste like anyway??
Bryan Smith (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:13pm  Reply
you chump!! over population of Elephants? you've never been closer to the African bush than your own than your own back yard.
you could feed a village in Africa on the money you spend on luxury flight and accommodation to be here....
Africa's problems are historic and do goody goody interference by people who have no Idea of tribal customs are what has been destroying Africa for hundreds of years.
You can take an African out of the bush... But you can't take the bush out of an African... leave Africa to it's unique people and it will be paradise in 20 years time... no pollution.. just life!
Danny Mills ( (South Africa) on Apr 1 2011, 11:05pm  Reply
Good for you Bob! That hunt helped in numerous ways. None of which the peta morons can figure out. Keep up the good work. peta knows nothing about wildlife management, or how it is supported. Why don't they go after the poachers who are driving animals to the brink of extinction. They don't because the poachers would pile them up right next to the animals.

Rob (Minnesota) on Apr 1 2011, 08:11pm  Reply
Bob, I support what you do as well as hunters across the nation. Where I come from, hunting is a way of life and a responsible way to manage wildlife.
After all, State Wildlife agencies use the same methods to control and responsibly manage wildlife.
I will continue to happily use GoDaddy!
Arthur (North Carolina) on Apr 1 2011, 08:09pm  Reply
I have neaver been to go daddy before but I will now. Someone being bashed the way you are because you like to hunt is ridicoulus. You did nothing illigal or immoral. This is the problem with the western world. Turned to vaginas.
Anthony Silver on Apr 1 2011, 07:59pm  Reply
I am an avid hunter. I regularly take my kids and wife with me. Though I personally have no desire to hunt elephants,if you have the time, permits and money, more power to you. FYI though - You might not want to post it for your company's sake. For those of you that read this, hunting is a way to put food on the table-Just like going to the grocery story. Oh and one last thing, the old saying don't judge a book by its cover is true in my case. I am educated and our household income is in the top 10%. In other words, not a back woods redneck.
Todd (Alabama) on Apr 1 2011, 07:57pm  Reply
Bob - I have over 8+ domains and tons of service from your company. After seeing the media bash you for the elephant shooting - know that my business is secure with you. People just don't understand how dangerous and destructive elephants are to the Africans. I think we should send the PETA folks a nice bull to put in their communities!

Would love to have you deer hunt with me in the Midwest on my farm if you need some variety!
Brad on Apr 1 2011, 07:43pm  Reply
I had a business website with GoDaddy, and I have no complaints about the service, nor do I have compliments, because it wasn't anything special, sorry. I do have a comment that does have to do with hunting elephants. I guess I just don't see the point of it really. My comment is that I wish people with money would set a better example for the masses than shooting an elephant with a high power rifle, in an organized activity. It's just so redundant. Enough already! It lacks even a speck of imagination or greatness. It pretty much stinks, in my opinion. To HELP is to BUILD, not KILL.
Jennifer East (California) on Apr 1 2011, 07:43pm  Reply
At first I was disgusted. From the article this was in they portrayed you as a big ass. Then I got your side of the story. Wow 180 degrees. Good luck getting your side of the story out. You are doing some admirable work.

Keep livin' life!
A customer of many years.
Robert Donovan
Donovan ( (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 07:40pm  Reply
Good on you, Bob. Over-domestication of Western society is becoming a serious problem. Kill the elephants, feed the people, enjoy the mission. I just saw the CNN interview and came here looking for the video (but can't find it). Let me know if you need a guide.
Ray Dondant (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 07:28pm  Reply
While I think the actions of PETA are sometimes extreme, touting the death of an animal—especially one that is severely threatened is unethical and needlessly promotes violence and ignorance. I also think it's interesting how is posting so many comments supporting Bob...and not so many the other way. It's good to know that organizations in the US are lead by such upstanding people AND promote open discussion (yes, that was sarcastic).
GoFerris (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 07:22pm  Reply
Saw you on Piers Morgan, thought you came off well. Think yourself lucky, I think PETA is out of control. You should see what they are doing to a Petting/Wild Animal Zoo (really more of a farm up here in Canada. A major facebook attack on the guy who doesn't even use the internet. Nicest farmers you could meet but every couple of years they try to shut him down. Check out facebook "In support of Three HIlls Guzoo" if you get a chance. THe poor guy runs on donations & volunteers but just loves families and animals. Pretty sad but that how PETA and associates raise funds.
Fern (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 07:20pm  Reply
Awesonbe Hunting video! To those who don't like it: don't watch it!
John ( (Illinois) on Apr 1 2011, 07:10pm  Reply
I have traveled to both Zimbabwe and Botswana. The land is NOT awash with wild elephants who are decimating local crops and natives. In Fact, Eco tourism, the viewing of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of wild animals including tens of thousands of elephants drives the economy (and the model democracy and economically prosperous Botswana) Your depiction that you are saving local populations from a dangerous pest (and putting food on their table) is disingenuous at best and self serving, deceptive, and cruel. It's about your ego dude.
Cindy Ellis (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 07:07pm  Reply
I just saw the CNN interview and I am appalled. CNN should have Bob Parsons as one of their CNN Heroes. I thought it was common knowledge elephants are a huge problem in Africa and I am really shocked by the true ignorance of most Americans. CNN thinks honey bees will stop an elephant from trampling and killing villagers while they sleep? The joker of a reporter actually said "We at CNN found out it is indeed legal to kill elephants." It's not only legal, it is encouraged. African countries pay people to fly around in helicopters and gun down elephants. They are dangerous animals.
Brian (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 06:58pm  Reply
Thank you, Bob, for reminding certain people that meat does not come pre-packaged from the grocery store. It was obvious the CNN anchor had an agenda, but Bob took the high road and did not give in to her line of questioning. Bravo.

If it were not for hunters, certain species would have population explosions and then die horrible deaths from disease and malnutrition. Hunters do more to help wildlife conservation with hunting license sales and habitat work than any tree hugger holding a sign ever did.

Everyone who eats meat is just as "guilty" as Bob of killing something.
Brian (Georgia) on Apr 1 2011, 06:52pm  Reply
Dear Moderator,

How come you are only putting up the Pro-Bob posts??? Do you not have a heart or soul?
nI bet you are being slammed by all the posts about your ignorant CEO!!! Get some balls and post this!!
Anonymous on Apr 1 2011, 06:52pm  Reply
I don't see anything wrong with what you did. It is legal in Africa. What irks me is the PETA types and other domain registrars who're out to sensationalize the issue and poach (pun not intended) GoDaddy customers by doing the Save the Elephants thing.

Wake up people, they're not altruistic or animal loving - they're just capitalizing on this issue.

Do I think you enjoyed the hunt? Yes, but you did some good over there as well.

...and there's nothing wrong with taking pleasure in a hunt, as long as it's legal.

Don't let them get you down Bob.

(Still a GoDaddy customer)
HB ( (Malaysia) on Apr 1 2011, 06:49pm  Reply
Thank you for being a humanitarian and helping the people of Zimbabwe. You make this world a better place.
Kelly (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 06:41pm  Reply
Hey Bob,
I ust saw your interview on Piers Morgan and wanted to let you know that CNN and PETA have finally convinced the American people that they are a contingecny of un-educated socialist sympathizers, with no concept of game mangement. We feed our entire family off of the game taken from our property in Texas and understand the neccesity of proper game management. Keep up the good work and don't sweat the ramblings of those who are less informed. You have won our loyalty sir!
Greg Branum (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:40pm  Reply
For the love of God. You folks and your "socialism" is so tired. You need to go to college and learn the full scope of political theory. People like you are ruining this country.
Roanna M (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:45pm  Reply
Huzzah ! Huzzzah! Great defensive comeacks on CNN attack on your Hunt. It's unfortunate that we have to defend our participation in something as natural as Hunting. You cannot force evolution PETA. We are still of this earth, it gives us what we need to live, without it we die. When our fabricated society fails, as it always does the Hunters become the survivors that pick-up the pieces and continue the living, not the businessmen/politicians but the back to basic farmers and hunters. You may have heard of us we are usually refered to by the over-civilized through out history as the Barbarian
John B. (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 06:38pm  Reply
Bob, Are you aware that elephants have families similar to those we humans have? They have acknowledged fathers and of course mothers, but aunts, as well. The entire herd takes responsibility for the young ones. They love and take care of one another.
If you really want to live a wonderful life, allow another creature to also have one. I realize that you will get really insensitive responses to this email, if you publish it. But Bob, if you want kindness to come back around to you, show some, here, please, I beg you not to take another life from a creature who deserves to live with joy.
pat (Connecticut) on Apr 1 2011, 06:36pm  Reply
so what? if bob ruined the lives of this elephant "family", this elephant family was ruining the lives of HUMAN families...

please step back and see that 1 elephant is not worth the well-being of hundreds of human lives.
Thank you bob on Apr 2 2011, 01:36am  Reply
I am glad to see you stand up to some of those nuts out there who think that an animal life is more important than helping poor people in Africa to feed their family. I would do the same if I find myself in the same situation. They have no idea what poverty is.
Ed (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 06:33pm  Reply

I admire you for your efforts to help others. Pierce and Peta are both jokes. Keep up the good work.
Frank on Apr 1 2011, 06:29pm  Reply
You try to do something good and everyone else wants to turn it into something wrong. You handled CNN well and you should stick to your guns. They don't understand that without the farmer they don't eat and crop damage by a large animal or a small animal can lose an entire crop. As a fellow hunter who likes to share my meat with anyone who needs it (and I am not a rich man by any means) I understand why you feel this meat went along way. Have any of your critics ever wondered where their next meal was coming from. Stick to your guns and ever in Pennsylvania look me up.
francis green (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 06:28pm  Reply
Who were the wildlife experts assisting Bob with his "humane" efforts and for how long will this elephant feed the people? There are so many more sustaianable and long terms ways to help and feed the people than shooting one elephant. And Bob indicates this is not the first and so it seems will not be the last .... ignorance or ego and self fulfilment?
Sandra (United States) on Apr 1 2011, 06:27pm  Reply
Hello Bob
I see the work u did with the elephants for the African villagers. I wanted to know if u could come to Michigan and take out a few squirrels that keep getting into my trash.
Ron (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 06:26pm  Reply
PETA is an extreme group. They are against zoos, aquariums, beef ranches, sport fishing, horse shows, and other typical cultural standards.

The elephant population will recover. People starved to death do not recover.
Wavy on Apr 1 2011, 06:26pm  Reply
You held your own up against Piers and the PETA guy with an actual rational argument. I don't believe PETA guy had a clue about what the real conditions were there in the area.
Caitlin (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 06:24pm  Reply
Bob, you have my full support, as a veteran myself. Great company, great service. As Mae West, said, "Honey, there is no BAD publicity". Keep on rocking, we are a charity involved in animal rescue and we are not leaving GoDaddy.
James Hussher ( (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 06:22pm  Reply
Bob, don't let the idiots from PETA get the best of you. They are idiots! You did a GREAT thing. They are not the ones getting killed or going hungry.

You're a good man Bob!
Jorge Suarez ( (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:22pm  Reply
Dear Jorge: This has nothing to do with PETA. There is no justifiable reason for trophy hunting an innocent elephant but to serve the ego of the killer. This is not hunting, this is slaughter of an innocent creature? How can you possibly support Mr. Parsons? Check out World Wildlife Fund website and read up on all of the endangered wildlife we have. Do you want to live in a world without wildlife to satisfy individual's ego? This has nothing to do with political correctness; is has to do with our need to protect wildlife from extinction! Educate yourself.
Laura (California) on Apr 2 2011, 07:30am  Reply
Way to stand up for hunting! The political correct are insane!
P.E.T.A - People eating tasty animals!
Ed on Apr 1 2011, 06:22pm  Reply
I sit back reading these comment and it makes me furious. These PETA people are more worried about the well-being of the elephant than the PEOPLE that are acutally suffering, I am glad that PETA has more feelings for an animal rather than the small children that are dying everyday from starvation. And hunters are the bad people get a clue PETA!!!!!
Chris ( (Arkansas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:17pm  Reply
Dear Chris: I am sorry you misunderstand the reason for protesting trophy hunting, which is the killing of an innocent and possibly endangered animal for personal ego! It is wrong. Check out World Wildlife Fund's and educate yourself on the need to protect our wildlife....for our children. Please educate yourself.
Laura Hawkins (California) on Apr 2 2011, 07:31am  Reply
Bad decision Bob to kill elephants, regardless of what good you think you did, money for relocation etc, the village would have helped , learned, and your hiring them would allow them to buy non-bush meat.
Wes on Apr 1 2011, 06:13pm  Reply
Being a wealthy individual, are you telling me you couldn't have built a fence instead of shooting a vulnerable, soon to be endagered animal.

The elephant's habitat is being destroyed by humans, so naturally they are eating the invader's crops for subsistence.

There were better solutions. Being the CEO of GoDaddy, I'd think you'd be more innovative. Unless of course you were looking for a thrill and not a solution.
Deborah (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:11pm  Reply
Excellent job with the elephant. Keep up the good work!
Kevin (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:10pm  Reply
It would seem strange & worrisome that the Founder, CEO & Leader of GoDaddy is incapable of coming up with an innovative & non-lethal solution to the elephant issue, which leads me to belive that Parsons only wanted the THRILL of shooting an elephant.

It was wrong, unnecessary & completely avoidable. There were better ways, especially for a person of means.
Deborah (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:04pm  Reply
Bob, Congrats on the Elephant. I shot my elephant in Zim with a bow 2 years ago. I showed the hunt on my TV via The Sportsman Channel. I got all kinds of crap and still do from all the PETA, and so called hunters.
Again CONGRATS!!!!
Rocky Francis ( (Missouri) on Apr 1 2011, 05:52pm  Reply
The CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, filmed himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. As if that weren't bad enough, he actually states that shooting it is rewarding. Yes. Rewarding. In fact he states, "Of everything I do, this is the most rewarding." Why? Because the elephant is a so-called "problem elephant" or one that has had conflicts with farmers. Well, guess what, Bob, there are alternatives for dealing with elephants when they clash with farmers other than shooting them dead. Here are three far smarter and less violent ideas that we can point out faster than you can reload.
Russell (Vermont) on Apr 1 2011, 05:49pm  Reply
How much did it cost for that Safari including a private jet back and forth between Phoenix and Africa? $ 50,000, $ 100,000 ?? What was the dollar value of the crops you saved? How much to build a fence around the crops? How much to relocate the elephants?
Bill (New Mexico) on Apr 2 2011, 04:06pm  Reply
God Bless you man. The Elephant you shot helped more people in 2 shots than all the tree huggers have in their whole lives. Keep up the good work.
Kevin (Montana) on Apr 1 2011, 05:37pm  Reply
"tree huggers" give much more of their time to charitable causes than all you "brave hunters" put together.
RoannaM (Arizona) on Apr 2 2011, 12:48pm  Reply
You may give more of your "time" but not more of your money. Hunters contribute way more to ecological preservation and creation of new, sustaining habitats than any of you tree huggers. Even the time argument would shock me if it were true.
Eric (Kansas) on Apr 5 2011, 11:48am  Reply
could not of said it better.... get with the real world people.... all these people that are putting a negative spin on this .. really pissing me off. they sit there with there opinions. but do nothing about it . they were not there , they have no godam clue what it must be like to be hungry cold . sick poor, idea ..? we should shoot and eat peta , and that onesided view cnn guy,
Rick (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 09:15pm  Reply
Just to let you know Bob, I hold 13 domain names with GoDaddy and am happy with your service. I have seen documentaries about the cruel plight of African villagers barely sustaining themselves and their difficulty with elephants. I believe that the video mockery of cruel jokes and GoDaddy hats were created out of your misguided ego and the darkest place in your mind and heart. However the Light has shown through at the expense of a sacrifice of one animal and shown a beacon of awareness on this sad situation. To bad it was a by product of your folly instead of your true intent.
Helene ( (Massachusetts) on Apr 1 2011, 05:19pm  Reply
Bob Parsons doing what he does best: Getting attention.

So Parsons decides the way that he's going to make the world better is to go halfway around the world to shoot an elephant. I bet there are plenty of locals in the area with guns that could do the job. They just don't have godaddy hats and video recorders.
Shawn on Apr 1 2011, 05:12pm  Reply
I am a very dedicated Go Daddy employee and member of PETA and have been for some time. I am NOT a Vegan but I DO believe in Humane Treatment of Animals. Do I think Bob was "Trophy Hunting", No. I believe the act was done to help the Tribsmen. Do I think Bob deserves "Scummiest CEO of the Year" title, No. I Do think the situation could of been handled differently. Instead of shooting the Elephant, why not use the money to build a fence and irragation system to help protect the tribe and give them clean water? I hope in future trips, more humane and alternative methods will be practiced.
Anonymous on Apr 1 2011, 05:05pm  Reply
i have had the opportunity to do mission work in Sierra Leone and Haiti and my eyes were opened to real poverty in the world. the people of zimbabwe are blessed to have a man as yourself helping out. the cnn news piece was pure ignorance on their part. please continue your efforts. more americans should be sent to a third world country for a couple of weeks to have their minds opened up to reality. I came home from my trips grateful for all the amenities we have. i loved your statement about the water bottles and it is pure fact. I gave my zip lock bags to a woman. amen.
mike chew on Apr 1 2011, 05:00pm  Reply
i agree with mike chew ive been to these places and i am with you and your support of helping these people.
you rock
lisa (West Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 06:28pm  Reply
Kudos on the successful hunt. My dream from childhood was to take a trophy buck. Having done that, I have a sense of satisfaction in my life. To obtain one dream of many. Some don't get it and never will. But they will never take that moment away from me.
John Schmoll ( (Iowa) on Apr 1 2011, 04:59pm  Reply
Schweitzer, EDISON, KANT, KAFKA, TOLSTOY, Di VINCI, SHAW, GANDHI, amongst MANY other notables, were all vegetarian...But Voltaire said it best, "People must have renounced, it seems to me, all natural intelligence to dare to advance that animals are but animated machines? It appears to me, besides, that [such people] can never have observed with attention the character of animals, not to have distinguished among them the different Voices of need, of suffering, of joy, of pain, of love, of anger, and of all their affections." —Voltaire
Dave Rupert on Apr 1 2011, 04:52pm  Reply
Heard about the elephant hunt on the news and saw the video. Amazing shot. You did a great job in protecting and providing for those people. Good luck in helping them out next year. Too bad some people that eat meat have forgotten where there food comes from and are speaking out against this.
Jawbreaker (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 04:51pm  Reply

Great job on the hunt. I support you. You are free to hunt as you see fit within the laws of the country you are hunting in.

Have fun in your life, be happy. You have earned your money. Use it as you see fit.

Good Job!
Robert Rutledge (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 04:45pm  Reply
I watched the elephant video; what is the big deal, really? Looks like it was taken down properly and people got some meat. I see positive. Want to see something horrible; watch the nightly news; more so, how many people are being slaughtered in Iraq/Afghanistan for our supposed safety.

You rock Bob!
Jim Bohan on Apr 1 2011, 04:41pm  Reply
Bob, I commanded Delta 1/26 in June and July of 1968, shortly before you were severly wounded in combat. You are doing the right thing under dangerous circumstances and need not apologize to anyone. Rogue elephants have always needed to be controlled near the farms. They are not cute circus elephants like "Dumbo" and the natives do rely on hunters for food. Keep up the good work. S/F john
John Kaheny (California) on Apr 1 2011, 04:40pm  Reply
Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the crosshairs of a gunsight. And after I've finished "shooting," my unharmed victims are still around for others to enjoy. I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~Jimmy Stewart

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.Mark Twain
Jay on Apr 1 2011, 04:36pm  Reply
Bob just wanted to comgradulate you on your elephant hunt. It's a shame these animal activists don't understand that there are legal hunting in Africa. Anyway not everyone is against hunting. Next time invite me. Bob Russo
Bob Russo (Minnesota) on Apr 1 2011, 04:34pm  Reply
If true about elephant, despicable.
lee Fisher (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 04:31pm  Reply
The frenzy the media is making out of this is ridiculous. As long as he did it legally, let the man enjoy the hunt. Its not like he just sliced its tusks off and left it to rot, people ate it. Really its no worse than someone enjoying a hamburger. Do you think the cows just go to sleep and wake up burgers?
jamie (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 04:30pm  Reply
Gandhi - said it eloquently - "you can judge a society by how that treat the animals" - how dare you feel you have the right to take the life of an elephant - is your life now more complete - words cannot express the wasteful pain and selfish greed you have now showed our mother earth
Michael Garland (Australia) on Apr 1 2011, 04:28pm  Reply
One elephant dead equals food for hundreds and a chance for a healthy crop to support starving people. How can no one see the logic in this? It's really easy for people here to point fingers and judgement without ever lifting a finger to help these people. Killing one elephant is not going to deplete a population in that area. No problem with Bob's decision.
Mike Rodriguez (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 04:25pm  Reply
I pasted the following comment on facebook:

It takes courage to stand up for what is right and I admire the founder of Go Daddy. The elephant in question was a rouge, was not endangered where he was, was doing damage to farmers who are barely hanging on and fed people on the verge of starvation.
I remember a few years ago when thousands of fenced in elephants were starving to death in Africa due to emotional and stupid policies. It is our responsibility to act appropriately when the need arises. Hunting, when done with in the confines of the law and for specific reasons, is a useful tool f
Robert R Blease DVM ( (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 04:17pm  Reply
very disturbing about the elephant, this could of been handled in a much better way. how hard do you think it is for elephants to find food? which is all they were trying to do... just like humans. Mr. Parsons, you need to remember that the animals of this earth are not just animals, they ARE what makes the world go round, and they were there way before the farmers. this earth belongs to the beautiful creatures that inhabit it, whether they be animal or human does not matter. learn to share
tara pickle (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 04:13pm  Reply
I'll be honest... I'm NOT a fan of your web site, but I DO feel that the media needs to back-off! Many of them are just being hypocritical. They eat meat, fish, and many other (once living things), and have NEVER donated money nor time to help anyone but themselves! Where do they think their food comes from? Attacking you is a prime example of their selfishness!
John Patrick Adams (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 04:13pm  Reply
very, very ,well said.... you summed it up .. nothin else needs to be said, i think it's disturbing that the media and people making such a big deal out of this . especially since. people are being shot killed in libya, middle east uprising's , japan. earthquake,ect .the fact that the media spent that much time on it..ur comment totally illustrates those kind of people . anyway just wanted to let you know .... thanks .
Rick on Apr 1 2011, 10:21pm  Reply
I have sympathy for the farmers but there has to be a better way to help them then slaughtering the elephants. They are only doing what comes natural to them...they're hungry and they go for the food. A moat and fencing would be a better solution or move them to another area. And aren't they endangered???
Janet Sanders on Apr 1 2011, 04:11pm  Reply
It is a shame to see how near-sighted people who have never left the borders of America are.

If you understand the sort of issues 'wilder' terrain farmers have to deal with in other countries, you may have a bit more respect for the benefits of what Bob did.

Of course, here in the states, you don't have wild animals capable of mass destruction running around to trample your fields/garden.

Grow up and think of other people outside of your own borders.
Robert (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 04:10pm  Reply
Who says we have never left the borders of America? You presume too much. I'll compare my passport stamps against yours anytime, chump.
Celestial Sojourner on Apr 5 2011, 12:24am  Reply
Maybe the farmers are the problem. Not the animals.
Just saying...
dxh on Apr 1 2011, 05:29pm  Reply
@Robert... i agree with u 100%...
Raj Khan (Ireland) on Apr 1 2011, 04:15pm  Reply
PETA is the most hypocritical organization ever! How dare they suggest you "other" ways of dealing with that situation... everyone should go to google and type in "PETA adoption statistics" look at the articles and the numbers, PETA are the real killers here.
Flip (Mississippi) on Apr 1 2011, 04:10pm  Reply
If my comments are not posted, it will not be upsetting to me but it will certainly say a lot about you and the lack of freedom of speech on your blog...and if in fact they are not posted means more to me than you will ever know, you didn't like what I said and it shows, study up on Karma and your grammar, you lost many of us at YOU'RE.
susan mathews on Apr 1 2011, 04:09pm  Reply
Elephants and people are not good neighbors. People need a safe place to live too. Why should Bob be sigled out and be made the bad guy?
Good Hunting! Now- can SOMEONE get all the damned deer off of the US highways? Deer in the USA kill more people than eliphants in Africa.
B & R on Apr 1 2011, 04:07pm  Reply
Sir!! you are a hero to those villagers!!
Sina (California) on Apr 1 2011, 04:04pm  Reply
Glad you enjoyed your hunt. If i had the chance i would do it in a minute! Everybody in the village had food and more crops to EAT.. I would bet everyone in the village was thankful and enjoyed the swag and money and whatever else you brought to the village. People do not have any idea what it is like to live in a third world country. Thanks to a good bit of the same people, America will soon be a third world country
Mr. Smith Does NOT go to Washington (Montana) on Apr 1 2011, 04:03pm  Reply
I am glad the tusks went to the people rather than you. What I'd like to know, Bob, is the process that ensures that the people who are under a cruel dictatorship actually get true market value for the tusks.

If your primary reason for killing was to help the people & raise awareness to their terrible plight, your video would have centered on them.

Let's forget about PETA and see if we hear from HSUS.
Dee Henderson (Colorado) on Apr 1 2011, 03:44pm  Reply
Good For You! PETA and other morons are more worried about the rights of animals instead of the suffering of human life! I would kill 100 elephants if it meant feeding 1000 people! I am not so sure about the music that was chosen, but the end result is - that you fed a community and children finally had a meal. If we were not meant to eat animals, they would have been "made" inedible. Go for another trip and feed the starving children in that corrupt and violent regime! Keep saving the HUMAN lives over there because people here are worried about the animal suffering-not the human suffering
christina (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 03:35pm  Reply
What you say is not LOGICAL. Just because someone cares about our endangered and innocent wildlife does not mean that they don't care about people as well. But people have control over their own lives, where as wildlife needs our protection as they are sitting ducks for individuals who do not value their right to live peacefully in their own habitat. You need to educate yourself. Check out the World Wildlife Fund for accurate information.
Laura (California) on Apr 2 2011, 07:36am  Reply
Bob, don't let the PETA nuts bring you down. They themselves have been caught leaving dead puppies and kittens in dumpsters. You killed did farmers a favor (just like farmers here killing prairie dogs) and provided food for locals... win win. I have ~200 domains with you, along with dedicated servers and SSL certs, and will be proud to continue doing biz with you.
Zach (Alabama) on Apr 1 2011, 03:31pm  Reply
Moderated comments!!?? LOL!

No wonder the comments aren't an accurate depiction of what people really feel about you.

Hide behind the curtains and believe your own BS, if that's what makes you happy.
John on Apr 1 2011, 03:25pm  Reply
It's our responsibility as the dominant species to responsibly manage our symbiotic relationships with animals. Without animals, there can be no people. Saying people matter more is only shows ignorance.

Maybe you need to watch lion king again. Sounds like it's your speed.
Anonymous on Apr 1 2011, 03:14pm  Reply
Mighty big of you too post only your supporters posts Bob...Later for you GoDaddy...
Ruby (California) on Apr 1 2011, 02:58pm  Reply
I support the killing of the elephant. Elephant was destroying the crops, and he killed the elephant not for trophy. Notice how people were happy to get elephant meat afterwards. So Parsons protected the crops and fed the hungry. What's wrong with that?
Greenspam (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 02:57pm  Reply
Killing was not the solution. Maybe you could invest on a electric system that dont permit elephants to walk through. Sad to see this from GoDaddy , very sad
Daniel Vengoechea on Apr 1 2011, 02:52pm  Reply
Bob- as a fellow sportsman I applaud your efforts to help those in need. Anyone who has ever been to Africa knows the struggles people there have to deal with. If it's not another govt. overthrow it's a tribal war or a famine of some sort. Just how clueless are the liberals? Elephants eat lots everyday! If you don't have an elephant proof fence he's going to eat your crops. If he eats your crops your family will starve. They don't have food stamps or any other programs. They also don't get alot of protein in their diet. Did the media or PETA bother to ask the villagers what they thought?
Ross (California) on Apr 1 2011, 02:52pm  Reply
I respect your work. In America there's the disabled warriors program but nothing for a Police Officer Disabled in the line of duty. On CNN you said next year you'll return to Zimbabwe alone. I'll go with you and support you. Don't forget us old COPS. We still know what's right and it's certainly YOU.
Disabled Law Enforcement (California) on Apr 1 2011, 02:52pm  Reply
I want you to know that I respect the fact that you are not hiding this in any way nor are you trying to downplay or lie about what actually happened.I feel you were in the 100 percent right when you decided to rid this village of this problem elephant. I think people should hold their opinions before they pass judgment on someone else. Too often we are quick to assume we know the full scope of things and we decide to open our traps and speak mounds of ignorant garbage before we get the whole story.
Way - GoDaddyGo
Way (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 02:50pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Truely disgraceful!
As a student of Politics in London, I have traveled a number of times to Zim. and we both know that shooting one innocent elefant is by no means a way to create any form of sustainable development in Zimbabwe.

I hope you will have more inspiration in the future.

All the best,

Andy (United Kingdom) on Apr 1 2011, 02:48pm  Reply
I've not watched the video and won't because you were wrong to shoot these animals. Nothing you can say will justify that cruel act. You did for you, Bob not for the villagers. Shame on you.
Jeanne (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 02:40pm  Reply
You did the right thing all around. Even posting the video was the right thing to do. It helped a lot of people and saved lives by saving their food supply.

I have always and will continue to use for all my internet services needs. I have been a godaddy customer for over 5 years, 43 domains and counting.

Frank Cummings ( (New Hampshire) on Apr 1 2011, 02:32pm  Reply
Congratulations on your hunt. I just got back from Tanzania where I got a 64 lb(weight of largest tusk) elephant. I would estimate approx 300 villagers arrived and the whole elephant was butchered. Nothing left but the smell. Most all left happy.
Wayne Register (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 02:30pm  Reply
You are deleting post that are not to your liking. I thought you were proud of you actions and shooting skills. You spilled blood without need Mr. Parsons. That was beneath you, you did not need to feed on your hunt. I feel both disgust and shame for you.
juan felipe pitty on Apr 1 2011, 02:22pm  Reply
Probably not not right place to post this, but i wanted to support your CEO's video on the elephant hunt. I am a hunter and understand why and where this took place. If people understood that these animals are, for the most part, not endangered. By the same token they destroy crops and kill people, The fact that the people got to salvage the meat in a protean starved area was a boon for everyone.

God Bless, and good hunting
Curtis McCollum
Curtis McCollum (California) on Apr 1 2011, 02:22pm  Reply

I support you and plan to become a new customer of GoDaddy because of your strong stance on the hunting issue.

Don't the bleeding hearts in the media care about the food you provided to those starving villagers? Problem elephant or not, the legal hunt followed fair-chase ethics, the animal was fully consumed, and the community was elated. There is nothing to apologize for here.

Thanks for your entrepreneurship, your military service and pushing back against the .
Chuck G (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 02:19pm  Reply
I am so sick of the animal rights people. They have no idea what life is like outside of their homes. I understand why you did what you did. You helped feed a village with the meat. You also helped them keep them selfsufficient with the grains they grow. Good job
Mary (Wisconsin) on Apr 1 2011, 02:17pm  Reply
Another vote for your right to hunt. PETA is targeting you because you are high profile and they can get a headline. Thanks for standing up for the rest of us that live a more self reliant lifestyle.
Clay Miller on Apr 1 2011, 02:15pm  Reply
Your lame excuse for shooting an elephant in Africa isn't fooling anyone. You deserve any and all criticism. Why don't you own up to your actions.
Jim on Apr 1 2011, 02:12pm  Reply
I saw the interview on CNN and I am not familiar with your site, but I am interested in why people feel its ok for people to starve to death while an elephant should live no matter what. A woman commented, just because its legal doesnt mean its right...but she seems to think those who agree with her are right. I think that God has the right to say what his creatures do and what happens to them. He said the animals are subjects to mankind. Not that mankind bows to animals. I am against killing for sport, but to kill an animal that will feed soooo many people, how can that be wrong?
citizen on Apr 1 2011, 01:54pm  Reply
I just watched your interview on CNN, Too bad that uniformed left-wing stooge did not allow you to inform her that not only the poverty and starvation are killing the humans and the elephants and that the elephants are overpopulated in many countries. Zimbabwe being one of these. Hunters from the US and the civilized nations of the world by their participation in the hunting of stable and overpopulated species around the earth, never hunt underpopulated species and are the only ones contributing hard cash DU, FNAWS, RMEF helping species unknown except to locals and biologists. Congrats
M Webb (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 01:52pm  Reply
Please read this Bob. I grew up in Somalia and spent much time in Kenya and Tanzania. I am an american and fully aware of the poverty. But I ask you to think honestly for yourself. These folks are starving and Elephants are endangered, If you regularly go to Zimbabwe and honestly care about the people (and the wildlife) instead of pleasure in hunting big game, why wouldn't you employ another solution -> if it is truly your interest in helping these people. Either you are ignorant or this is in your own interest (the desire to hunt big game and I get the rush). Be honest with yoursel
Heidi (Nevada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:49pm  Reply
Agree! I've researched the costs associated with such trips- it's NOT cheap. Why not take those THOUSANDS and help them build a sustainable community. I am not w/PETA but I find this replusive. Turning an egotistical act into an act of heroism- first referencing humitarian efforts then saying hunters PAY to do this. Contradictory, Bob. How about doing real humanitarian work, building a fence, provide a water source, crops and feeding a village for a lifetime not just a day. It would be cheaper than your self diagnosed solution and provide for a future for the villagers and the wildlife.
Ashlea E ( on Apr 1 2011, 10:14pm  Reply
Man Up Bob! Admit you made a mistake instead of justifying your actions over and over. Also have the balls to post all of the blog comments, not just 75% pro and 25% against. It you did this, it would go a long way towards regaining respect from those of us who were formerly fans.
Mike K. (Nevada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:48pm  Reply
Unfortunately the uninformed, politically correct media will use your well intentioned, logical, and problem solving actions to further their anti hunting, Disney agenda. Like you said, the vocal minority actually believe they are the majority. Don't let it upset you, You can't reason with ignorance.
Cisco Fernandes on Apr 1 2011, 01:48pm  Reply
I have not seen the video, but I just heard Bob's interview on CNN. Ethically, I don't believe in killing animals for ANY reason - I am a vegetarian since I remember. Lets not, however, have double standards - So many of us eat meat, and then protest when someone hunts an animal destroying livelihoods of poor, starving people. That's not done. Regardless, this episode has brought some international attention, so maybe, something can be done to help the people long-term?
KSK (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 01:48pm  Reply
I just heard your interview on CNN; boy, was that biased! Next to nothing mentioned from your supporters on the blog over this hunting incident. sometimes nusiance animals have to be removed. NO ANIMAL EQUALS A GOD SACRED HUMAN! I am a hunter; I kill. I make no excuses.and I still love animals. Other creatures in nature kill much more slowly and savagely, if that is even relevant. Listen to Uncle Ted Nugent, my man! He's crass, but tells it like it is.
Vince (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 01:47pm  Reply
Bob, Just watched the CNN interview and I Wanted to say that I agree with your position. I'm an animal lover but I am sick of people that want to put any animal ahead of a human being. We have too many people that would walk by the starving person to help the starving animal. Keep up the good work and I hope you are not the only person going to help next year.
Shawn Cope on Apr 1 2011, 01:46pm  Reply
Bob, what really bugs me is the fact that when someone does something for the good of people there's always someone complaining. In regard to the elephant kill, Its not like the elephant was killed for it's tusks, it was killed for a good reason. Maybe according to the critics we should stop killing cows and pigs as well. It really makes me angry to see the negative attention this is creating. The elephant was killed for FOOD and because it was affecting a crop which translates into FOOD for the locals in that area. The pessimists need to back off;
Bill (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:44pm  Reply
Bob I just saw the interview on the CNN (Communist News Network) and I will tell you that she has never been to Africa let alone Zimbabwe. You are spot on Bob - these folks in Zimbabwe can use the protein! PETA idiots forget that Zimbabwe is at the bottom rung of Maslow's hierarchy of need. More importantly where the hell is PETA when these folks are starving after one of these elephants destroys the food supply for the year? Keep helping these folks out Bob I am sure PETA is right behind you with the bread basket and bushel of vegetables. God bless you bro!
Jose (United States) on Apr 1 2011, 01:43pm  Reply
People are very quick to judge. Mostly the ones who are very judgmental of others are the ones who doesn't do much to help.Thank you for going to Zimbabwe, helping the farmers & providing a means of survival for those impoverished people on that day you shoot the elephant. In some countries, elephant is food, in another, an elephant is a precious animal to adore but we gotta need to adjust our thinking according to the people of that country & according to their needs. Hungry people needs to eat and survive, that should be the priority. In America, we kill/abort babies but protect animals !!?
Ana Fernandez (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
So glad you made the news because you didn't just keep the head and leave the body behind. Just ignore the idiots....Want to gator hunt in Florida, not as a trophy, we eat them. Taste like chicken, smells like fish. Your comments on CNN were great, not many Americans go to help any poor countries. I didn't even know who you were, at least PETA introduced more people of how cool you are. Thank you for caring about peoples well being.
Chris (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
Bob your my kind of guy. I would not think about all those people with there head up there asses, a little research on there part may help but they probably voted for obama to
jack miley (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
Let's see here now, a herd of elephants is destroying crops - crops that are crucial to a village's survival. African gov't allows hunters to take out a bull elephant in an effort to not just drive away the herd and save the precious vegetables, but also supply much needed meat to the villagers as well. I don't see the problem here. Oh wait, yes I do. The bashers are simply ignorant of the facts, and fail to realize the true nature and benefit of this type of hunt. I am a supporter of Delta Waterfowl, DU, and the NWTF. Conservation is a key tool for all the animals on this planet, and I
Jimmy Rhymes (Louisiana) on Apr 1 2011, 01:40pm  Reply
Please just admit that you enjoy hunting elephants, and that said enjoyment is the primary reason for your trips to Zimbabwe. If you really cared about the villagers you'd arm and train them to 'cull the herd' themselves. But no, American hunters are using poor African countries as their private game reserve. That is wrong.
Dan (Nevada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:39pm  Reply
I'am behind you 100%. Being born and raised in a hunting snd MILITARY family, I know the importance of animal management,Some people go to the store or resturant purchase steak, and never wonder what went into raising that ANIMAL.They also are most likley to understand animal management As for PETA most of us like to eat meat, and know its important in our diet. Keep up the good work. Rick
Ricky Haldeman (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 01:38pm  Reply
CNN is dumb. They want to save elephants. Maybe they should coin up the money for the electric fencing or honeybees. I've been to Iraq and seen poverty. Most of our american citizens are so detached and pampered from the rest of the world that they think that farmers who can't afford a water bottle would put up a million dollar fence. Here's some advice to you hippies out there. Instead of replying to my post or making noise, why not go to Africa and do something about the problem? Yeah.... I thought so. Idiots!
Hector (Hawaii) on Apr 1 2011, 01:38pm  Reply
Stay strong. Sportsmen like you are the reason wildife is thriving in the US and over seas including Africa. Our North American conservation model created by Teddy Roosevelt contiues to benefit animals more than any effort by the animal rights lobby. So it is with great pride that the members of the Unites States Sportsmen's Alliance stand shoulder to shoulder with Bob and other sportsmen and sportswomen.
Bob, check us out at
Tony ( (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 01:38pm  Reply
I support you fully, Bob! In reply to a previous poster's comment about watching "Babar". What an idiot! You could say the same thing for reading a book about Chicken Little, or Bessie the Cow, or watching Bambi. So. Friggern. What. All you wimpy PC peacenicks who have no clue about the realities of the world outside the U.S. should take your next vacation to someplace like Africa or China and go off the beaten touristy paths and see what the REAL world is like. You guys make me sick to complain about the valuable and humanitarian service that Bob did. Ya idjits. Get a clue!
Scott (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 01:36pm  Reply
Bob, You are right, I will not be sitting next to you on the plane next year, when you do this again..but I will buy the ammunition to help the cause.. This is no different than the elk, deer, cougar and hopefully soon Wolf tags, that farmers and ranchers, in my state and neighboring states, are issued, to control wild animals that pose a threat to livestock and crops. Anyone that hasn't ever seen livestock, or perhaps your little lap dog get mauled and or killed, well it might change your perception. Thank God we live in America and have the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
Gary (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 01:36pm  Reply
Just saw the segment on CNN about the elephant problem in Africa. I usually watch CNN because the other cable news networks seem to be a front for a certain political vie instead of a news organization who just brings the news instead of all the spin.
Having said that I could not believe the way they attacked you and the story. Don't they get it? What part of crop loss equates to human deaths from malnutrition related illnesses don't they get? I was very disappointed about the story and their one sidedness. It sounded like you were being interviewed by P.E.T.A..
Greg (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 01:36pm  Reply
Bob, I just watched the news about the elephant that you shot in Africa. What is wrong with people.They are clueless' It is obviouse that you helped these people. anyway I am on your side with this. If I hade the money and could aford it I would go with you next year.

Best wishes Jeff
Jeff Stimson (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 01:35pm  Reply
Way to go Bob. I wish there were more people like you who were willing to do the hard stuff, the controversial stuff, the unpleasant stuff so people get to eat. I know its going to hurt your business, and you probably knew it too when you did it. In the words of Churchill, "never give in, never give in. Never, never, never!
Greg (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:35pm  Reply
Just typing in to support your Elephant hunt. It is not illegal and it helps feed the children. I dont see people can be against unless they are totally clueless on REAL life. You know the type that live at Disney, smoking their pot.
Geostorm (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 01:35pm  Reply
Bob I just saw your interview on CNN and I agree with you totally. I also want to say thank you for helping the starving people of Africa. People country are only interested in when they want to rob and steal from the land. We shoot game in this country for sport. None of those ney sayer have ever starved a day in their lives! If you would sponsor me I would be on that plane with you gun in hand!
Bev (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 01:35pm  Reply
You're the new Ted Nugent. Except perhaps a bit smarter and with more business savvy...and shorter hair.
I'm a hunter. I get it. Animal rights nutcases and PETApoofs will never understand. If every one of them isn't a strict vegan in every sense (leather shoes or belt? Fail), they're sanctimonious and noisy hypocrites.
Can I send the villagers a case of marinade and a case of BBQ sauce? What style would go good with elephant? KC, TX, Louisiana, or southern?
Linn Brown (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:34pm  Reply
Hey Bob Thanks for helping those people out over there. I wished I had the Money , because I would do the same. Somebody tell PETA to pull out their Check book and put up an electric fence around there crops if they don't want elephants to be shot.What has PETA done to help those people? What is PETA going to do now to help those people. NOTHING. If PETA cared as much about people as they do dogs and cats This world would be a better place. There are People in the world right now wish they had food to eat and PETA is worried about an elephant. Now you tell me whats wrong with this world.
Patrick on Apr 1 2011, 01:33pm  Reply
While I wouldn't go kill an elephant, I do understand why you did it and how happy you made those people.
Syndi on Apr 1 2011, 01:32pm  Reply

Great video and great hunamitarian duty. I always eat what I shoot. If you need help next year, call me. Have gun, will travel.
Bob (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
Bob, I love the fact that you fed very poor people. The problem with America is we care more about Animals then Human Beings. That is the most inhumane thought of all.. Great Job, and I will keep supporting GoDaddy because of it...
Rod Kim (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
Bob, having made several trips to Cameroon I understand the poverty, like kids fighting over an empty water bottle. North Americans don't know how good they have it. Good for you!
Dave (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
I am in the Army stationed here in Iraq and was watching Cnn which had you on the phone asking the reason for killing this elephant. I am sure you made plenty of people very happy Bob. People worry too much about crap like this instead of lookig at the big picture. The people of Zimbawe are fed and happy until you visit again..Electric fences and bee hives...thanks for the good laugh Cnn...... I support you 100% Bob Parsons
American Soldier (Iraq) on Apr 1 2011, 01:30pm  Reply
The vast majority of these people have no idea how the world works. They think that Elephants and Polar Bears are on the verge of extinction. This is simply not true. I would like too see some of these pathetic bleeding hearts try to chase an Elephant out of a field in the middle of the night! Don't back down from these ignorant fools.
Luke (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:30pm  Reply
Bob....I just watched you on CNN, great job! They took the situation out of context .
Would CNN and PETA rather watch a video of the women and children starving to death as we convene a UN commission to bring electricity through wind and solar power to the village in 10 years? Way to go and keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll also be there when other solutions become viable.
A proud Go-Daddy customer and supporter of your humantiarian efforts.
rich ( on Apr 1 2011, 01:30pm  Reply
It takes an awful lot to get me to make a comment, but this crazy reaction to the shooting of an elephant had me running for the keyboard! So you shot an elephant! Wow, that should send the ecology of the earth back several decades. You fed hungry people, you helped save a needed food source, and you made life a little bit easier for a group of people that wake up everyday to a life most of us could not survive in. Like you said ... next year you will be on the plane alone. When you get there next year maybe you can take a picture of everything these other people have done.
ron hunt (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
Shame on CNN for taking a non-informed position on this. They should consult professionals and not people that don't see things the way they are. They talk to zoo keepers instead. Aren't they inhumane for caging wild animals. we punish people by doing that.
Jerry (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
Bob perhaps you should explain to those who are ignorant that elephant populations are too high and if left unchecked it could lead to their own endangerment. Not to mention the meat that went to those villagers might be the only good source of protien they get all year. Not to mention the crops you saved. I applaud what you did as charitable and humane.
jeremy (Rhode Island) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
Bob, most people don't have any idea about the larger picture of elephants in Africa. Some areas are overrun with them, they can be destructive to their own habitat when numbers are not kept in check, and many will often end up dying a slow death of starvation. Taking old bulls who are beyond their breeding prime helps the overall herd. It also helps people who need to eat. They use every single part of those animals. Nothing is left to waste. Thank you for the courage to show this. I'm sure the people there thank you too.
Martin (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
I'm not a PETA member, but a conservative Republican from Alabama....BUT elephant hunting is DEAD WRONG!! There are other ways to protect their crops than killing elephants. I don't give a damn what the excuse is. Don't do it again and donate some of your millions to elephant protection and conservation!!
Joe (Alabama) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
I think what you are doing to help the people in Africa is a good thing. I like what you said, those who complain won't be there with you, helping to solve these situation. If I had the money I would be on that plane with you!

Good Luck, you are doing a good thing!
Jacqueline Parks (!/) (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
i just listened to your interview on CNN about the killiing of nusance elephants. i was impressed by your conviction to the mission at hand and i thought it was refreshing the way you backed your cause with every answer. i for one got it!! i say its time the "save the whales" peolple thinking about "save the people"!!
dave on Apr 1 2011, 01:28pm  Reply
Bob, I just listened to you on CNN. I think you did a good job, considering that that anchor was trying to say "killing elephants" as often as she could.

Before anyone can voice an opinion against what you are doing they need to have context. You know what you should do? Next year have PETA deal with the problem. Ask them to put-up the money and man-power and go protect the crops. I'd be interesting to see what they do. And, make the results very public, succeed or fail.
And then they have to commit to doing it every year.
Who knows, maybe we all learn something from this.
Martin (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:28pm  Reply
Bob- Your work in Africa to save crops and provide meat through your Elephant harvest is the right thing to do period!! Keep up the good work. Americans are spoiled and out of touch with the real world conditions facing millions of people around the globe. Job well done!!
Dave Anderson (Montana) on Apr 1 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
Hi Bob.

I just heard your phone interview on TV and I wanted to say that you're awesome. You told it like it is. I've been in countries and met people where the line between starving to death (actually dying, not figurative) and staying alive is very, very thin. Most Americans will never understand that. They might read it, but they won't really comprehend the words. You're a hero to those villagers. Let the knowledge that you kept their kids fed lend you strength in the face of so much ignorance.

Best wishes in the future.
Brad F. (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
As you say on CNN Mr. Bob Parson is all these people have solutions but let see how many of them are on the plane with you next year all I have to say is I have no problem with feeding starving humans at any means .Im a father of 4 without a job currently in california and if you really want people to help you make a difference then hire me and help my family out and I will be happy to work for you and even go with you and leave my own family to do anything I could do to help im a strong hard worker at 31 years old.
cameron waddell (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
YOU GO BOB! I completely support what you did for those people in Africa. As Americans, we tend to have a "cushy" outlook on life and turn a blind eye to the impoverished nations that still have to kill to eat and live each day trying to figure out how they will survive. The people who are complaining about what you did seem to care more for the life of an animal than the life of a human being!! For those of you who are so opposed to what he did, why don't YOU get on a plane, fly to Africa, and shell out your own money to help those people who desperately need it?! God Bless you Bob!
S. Sim on Apr 1 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Don't mind these radicals that can't get it through their thick skulls that you are doing a good thing over there. I choose humans over animals everytime.
Nick (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Bob: I, too, have hunted in Africa to cull sick herds, feed villagers, and yes, to enjoy myself. I am an avid hunter. The sport, contrary to those people ignorant of the facts, is a tool to keep wildlife in plentiful and HEALTHY supply. I caught a rash of crap from a radio talk show call-in jerk that asked if I had FUN killing all those poor animals. I replied YES, and then went on to explain the economics of those poor animals to the villagers. They use everything!

I wish PETA would spend as much time worrying about homeless, abused, and neglected HUMANS as they do animals.
Julie (Nebraska) on Apr 1 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Just watched your interview on CNN. Great Job! It obviously sucks when any animal has to die, but your intentions were honourable. The funny thing is, if all of those people died of starvation, it wouldn't get nearly as much press as the death of this one elephant. Good for you for standing behind your decision. Maybe people should take a trip down there before they decide to open their mouths and criticize.
Annonymous (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Hay Bob, Forget the haters, you are doing a great job in Africa. Yes the haters are at the door now but as you said next year you will be on that plane alone again. None of the mouths will be there to help you help them
Gregg Levendoski (Georgia) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
I do not see anything wrong with the elephant episode.... I think only that maybe you should not have video taped it. People in our country just do not understand how things are in other countries.
jimbo (Maryland) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
You are a gentleman and a scholar sir. We kill hogs around central Texas for farmers who don't hunt, b/c hogs destroy the crops we all need to eat. Guess where all the meat goes (that we don't eat and give to family and friends) Hunters for the Homeless, which feeds 1,000's. It's a tough universe, deal with it.
Harrison Gould (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
Bob, I sure wish there was a way for people to see the whole story and all the good you do in africa! killing that one beast saved the food of hundreds of starving people ! not to mention all the other good you do helping people grow food, by sead, learn modern ways to grow better crops. perhaps if these haters saw the starving kids thin as a rail and the fat elephants eating the food ment to feed human children they will change thier tune.
GOOD ON YOU BOB, THANK YOU FOR HELPING! keep up the good work
Brian (Massachusetts) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
I would gladly accompany you to shoot the elephants that are trampling crops. Maybe you would let me take some clothing to the kids?
Give me a call whenever you're ready!
P.S. screw CNN, and PTA as well
Kathy Cockrell (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:24pm  Reply
Next time you go to hunt these elephants could you please do me a favor and take me along. These people complaining are CRAZY, probably eating a fat hamburger as they type! Im up for the trip next year..... btw just watched your CNN interview and the women should be ashamed with her onesided reporting on your event!
mark (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 01:24pm  Reply
Bob, Love how you're handling the media. By this time next year, you'll be back in Africa and all the liberals will be safe in America criticizing another target. If they have a solution, let them go over there and implement it!
Doug on Apr 1 2011, 01:24pm  Reply
Bob, just caught the brouhaha on CNN. You are right that come next year, you're going to be alone on the airplane. All of these hand-wringers and complainers will not be going over there to put their hands and money where their mouths (typing fingers) are.
I'm with you on this. Wish I could go over there with you. I'll just support you from here though. Thanks for what you're doing and what you believe in.
Linn Brown (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:23pm  Reply
How stupid can people be, hunting if done legally is not wrong. The people living there were very appreciative that the elephant was shot, it was trampling their crops, and they were able to eat it's meat.
Carol Shukin (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 01:22pm  Reply
This is Hilarious. Every day people throw litter out on the street, and our government refuses to switch to alternate energy, yet the man who kills one elephant is satan's minion? You are all the bad people. If you waste the electricity to watch this video and post a nasty comment I blam you for the death of 15 polar bears. :) Have a good day all you noobs.

Mike (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 01:21pm  Reply

I shake my head once again, at the high percentage of people who will instantly look at the negative and turn away . . . before knowing all the facts. I have followed your business and teachings for a very long time. The "positive" things that you have been instrumental with are simply incomparable. I am in no way a fan of killing elephants, however I am mature and wise enough to realize that "this is not as it seems." Thank you for making a difference in so many peoples lives. People are so quick today, to rush to judgment.
Deke Cloyd ( (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 01:21pm  Reply
I love what he did. Feed the people and screw PETA.
Ken Folsom (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:19pm  Reply
Hi Bob, congrats on your elephant hunt. Stay motivated! Some of these individuals will just never understand how you've helped the people in Zimbabwe. License fees across the world make hunters and fishermen, and the gals, one of the largest financial contributing groups of wildlife conservation. Good luck in the Fall.
Drew on Apr 1 2011, 01:14pm  Reply
Please stop shooting elephants!
Please stop shooting elephants! ( (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 01:13pm  Reply
Please stop killing elephants! With your money you could fund a tranquilize and relocate program. The farmers would be happy, PETA would be happy and so would a lot of your customers.
Lori (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 12:41pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons,
I've read the comments, here and elsewhere, and the stories regarding the hunt. What a polarizing topic/event!
I have no problem with your hunt: it was legal, all appropriate fees were paid, and the meat was not wasted as can be the case in sport hunts.
But, why the choice of music, the almost mob scene video for the meat, a poor excuse of a damaged field (I've seen more damage from a few deer), and the lack of any video or photo of the stampede after the kill?
My conclusion: publicity.
I'm glad not to be in your PR department...what a headache; or not!
Thank you,
John Imler (Pennsylvania) on Apr 1 2011, 12:36pm  Reply
So Bob, people are starving in Africa and one elephant does not make a difference. How about you donating $10 million to charities that help Africa's starving people? That would make a difference. Another option is donating the money for education - improving Africa starts with health and education. We try to do our part but don't have the resources you do.
Jim on Apr 1 2011, 12:34pm  Reply
I would care about what PETA has to say as much as I care about what some thug rapper, or ACLU spokesman has to comment on. You legally harvested & shared an Elephant that fed hungry villagers. Last time i checked, elephants were'nt endangered anymore. If you left his rotting carcass there & took his ivory, that would be a different story. I guess these very same PETA people forget how their ancestors got protein & energy from. My only time ship me a steak or two down here to Florida. I always wanted to try Elephant : ) Be safe & Good hunting!
Adam (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 12:31pm  Reply
I'm glad you had a great elephant hunt. Forget what the negative people have said. I thought it was a perfectly good use of an Elephant Tag. You can't please everyone Bob. So haul out your gun and go hunting. That is what I do!
Greg Nicholl ( (Illinois) on Apr 1 2011, 12:25pm  Reply
Keep up the good hunting, don't let those PETA folks get ya down. Happiness is a good steak, beit beef or elephant.
Mike Albright (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 12:18pm  Reply
From one CEO to another that was an impressive kill Bob. With one shot you killed an Elephant and your brand. But on the bright side I did see you saved a few stalks of corn.
Brad Lowman ( (United States) on Apr 1 2011, 12:02pm  Reply
I'm glad you aren't afraid to stand up to the likes of PETA. It astounds me that people cannot see the aid that was given to the local people when you killed the elephant. Keep it up.
Numpty (Idaho) on Apr 1 2011, 11:59am  Reply
Bob—Huge fan of Go Daddy and have many sites with your company. Know that I am not a left wing PETA nut when I say this. The video of the elephant hunt is appauling. Come on man—hunting elephants? I am sure you do a lot of good that we do not know about, but this is one hobby I urge you to give up. IT'S NOT RIGHT NO MATTER HOW YOU SPIN IT.
Rich (Georgia) on Apr 1 2011, 11:55am  Reply
I understand this was an effort to help the farmers of Zimbabwe whose crops were destroyed....props to you for that I suppose. However, couldn't your efforts have been channeled in a more humane direction? Further, if philanthropy and charity were truly at the root of your actions, doesn't it seem more logical to establish some form of philanthropic, agricultural or protective organization in Zimbabwe to ensure the future survival of the farmers, their crops AND the elephants? In addition, the cheesy photo of big strong you and the dead elephant was in poor taste.
Nat (Kentucky) on Apr 1 2011, 11:47am  Reply
Hi Bob-
Most people have no understanding of the wildlife conservation issues facing Africa today. I'm glad to see that you're not one of them! I really enjoyed the video of your elephant hunt. There's nothing quite as satisfying as supplying much needed meat in an area where protein is scarce. I wish more people understood that the money brought in by licensed, legal hunters is the only thing keeping the wildlife in Africa from being completely destroyed by illegal poaching.

Peter Hunt ( (Minnesota) on Apr 1 2011, 11:39am  Reply
I believe Bob is a sincere, good man; he demonstrates this virtue by his optimistic, uplifting & damn well-done videos..
Although animals such as elephants are seen in a compassionate light by many (including myself), Bob has acted out the role of the hunter by ensuring the animal's meat was used, not wasted. Many elephants are killed by people native to that country for meat; in this case, it was Bob doing the hunting. That's a bottom line we must all consider.
Anytime you're in Toronto I'll buy you a good Canadian beer, Bob. You could probably use it after all this controversy!
slackerdan ( (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 11:33am  Reply
Hi Bob, I saw your video on culling the damage causing paciderms in Zimbabwe. Completely understandable. These animals need to be managed just like every other animal. I was appalled at the comments by the near do wells who do not see that saving crops and feeding locals is a good thing, those who oppose this have probably never missed a meal in their sheltered lives. The world is full of complete imbeciles right now. The animal rights movement has destroyed the common sense and brains of many many people. It was like they did not see the ruined crops, they did not see the starving people
m (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 11:32am  Reply

Semper Fi! A few years ago I went to a lunch with you and my boss on the lower-west side of Manhattan. The three of us had a grand ol' time and I don't know if I thanked you or if I let him do that. Anyway, thanks for taking care of us and for always giving credit to the Marine Corps. If you ever make it to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I would love to reciprocate. One Shot, One Kill!
Gunny J (Michigan) on Apr 1 2011, 11:32am  Reply
Great stuff Bob, saw the news clip bashing you over your hunt. Don't worry we got your back! Good to see your charitable act of compassion for the local people of Zimbabwe. It was a nice clean kill, nice shooting. Over population of wild game can be a real problem even here in the United States, just ask any farmer, or the car insurance companies for that matter. Just remember that PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, and you feeding some natives was a good thing. You had my business before and now I will make sure you keep it.
Jonathan (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 11:30am  Reply
Your story also ended in the "Tribune de Genève" - a Geneva, Switzerland newspaper, where PETA activists and some ignorant twits crucified you to the point I emailed the newspaper to ask them to erase all comments, some actually traetening ones - Obviously, none of the commentators were hunters or even have been to Africa, yet the Swiss are among the best educated people in the world. Go figure.
michael (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 11:27am  Reply
Dear Bob,
What a lot of people don't realize is the benefits of culling type of nuisance animal. Shooting prairie dogs out west prevents horses from being put down due to broken legs. Hunting deer reduces the populations to a more manageable level, yet we still see roadkill deer regularly. The plight of the people in Zimbabwe is invisible to those sitting in their homes here in the U.S., with their stocked freezers and pantries. The naysayers have yet to come up with a viable alternative. It is free for them to write disparaging comments, but they seem unwilling to pay for a solution.
Bill (Maryland) on Apr 1 2011, 11:17am  Reply
Bob I really appreciate you. People who are against you doesn't know the animal elephant in real. I live in a state where Elephant's are worshiped (kerala, Thrissur Puram). In india alone hundred's of people die due to elephant attack and huge loss of millions of property as well. You can train an animal when it's newborn, but not an fully grown. There is no proof that Bob has killed the baby elephants. The pic states that the corp is lying in the field, not in a middle of jungle. See don't think that i am supporting Bob, i am just sharing my knowledge about the animal to you.
Ashok Kumar S (India) on Apr 1 2011, 11:15am  Reply
Please spend money into building things not killing. You could have bulid a fence to help, the people, the elephants and the whole world. Be responsible with what God has provided you.
Louis (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 11:09am  Reply
Safari? Elephant? Horrible! As in I'm HORRIBLY jealous! This is a lifetime goal of mine-congratulations! As a lifetime member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) I salute you!
curt Bell (California) on Apr 1 2011, 11:08am  Reply
I have to wonder what these PETA folks would do when basking in their WiFi Cum Latte micro world there was to forcibly enter through the front wall a rogue elephant. No doubt they would take out their Androids, "shoot" photos and post to their Facebook accounts to "share" the wonder only moments later to be wiped out like a bug on a windshield. I remember being n Sumatra about 1980 and hearing from the villagers of the rogue elephant trampling houses an crops and killing a number of villagers. Yes, majestic and intelligent and deadly in some cases.
David Smith ( (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 11:07am  Reply
I applaud your efforts of supporting Tourism in Zimbabwe, I worked in the hotels in that country and hosted a lot of hunters in the Victoria Falls area. The Elephants overgrow the vegetation around and they have to be managed, meaning sometimes they have to be culled (killed). If left unchecked they they end up being like dinossaurs due to overpopulation and lack of vegetation.A quick trip to Hwange National Park can quickly show such evidence. A piece of advise, make sure the villagers get the meat in an orderly manner with proper supervision and line control for obvious reasons.
Norman Nyamandi (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 11:01am  Reply
Mr. Parsons,

WRT, elephant hunt: great shot, really... at night.. with bull elephants in rut and pissed off! GEEZ, do people not have enough to do? You went on an African hunt. You killed an elephant. What's the problem?

You don't seem to be the sort to succumb to "popular" pressure, but I'm just throwing my hat into your corner. Tell PETA to stuff it. — Cheers.
Pete (Alabama) on Apr 1 2011, 10:59am  Reply
I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Zambia. I am a third generation African and your behavior is wrong and self righteous. If you really want to help and not decimate the wildlife why don't you build some schools or hospitals or help them with sustainable agriculture and dig some wells.
Arnold ( (California) on Apr 1 2011, 10:43am  Reply

I worked with you years ago at Parson's Technology and I have to say I got a chuckle when I read about your big hunt. Glad to see you are still the adventurer. You were by far one of the best CEOs I've ever worked for. Hang in there...this too shall pass!
Shelley Christensen (Iowa) on Apr 1 2011, 10:42am  Reply
Thank goodness for someone with intelligence like you Bob. Most PETA and the likes have money but no common sense so we really shouldn't expect them to understand the need for hunting, trapping, etc. Its really a shame that members are blinded by the mistruths the higher ups of organizations like PETA feed their "followers" all so the higher ups can use "donations" to fund high dollar lifestyles. Its not like PETA and other animal rights groups are actually doing anything but spewing hate, they should get off their asses and actually try to make a difference.
Kelly (Minnesota) on Apr 1 2011, 10:40am  Reply
Not important if I am pro or anti hunting. You are right about most of us understanding what you did for those villagers. Anybody who cares to do a little research on PETA will see them for the sham they are
Paul Flelischmann (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 10:38am  Reply
Saw your video on NRA website.
I don't believe in being cruel to animals, but they are here to provide us with food,clothing and companionship. I have had dogs as pets, and it really hurt when they needed to be put down for health reason. I bet you have pets as well and deeply care for them. But that's all they are, pets.

Keep doing what your doing. Some people will never understand.
Terry (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 10:33am  Reply
Don't listen to the haters at PETA. I have my domain name registered with Godaddy and have no problem with hunting or you. Don't let them win.
Kevin McNeill (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 10:29am  Reply
Hello Mr. Parsons — I have read about your elephant hunting expeditions in Africa and understand that you are trying to help subsistance farmers by killing the elephants. I wonder if there might not be ways that allow both the farmers and the elephants to thrive? How about buying the farmers a fence? Just a thought.
Michael Schultz (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 10:29am  Reply
To Mr. Parsons,
use your influence and assets toward humane solutions, rather than killing.
David Forjan
David Forjan on Apr 1 2011, 10:27am  Reply
Go an African these so called animal lovers don't know what havoc these protected beasts cause on the populations. They destroy the whole season crops and people have to go hungry. The elephants may look cute to PETA's but until you sleep hungry or starve to death you will never know their destructive powers. Next time you are going on Safari let me know and i will be willing to join you.
Justin N (California) on Apr 1 2011, 10:26am  Reply
People should not shoot animals in Africa anymore because there are so few left just like everywhere else in the world. What will you tell your children when they grow up and the elephants are gone? Will they be proud of you then, and will you be proud of yourself?
James Scharlack (California) on Apr 1 2011, 10:26am  Reply
At first I was pretty angry,Bob. I am an avid animal lover. However, I also love humans. After watching and seeing what really was going n, I understand and appreciate what you did. The elephants were killing the villiage slowly by destroying their only means of support; their crops. Killing one saved the villiage and fed them all. The other elephants did not return. Here, in America, farmers and hunters kill rabbits, racoons and any animals that damage crops or gardens. Why is this so different? I am behind you on this one. I was not trophy hunting. Humanitarian euthanasia is what it was.
Mary on Apr 1 2011, 10:26am  Reply
Bob - I wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed the video. We are a company that built around hunting and fishing. We believe in clean kills and respect for the animal being harvested. I have watched your video and appreciate the fact that you did not put the animal's life over mankind. I am puzzled how anyone could ever look at that and be more concerned about the elephant than the people of that village. You have our support. We are small, but we would love to interview you on this as well!
r.b. wright ( (North Carolina) on Apr 1 2011, 10:25am  Reply
Shooting an elephant because they eat crops assumes that elephants only destroy crops out of hunger. Elephants are highly intelligent, and have planned coordinated attacks on human villages in Africa and Asia. They are basically at war with humans for killing their friends and family (who they mourn when they die). Shooting them only adds fuel to the fire. If you actually care about these villages, how about you donate to charity? Oh wait, you don't care, you're only making a poor justification for what you wanted to do anyway.
Jeff on Apr 1 2011, 10:22am  Reply
I admire you for not backing down. I thought you were going to be toast. Still a customer and a fan!

David Koontz on Apr 1 2011, 10:20am  Reply

Hear me out here. In developing countries, real change comes from long-term solutions. The killing of an elephant, politics and PETA aside, is at best a misguided temporary fix to a community's problems and will in no significant way improve the quality of life or increase the opportunities of future generations in that village. Frankly, your money and time can be put to infinitely better use if you truly feel strongly about helping the people of Africa. Don't be a hero in the short-term when you can leave a real legacy of education, microfinance and nonviolent aid for farmers.

Charlotte (Canada) on Apr 1 2011, 10:20am  Reply
Today I was appalled by the news that you hunted down an elephant in africa. I have no problem with hunting. I have done it myself on several occasions. What I was appalled by was your excuse. To think that a leader of large company, a person that is faced with decision making and problem solving daily. Would resort to rationalize the killing of an African Elephant in the name of protecting a small village's crops is absurd. I doubt very highly that your motivation for shooting that elephant was out of concern for that villager's farm.
Edward Marquzez (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 10:19am  Reply
One word for your Bob, Karma.
Melissa Hiller on Apr 1 2011, 10:17am  Reply
Bob -
This is my first time checking out your blog, and first I'd like to give you credit for answering both your supporters and critics. That said, I think when you say that you stay out of politics of Zimbabwe, while obviously embroiled in your own controversy over the elephant hunt, its a cop-out. You claim that the people in the village need protien. What they need is to not be oppressed beyond any hope of a sustainable life. FDR said great power involves great responsibitly. You have been there six times. Those people need help. If you truly understand their dillemma - speak up
Joe Perry (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 10:15am  Reply

Please feel free to use my full name.

I just posted. I have done some reasearch and read your comments. You mentioned it was cost prohibitive to move Elephants. Bob, you could have just as easily started a non-profit organization to help villagers and pay for elephant relocation too. As easily you ask? You are the head of a leading and popular company. Your strength comes from your voice not from your finger.

Elephants usually walk very very methodically. It was a slaughter. We see too much killing and violence now, Doesn't Go Daddy stand for a more compassionate world.
Jay Kurian (California) on Apr 1 2011, 10:11am  Reply
Please refrain from shooting any endangered animals in the future. If you want to help local communities in Africa please donate $$$ towards substantial and sustainable farming with protections/barriers to local wildlife. Killing elephants in the name of "providing locals with meat" is just an excuse to exercise testosterone driven primeval behavior masked by a cloak of committing humanitarian aid. Put the gun down and work on fixing those terrible commercials.
Lex on Apr 1 2011, 10:11am  Reply
Not happy about your elephant hunt. Bad move.
Chris J (Columbia) on Apr 1 2011, 10:05am  Reply
Bob, there are effective ways of diverting foraging elephants from fields of sorghum.... e.g. pepper bombs. Raiding elephants are a big problem, but please work to find a solution for both farmers and elephants. Check into working with elephant tracking programs, using GPS.etc. to notify farmers when the elephants are coming, then they can set off the pepper bombs, which the elephants do not like, but it does not harm them.
Diane on Apr 1 2011, 09:51am  Reply
The point is - You got off on it.
1)There are more humane ways to remove the Elephant
2)If you wanted to give the tribe money, you could have donated it.

The point is you got off on killing a majestic animal. That money you used to kill it, you could have used to move it and still pay the tribe.

Don't say you are so brave for killing a giant elephant. It wasn't a fair fight. It never is with you people.
Jay Kurian (California) on Apr 1 2011, 09:51am  Reply
Mr. Parsons- Great Job of the elephant! In your honor and to annoy PETA-tards, I am creating a Bar-B-Que club to encourage the eating of MEAT! I think I'll even name it the People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) club!!!
Jeff Cagle on Apr 1 2011, 09:49am  Reply
Mr Parsons,
I found the PETA protests of you hunting an elephant amazingly humorus. Hollywoooody funny, you fed impoverished people and stopped a rampaging animal. What I find funny the most are the comments about the village people were advertising for you by wearing a GO DADDY hat, like they has a Dell laptop.
I would like to offer my service anytime you need someone to help with similar adventures or if you need someone to stand in front of you with these hecklers. I would do this in my PURCHASED GO DADDY hat and would do it for free, as you are AMERICA, for doing as you please
Dave (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 09:48am  Reply
I am an executive in a high tech company. I will say that you used extremely poor judgment in posting the video on your blog. Bob, I don't understand it, you killed one elephant and are justifying the killing, so are you saying that the every elephant should be killed because they are trampling the crops? If that is the rationale, there would be no wildlife left on the planet because in almost every 3rd world country have humans encroaching on wildlife habitat. The correct solution is creating wildlife sanctuaries as they have done in Kenya, India and other places.
NealPhx (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 09:39am  Reply
Good hunting video, will send business your way.
Steve A Bird ( on Apr 1 2011, 09:37am  Reply
Take the Peta people to the village for a year. Let them hoe the land, haul the water, sleep under the stars. I bet they begin to see your point when THEIR Crop is trampled by elephants and then you give em another year.. to face the consequences of the elephant..Just so they know what it is like.
Patti Barrett (Colorado) on Apr 1 2011, 09:34am  Reply

Way to go - I love it when anyone pisses off PETA! As a former employee of yours, I am still proud to say I know you - We are human - We hunt - If you don't like it, just gather berries - I'll take my meat please

Semper Fi!
Rob Gomes (Utah) on Apr 1 2011, 09:29am  Reply
Dear Bob

If you truly saw this as a problem and a cause that moved you, I think you would have approached it like the successful business man you are. Meaning: what is a long term solution that could benefit the local community and cause the least devastation among the population of such a unique animal. It's a rare opportunity just for a human to come into contact with such an animal in a natural setting. To simultaneously experience this rare moment and kill it is heartbreaking. Your killing of this animal was a band-aid solution at most. I don't imagine that's how you resolve conflict with
Kevin (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 09:28am  Reply
Congratulations Bob! Great hunt and video.
The antis are restless but the natives have been fed. There is nothing wrong with hunting and using the resources responsibly. Had you swatted a fly someone would be offended somewhere. I support you!
david (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 09:26am  Reply
saw newscast about you shooting an elephant.
maybe you should also show people how the animals are killed for the meat they buy in the stores.
maynard (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 09:23am  Reply
Absolutely criminal that you need to shoot and kill innocent animals in the name of sport. You should be ashamed of yourself! Stop the killing NOW.
Deb (Georgia) on Apr 1 2011, 09:14am  Reply
Hunting is legal in the US. Elephant hunting is legal in Zimbabwe where their populations are stable and well managed. During the campaign, (candidate) Obama said he: "Will provide state game and fish agencies with additional resources and encouragement to [children] to educate them about hunting." Bob was legally hunting, with the all permits and requirements. What's the problem? If you think that the video of the hunt is wrong. Why? Don't you take pictures of your accomplishments? If you think that ALL hunting is wrong, you need to write President Obama and tell him that he's wrong.
Glen on Apr 1 2011, 09:10am  Reply
Hi Bob, I must admit that, after reading the article about your elephant killing on, I was furious and came here to cancel my business with GoDaddy. However, after reading your comments, I realized that I did not have all the facts as initially presented and I cannot pass judgment on you. I'm sad that the situation is what it is, I'm sad that an elephant had to die, I'm sad that people are starving. It's an awful situation. I will keep my business with GoDaddy. I will never endorse killing for sport tho. BTW, I've done business w/ GoDaddy for 8 years now n your support people r GREAT!
Margaret Miller on Apr 1 2011, 09:06am  Reply
Nice Bob! Wish you had more ammunition for those socalled "Animal Rights" creeps! They are biggest hypocrites in the world & would not think twice about going to their fancy restaurants & ordering a huge steak or fat free chicken dinner!
Keith (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:59am  Reply
Bob, you did a great thing! Sure, hunting can be entertaining for the hunter, but it serves a much greater purpose. Our hunts benefit the villages and countries we are hunting in. I've been in your shoes with an elephant hunt. The guides are always thrilled to give the elephant meat to the villagers because they really do survive on meat from animals that are hunted. Plus, it's a fact that elephants are overpopulated in certain areas of Africa and need to be hunted so they don't starve to death. I'd love to hear more hunting stories from you.
Michael B. (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 08:59am  Reply
I am an active hunter, and completely understand and approve of what you did. Tough shot at night, would have been better with better light. A brain shot is not an easy thing. You ever need a hunting partner, give me a call. if you ever in Chicago give me a call , we can have a venison or elk dinner. A dinner made by hunters for hunters.
Have a Great Day.
Pround NRA,
North American Whitetail,
Ducks Unlimited,
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundatin Member
Daryl on Apr 1 2011, 08:52am  Reply
Bob - I am what you would call a commie, pinko liberal and I have to say that I support you 100%. I am a native Los Angelino who has even worked in the entertainment industry. What you did was help a village and villagers by effectively culling a bull. You hopefully helped deter the elephants from coming into the farmed land, provided food to the hungry and, maybe because of the video, brought some much needed attention to the plight of Zimbabweans...maybe to help overthrow a dictator? That would be nice but for now, people are trying to take care of their basic needs.
Mark (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:51am  Reply
Mr. Parsons, Thanks for the positive reinforcement.
I found your vlog from a recent news item. Hunting dangerous game is not for everyone...
Dean L. Fregoso ( (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:40am  Reply
Bob, I don't know how to get a hold of you but I'm proud of the way your standing up to PETA. I understandthat hunting is not a sport, but a way of life. I'm sure those villagers appreciate what you've done for them. Be true to who you are always. Respectfully Walt
Walt Dacyczyn on Apr 1 2011, 08:36am  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons,
I commend you on the assistance you gave to that farmer in Africa. The people of the area were obviouosly thankful of the nourishment the elephant provided. Kepp up the good fight.

Bill T.
Bill (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:34am  Reply
This comment will probably get deleted but I had to question your judgement in killing the elephant. If they are endangered in Africa, all the more reason to find an alternative solution, so that the elephants AND the farmers can win. You're a smart CEO and should have figured out another way to help them. It was the easy way out.
robert on Apr 1 2011, 08:32am  Reply
I have given it quite a bit of thought and I neither support or refute what you did. There are logical and valid reasons for and against this kind of population control. But, as a marketer and PR person, it occurs to me that the big elephant in the room is the PR problem it's created. Which could end up hurting the concept more than your company. You typically have done an excellent job of hovering on the cuff of controversial, but this one clearly pushes the envelope. I'm sure you have people to handle this - but if you would like another take on how to approach it - touch base.
Chris Shaw on Apr 1 2011, 08:29am  Reply
Ironically PETA and all the other haters are only increasing GoDaddy Profit, not hurting it. You are an amazing bunch. None of us have enough information to go spewing anything. This is not the first time an elephant has been hunted, you all act so surprised. And it's not as easy as it seems, especially in pitch black. Am I for this hunt? No. Am I against it? No. I am just saying get facts before you spew hatred. One thing I do know is some locals received some nice apparel and food.
Shaymon (Wisconsin) on Apr 1 2011, 07:59am  Reply
Hi Bob, I like your inspirational videos. I also saw your elephant video. I am sure that you meant well; however, if you want to help the farmers and the people in Africa, this may not be the best way to help. A better way to help these folks would be to establish schools, business and industry base to help them self sustain. There is definitely big needs in that part of the world, but I know that you can figure it out to come ahead of this situation. Make a donation to foundations that will help animal causes. Establish feeding centers/shelters here in the US and in Africa. Good Luck. Alex
Alex L. (California) on Apr 1 2011, 07:57am  Reply
Saw the video on Africa. Right on. You did right. Those that object to your methods let them come up with better solutions to the problem put them into actioon and put their money into the issue
Desmond (California) on Apr 1 2011, 07:49am  Reply
I love the elephant kill video... Great work. Tell PETA to piss off. You rock. Ethical hunting benefits everyone!

Keep up the good work. I bought a godaddy domain name because of that video!
Kevin Michalowski ( (Wisconsin) on Apr 1 2011, 07:43am  Reply
The one thing I don't understand about all the negativity thrown at Bob because of his safari. Because realistically what is the difference between killing a elephant to feed a village, and killing cows to make a McDonald's Big Mac. There isn't any. If the video featured one of the villagers was the one wielding the shotgun and killing the elephant, then it would just be a Discovery Channel special about how the village lives on a day to day. So people just need to back off because what he did kept a whole village alive longer... Can anyone else here say that?
Michael Clemmons (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 07:39am  Reply
Great responce. Ver well said.
Pale_rider25 on Apr 3 2011, 03:33pm  Reply
I feel so sad to see your defensive responses here, Bob. I'm asking that you take a moment to put aside the role of misunderstood victim, and consider taking an opportunity to step up be a role model and pioneer as a corporate leader. This would entail admitting to an ill-advised action, and since I know that you have also been a generous donor in the past, it would not hurt to make recompense with a significant donation to a world wildlife preservation organization. Let me be clear that I don't work for any such organization. I'm just speaking as a regular citizen.
Alison on Apr 1 2011, 07:11am  Reply
Dear Alison,

Here's the point you're missing. No money — that I've ever been able to see — makes it to Zimbabwe from world wildlife preservation organizations. All the money, that goes to protect wildlife from poachers and to establish and maintain wildlife management programs, comes from hunters.

bob parsons on Apr 3 2011, 11:55am  Reply
Shooting one elephant a year isnt going to help the Zimbabwe population. Instead providing them with the essentials they need to try and eliminate the elephant problems, not the elephants themselves. You'll never make a positive different in the world with your attitude.
Sarah (Canada) on Apr 4 2011, 09:03am  Reply
I have to say, no one go crazy when people go into the woods and shoot deer, you know why? Because it is part of some Americans Culture, and it is something people do for food and fun. If you Shooting an Elephant LEGALLY is a horrid thing than we should ban hunting in the United States. As far as i am Concerned people need to get over their fake love of wildlife, because we all know that in the end if Elephants where running in front of their cars like the deer do here, they would be calling for open season.. Good on ya, that must have been a hell of a kill.
John Veyera (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 07:07am  Reply
Hunting has been part of human behavior since before we were Humans. I support your ethical and responsible hunting of elephants in Africa.
PETA just wants all of us to become vegetarians and to believe that it is the only way to live. Strange. Hunting has been around far longer than they have.
Keep up the good work and ignore the narrow minded idiots on both sides of the fence.

In addition, I use GoDaddy hosting and will continue to do so.
Sean Ellwood (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 07:06am  Reply
This is ridiculous. I can't believe influential people like you can be this irresponsible. If you really wanted to help those farmers with their crops you had so many other ways to do it. You are trying to sound like a messiah now. If helping farmers was really your only intention, give some of your fortunes in helping those farmers dig moats or something. There, I just gave you one possible solution. Killing those elephants can never be the right solution. Shameful. Shame on you.

Sri T. on Apr 1 2011, 06:58am  Reply
A moats are you for real. Get a life dude elephants would go throught hat and love it.
Its legal to hunt he bought a permit. GET OVER IT.
Pale Rider_25 on Apr 3 2011, 03:30pm  Reply
Hi Bob!
I just saw one of the articles on the web regarding the 'incident' in Africa with an elephant. Glad you were victorious!
Seriously, I wanted to stop by and make sure to express my support and respect for what you're doing by providing food to the farmers from the very culprit that took their food initially. While I do love animals, they are far less important than humans, and I recognize the importance of culling the herd, as it were.
Here's to hoping you don't take excessive flak from the namby pambies on your next trip of assistance to farmers in Africa!
Boyd on Apr 1 2011, 06:58am  Reply
Bob —

I gotta say, shooting elephants since they're trampling your garden is pretty lame. Use your $$ and move the elephants somewhere else instead. Then you'd be looked up to, rather than reviled.
Hankk ( (Colorado) on Apr 1 2011, 06:56am  Reply
At first I wanted to be with all the animal lovers, I don't like hunting for sport! If its going to be for sport why bring a gun, the animals don't have one! But if its to feed people, I get that and really back that. What I don't get and will NEVER support, is showing it on line. I can read something and get the picture in my head and not have see a hunter parade around looming over an animal like he is superior. I get that families and villages need to be fed as it has been done for hundreds of years, I just cant see an animal degraded like that. Peace be with you and the people of Africa!
Jennifer Weitzel (Illinois) on Apr 1 2011, 06:47am  Reply
Jennifer, I agree!!!
pat on Apr 1 2011, 06:38pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons, I see nothing wrong with Your video or what You did. I support your right to hunt. Why this is even news is beyond Me. I will from now on support since finding out You are a hunter. PETA are idiots who have NO science behind what they say or do. With a Masters and Bachelors I know how important hunting is for conservation and preservation of our God given wildlife. Would love to see more videos Mr. Parsons. God Bless You.
Chris (Alabama) on Apr 1 2011, 06:41am  Reply
don't let these animal rights groups that know nothing and these people who know nothing about conservation get you down, you helped those people, both financially and by removing a several ton pest. hunting in africa is a major reason the natives aren't killing off all the wild game in africa. keep up the good work and if you need a good optic for any rifle or any general, check us out at
Jay Wiggins ( (Louisiana) on Apr 1 2011, 06:40am  Reply
Do not appreciate at all what you do and your lifestyle. Killing an Elephant! What an outrage!
Robert (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:38am  Reply

There's no need to shoot elephants. Donate to the village ongoing.


Peter Ehrlich on Apr 1 2011, 06:31am  Reply
I'm not informed enough to have an opinion on the elephant killing for meat. What I can comment on is the video taping of it and posing in front of the dead elephant with smile and gun in hand. When men fight in war and kill an enemy out of need, posing in front of the enemy with gun and smiling in victory appears disgusting and disgraceful. When killing( a human or animal ) wouldn't it be more honorable to kill and not give a hollywood style pose over the dead body?
Overland Park, KS Mary
Mary (Kansas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:28am  Reply
Your elephant thing stinks!
Don Verrico ( on Apr 1 2011, 06:25am  Reply

There's roughly 7 billion people on Earth, that's 7 billion personalities and opinions — at the end of the day to each their own. Personally, I'm against the killing of animals and I'll leave it at that. But I think we can both agree that a picture speaks a thousand words and as the CEO of an internationally recognized company, posing with a shotgun besides an elephant corpse isn't the smartest play. Next time use better judgement.
Ashley Powers (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:19am  Reply
Way to go Bob. PETA wants to boycott everybody. You don't have to explain yourself to the haters and supporters of PETA. You legally harvested an animal. If PETA had their way we would all be vegans (until a scientific study came out telling us that lettuce could feel pain). Some folks just don't understand without revenue from hunting, wildlife conservation would not be funded.

I have been a GoDaddy customer for several years and would only move my business if I stop receiving reliable service and support!
Ironmike ( (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 06:07am  Reply
If you wanted to go over there and help this village rid themselves of a problem elephant - fine. I think where you've made the mistake is making it so public and having such a cavalier attitude about it. I love the elephant, but cannot speak on the conditions of villages and people over there. People love this animal because of the numerous human-like traits they have when it comes to the family and how they act in general. You've hit a sore spot with many. Maybe next time, if you want to be so helpful and such a humanitarian - leave the video camera at home.
Desiree Tillman (South Carolina) on Apr 1 2011, 06:03am  Reply

I support your hunting. I understand the situation in Zimbabwe. Your efforts, while fulfilling your desire to hunt also benefit the locals without artificially inflating their economy. Throwing money at issues is not always the solution.

Member of PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals!!)
Michael on Apr 1 2011, 06:03am  Reply
Great shot! Great attitude. I'm registering everything through GoDaddy from now on!
Waltman on Apr 1 2011, 05:59am  Reply
You Rock Bob! Great Elephant vid!
Keep up the good work helping the folks of Zimbabwe! Saved some crops and got some People Eating Tasty Animals. (On a legal hunt I might add)
Bet the elephant meat will be tastier than those dumpsters full of euthanized dogs that were left behind the Kmarts!
Bill (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 05:59am  Reply
Bob, Just wanted to drop a line and lend my support to your RIGHT to hunt! I get sick of hearing these mamby pamby tree hugging animal freaks that believe that animals should rule the earth! Not on my watch they don't. We responsible hunters harvest food, we don't hire a middle man to do it for us. I am a member of PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals and proud of it!!!! GO BOB!
Vic on Apr 1 2011, 05:56am  Reply
No name calling - just hope you see my side of this. Having lived in Africa on and off for a number of years, I've been able to see first hand what it's people live like, so I get it when it comes to the "animals vs. humans" issue. I guess the real problem I have with this is the post-hunt grandstanding by posing with the dead elephant. In essence, I feel it just made the culling of "problem elephant" into a kill video. Just saying - there were probably better ways to frame this.
Dave (Maryland) on Apr 1 2011, 05:55am  Reply
Hi Bob,

So far, Peta has you beat in the number of animals they kill.

You shot an elephant destroying farmers fields and they kill defenseless cats and dogs.

Good hunting.

Brian on Apr 1 2011, 05:54am  Reply
Hey Bob, I see nothing wrong with what you did in killing that elephant. From what I saw on Good Morning America, you killed it humanly and for the protection of those people and for food. Thumbs up to you. What PETA needs to see is the National Geographic documentaries if crockadiles, alagators, and lions attacking and ripping apart another live animal, and people on the tour bus making comments like: " oh how beautiful ". Now THOSE people are the sick ***.
Debbie Martindale (Arkansas) on Apr 1 2011, 05:44am  Reply
Being a public figure makes your actions in the killing an elephant reprehensible. The fact that you tag the video with your copyright and a link to your blog site show that you have little understanding of the nature of the act that you participated in. It looks to me like the people that came to get the spoils of the kill did more damage to the crops than the elephants did. Unbelievable ignorance and arrogance...
Jim Busk ( (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 05:30am  Reply
I make trips to Tanzania as often as I can. I certainly understand the role hunting plays in the balance of the environment there. I have no issue with your video or the excitement it brings. Too bad more people don't understand or see the whole picture. I am a conservationists and have quit hunting except with a camera, appreciate the conservation money derived from hunting fees.
Jim Griggs ( on Apr 1 2011, 05:30am  Reply
Not sure what all the flack is about the elephant. I am the cameraman who interviewed you before your commencement speech at Univ. of Balt a few years ago. I have been to Africa videotaping hunts and saw animals harvested including an elephant. People in the west just don't understand life on the ground in remote parts of Africa. I saw things that if people in the west saw, they wouldn't be able to accept. It's life there-good or bad- but much different than what our news outlets portray. Congrats on the hunt. Hopefully, it helped out the people on ground with food and money.
Tim on Apr 1 2011, 05:24am  Reply
Dear Tim,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 04:51pm  Reply
Just heard about your African hunt. All I have to say is "Go Daddy!" PETA is a bunch of nuts and has no clue what a true hunter is and does. They are the true conservationists, just hang in there, Bob!!
Sharla Murphy (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 05:20am  Reply

Nice job on the elephant hunt! If Peta only understood how things work in the real world.
Keep up the great work!

Thanks for not being afraid to take a stand ....
Kim (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 05:08am  Reply
Bob, I must say I have been a supporter of you and GoDaddy. I am a big Nascar fan and my favorite drivers have GoDaddy as sponsors. But your shooting of an endangered species in this endangered world was beyond the pale. I also support hunting of non threatened species but elephants have histories, families, complex languages, and yes they have feelings and don't think they don't feel the loss of that one bull elephant. If you had put all the money you spent on your expeditions in supporting and feeding those villagers that might make a real difference. Put your money where your gun is.
SooZen Lee (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 05:05am  Reply

Great job on the hunt in Zimbabwe. You might have a great business and clever marketing - but the folks who think you're going anywhere with Mugabe are nuts. Helping locally with professional hunters and families living near hunting concessions is all you can do.

Great job and enjoy your hunting and experiences.

And remember: PETA equals People Eating Tasty Animals.

Ethan Way ( (Florida) on Apr 1 2011, 04:29am  Reply
I belong to a hunting family, but I'm furious about the elephant. Endangered species are off limits. How do I deal with being a long-time customer when I am so outraged by your behavior? I'm not happy, so I guess I'm making myself unhappy by being your customer.
Cathy Wishart ( on Apr 1 2011, 04:21am  Reply
Dear Cathy,

African elephant are not endangered. I no longer hunt anything buy problem elephant. My hope is that you continue to be a Go Daddy customer as you understand the exceptional customer service we provide.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 04:16pm  Reply
I had never heard of you before today, and therefore am not making any judgments about you, just thought you might appreciate a few notes. African elephants are most certainly endangered, please check, or the US Endangered Species Act. South Africa does claim to have an elephant population problem, in that elephant territory is being encroached upon; because they're jammed into small habitats food becomes scarce for them. Not trying to tell you what to do with your free time, but certainly a billionaire can find more constructive ways to feed people than shooting Dumbo.
David (California) on Apr 1 2011, 11:28pm  Reply
Saw your video about the elephants. Exciting stuff!! You have an amazing ability to see the big picture about the situation, and help out a village that is living on the edge.
Making PETA mad is just a bonus.... I have found that 97% of the things they rant about I disagree with, and their protests are largely ineffective.
John Ewell (Massachusetts) on Apr 1 2011, 04:03am  Reply
Bob Parsons: I wish I was with you videoing your hunt for the elephant. Great and good for you. Please continue to hunt and share your hunts on any and all sources of communications you can possibly show! I saw a Discovery Channel show on Taxidermy and hope you have your Elephant mounted and hang in your office for all to see! God Bless, Lew Myer Medford, OR You will always have my support and wnen I need a website, you will be my #1 choice. See ya, Lew
Lew Myer (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 03:50am  Reply
Love your video and the way it is delivered Bob.
I presumed the elephant hunting comments and hunting comments in general were a joke, then realised they weren't. Heartbreaking, and really not what I wanted to read this morning.
estelle ( (United Kingdom) on Apr 1 2011, 03:47am  Reply
Parsons, you poor guy!
You think that your dollars make your power?!!
Finally, you haven't understood how real life is.
sam (Switzerland) on Apr 1 2011, 03:42am  Reply
WOW! Everyones an expert all of a sudden. Put a fence up. Their POOR who going to pay for this fence. Killing an elephant is wrong, but most of USA is fat because of fast food, burgers come from where? fried chickin from where? Unless u walk a mile in their shoes, and you can become part of the solution, keep your mouth shut.
Joe (North Dakota) on Apr 1 2011, 05:18pm  Reply
Hey Bob, what happens when you run out of elephants and the people are still starving?
rtb (Germany) on Apr 1 2011, 03:24am  Reply
Good Point
NotBob on Apr 2 2011, 01:16am  Reply
Hey Bob,

Great stuff on the elephant hunt! I had been looking for an ISP to move hosting to, and Go Daddy was suggested by one of the team. Now seeing its CEO is a hunter and a Vietnam Vet, two more great reasons to support it!

I've hunted elephant as culls in the Zambezi Valley as well and it is not only an exciting hunt, but also good for the environment, the local population whom get a feed of meat, perhaps the only time for several months, and also the removal of crop raiders.

Well done, Bob.

John Hahn
John Hahn ( (Australia) on Apr 1 2011, 03:20am  Reply

I spend a lot of time in Africa, in fact South Africa is my second home.I do not understand why you find it necessary to interfere with the cause of nature. Let's face it before white man put foot on Africa life was different. It was white people that took away territory, brang in a white jesus and put a value on ivory. The whole thing is so ridiculous - white people always think they are heroes.
Claudia ( (Austria) on Apr 1 2011, 03:18am  Reply
nice elephant kill. I never go on these comment pages Killing an elephant is wothy of my time. Hunt something else, its turkey season in SC come on down Not elelphants Come on dude. Mike
mike ray (South Carolina) on Apr 1 2011, 02:55am  Reply
It's hard not to notice your elephant hunting video online at the moment.
While I appreciate that the elephant population in Zimbabwe is thriving, and some culling is necessary, killing elephants isn't something to boast about. Your video inadvertently serves as an advertisement to wealthy, ignorant people around the world that killing elephants is good fun. What happens if some of these people decide to make their next vacation an elephant-hunting trip to Africa. We'll see an increase in the number of elephants being shot illegally for sport by people who have paid for the experience.
Kieran (United Kingdom) on Apr 1 2011, 02:49am  Reply
I live in small city of India that surrounded by jungal and everyday we found elephant harming our crop and properties but sir we never kill them reason we have simply destroyed their home so how can we say that they are culprit infact mr bob its human who are mother of all these problems.

Shame on you, specially when you project yourself as motivator and successfull person. I pray no one shld be motivated by such heinous crime, real shame.
vikash kr tiwary (India) on Apr 1 2011, 02:29am  Reply
Mr. Parsons,
What makes you think that your life is more important than the life of the animals you hunt? I am not a member of PETA nor one of their supporters. However, ALL life has a right to exist. If your main interest really was just feeding that village, then why not do it anonomously? You posing like that looks more like you fueling your own ego. Lets be honest here. You did this for the attention it would garner and the money it would bring you not for the charity of it all. If you really wanted to feed that village, there were less lethal ways to do it. But that doesnt give you press
Ronnie on Apr 1 2011, 01:24am  Reply

I'm not interested in the elephant's death, as I'm sure if you hadn't taken its life then a local would have.

I do take issue with the fact that you felt the need to travel so far to kill something, and that you then published it on the internet. If you were truly concerned with the locals welfare then the money you spent on your trip could have been donated without the associated bloodlust.

The only conclusions I can draw are that

a) you were after some publicity, or
b) you wanted to kill and are using the locals plight as justification for your actions

you should be ashamed
Rob (United Kingdom) on Apr 1 2011, 01:19am  Reply
I used to root for you, but can't anymore. Eco tourism is the only way to help both people and animals. Elephants are far too smart to shoot. Fix this mistake. Even if your part correct; the path is so offensive to so many.
Mark Mason (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:10am  Reply
Bob, congratulations on your amazing inspirational video, I really enjoyed it. This is my first time here but I certainly will return more often.

As regards the elephant kiling, it's interesting to note that we don't see all these angry reactions when there's people getting killed by people every single day...
Ari ( on Apr 1 2011, 01:05am  Reply
Back in 02', I met you and your staff @Sheraton WHP in Chandler,AZ. I was one of the cowboys on the team-building event you had out there. We all had a blast that day! Most recently, I saw you at Celebrity Fight Night 2011 an example on how good you really are, another million for a good cause, year-in and year-out. You were a great leader then as you are today! Keep posting the videos the people need to see this stuff. I saw you reaching out feeding a village and protecting one too. Having some fun-n-shooting some sh*t. In your big Bob fashion! Stay passionate,true and real.
BZ (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 12:55am  Reply
Good Hunt, Sorry them Tree huggers dont know the difference between a shotgun & a double rifle.

Brent P (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 12:50am  Reply
Mr. Parsons,

I'm standing with you in regards to your hunting elephant. The villagers will thanks you for the rest of their lives. Perhaps you might become a legend passed down the generations.

This may sound d forward as we have never met but next time you go hunting elephants, please let me come along.


Matthew (California) on Apr 1 2011, 12:36am  Reply

You are of course entitled to do what you want in private. But if as you say, "no amount of money would have made any difference", why didn't you just provide the funding for some elephant guns to the villagers? That would have solved the problem and you could have stayed in Arizona.

Why did you personally have to be the one to kill this rogue bull?

And why would you publicize it online?

Clearly it could have been (and was) handled by a few elephant guns.

And why were the villagers wearing godaddy hats?
Adam Boettiger (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 12:27am  Reply
Blessings Bob - if you have the blessings from the elders of the village to use your know How and skills in a way to put to rest a rogue animal thats bringing harm to the people in village, I respect. Many people can't concieve that not only by resting this creature but your works is providing nourishment to the villagers...jah bless
Ras Aha Huru on Apr 1 2011, 12:16am  Reply
Give me a break. I'm not even a PETA fan; but, if you are smart enough to do research about elephants you would know that they are not just your average stock animal. Your explanation is lame...especially with that big, broad smile on your face. Looks like you would see it as a tragedy that the animal needed to be killed...of course, we all know that it could have been relocated.
S.E. Ellenburg (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 12:05am  Reply
For the attention of Bob Parsons -

I am the Editor of Africa's finest hunting magazine, the African Hunter. We are based in Zimbabwe, and I have been following the controversy surrounding your PAC elephant hunt.

Would you consider writing up the hunt for African Hunter?

Kind regards,

I J Larivers
I J Larivers ( (Zimbabwe) on Mar 31 2011, 11:56pm  Reply
As much as I am against the killing of creatures, there is a time when it is necessary! The deer population blooms so incredibly in Wisconsin that even hunting season does not thin down the herds enough to keep many of the deer from starving to death over the winter. I applaud Bob for a few reasons, the most compelling is the giving of the elephant to the tribal authorities to distribute the meat and parts where it will do the most good. I wish the DNR could distribute the deer meat instead of destroying it when they have to cull the deer herds!
MarlaineMarie ( (Wisconsin) on Mar 31 2011, 11:30pm  Reply
Dear Marlaine,

Thanks for your support.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 03:58pm  Reply
You obviously know NOTHING about elephants, or you would be ashamed of what you've done.
Anonymous on Mar 31 2011, 11:18pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I support what you did in Africa. If people actually watched the entire video they would see that you did a lot of good. You fed a whole village with fresh meat as well as saved their crops. By the way, being a gun owner what type of gun were you using for this. Based on what I saw and the fact that it only took two shots, I would assume 500 Nitro Express?
Chris (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 11:12pm  Reply
Wow, Mr. Parsons. Isn't it great that you have all these bleeding hearts telling you what to do from the comfort of their own homes.

All these people concerned about what you do instead of doing for themselves.

You go, Bob. I am a fan. I'm sure you're ignoring all the couch activists.
H White (Georgia) on Mar 31 2011, 10:34pm  Reply
Bob, I'm originally from WI, and have a family tradition of hunting deer. The entire state is out of pocket Mid-November. Just ask Danica, the ex-Racine gal, she knows how it is. If it were not for the annual hunt, overpopulation would exist, thus deer management is required. Thousands of deer are killed each year in WI. They may only live ~10 years. You killed one elephant, and they live decades. You performed dual good deeds of herd management while feeding 50-100 people. PETA humanizes animals when God gave us animals for meat. I'll let Ted Nugent take it from here. Best, John
John Hillmer (Texas) on Mar 31 2011, 10:29pm  Reply
Mr. Hillmer of Texas,

With regards to your comments in support of Mr. Parsons "herd management", I put to you the following: at the turn of the 20th century, it is estimated that elephants numbered between 5 and 10 million, but hunting and habitat destruction had reduced their numbers. In the ten years preceding 1990 the population more than halved from 1.3 million to around 600,000, caused largely by poaching.

You write that "God gave us animals for meat." Can you tell me please, if humans kill all the elephants does God give us more elephants?
Mark (Maine) on Apr 1 2011, 07:07pm  Reply
Bob, Just became a customer within the last month, I am a very avid outdoors man my self.If I would have see this video before I would have been a customer alot sooner. Everyone is out there to criticize but unless you have been in the situation, you have no idea. It funny you never hear hunters telling people that dont hunt they are wrong or getting into thier business. Everyone can make thier own decisions to do what the want. If you dont like hunting, dont hunt simple as that. Keep your opinions to yourself. If I could hunt every day I would, and with you success you can. dont give that up
Ryan Beaston ( on Mar 31 2011, 10:07pm  Reply
@Ryan, I m with u man,i ve seen farmers having a hard time just becoz they cud nt control the elephants... unless u witness-u dont know... i m against killing but in order to survive we all kill-if u eat meat,u eat other animals,if u eat veg-u kill veg...end of the day,ask ur self.. y u killed...bob did nt just kill for fun..he helped the poor...if u dont believe us,plz make a trip and see ur self..
Raj Khan (Ireland) on Apr 1 2011, 03:56pm  Reply
You did to help local farmers? Give me a break, Bob, you did it for yourself. Everybody can see that. You preach that you shouldn't care what people think about you and yet you come off as desperate for attention. Chill out man.
Rik Logtenberg (Canada) on Mar 31 2011, 09:39pm  Reply
The company I'm with recently lost our CEO because he chickened out and resigned. I'd like to extend my personal invitation for you to become our CEO. We're based in Arkansas, so almost anything you might do that stirs up PETA people will endear you to us. Seriously, give our board a call. Thanks much.
John Perrin (Arkansas) on Mar 31 2011, 09:10pm  Reply
Killing this elephant may have fed these Zimbabweans for a day or maybe a few days? You are a man with incredible resources at your disposal, literally millions of dollars correct? Doesn't this seem somewhat self indulgent and short sighted? You could do so much more for these people with even just a tiny fraction of your resources.

What else are you doing to help these people? Anything sustainable or long-term?
Gary (New York) on Mar 31 2011, 09:09pm  Reply
If you wanted to help the rogue elephant - why dint you buy like 10 acres of land and let it free in that range. ?? with no human interaction.
Why kill ?
You could have built a moat around it and why just 1 elephant- you could have raised a herd .
Sam (India) on Mar 31 2011, 09:07pm  Reply
I saw your video. I appreciate that the farmers need food, and that the elephants are destroying their crops. I also believe the farmers needs are greater than the elephants. Further, I bleieve that we humans (with some exceptions) are much more intelligent than the elephants. A man capable of building should have no problem engineering a way of scaring he elephants away without harming them. This of course assumes you went huntung just to help the farmers, not for the 'thrill' of killing a huge living thing. If it was the thrill, Mr. Parsons, then wow, you need help.
John Smart ( on Mar 31 2011, 08:53pm  Reply
I am so sad to hear of anyone destroying anything so sublime and kindhearted and beautiful, not to mention ENDANGERED. Shame on you. Live life in a way that empowers us to be kind, not hurting and killing. Elephants mate for life, are heartbroken when anyone in their family dies and are highly intelligent. i was fortunate enough to see one on foot in Africa and was so awed, I almost cried. We are all connected and it's time to remember how we choose to be in that circle.
My heart goes out to that sweet being. My heart goes out to you. I pray the light in you will see the truth.
elephants are magnificent (California) on Mar 31 2011, 08:33pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I don't condone what you did in Africa but I think there are many uninformed posters here and elsewhere going out of their way to be offended.
Paul (United Kingdom) on Mar 31 2011, 08:26pm  Reply
You are detached and removed from what is around you - terrible terrible - shooting that elephant - wake up your heart
Anonymous on Mar 31 2011, 07:47pm  Reply
Look I dont care what anyone says... do what you want and props to ur africa vid,.
Nic on Mar 31 2011, 07:42pm  Reply
Bob, I think that you have created a hell of a company, I love your vlog and the attitude that has made you successful. Unfortunately I cannot condone the killing of elephants, you have become a wealthy man and could do so much more that shooting a gun to kill an animal for fun. I once heard a sentence from a very smart man that said "is not about being right, is about doing right" With great regret I will be moving all my domain names and services to another company, wish you good luck.
Fernando (Florida) on Mar 31 2011, 07:37pm  Reply
Dear Fernando,

You're missing the bigger point. I don't KILL elephants. What I did and will continue to do goes very far to protect elephants and maintain the herds.

1. By taking just one elephant bull and driving the rest out of that particular section of fields, it allows us to control the herd with minimal loss of elephant life. If that were not done, the only other option would be, what has happened in the past, and that is a huge culling of the surrounding herds. I would never participate in that sort of thing, but it's done when the herd cannot be controlled any other way.

2. The money I spend (and other hunters spend) is used to fund game management programs. These programs set limits on the animals that can be hunted and keep the ones hunted to those that when taken have no impact on the herd social structure (taking an older bull has no impact, because when not breeding it stays away from the herd and after it is taken, other bulls quickly step up and breed in its place). Organizations like PETA don't contribute a nickel towards helping these animals. Instead they spread hate, and distort the truth so that they might take advantage of people's emotions and raise money.

3. Solutions like using honey bee hives to keep the elephants out the field are nuts. First of all countless hives of africanized honey bees would be brutal for the farmers. To this consider that the damage takes place at night, while all bees are in the hive. The same goes for the chili infused string suggestion. BTW, the big proponent of that is the guy who sells the stuff.

4. By handling the situation the way we did, we not only controlled the herd, but saved the crops and fed hundreds of starving people.

bob parsons on Apr 3 2011, 11:52am  Reply
I am a go daddy customer and farmer. Its very sad to see so many disconnected from animals and nature these days and be so uneducated regarding animal management.
Chris on Mar 31 2011, 07:18pm  Reply
I don't know about this. I'm not one of those radical animal lovers but you should of thought that posting a video in this nature would sure create an outrage among the Internet world.

I would recommend to keep your personal life a secret for now on.
Carl Kmetz ( on Mar 31 2011, 07:04pm  Reply
Regarding the elephant: Bob, you have done a good have given thousands of under-informed lunar flying mammals the opportunity to feel better about themselves without actually doing anything. Like many things in life, hunting is not black and white- it can be very beneficial, even to the animals, in certain circumstances. I suggest taking a peek at the book "The End of the Game" by Peter Beard, to see the harm overenthusiastic conservation can do. A bit more realistic than "Babar"!
Karen N. (New Hampshire) on Mar 31 2011, 06:57pm  Reply
People before animals. It's that simple.

Love your company, products, value and your inspiration. Thanks Bob! You and your 16 rules inspire me everyday. They're posted right next to my monitor.
Bob Prosser on Mar 31 2011, 06:13pm  Reply
Hi Bob-
I hunted with my dad as a kid, and my family lived off the venison and fish he hunted and caught because we were broke. I agree that those who haven't seen where their meat comes from should give it a try.
Still, I don't see how it helps to pile onto an animal welfare or conservation organizations. What's the point? According to what you said, you know this is not just about feeding starving Africans, but culling a herd that's grown too large for its range. That, too, is animal welfare. Instead you're going on the radio to get defensive and bash hippies. Why not be constructive?
Cory Herndon (California) on Mar 31 2011, 06:09pm  Reply

I don't hunt and never will. I do fish. I wonder what people would say about me for catching, killing and eating a fish? Are they less important? Seems to me some people like to be selective and put some animals at the same level as humans (intelligence, capacity to "love", etc.)

I say if u kill it, eat it. I could understand some of what people are saying if it was just killed for "fun" and not eaten - but isn't that why the dang animals were put here in the first place?
Or should we be enrolling these elephants in the local community college?
Bob Thomas (Illinois) on Mar 31 2011, 06:03pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 04:26pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

I really think you should have spent your time in a more proactive sustainable way, rather than hunting down animals. Whether or not they are "overcrowded" and are not extinct, that video showed something which to me was sport. If you were there to make a difference, you should have helped to set up ways for the people to grow food, draw water, and in an ongoing fashion.
Killing an elephant to feed people is like giving a bandaid to someone with their arm cut off.
Felicity (Australia) on Mar 31 2011, 06:02pm  Reply
I have been to Zimbabwe several times and know what you are speaking about. Congratulations on the Elephant. I am sorry that there ARE SO MANY NARROW MINDED PEOPLE IN OUR WORLD. Great Video
Peggy Romley (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 05:45pm  Reply
Bob, Great job on the video! Ignore the dimwits that don't know what they are talking about!
Miguel Dey on Mar 31 2011, 05:43pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Instead of killing hungry elephants, how about giving that farmer a fraction of your massive fortune to install an electric fence?
Diego Rojas (Columbia) on Mar 31 2011, 05:34pm  Reply
The money you spent on that trip would have probably fed that village a lot longer AND there would be more elephants in the world.
Turner Stephenson (North Carolina) on Mar 31 2011, 05:25pm  Reply
You make comments about feeding the local people with killing this elephant.
Great you feed some people for a little bit.
How many elephants should we kill before we look at the root of the problem?
When all the elephants are gone where do they turn? What other resource do they destroy?
There is a much greater issue here than bad elephants.
The local people were unable to kill this animal without your help?
I'll say one thing, you're great at marketing, well done people are talking about you and your company more and more now.
Humans are the worst to this planet.
Frank (Canada) on Mar 31 2011, 05:09pm  Reply
I will not say your "elephant incident" was wrong. However, I do not understand what you were thinking when you decided to post the video. Doesn't seem like a very smart play. I will say that I think it's despicable that so many of my wealthy countrymen disperse their goodwill beyond our own borders. OUR problems should come FIRST. Natural disasters should be the only exception. The fabric of this great country of ours is fraying rapidly and the possibly billions of dollars that our super-rich funnel into third world countries could certainly be put to better use here at home.
Cindy (Mississippi) on Mar 31 2011, 04:17pm  Reply
It is disturbing to me that the CEO of a company would associate his name/company with an elephant killing. Surely, you must be aware that this would be considered distasteful to some of your customers or do you simply not care?

Either option seems to indicate a CEO that has lost touch with his customers/reality.

Valerie Williams
Salt Spring Island, Canada
Valerie Williams ( (Canada) on Mar 31 2011, 03:54pm  Reply
What a bunch of horse manure these messages are! 99% of the people think you are wrong but on this blog it's 99% in favor of you! Obviously this is NOT realistic!!!! I'm guessing this post will not make it or be pulled.
sheesh on Mar 31 2011, 03:54pm  Reply
Way to stick to your guns against PETA. I renewed GoDaddy web hosting for 5 years the other day and then saw the fuss about the elephant hunt today. I'm even more happy with you and your team's service knowing that you're a fellow outdoorsman. Keep the great videos coming!
Raleigh ( (Wyoming) on Mar 31 2011, 03:40pm  Reply
Let's suppose your premise is true regarding crop destruction (it's not based on the volunteer work I've done in Africa, as there are numerous factors involved that you haven't mentioned) - what does your one dead elephant solve?

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you actually killed that elephant for humanitarian causes and not out of some testosterone-driven blood lust. I believe your actions were shortsighted & woefully limited in actually helping anyone. Once all the meat is gone, what are your intentions? Monthly bull kills? Or are you considering wiser solutions?
Edwin D on Mar 31 2011, 03:34pm  Reply
relocate the elephant and help people find a solution to the poverty.
You can give a man a fish or you can show him how to fish.

There has to be a decent solution that is long term as opposed to a short term fix.
Anne (Utah) on Mar 31 2011, 03:24pm  Reply
Bob, the issue with the video you made is less about the morality of killing an elephant to feed villages in Zimbabwe, it is that you over glorified the situation — putting it to the music you used and acting like you did — it is just a sad situation, both for the elephants and the people living in poverty, and you could have showed more sensitivity to that.
Ryan (California) on Mar 31 2011, 03:23pm  Reply
What did the elephant do to you?????
Why did you shoot the damn elephant???
Vincent Marchese (New Jersey) on Mar 31 2011, 03:05pm  Reply
He owed him money. Shoulda paid up
Eric on Apr 5 2011, 01:49pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

Crazy video and to be honest, I've got mixed emotions. Glad I came here to learn a little more about the situation than just making a uninformed emotional reaction. Can't say I could do what you did and I never would have posted it online; but I can't condemn you for your actions after hearing your side. I do applaud you for being so public about it. Balls. Of. Steel.
Andrew (California) on Mar 31 2011, 02:44pm  Reply
Please stop killing elephants, its very depressing to see such magnificent animals slaughtered for your entertainment. Please get another hobby.
Herchel Sarnoff (California) on Mar 31 2011, 02:41pm  Reply

Way to go I am in total support of the Elephant Kill. Thank you for saving lives by controlling the herd that tramples the sorghum fields that feed the villagers! Loved the video bet that was a hoot!

I only wish I had the $$ to travel on some of your hunts. Thank you again!
Steve on Mar 31 2011, 02:39pm  Reply
Hey Bob, I loved your Zimbabwe elephant hunting video. It must be satisfying to feed a whole village and help a farmer (or two) stay in business at the same time.

Animal-rights lunatics are going crazy all over the place about this, putting elephants above people. They're lying too- calling African elephants endangered (they are over-populating)- And saying you shot at "a parade" of elephants (even though you clearly only shot one, and killed it quickly). And one of your competitors is running with it too, trying to capitalize on the lies. I backed you up in my article at Backward Times.
Backward Times ( on Mar 31 2011, 02:37pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
Elephant Experience supportive?
I respect you highly but between you and me I expect much more of a brilliant CEO.

Do you think that you can develop a sustainable action to benefit this community, could you give away a Tractor (paint it using the GODDADY racing colors), could you purchase an irrigation system.....etc
I guess you can surprise us and give much more to this community... I am sure that before the next 24 hrs we will read of how you took advantage of an adverse situation gaining much more popularity while supporting a needed community.
Jorge Enrique Pena Madrinan (Peru) on Mar 31 2011, 02:37pm  Reply
I don't know Bob Parsons. I may like him, but judging by his videos, articles, media etc, probably not. He just seems a little Mark Cuban-douchey.

BUT like Mark Cuban, he isn't afraid to fight for causes, voice his opinion, and his good deeds are often overshadowed by his abrasive (to some) personality and actions.

I don't know what my point is other than to say that there were probably poor decisions (like people wearing GoDaddy hats and publicizing the "good deed"—which is douchey) and good decisions like sticking to his guns and letting people respond openly on this blog.
Jim (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 02:34pm  Reply
I applaud you for not letting the antis direct your life. they live on emotions only, no facts. The do- gooders in the states have never been exposed to the real world and how it works. more power to you. If you need someone to recreate your trophy let me know, my company can help.
jim hartsock ( (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 02:33pm  Reply
Here in the U.S we have TV shows about wild pigs, gators, crab, tuna and other "wildlife" being killed all day for public entertainment! He dropped an elephant instead of a pig or gator. That makes him worse than any of those shows? I see 3 wins here, (no Charlie sheen pun intended) Bob lives the dream blowing his $ on what makes him happy, crops were saved and several (real hungry) people were able to get some protein, awesome! Anyone here that posted a negative comment and has ever been anything but a Vegan is a hypocrite. BTW I've been a GoDaddy customer since 2006 and always will be.
Dan Buffham (California) on Mar 31 2011, 02:14pm  Reply
Instead of paying for you and your friends to go on an exotic animal hunt, why didn't you do charity work and donate efforts to prevent damage to the peoples crops. The justification for killing the animals is the crops. REALLY? Donate money or solutions to keep the animals from the crops. OR donate money to the people. These are endangered species that are respected by the community. I would like to know how much you have spoken to the community & how they really feel about the elephant slayings. They are respected creatures that are dying out in numerous numbers.
Anonymous on Apr 1 2011, 04:51pm  Reply

I totally disagree with your video and how it portrayed the elephant hunt.

I understand it's a legal hunt and it was effecting the villagers food and income source but seriously "Hells Bells" while the villagers get stuck into like a near frenzy?

Let the Local Government do that humanely rather than let a paying overseas weekend warrior try to act out some mock bravery act.

Buy food for the villagers if you wanted to help them or put up a fence to stop elephants.

A misjudgment or well planned?
Raymond Ho ( (Australia) on Mar 31 2011, 01:57pm  Reply
How much money would you have saved if you just paid the subsistence farmer for his field, instead of killing that elephant. You are a sad excuse for a sentient being.

You have learn to do something good with your life and blessings. Shame on you.

P.S. - You are allowing complimentary comments from fake users with fake web addresses, so I expect you will allow this comment - right Paul Novac...
Chris (Massachusetts) on Mar 31 2011, 01:50pm  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons:

I wonder if you would be interested in doing an interview with me about your hunting, your video, and the responses and reactions to it. I write the back page column in Sports Afield magazine in each issue.

Thank you.

Thomas McIntyre
Thomas McIntyre ( (Wyoming) on Mar 31 2011, 01:47pm  Reply
Dear Thomas,

I'd love to talk with you about this. My staff will be reaching out to you.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 03:50pm  Reply
The elephant killing was appalling, reprehensible.
Frank Sutter on Mar 31 2011, 01:46pm  Reply
The people bashing Bob for his hunting adventure are simply woefully unaware of how wildlife management works. The fact is, if it weren't for hunting, you'd have a lot more habitat loss, which is what causes extinction. Not hunting.

Hunters are very aware of the fact that preserving their quarry requires preserving the land. By any real measure, they are a lot more "connected to the Earth" than any "animal welfare activists".
ZenBowman on Mar 31 2011, 01:44pm  Reply
There are plenty of horrific crimes occuring from child sex trade, starvation to .... anything you want to name. Get excited over something worth while you small minded fools.
Kill an elephant, feed a village.
Bob, call me for your next trip and I'll pull the trigger and save you the grief.
Chris (Ormond Beach, Fl) ( (Florida) on Mar 31 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
Great video about the elephant hunt. It is sad that people that have no idea what is going on in the world are judging you.
Justin (Texas) on Mar 31 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons:

Kudos (or kudus) for making the forthright and unapologetic case in your video for the benefit hunting brings to the native peoples of rural Africa and by extension of other parts of the developing world. As a Godaddy account holder, I am even more impressed with your company and your role as CEO. The callousness of those who dismiss the critical state of subsistence farmers in Zimbabwe is telling. As you say, don't sweat what other think about you. Just do the right thing.
Thomas McIntyre, Contributing Editor Field & Stream and Sports Afield, author, "Dreaming the LIon"
Thomas McIntyre ( (Wyoming) on Mar 31 2011, 01:37pm  Reply
Hunting has been and will be around for years to come. Hunting elephant is a big deal in a hunters life and the elephant is not waisted. The government wardens are involved in the process and the elephant is confiscated after the kill. Elephants are killed for several reasons, one being crop damage. Why not let a hunter do it and let the money go to something good! Congratulations Bob! I hope to see your film on the Outdoor Channel soon!
Keith Phillips (Texas) on Mar 31 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
Keep up your good work! I am a huge elephant lover and appreciate the need to control the situation the continues to grow in that part of the world!
With your involvement in NASCAR (huge fan) have you ever hunted with Richard Childress?
Chris (California) on Mar 31 2011, 01:19pm  Reply
This is a Vietnam War Veteran. You people should show some respect for someone who risked his life and received wounds from battle. This courageous man has been awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, the Vietnam Gallantry Cross and the Purple Heart. You "activists" make me sick with your utter disregard for any human that doesn't agree with your agenda. Oh and by the way, this elephant isn't endangered and if it wast for Bob that village may very well have starved. What have you done for your country or the world? recycled? don't believe everything the media tells you. Hats off to you My. Parsons
Mark (http://PunkRockJosh.Com) (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 01:14pm  Reply
So, Bob.

Why did YOU personally have to go hunt the elephant, and why take a 'trophy' picture if you're not doing it for sport?. Your picture with you smiling makes it very clear you're happy you've killed the elephant. Why didn't the villagers kill the elephant themselves, why did you need to fly over and do it for them personally?..... do you really think they don't know how to kill an elephant even though their ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years?.
Chris on Mar 31 2011, 01:12pm  Reply
Well said Chris.
T G Stewart (Tennessee) on Apr 1 2011, 03:42pm  Reply

I know a lot of people are pretty upset with you, but let me tell you this: I have over 50 sites with godaddy, I agree 100% of how you handled the situation, and I will continue to purchase sites and keep building my business.

There's other animals that are also dangerous, cause extreme damage to property and are also out of control. (i.e., Aligators, Feral Hogs & Coyotes), just to name a few.

Kudos for giving the animal to the natives. They need it!
Matthew Medlin (Ohio) on Mar 31 2011, 01:03pm  Reply
Bob, Ive seen the actual video on and I support you 100%. I HOPE everyone leaving these nasty comments have atleast done their research. These villagers have no way to protect their crops and when crops are destroyed, like those villagers', that community may starve. Its not like they can walk to the grocery store like we can, they have to grow and hunt for their own food.
I am glad to see they were able to enjoy the elephant meat and lollipops. You do more than many people to give back to the world and if I ever get the opportunity I will gladly shake your hand. Semper Fi my friend
josh (New York) on Mar 31 2011, 12:55pm  Reply
How do I get my hands on 5 of those hunter orange baseball caps with the GoDaddy logo? I need them for my hunting excursions in Idaho. I will wear one, and my father in-law and brother in-laws will wear them too. Regards.
Nick (Idaho) on Mar 31 2011, 12:44pm  Reply
you give about 3 million dollars a year to charities that help prevent child abuse, support womens shelters, and various natural disaster sites, correct? good in my book. people matter more than animals. feel free to email me if you want to chat further. - heidi
heidi (Illinois) on Mar 31 2011, 12:16pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons,
I feel that people may have outrage over your video with the elephant due to Disney's movie Dumbo. I know you did it for the thrill of the hunt. I mean as men its our nature. I would purpose that you may take this in a positive direction by creating a reservation for elephants in Africa. The idea is unoriginal for example Ted Turner did this with buffalo in North America. I suggest you at least look into the possibility. I am sure you have the funds to purchase a large piece of African land to preserve the Elephants and create crops for the civilians in Africa. Vires et honestas.-
James (Kansas) on Mar 31 2011, 12:13pm  Reply
Hey Bob I just want to thank you for helping my fellow Zimbabweans with their little problem,please don't feel heart broken when you get all this negativity by people who have not yet travelled out of their state.Hope you enjoyed Zimbabwe and hope you go back soon maybe you will invest,who knows.PEACE!!!
kemetalkebulan on Mar 31 2011, 12:06pm  Reply
Saw this and feel that you did the right thing giving food to the people. I am sure that if we all see video ora TMZ report showed a farmer butchering a cow for our burgers we would all feel like condeming the farmer.

Thats right elephants are for Zoos and circus tricks..not food. Thats why we slaughter cows and not have them do silly tricks at the local 3 ring extravganza. people need to get a grip.

A corrupt govenmnet does not make a corrupt people.
If Bono did this the world would be applauding his courage and generosity.
Charles Milton ( (Illinois) on Mar 31 2011, 12:00pm  Reply
Keep up the good work. Like the elephant video. Glad you were there to help the farmers out.. ( (Ohio) on Mar 31 2011, 11:54am  Reply
Good for you Bob! I'm headed to Zim in 5 months. You have plenty of supporters... unfortunately the media doesn't educate people about the benefits legal sport hunting provides to conservation or the local population. If it weren't for sport hunting and the $ value put on animals, the local population would have eradicated unspeakable numbers of species by now.

I hesitate to publicly post the name of an African hunting forum where you'd be welcome (many members use GoDaddy), but if there's a way for you to message me, I'll send it your way.
Brett on Mar 31 2011, 11:43am  Reply
Great Vid, Bob. I've never understood why some people think that humans ought to be removed participating in the food chain. If lions can take down an elephant, why not humans? You placed a great shot, relieved pressure on the crops, provided food for the nationals and enjoyed yourself. I see absolutely no problem at all in what you did. In fact, to the contrary, in every conceivable way I only see a humanitarian success. I'm just jealous that I didn't get to participate! ;-)

indychris (Indiana) on Mar 31 2011, 11:36am  Reply
My comment is on your Zimbabwe video. There is something to be said for considering the impact that wild elephants have on the community, and there are situations where an elephant must be killed. That said, have you considered that the population has little food because of Mugabe? Or whether an accurate management assessment was made (or could be made) considering the administrative structure of what has become a failed state? Rather than paying to fly there a kill an elephant, have you considered whether your considerable resources could be used more appropriately in that region?
Peter (New York) on Mar 31 2011, 11:30am  Reply
Dear Peter,

All I know is this ... the people in Zimbabwe are innocent of the politics. I think helping deal with problem elephant is the best way I can help the local subsistence farmers for now.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:43pm  Reply
Just saw your video on the Huffington Post. I could not be more enthused and appreciative of what you are doing to feed the people of Africa. Keep up the good work!
Ben (Iowa) on Mar 31 2011, 11:27am  Reply
I'm of mixed feelings of the incident with your hunt; I can understand and appreciate the need to help the less fortunate, and this problem is one that most of us can't really grasp or comprehend. While there are alternatives to what you did, the actions you took aren't out of the scope of a normal way to handle the problem.

My issue, and question I have, is why did you decide to commercialize the even with GoDaddy hats? If this was truly an act of selflessness (or if not, even just the thrill of the hunt), then the hats come off as a calculated publicity stunt. That's what bothered me...
Tym Kaywork (New Jersey) on Mar 31 2011, 11:17am  Reply
Dear Tim,

I didn't purposely commercialize the event with GoDaddy hats. I just had extra hats at the office so I brought them with me to Zimbabwe and handed them out. I've taken a lot of heat over the fact those hat were being worn by the villagers. While they were very happy to get them it never crossed my mind for a moment that the fact the villagers were wearing GoDaddy hats would be a problem for anyone.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:36pm  Reply

I can respect the fact that you take the time to respond to these questions, and appreciate your time. With the internet being what it is, even your smallest actions can create large ripples when considered in a different context.

I will continue to be a GoDaddy customer, as I know these situations can be blown out of proportion.

Just keep the camera-man off the zoom on those hats next time..

Tym Kaywork (New Jersey) on Apr 1 2011, 07:21pm  Reply
Great video.. The Elephant hunt.. Not so much..
Colie Brice ( (New Jersey) on Mar 31 2011, 11:09am  Reply
I have to say I think this whole thing, making you out like you are some kind of evil rich murderer of animals is ludicrous! Thos villagers are lucky that people like you come and hunt animal for sport, you fed them and pumped money into their starving economy! "oh you're soooo rich you should have just given money away", that's elephant bull! You don't have to give any money away, or any of that elephant to the people in that country, what you did was perfectly legal, you could have just let it rot, but you generously, gave the meat away. These people are LUCKY to receive CHARITY.
Maggie Mae ( (Washington) on Mar 31 2011, 10:57am  Reply
Good for you Bob. Been to Zim twice. They are way beyond their carrying capacity for elepahnts.

You made some villagers very happy.

Wonder why there wasn't a WWF or PETA logo on any of those people doing the butchering.
Steve on Mar 31 2011, 10:36am  Reply
Way to go Bob!
Petersen's Hunting ( on Mar 31 2011, 10:09am  Reply
Controversy is good for, Bob?
bryan (Ohio) on Mar 31 2011, 09:34am  Reply
Dear Bryan,

It can be.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:21pm  Reply
Ignore the criticism, you did the right thing in Africa. You eliminated a problem elephant and provided many meals to starving families. Most of the people with negative comments don't know the half of it and sadly never will. Keep up the good work.
Steve on Mar 31 2011, 09:34am  Reply

I would like to know how else you are involved in helping rural communities in Zimbabwe. Without that context, your video makes me think that you are cowboy looking for a thrill. If you can show that you are more than a cowboy, and that your hunting trip was part of a heartfelt effort to improve the lives of those villagers, I will consider keeping my account with GoDaddy.

In short, those villagers have many needs, so please tell me that you do more for them than shoot their elephants and hand out bright orange GoDaddy hats.

Scott (New Jersey) on Mar 31 2011, 09:27am  Reply
Dear Scott,

I help the people in Zimbabwe the best way I can. And that's by helping them deal with problem elephant.

In contrast, we donated after the big quake $500,000 to Hope for Haiti. Just recently we found out that much of the funds pledged didn't materialize. So to help with the shortfall last month we donated another $500,000. In the next month or so I'll be spending several days in Haiti visiting the clinics and schools we are supporting to see how we can better help.

For reasons of politics, infrastructure, etc. what I'm able to do in Haiti I'm not able to do in Zimbabwe. I help each area as best I can.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:25pm  Reply
If you would like to invest in Haiti in a meaningful way checkout;
Ask them how much it would cost to build a "GoDaddy Village"
Keep up the good works.
Scott (Arizona) on Apr 5 2011, 02:28pm  Reply
TIMMY GOOD on Mar 31 2011, 09:27am  Reply
YAY Bob!!

Big fan of you, and GoDaddy. I have about 100 domain names and websites for clients - everyone agrees your products and services are top-notch.

Don't worry about those hatin' crackpots @ PETA. You were helping.

Also - thanks for your service to our country.

And I love your VLOGS - love to hear your "BALLIMER" accent (I am from Chevy Chase).

laura ( (Texas) on Mar 31 2011, 09:27am  Reply
Liked the elephant hunt video, too bad you didn't have a low-light or IR camera to catch the action before the lights came on.

As for people like Paul Winters from Phoenix, there's nothing wrong with shooting an animal that is routinely raiding crops and cant be kept out. What next? Are you going to tell us a rancher can't shoot a puma that's raiding his cattle?

However, I would listen to a reasoned argument if you had one, Paul, but "You should read Babar?!?!" What, are you still 6? Gimme a break!
Jonathan Byrne on Mar 31 2011, 09:01am  Reply
CONGRATULATIONS on the elephant - don't let the anti-hunters bother you, they're ignorant, if it wasn't for hunters (and I mean hunters, NOT poachers) there would be far fewer elephants. Fact is, hunters are the REASON there are more elephants in African than there has been in decades !!

BTW how big were the tusks? 60-70 pounders??

Brad Lantz (!/profile.php?id=1029186616) (Arkansas) on Mar 31 2011, 08:56am  Reply
Dear Brad,

I don't know about the tusks. After the elephant was butchered all parts went to the tribal authorities.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:17pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
It can be difficult for the misinformed, living in their insulated bubble, to comprehend just how brutal life can be. It's simple, right? If you want water just turn the tap, or drive to the store to pick up a case of bottled. Food? It's on the shelf in a wrapper. Good for you to have the balls to tell it like it is. It's people who aren't afraid to dig for the real truth and then do something about it that truly make a difference. From rich to poor, that's something everyone should strive for. Safe travels, Tim.
Tim on Mar 31 2011, 08:45am  Reply
Bob - nice shooting! I'm always amazed at how people put the needs of animals above humans.

PLEASE don't cave on this and stand your ground. You'll likely take a lot of heat from this story but you did nothing wrong. In fact, it looks like you fed a lot of people:)

Travis (Minnesota) on Mar 31 2011, 08:18am  Reply
Really liked your African Elephant video...How about posting or making some more hunting videos...
Need a good guide/outfitter, my brother is one of the best for Elk here in Arizona...
Dan ( (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 08:18am  Reply
Dude - you are my new hero. Not only do your vblogs rock - you are unafraid of being who you are - even if moronic zealots want to attempt to lamblast you. As Jean Luc Picard said: "if we're going to be damned, let's be damned for who we really are."
Chris Barnes (Texas) on Mar 31 2011, 07:57am  Reply
Hello Bob,
I just watched your video on the elephant kill in Africa. I certainly have heard of you and know who you are but would not consider myself and avid follower by any means. I would think you are probably a pretty rough and gruff kind of man so please use that and tell all those other dipshits to kiss your ass from PETA and the likes. They are the picture perfect knuckle heads that are in the process of finishing off this once great country. In the food chain of survival you did an honorable thing to help save the people. We are not talking about senseless cruelity.
Gregory Smith ( (California) on Mar 31 2011, 07:36am  Reply
Although not a hunter myself, nor am i even a godaddy customer, I wanted to take the time to give you my support. I took the time to understand your reason behind it. To see those poor people, I would have done the same thing. It's too easy to sit behind a monitor and cry at the horrendous images of a dead elephant...People who just name call and bash you have obviously not looked at the whole story. If they are so perfect and wholesome, then i guess they are all writing checks out to help out the people of Zimb? Nah...didn't think so....
Keep it up Bob, I'm with ya.
Eric Holm (Canada) on Mar 31 2011, 06:34am  Reply
Good to see there are still real men in the world!

All the people complaining about killing the elephant should go live a year in Africa and see if their opinions don't change a bit. Most of these environmentalists and animal rights lovers are really just racists control freaks hiding in politically correct lingo.

And if you want to know what PETA is really about, you should watch Penn and Teller's Bullshit. Short rundown PETA kills animals. Perhaps Go Daddy should send their CEO a hypocrite of the year award.

Oh and great videos!
Chris on Mar 31 2011, 12:07am  Reply

I will start off with the positive. Your company simply has the best personal service, product and pricing on the Internet!

Now, for the elephant incident. A man who has your success proudly displaying this video is very curious. Do you not have enough fame or women maybe?

Did you miss the fact that your customer base includes people who would be disgusted by this?

It was so incredibly childish, egotistic and in very poor taste, I can hardly believe it.

Take all of the money the "hunt" cost and truly do something for those people if you really care!

Very Sad,
Russell ( (Washington) on Mar 30 2011, 11:26pm  Reply
Dear Russell,

The video was posted on my personal channel and came with a warning that it was graphic. I posted it because I wanted people see what the people over there endure and how problem elephant are dealt with. Doing what I did is the the best way I know of to help those subsistence and starving farmers.

In contrast, I'm actively involved in helping out in Haiti. We donated $500,000 last year to Hope for Haiti, and when we found out that much of the money pledged to help that area did not materialize we donated another $500,000 this year.

Next month I plan on spending several days in Haiti visiting the various clinics and schools I support, to see how else we can help.

The reason I bring up Haiti is because what is needed and possible there to deal with the problems they have is different — far different — from the situation in Zimbabwe where politics and other factors limit what can be done to help a people who desperately need help.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 01:31pm  Reply

Thank you for your kind reply.

I have no question about your philanthropy or generosity. I would imagine you've given more than I will ever be able to.

I have no problem with hunting as I am wearing leather shoes and eat meat. I would hunt an animal for survival in a second.

My point is this - your video in no way gives me any feeling of what you claim to have intended. The gratuitous posing with the animal, the inappropriate use of that song and desperate people hacking away at the elephant with crude weapons in a mob simply put, is wretched and NOT heartwarming.

Russell ( (Washington) on Apr 1 2011, 06:10pm  Reply
Fortunately for the elephants, there are none in Haiti.
James (Idaho) on Apr 1 2011, 02:05pm  Reply
I have nothing to do with PETA; they can be nuts at times. Having been to Haiti a half dozen times or so, I appreciate your investment there. It is much needed. It has nothing at all to do, however, with killing an elephant in Zimbabwe...another country I have visited and where I came to admire the majesty of the elephant. So, please, no excuses. You don't hunt elephants because you are doing anyone a favor. There are many other options. You kill elephants (5 now?) because you like to kill elephants. And that bugs the fire out of me.
James Stewart (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 01:55pm  Reply
People need to understand that in places like that. the people there are not the top of the food chain. they need to protect there food and themselfs. people are killed by elephants. I love elephants but when it come to me or them, what do you expect someone to do. its an sad but true fact of life. Or you can suggest they leave there land. come on though. the world we live in is not fair. If it where, we would all be happy. What he did had to be done, someone would have if he didnt.
jeya selvaratnam (Louisiana) on Apr 1 2011, 01:41pm  Reply
Hey Bob,

Been a customer for a long time, and I am an avid hunter. I don't think the "feel good" crowd understands the environmental damage being caused by Elephants in certain parts of Africa.

The locals are supportive of these Elephant Culls.

Carl ( (Canada) on Mar 30 2011, 10:15pm  Reply
Yah, you're right, these darn animals don't know when to go away and die. It's the animals who are the problem here huh? It's not the human population growth that is eating up the land animals use for feeding....that's not the problem huh? Oh, I crossed over the line, I talked about human population control....sorry - there's never enough humans righttttt?
richard (New York) on Apr 1 2011, 01:30pm  Reply
way to stand up to the peta a-holes. these people claim to be for all animal rights but they pick and choose which animals they supposedly defend. i agree with bob when he stated all peta wants is a dontation from him. if this elephant was causing humans to die from starvation from its rampaging thru their crops it had to be humanly put down. if bob wants to tick peta off even more make a very public donation to some pit bull rescues. a pit bull is a wonderful loving animal but according to peta it does not deserve ethical treatment. look up peta's position on pit bulls. peta=hypocrites
howie6870! (Pennsylvania) on Mar 30 2011, 09:27pm  Reply
I liked your blog a lot. Seems it could aply to a lot more than a business.
Give the wordsmiths of the world just as bad a time as they are giving you about pest hunting in Africa.
Need a gun or ammo bearer?
David (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 07:49pm  Reply
Bob- I've always thought of you as one of the top examples of a successful employer and business man. You've taken a lot of heat from all kinds of people with all kinds of views and managed to maintain a solid company that is not only profitable and provides a good service but values its employees. I am always pleased to see that you don't get derailed by the negativity of the uninformed. I work for a local tactical company and I proudly support hunters with Made in America products. - Adrienne
Adrienne (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 06:34pm  Reply
You are a piece of shit . . . I wish you a slow and painful death . . . Elephants are sacred creatures and idiot capitalist, opportunistic fools like you need to leave leave the planet in order for humanity to move to a more fulfilling, meaningful age.
Mark Ratikan on Mar 30 2011, 06:10pm  Reply
Mark, you must never eat ? I hope Not.
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:27am  Reply
WOW Hahaha...Go and have a tofu cheeseburger, sit at your nicely heated home, turn on your T.V. and see if you can find and comment about other things going on in the world that your small mind can find offensive. what a joke you are..Try living in those conditions and have a couple or your sacred elephants eat your crops their-by depriving your children of valuable nutrition. So what if they die, at least you didn't kill an elephant???
greg on Apr 1 2011, 01:42pm  Reply
What about the starving kids in Zimbabwe that got to eat and will have grain to make bread because Bob did something instead of sitting around wringing his hands? Do you wish them a slow and painful death too? Because that's what they're getting. Now heres a big steaming cup of stfu.
Greg McGee (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:40pm  Reply
Dear Mark,

Be very careful what you wish for. As I understand it, Karma simply returns to us what we wish to happen to others.

I hope you live a long and joyous life.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 12:53pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

As much as I believe that elephants are truly incredible beasts that humans have sordidIy massacred for trinkets and thrills, I do understand why OCCASIONALLYelephants need to be culled. However, what I find absolutely abhorrent is your evident glee after destroying such a magnificant creature. Humans who respect animals take no pleasure in killing them. You can justify your kills until your last breath, but please at least be honest about the reason that you do them - you ENJOY them.
Frank on Apr 1 2011, 01:58pm  Reply
Well said. Rabid foaming at the mouth comments like this don't foster any kind of discussion.
Linn Brown (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
You are a good dude, Bob Parsons. Don't let those PETA nuts stop you from doing what you love, and helping out where you can. You rock!
Matt B. (Wisconsin) on Mar 30 2011, 06:03pm  Reply
Check out the above link for more information on the supposed animal saviors. 94% of animals in their care last year were euthanized. 86% in 10 YEARS! These people thrive on hypermediaism (my word, not sure if its legit =) to keep their name in the press. Its about time the normal people (AKA meat eaters) of the world have their say as well. Its so easy to say SAVE ANIMALS, its a whole 'nother thing to act that way. I hate PETA and all it stands for. The fallout from this will level off and your business wont go away anytime soon.
Darin Martin ( on Mar 30 2011, 05:57pm  Reply
I've seen all the bad press you're getting about the elephant hunt. (first time on TMZ) I've read all the comments from all the bleeding heart "poor animal" people and I want you to know I support YOUR RIGHT to hunt an elephant. It is completely unfair to judge you from one 2 minute video. Some people think that ALL animals are sacred and the truth is, most of those yelling the loudest are hypocrits. Do they have leather seats in their car? a jacket? Do they eat burgers and steaks? The point is, there are far more important things to worry about in life then the PETA NAZ's.
darin martin on Mar 30 2011, 05:52pm  Reply
I have hunted in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Tanzania. I will never make excuses for what I do. I enjoy hunting. Non-hunters will never understand the actual hunt, all they see is the kill.

Hunting has fed many local people and the fees have supported many projects in Africa. Read about the Campfire program in Zim.

In areas where wildlife has no value it has dissappeared. In areas where monetary value is place on the animals it has thrived. Ban hunting and watch the wildlife dissappear. Who will run year round anti poaching campaigns? Not enough room to fully explain.

Great job Bob.
Mike ( (Louisiana) on Mar 30 2011, 05:40pm  Reply
To all of you who don't understand this...Maybe you should watch In The Wild. Watching animals in their natural habitat can be devastating and gory. What if this Elephant were killing other Elephants or even worse their young. Ever see those clips where the lions are chasing down the Zebra's? Just saying this may not make sense to you, but it makes total since to me.
Bob, what's Elephant meat taste like?
Wizard on Mar 30 2011, 05:23pm  Reply
Bob, I appreciate that you are at leaset man enough to answer most comments made about you, but in regards to how would you feed a vilage without killing the animal... How about writing a check or donating food. Not that I would be in a possition to do that currently, but I think it would be fair to assume you would be able to and of course it would be tax deductable. Once again, not trying to tell you what to do and I am not a fan of PETA, but somethings I find just morally wrong and this is one of them. Defenseless animal vs. man with gun... Not a fair fight in my opinion.
Dennis (California) on Mar 30 2011, 04:22pm  Reply
Writing a check is not the answer, if you write the check you are creating a cripple! The US is great at writing checks it is a great deduction and make PETA feel great but in the end some local dude pockets the cash. We are delusional if we think a check helps more than fresh meat for thousands.
Jose (United States) on Apr 1 2011, 01:54pm  Reply
Dear Dennis,

You're heart is in the right place here but there's more you need to know. Here's the facts, the farmers in Zimbabwe are at a poverty level we simply can't imagine here in the USA. When their crops aren't harvested, there are no food stamps or welfare. What they get is starvation. The elephant there are not endangered, it's actually quite the opposite — there are too many of them. The people there need protein and taking an elephant that is busy destroying their fields has three benefits, first the crop damage is stopped, the village receives a valuable source of protein, and because we make it a point, if at all possible to take old bulls (and we never take more than one because the goal is to get the herd out of the field), it has no effect on the herd (because the social structure is run by the cows, older bulls stay separate from the herd, and young bulls quickly step up and breed in place of the older bull).

I understand that with the endless choices of food we have at our supermarkets and how well fed all of us are, this situation is difficult to get your head around. But I've been over there now six times, and this solution is really the best for all concerned.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 12:47pm  Reply
Taking old bulls does keep herds healthy. Left unchecked, elephants will destroy their own habitat. They're just looking for easy food. But what they're taking - is coming right out of the mouths of those people that are trying to feed themselves.
Martin (California) on Apr 1 2011, 01:40pm  Reply
Semper Fi!
Jim (Virginia) on Apr 1 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
Great video. As far as killing a Big Elephant that was damaging crops that people need to live,it is just wrong. I agree with all the whining liberal tree huggers. Let the elephant live , we can always get more people.
Keith (Texas) on Mar 30 2011, 03:08pm  Reply
I have to tell you, Mr. Parsons, your attempts to excuse your behavior are lean. You are traveling around the world to give money to one of the most corrupt, violent regimes in the world but you excuse that by saying that you are helping people. Instead of shooting wild elephants with a gun (really brave of you by the way) why not do a man vs. elephant hand to hand combat kind of thing? That could bring money to the locals with the right promotion. Tell me this, if your concern is with the people of Zimbabwe, what charitable acts have you performed there?
Roanna Martin (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 10:40am  Reply
GARRY (Kansas) on Apr 1 2011, 10:42am  Reply
Hand to hand fighting with an elephant? obviously you are not aware that elephants have no hands. Maybe Bob should cut off his opposable thumbs to make it even? Give me a break. Evolution has given the elephant thick skin and massive size to dominate it's environment, but gave man a brain. With said brain we have been able to invent many incredibel tools to improve our lives, including the pen and the gun.
Bill (California) on Apr 1 2011, 08:39am  Reply
Roanna, how about give the elephant a gun since this apparently revolves around some type of "fairness" thing for you?

Love the work you do Bob, don't let the nuts get you down. Semper Fi!
Eric (Kansas) on Apr 1 2011, 08:37am  Reply
I'd say feeding a village of starving people and saving their crops.
Andino (Indiana) on Apr 1 2011, 05:16am  Reply
Roanna, you are a hypocrite. Bob has done more for people, even if it is just killing a rouge elephant, than you or your hand wringing friends have ever done by walking around in chicken suits at the local KFC.
Ray (Wisconsin) on Apr 1 2011, 04:33am  Reply
Completely Agree
Megan (Ohio) on Mar 31 2011, 07:01pm  Reply
I'd be interested to know how far his concern really goes, also. Or does it just stop at the end of a barrel?
Katherine J on Mar 31 2011, 03:35pm  Reply
What charitable acts has he performed? Hmmm....well he killed an elephants to help some farmers save some crops. What have you done?
Harvey Girshwald (California) on Mar 31 2011, 03:12pm  Reply
Hey Roanna,

Just an fyi... here's all the money GoDaddy has given away..

I only went back a year but looks like in that time frame Bob's foundation has given a little over $3 million away.

Including $500,000 to haiti.

I know its not Zimbabwe... but you need another argument then "what charitable acts have you performed?" —- thats weak.
Cody Heitschmidt ( (Kansas) on Mar 31 2011, 03:09pm  Reply
Roanna. You're remarks are right on target.
Brian (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 02:27pm  Reply
Well said!
C Davenport on Mar 31 2011, 12:57pm  Reply
Great job on the elephant shoot . The general public needs to know that this is more of a culling situation than a hunt . Any time an elephant is eating and destroying a humans food source they have a right to cull them . The money you spent there will really help that whole village . I bet they wished you would have put down the other two elephant . Most people don't know that you pay a 15 to 50,000.00 trophy fee either . Of course , that is really none of their business . I hope you get todo more African game hunting . Put up more videos . My personal goal is to get to hunt there also .
David G. Schneider ( (Kentucky) on Mar 31 2011, 10:20am  Reply
Why dont you ask yourself the same question, you bleeding heart hypocrit. What have YOU done to help another country?? How dare you ask someone else what their participation is while you sit on your ass and complain about others. F-off and look in the mirror.

I had a big ol' medium rare steak last night. All that blood pooling up in the bottom of the plate sure made it taste better. mmmm

Darin Martin ( on Mar 30 2011, 06:00pm  Reply
I left a respectful comment on a blog. You don't like my comment. Big deal. I too had a steak last night. I paid extra for a grass-fed, humanely slaughtered steak; did you? Of course not. You shove your selfish, American steak into your fat, American mouth without a care or concern for the animals welfare. I donate 10% of my income to charity and I donate time every week. What do you do? Nothing. You need to learn how to spell. Let me guess, you are a republican? Big surprise. Watch your mouth, boy.
R. Martin (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 02:50pm  Reply
Saw the video in Africa. Great stuff! That had to have your heart thumping in your chest. Standing down that brute the way you did. Reminds me of the heady days of Teddy Roosevelt going on Safari but he wasnt helping local farmers the way you are. How many did you take during the trip? Were they all similar with the low light conditions and close rang? What were you using? looked to be a double rifle in 500 or maybe 575 but thats a guess only based onn flash and how he dropped. Take care keep up the great work and keep living to the fullest!
Paul Novak ( (Florida) on Mar 30 2011, 10:32am  Reply
Lived in Rhodesia & RSA 20 years and used to organize safari. Wish more people sitting in their lounge or offices in big cities around the world, who are complaining about hunting, most of them without having ever been near it, and not knowing anything about it, would understand that without hunters associations, poachers would have killed all wildfife on earth!
By the way, anybody keen on a 9.3x74 double express side lock rifle out there
Lou (Connecticut) on Apr 1 2011, 05:52am  Reply
How sad that you have got to be CEO of a good company and yet you still have not learnt how to treat the animals in nature with respect they deserve. It is quite sickening how you guys just love a bloody rifle and have to go hunting. Please use your macho energy in another more kind way and learn how to respect what we have on this planet.
Penelope Ward on Mar 31 2011, 11:49pm  Reply
Paul - are you being serious? Or this is a sarcastic message?
Travis + Julie ( (Tennessee) on Mar 31 2011, 09:02am  Reply
I will start by saying that is the best company in your field that I have ever worked with. You are the best.

I am faced with a decision though...There's nothing you can write here that will make it okay with me that you go to Africa and shoot elephants. I believe it is wrong on so many levels. Might should not make right.

Why not shoot them with a camera? With your success, why not start a wildlife habitat refuge to protect them? There is so much more that you could do than shoot them.

You should read the book, Babar.

Paul Winters
Phoenix, AZ
paul winters (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 09:22am  Reply
Have you ever been to a third world country ? Doubt it. The poorest person in America would still fall in the richest 75% in the world. Not only did Bob save crops he also fed many villages. Unless you live their life I would keep your ignorance to yourself.
geostorm on Apr 1 2011, 01:43pm  Reply
Why is there so much anger to what I said? I did not project anger or use insulting words. I just stated my position on the matter of shooting elephants. I have been to Africa three times and I have traveled quite extensively throughout the world. I know about hunting and poverty and the other things that are being brought up. I think this dialogue is a good one and I want to thank Bob for posting my initial e mail. A lot of folks with their own blog wouldn't have posted all of the ones counter to his position. However, I still think that shooting elephants is a horrible thing.
Paul Winters on Apr 1 2011, 08:51pm  Reply
I too just saw the African video and I have to agree with Paul Winters - his email suimmed up what I wanted to say - shame on you.
Christine (Oregon) on Apr 1 2011, 06:30am  Reply
Amen, Paul
sara (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 12:18pm  Reply
You mean like the elephants "might' as he comes into a wicker hut village and kills people? That kind of might? Its all so easy to classify someones actions and criticize them for doing so, its a completely different thing to have a clue what your talking about while you do it. Get over it. Deal with your neighbors dog and leave the real threats to people who have the balls to do something about it.

Now go away.
Darin Martin ( on Mar 30 2011, 06:05pm  Reply
I think what you are doing is great don't let the gia worshipers get to you. The needs of people have to come first something the animals rights crowed will never admit.
Chuck ( (Alaska) on Mar 30 2011, 09:00am  Reply
Trouble is people need animals. The rights of animals are the rights of people. Learn something about ecology.
Anonymous on Apr 1 2011, 12:32pm  Reply
Every one should love their mother.I am talking about eart. Worship is not the word that should be used when referring to those people who know that people like you, that don't want to see what is happening to the environment and it is all because of man. I am a degreed biologist and I respect the environment and since God supposedly created it, isn't it our responsiblity to respect and take care of his creation? Starving people are victims and perpetrators for contributing to their own problems. They need to learn about birth contol and Bob should be funding that.
Pattie (Georgia) on Apr 1 2011, 04:48am  Reply
Explain why the needs of people have to come first. The world is one big ecosystem, and all the creatures and plants on it are interconnected. We just think we have the right to kill because we can.
Mike on Mar 31 2011, 02:11pm  Reply
My only question is why didnt you shoot more,seemd there are alot of hungry people.
jeff (Texas) on Mar 30 2011, 08:49am  Reply
I am a fan of Mr. Parsons. I am a fan and customer of Go Daddy! I have been to Zimbabwe. The elephants are NOT killing the crops and family's that run the farms, Robert Mugabe is. He is a ruthless dictator. He took a prosperous country that use to have the second highest literacy rate in all of Africa and turned it into a killing field for not only it's wildlife population, but it's human population as well. It it not the elephant herds that need culling, it is uninformed trophy hunting tourists who pay huge sums of money just for the thrill of the kill.
Gene Taylor ( (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 07:57am  Reply
Here here Gene! Very nicely put.
Breeze (Illinois) on Apr 1 2011, 08:32am  Reply
It's interesting how everyone here will mention Mugabe but nobody will remember the decades of leftist pressure that pushed him into power, and why it was that the country used to have the second highest literacy rate in Africa.
Avery on Mar 31 2011, 09:26pm  Reply
People commenting on the elephant hunt should understand the details of dynamics in rural southern African regions. The day that the meat value of wildlife exceeds the tourism value of wildlife, wildlife will disappear. Like it or not, legal hunting brings millions of dollars in conservation areas. I do not hunt but understand the role of hunting in conservation. Why is that a legal hunt gets so many people mad but some Orgs raise millions of dollars in the name of conservation and we never see these dollars getting to the conservation areas. I should know, we work in these areas.
Greg Vogt ( (South Africa) on Mar 30 2011, 07:12am  Reply
Watch planet earth again, and listen this time.
Anonymous on Mar 31 2011, 11:50pm  Reply
Greg you understand how the natural world works. unfortunately there are far too many save the whales (elephants) type people that know nothing about wildlife conservation. They get all worked up by a legal means of controlling the populations of destructive elephants. I would like to see all of them in the bush trying to train the elephants to stay out of the crops. or at minimum give up their seat on the world to make room for more elephants.
Jim Hartsock ( (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 02:15pm  Reply
I am to South African and Greg is spot on. Personally I would never want to shoot an Elephant. I agree it's hardly sporting and very little risk would have been posed to Bob.

However- In confined environments elephants are incredibly destructive and there numbers need to be controlled one way or another for the greater cause of conservation. Letting yanks like Bob shoot them probably does more for conservation than any other industry or movement. The majority of South Africans understand this and foreign hunters are very welcome in the country.
Dylan (South Africa) on Mar 31 2011, 11:26am  Reply
Dear Greg,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:34pm  Reply
Lived in Rhodesia & RSA 20 years and used to organize safari. Wish more people sitting in their lounge or offices in big cities around the world, who are complaining about hunting, most of them without having ever been near it, and not knowing anything about it, would understand that without hunters associations, poachers would have killed all wildfife on earth!
By the way, anybody keen on a 9.3x74 double express side lock rifle out there
Lou (Connecticut) on Apr 01 2011, 05:51am
Lou on Apr 1 2011, 06:09am  Reply
Wow Bob, you are a hero! Shooting evil elephants to feed starving Africans. Why work with the villages to drill wells for clean water, build school, and develop sustainable farming practices when you can pop a few elephants and have a giant BBQ. Your leadership and clear vision puts you right up there with the captain of the Titanic.
Elizabeth O'Mara (New York) on Mar 30 2011, 06:54am  Reply
No matter want you or anybody does theirs always some crazy group out their ready to complain. Lifes to short, keep up the good work Bob!!!!
Curtis Vestal (Arizona) on Apr 1 2011, 01:29pm  Reply
Well said, Elizabeth. Mugabe is the problem here, not the elephants.
Steve Horn ( on Apr 1 2011, 11:20am  Reply
Loved this comment. So true Ms. O"Mara, so true.
Lori Hlad (California) on Apr 1 2011, 06:49am  Reply
Thank you!!!
Mike (California) on Mar 31 2011, 07:21pm  Reply
AMEN Elizabeth. AMEN!
Jill (California) on Mar 31 2011, 01:05pm  Reply
Bob, I am impressed by your zest for life. Heard about your elephant and I wanted to invite you on our radio show Xplor the Outdoors. We talk a lot about hunting, poaching and kids outdoors on our show. We also work with the Anti-Poaching team in Tanzania. Needless to saY WE ARE ANTI-PETA in this house. Let me know if you can come on. We are on KPXQ1360 Sunday mornings and a repeat of the show is on KKNT 960 Sunday evenings. Check us out at for more information.
Jim Solomon
Jim Solomon ( (Arizona) on Mar 30 2011, 06:51am  Reply
Dear Jim,

I'd love to be on your show. My staff will be reaching out to you.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:32pm  Reply
Hi Bob, I am the founder of the Afriicademy and Anti-Poaching Unit. If you view our recent Knysna Elephant Park Facebook video clip you will see that we are working on a vaccine that is basically a chemical castration of males. Our anti poaching unit provides jobs for local villages. This encourages them to get involved in wildlife and conservation in a proactive way and feeds them. I would like to invite you to become a patron of our project. How do I go about interacting or presenting directly to you?
Greg Vogt ( (South Africa) on Mar 30 2011, 06:26am  Reply
Dear Greg,

I understand what you're doing, but to me it makes no sense to chemically castrate a bull elephant. Much better to shoot it and let starving villages eat it.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:30pm  Reply
Calling the commentors that don't agree with your practice of killing elephants names such as idiots, will not help your cause. Zimbabwe may have an overpopulation of elephants but the world does not. Use your millions to move some of the elephant familes to different nations would be a smarter move and endear you to more people than the "kill em all" gun crowd. I would be ashamed of myself if I was doing what you are.
Mary on Apr 1 2011, 01:43pm  Reply
That's right Bob! I'm with you 100%! What the opposition sees on the surface isn't anything compared to the horrible things they don't see behind this issue. Thank you for providing food for the villagers and for being a practiced hunter! My husband just hunted Africa last August. He plans to go back to do what you just did. I fight against puppy mills and factory farming, but I also understand the hunting/fishing/conservation issues. As we well know, there is a huge difference between animal welfare and animal rights! I have a page on facebook called, 'HUNTERS AGAINST PUPPY MILLS'. :)
pj ( (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 07:16am  Reply
Hi Bob, I am sure the villagers are hungy but you did no long term good to them to feed them and thier famlies. I know you are under attatck but honestly if you truly cared you would have helped them diiferently I think you just wanted to kill and it is to bad cause you could have used your power and voice to truly make a change.
kari on Mar 30 2011, 08:27pm  Reply
Dear kari,

I know your heart is in the right place, but I gotta tell you, I wouldn't want to be the one to tell those villagers that we won't let them eat an elephant (a problem one at that) because it's not going to do them much long term good.

As I understand it, when one is on the brink of starvation, they are pretty much in the moment and interested in eating now.

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 12:58pm  Reply
From reading your comments on why elephants are killed. I assume that you feel justified in killing one. So, I also assume that you did not 'pay' to kill a elephant, or get a licence to kill. You were just helpimg out farmers right?
I have been told by many that the money that is paid to kill one elephant (usa dollars) could have fed enough grain to one entire villagefor the day.
I think people are upset about the sport of the kill...
brenda gibbson (Canada) on Mar 30 2011, 05:24am  Reply
Saw the Zim video on another site, because as you know it's gone viral. I can't imagine swimming through sorghum in the dark towards three bachelor bulls could be characterized as "fun". But it looks like a hell of an adventure. Keep up the good work, despite the half-educated PC crowd giving you a bunch of guff!

Question: What happens to the ivory?
Chris Engel on Mar 30 2011, 05:13am  Reply
Dear Chris,

All parts of a problem elephant go to the tribal authority.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:28pm  Reply
I congratulate your cajones at posting your hunt and facing the uninformed critics head on. Many people try to remove themselves from nature but man has always been a part of it, both as predator and prey.The embargo of ivory and hide was one of the worst things that could have happened to elephants. Money from hunting permits and ivory could go to hiring game wardens and prosecution poachers. Much need food would go into programs. What people have done is create an idea environment for illegal hunting and trade of the animals with over population in some areas and extinction in others.
Daniel (Kentucky) on Mar 30 2011, 05:13am  Reply
Daniel, You hit that nail right on the head. Areas of Africa that have developed full-scale conservation plans which allow for some managed hunting, some commercial, some subsistence, have the best managed and most healthy herds. They also have the most money for anti-poaching units, and spend the most money, per-acre, towards habitat conservation. The countries that don't...have terrible poaching problems, no way to stop it, and herds that suffer from habitat destruction, resulting in diseases, and ultimately death from starvation.
Martin on Apr 1 2011, 01:48pm  Reply
Dear Daniel,

I appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
tell those who are commenting negatively that they need to do some research. Zimbabwe has a fantastic programme of elephant management and has one of the largest populations in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact we have too many elephants. Which is why we cull them - yes that's killing them because we are overstocked and why they are hunted. Hunting raises my for the communities through a programme called Campfire -

Furthermore we have launched trans frontier zones where elephants roam between Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Angola. Our elephant management programme is more than sorted.
Buffdaddy (Zimbabwe) on Mar 30 2011, 01:52am  Reply
Dear Buffdaddy,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:26pm  Reply
Dear BOB,

What you did may be legal in that place, but please,
you should have kept that private and NEVER try to publicize killing of Elephants. You posting of those videos are just an excuse to glamorize your hunting spree. I hope you get enough backlash and lose a major portion of your business.

Steve J.
Steve J. on Mar 29 2011, 11:27pm  Reply
Dear Bob
As a Zimbabwean I would like to raise my voice in support of your actions.Elephant are plentiful here and your actions did more good by providing poor villagers with a much needed source of protein.You provided a hearty meal to the locals,provided revenue to the parks authority (not the president) to help in other wildlife conservation projects and assisted in the problem of elephant overpopulation.I challenge anyone in opposition to your actions to look up the problem of rogue elephants to local people and the devastating effects of overpopulation on the environment.
Good On Ya
Wilfred (Zimbabwe) on Mar 29 2011, 11:22pm  Reply
Elephants "may" be plentiful in Zimbabwe ( I have doubts about that statement) but there are many other solutions he could have come up with instead of killing it. He could have used his millions to move this elephant, donated to the local community food supplies and to the parks. Soon we won't have any elephants to kill and that would be the saddest thing of all.
Mary on Apr 1 2011, 01:38pm  Reply
How bout your back yard ?
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:22am  Reply
Dear Wilfred,

Thanks so much for your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:25pm  Reply
What an ugly nasty woman you are to kill an elephant. i hope you die.
roxanne Delgado on Mar 29 2011, 11:15pm  Reply
@Roxanne; There is no need for that kind of talk. I hate this video and this indvidual's actions as much as the next lady, but I will not be party to your violent talk. I take offense at using "woman" as an insult almost as much as I take offense to rich guys spending their money to kill for sport in a corrupt country. You owe Bob an apology.
Roanna Martin (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 12:52pm  Reply
Dear roxanne,

I'm not a woman. And for sure, one day your wish will come true.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:23pm  Reply
Bob - that is the funniest reply to an email I have read in a while. I'll have to say, I watched your video after reading the twitterstorm about it and was perplexed.

Far too many people in the U.S., especially tech, are shielded from the reality of the everyday struggle for food elsewhere in their own country, much less elsewhere in the world. My wife grew up in a family of 7 kids in rural Texas and every Christmas her minister dad gladly welcomed the congregation members' delivery of a side of beef, with fresh venison at other times of year, to help feed their family.

live in Austin (Texas) on Apr 1 2011, 05:02am  Reply
LOL You really are the best good one.
Keith C on Mar 31 2011, 06:30pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Don't let them call you a sissy? You have elephant testicles to prove it. How can I join your next adventure? It would be better if you let Danica and Jillian do the shooting.
Jack ( (Illinois) on Mar 31 2011, 11:04am  Reply
Dear Bob:

I will "not" be removing my account from Go Daddy over the elephant incident in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, many do not understand how wild animals behave in the wild like in Africa or in captivity when their mate dies or when they get sick in old age. Animals at times go rouge... they kill people, kill their own, damage crops and much more.

This area of Africa and Africa as a whole is in so much distress environmentally most people do not want to think of it let alone do anything. Their ecosystem is seriously damaged. ¾ of a billion people in Africa do not have adequate drinking
Brad Follett ( (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 10:49pm  Reply
* I think you mean rogue. Heavens! All these supporters have appalling spelling! Is it any wonder they think it is acceptable?!
Laura Wyatt on Mar 31 2011, 02:02pm  Reply
I go to Africa, likely half these posters in support of that disturbing sick video have never even left the USA let alone have spent months in Africa!
Heather (Oklahoma) on Mar 31 2011, 12:36pm  Reply
Dear Brad,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:22pm  Reply
Hi Bob, I am long-time follower of your company and blog, I hope you get this situation in control. And I don't know what is up but I believe you are doing the right thing, I dunno about killin' anythin' but if the situation is that bad, perhaps needs to take a second look at the situation and let the world know what is really up instead of spreading false rumors.

Anyways, keep up the good work, I know you are always trying to make the world right. :)
Max Lee ( (California) on Mar 29 2011, 10:38pm  Reply
Dear Max,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:20pm  Reply
I will never support your company. shame on you for killing animals for fun and promoting it. If you can handle killing such a gorgeous creature, you can surely handle "name calling".
Disgusting and shameful!!
veganshani on Mar 29 2011, 10:31pm  Reply
Dear veganshari,

I can handle name calling just fine. The point I made is that when one resorts to name calling it makes them come across as unintellectual, uninformed and childish.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:20pm  Reply
I have several accounts with GoDaddy. When they expire, I will NOT be renewing using your service due to the disgusting video posted by Bob Parsons shooting an elephant that could have just as easily been re-located instead. Shame on you.
Jan Edward Vogels on Mar 29 2011, 10:27pm  Reply
Relocated where? In your backyard?
Annie (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 05:38am  Reply
If that was the only place to put him, sure
Anonymous on Apr 4 2011, 03:17am  Reply
Dear Jan,

Any idea what it takes to relocate an angry 5 ton elephant? I wonder, how big of a check are you willing to write to help get this done? So far, PETA has stepped up with nothing to help the situation.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:17pm  Reply
with the amount of money you have, why don't you pay the bill instead of paying to fly all the way there to kill it.
jen on Mar 31 2011, 03:10pm  Reply
Right on Bob! Peta needs to step up and write some checks.
jack ( (Hawaii) on Mar 31 2011, 11:07am  Reply
How dare u put "PETA"s name in your mouth. PETA has help more animals than you will always do,and for a fact PETA will never shoot an elephant
vanesa (California) on Mar 31 2011, 08:49am  Reply
Dear vanesa,

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this ... but PETA is an incredibly evil organization that mostly kills animals.

Check out the following link:

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 02:15pm  Reply
Those in Africa are some of the poorest in the world. The loss of the seasonal crop can be the difference between life and death. The world population of elephants are at a sorry state, those officials who care for the elephants, are poorly trained and have no money to transplant to different locations. Sometimes something bad has to happen to save the lives of the local people. Sad for the elephant but the meat will help the local people.
Ron (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 10:24pm  Reply
Dear Ron,

Appreciate your understanding.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:16pm  Reply
How could you shoot that elephant? You had no right to take that animal's life. You just took it upon yourself to film killing this animals and celebrating its death. Who died and made you god. I find you to be disgusting and some day you will have to answer to god above for what you did. You murdered that animal.
Alisha Wade on Mar 29 2011, 10:14pm  Reply
How old are you ? Five ?
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:20am  Reply
You should probably read the part in the bible where God gave man rule over all the animals of the land. I hardly think Bob will be answering to God about feeding a village with one of God's animals. After all he created the food chain.
Mr Critical Minded on Apr 1 2011, 11:18am  Reply
He committed the same action as the slaughterhouse that provided you with your steak in the cellophane wrap at the market - Bob was just adult and responsible enough to actually see the animal, not just pick up the pieces in a sterile market environment.
John Ewell (Massachusetts) on Apr 1 2011, 04:12am  Reply
Bob - I know you read each and everyone of these, so I just want to share my support. I have several clients who participate in the same hunts and the income they bring to these areas can support families and their communities far better than their local economies typically would ever fare. Your trip feeds the community, plus the income from permits, guides, lodgings, and tips. Thank you for doing what you do and standing up, intentionally, in public, for your (and all of our) rights to do what we enjoy, and help others while we do it.
Adam Matson ( (Wisconsin) on Mar 29 2011, 07:44pm  Reply
Dear Adam,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:15pm  Reply
Thanks for being a hunter..You rock.. Keep being a man of principals.. You have my vote..jc
John Carnes (California) on Mar 29 2011, 07:42pm  Reply
Dear John,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:14pm  Reply

Keep it up. Don't let the whiny, namby-pamby hand wringers keep you from doing good and right things in the world.

Semper Fi
USMC 1980-2001
Mitchell A. Jaurena (Idaho) on Mar 29 2011, 07:35pm  Reply
Dear Mitchell,

Appreciate your support. Semper Fi bro.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:14pm  Reply
Zimbabwe? Of all the countries to support with your tourist dollars you had to support Zimbabwe? Yes, people are poor there. But it wouldn't be so bad if not for Mugabe. And your trip undoubtedly gave his regime a few more minutes in power, at least.
Dave (United States) on Apr 1 2011, 03:20am  Reply
I just had to come here, I've never been here before. But I wanted to express my complete support and admiration for you Bob. By removing a problem elephant from the countryside, it will hopefully allow the people there to grow their crops successfully, and it makes them safer. I have no moral issue with hunting for protection or sustenance, and that seems to be the very thing you did here. Keep up the great work, I will most definetely pay alot more attention to your company from now on!
Richard Keen (Washington) on Mar 29 2011, 07:07pm  Reply
Dear Richard,

Appreciate your support.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:13pm  Reply
Hey Bob, awesome elephant hunt. Thanks for feeding the locals who needed the food. When I fished in Cabo San Lucas the locals also fought over the fresh marlin when we brought it in.

Way to go.Keep it up.

Paul on Mar 29 2011, 06:50pm  Reply
You think your a hero for killing an elephant? i sure dont. i mean it might be a good thing to feed a village but not from an elephant. who do you think you are? they are endangered!!!!!!! i will never go on this website ever again!!!! you should have really not of done that.
tammy on Mar 29 2011, 06:41pm  Reply
Dear Tammy,

If the people are on the brink of starvation and you don't feed them with the elephant, what should you feed them with?

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:13pm  Reply
I don't know Bob! You have the money, why don't you figure out how to feed them! I guess shooting a wild animal to say you did it was reason enough!
dawn on Apr 1 2011, 09:33am  Reply
You piece of crap! You kill elephants! You could of gotten a game warden and the government to tranq the animal and move it to a happens all the time. You are brainless and ignorant and I will tell anyone I can find to get off godaddy and kill your game!
Pat nichols (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 06:38pm  Reply
Dear Pat,

Train the animal and move it to a reserve — it happens all the time? That my friend, is simply not feasible and certainly not true.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:11pm  Reply
Little men always need to prove something to others.You obviously are not a happy person when you have to kill an animal to prove your worth.
MaryAnn Wander (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 06:38pm  Reply
You tell him. The guy is obviously a dimwit.
Doug Flaherty (California) on Mar 31 2011, 08:11pm  Reply
Dear MaryAnn,

And my guess is you know all about little men and what they must do to prove their worth? I'm disappointed you don't have something more intellectual to say. Is it possible you have no idea what the facts are here? I have to believe if you actually knew the facts you wouldn't have made this post.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:10pm  Reply

Bob is not a little man. He got elephant testicles. Way to go Bob. I am proud of you.
jack ( (Hawaii) on Mar 31 2011, 11:17am  Reply
You are an insensitive asshole,. Bob Parsons. I will spread the news of your stupidity against women and animals to everyone I know. I will take ALL my business elsewhere. PETA rocks!!!!
Anita French (Arkansas) on Mar 29 2011, 03:56pm  Reply
Dear Anita,

PETA rocks, huh? PETA does stand up for flies and mosquitoes. PETA also created a shelter for homeless animals and out of 2300 animals taken in, euthanized or killed over 2200 of them. Want to know why? They did it because they didn't want to spend the money to keep them until such time as they could arrange for adoption.

PETA is mostly about raising money for PETA. That's it.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:06pm  Reply
In PETA's defense, and because this issue comes up often, there is NO way to realistically avoid euthanasia in animal rescue. I volunteered at a town shelter and eventually, resources - space, human, and money run out. Most "no kill" shelters end up as hell on earth hoarding hoouses for animals. Just because PETA euthanizes does NOT make them uncaring for animals. The problem is the population is out of control and less animals need to be brought into shelters, and more spaying and neutrering needs to happen.
Diane Field on Apr 1 2011, 07:55am  Reply
I doubt you are an expert on animal rights all of a sudden. What a joke.
Doug Flaherty (California) on Mar 31 2011, 08:13pm  Reply
Those are some pretty wild accusations. Where are your sources that the animals are killed because they don't want to spend the money?

I can see it more likely being that they have a lack of funds to be able to care for the animals. If wealthy people like you gave a bit, I imagine they wouldn't have to do this.
Andrew on Mar 31 2011, 03:12pm  Reply
I admire your company and what you've accomplished and while I am not a hunter I tolerate dear being killed annually where I live, but an elephant? Come on, they are slow and as big as a house ya want to hunt pick an animal that has a chance..... I respect guys who kill a dear with a bow but not a guy killing an elephant with a god dam cannon..... that's not hunting that is slaughtering. Wimp. Also who defines what a "problem elephant" is? A human who we all know can justify anything if they want too badly enough.
Jeff Salvati on Mar 29 2011, 03:40pm  Reply
Dear Jeff,

Actually Elephant are anything but slow. They're 0 to 30 mph instantly and incredibly stealthy.

But that's besides the point, the bigger point is feeding people who are on the brink of starvation and helping to protect their crops.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 01:02pm  Reply
Hey Bob,
If so many people are starving HOW many more
animals will we have to kill with our guns, we may actually need the Army to do our work for us....after all these poor villagers have nothing to eat. So who is going out there next to feed these people??. Oh, and by the way aren't they starving RIGHT NOW...better hope some great man as yourself is there at this very moment killing yet another elephant. Hope the villagers liked the GoDaddy T-Shirts and caps!! Maybe they can eat those if they are hungry...HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED BIRTH CONTROL for these people!
Rocky R.
Rocky R ( on Mar 31 2011, 07:36am  Reply
Dear Rocky,

Do you have any idea how many hogs and cattle are slaughtered each year in the USA? But that's OK, because it's us that's being fed, right?

bob parsons on Apr 1 2011, 01:55pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
I think you are extremely unattractive, and a hideous human being. You are a heartless, ugly moron. Go to hell loser.
Joelle Cright (Canada) on Mar 29 2011, 03:30pm  Reply
What a sad person you are. Did you listen to the part of the video that talked about who you hurt the most when you're unhappy?

Perhaps your just helous of the enthusiasm and charisma Bob has ? Or his success? Either way, do yourself a favor and get a life
Gary on Mar 30 2011, 12:55pm  Reply
Dear Joelle,

So ... what's your point?

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 12:51pm  Reply
I truly enjoy your video blogs! Excellent information and motivation!

I must further applaud your experiences in Zimbabwe. It is easy for many to criticize when they have never been there or experienced the difficulties problem elephants present the villager. Having been there myself, i agree that the actions taken are indeed necessary and for the best interests of humanity and wildlife conservation.

Keep up the good work Dr. Bob!

Tom Addleman
Attorney -
Adventure Outdoorsman -
Tom Addleman ( (Missouri) on Mar 29 2011, 12:42pm  Reply
Keep at it Bob. Your support is growing!
Tom Addleman ( on Mar 30 2011, 08:08pm  Reply
Obviously Bob was chasing another dream, killing large game. Instead, his money could have been used to set up fencing, financing etc to help the farmers as other groups do. Another great giant is dead, let's see what the other self proclaimed man of living a wonderful puts his money where his gun was. Senseless Bob, senseless. Just cause it isn't illegal doesn't mean it's right.
Connie (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 12:11pm  Reply
Dear Connie,

Fencing won't cut it. First there is no fencing there to put up. The area is impoverished beyond your wildest imagination. Second the people there need to eat and many of them starve to death each and every year. Since you're pretty well fed it's hard for you to imagine how important it is for them to eat anything. Killing a bull elephant (of which there are plenty) has no impact on the herd size and elephant social structure since it's the cows who run the herd. When a bull elephant is taken the people get to eat. Certainly that has to count for something.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 12:42pm  Reply
Scumbag! Killing innocent animals! You just wanted the tusks, and let the villagers feed off the scraps! You should be arrested.

I know this wont be posted, but I hope the message goes to you that your company will suffer because of this, you piece of shit.
Robert Christiansen (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 12:08pm  Reply
Dear Robert,

I am posting your message as an example of the typical uninformed, name calling post I get from the likes of you.

First I assume you resort to name calling (ie scumbag, piece of shit), because you really don't have anything intelligent to say. Here's some free advice: You moment you engage in name calling, it discredits whatever else you had to say.

I'll also point out that when problem elephant are taken everything goes to the tribal authority (tusks, hide, meat). The villagers don't feed off the scraps, they get it all and are incredibly happy because of that.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 12:38pm  Reply
OK here is my take on your trip to Africa. The elephants destroyed the crops and the people have nothing to eat. The people kill the elephants and now they can feed there people. Love you charity work. If you ever need a volunteer e-mail me.
Christine (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 11:58am  Reply
Dear Bob,

I am glad you are trying to help the villagers. However, there are ways to help without killing any animals. As a successful person, I am sure you can figure it out.
john ( (Colorado) on Mar 31 2011, 11:41am  Reply
I heard about your elephant hunt and want to say I support you all the way.
I am a hunter and fisherman as well.

steve Kenny (Missouri) on Mar 29 2011, 11:46am  Reply
Dear Bob

It is sad to read your explaination for killing elephants in zim.If You would us your position and monies to educate and protect Gods creations ,you would do more for this world than you get from the mocho need for satisfaction.
gary neyens (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 11:43am  Reply
Dear Gary,

No amount of money I could contribute would make much of a difference. I will also point out that most of the people who think it would have been better to let villagers starve to death aren't doing anything to help the situation.

bob parsons on Mar 30 2011, 12:33pm  Reply
If we all had the attitude that we can't make a difference, this world would be far worse off than it is today. What a sad way to use your platform to say that not even the CEO of a billion dollar company can make a difference. People without a dime to their name make a difference in Africa everyday. Helping to bring in water sources and LONG TERM food sources, not just feeding them an elephant and heading back to the life of luxury. C'mon now. If you truly "care", use your safari funds to give them a future that is self sustainable and quit feeding your ego under a humanitarian disguise.
Ashlea E on Apr 1 2011, 10:26pm  Reply
Dear Bob;
I'm sure local villagers appreciated the protein. You used to (maybe still can) buy canned elephant in S.A.
My main beef is that by buying a permit (or however you managed the legalities) in Zim, you're supporting the govt. of one of the world's worst dictators.
And helping poor villagers aside (always a worthy effort regardless of how it was rationalized), what's your excuse for hunting leopards, who are far more endangered than elephants?
Alan Dean Foster ( (Arizona) on Mar 29 2011, 08:15am  Reply
Dear Alan,

Neither African elephant nor leopard are endangered. In fact, I believe there will always be leopard because the animal is stealthy and incredibly resilient. Even in areas where hunting of leopard is permitted (always a wise thing) only a few are allowed to be taken each year.

It's important to keep the leopard population in check or you run into situations like there now exists in certain parts of India — where hunting is not permitted. There the leopard are so plentiful they frequently snatch young children either from or around their houses. Not a good situation.

There are also occasions in Africa where people fall prey to the cats in the twilight or very early hours when on photo safari. Of course, this doesn't happen with the frequency it happens in India, but when it does operators do their best to keep it hush hush.

All that said, I no longer hunt anything but problem elephant. I do this not because I have a problem hunting cats, but because dealing with the problem elephant is so helpful for the local residents.

Regarding Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe, I personally stay completely away from all of the politics. The reason is that the people there are innocent of the politics and no one really steps up to help them. Many of them suffer from untreated sickness and starvation. They are so wonderful and sweet. The absolutely nicest and most helpful people I've met anywhere. To boycott Zimbabwe because of the political situation would only hurt the locals — and I want no parts of that.

bob parsons on Mar 29 2011, 09:35am  Reply

Leopard are Near Threatened, that is their conservation status from WWF.

Let not play the game of what you believe and what I believe, neither of us are experts in wild life conservation.

The fact remains that the population of wild animals have steadily decreased with increase in human population.

They might not be endangered now but will become in future with increase in human population. So we cannot be reckless and go about kill every bull elephant rather we should address the root cause which is 'loss of habitat' for these elephants.

Manan (Ohio) on Apr 1 2011, 06:35am  Reply
Where's the "Like" button?? Great explanation, Bob!
Paul (Arizona) on Mar 31 2011, 04:35pm  Reply
Mr. Parsons,

I commend you for not hiding in the closet regarding your love of hunting.

Please consider dropping in at Accurate Reloading Forum where you will find like minded sportman that share your passion for wildlife conservation.
Jim (Alaska) on Mar 30 2011, 11:14am  Reply
Good for you Bob! Well done.
Michael Fossel ( on Mar 29 2011, 08:36pm  Reply
Just Curious why don't you post the negative comments??? We know live is not perfect and well your staff is......................
John Belo ( on Mar 29 2011, 07:34am  Reply
Dear John,

Actually I post every negative comment as long as it meets the rules of this blog. To be posted it must be:

1. Relevant to the blog.
2. Not a name calling tirade.
3. It contains a valid email address and is not anonymous. To me, anyone who posts an anonymous comment doesn't deserve to be heard. So comments need to have a name and a valid email address.

Often there are comments posted that deal with a service disconnect a customer thinks happened with More often than not it involves either the non-payment of a bill (we're not a non-profit organization) or some other issue like forgetting a password, etc. etc. In these cases, I simply forward the post to my customer service department and we reach out to the customer. So it's situation handled.

That said, the vast majority of comments customers post to this blog are made public. For example ... I've posted a number of the comments that condemn me for hunting problem elephant in Zimbabwe every year (even though they are not exactly relevant).

bob parsons on Mar 29 2011, 09:45am  Reply
Bob I watched your video and as a zimbabwean who has worked in the area and area's where the necessity to kill rouge animals takes place I appreciate your actions regardless of your motivations as these area's are staving for development opportunities to create wealth for locals to sustain their existance. I do feel given your stature, you and others like yourself could play a huge role at relatively little expense by promoting sustainable projects in this resource rich land which would not feed these locals for a day but for life. If you are truely interested in helping our people, contact me
Jonathan Mackenzie (Zimbabwe) on Mar 28 2011, 01:27pm  Reply
Hi Bob:

Hope all is well with you. I loved this vidoe

PS: Enjoyed your response to Bradford regarding elephant hunting.
Rob Gettemy (Iowa) on Mar 28 2011, 12:28pm  Reply
I am cancelling my account with as soon as it expires. Your video of hunting endangered elephants in Africa had shocked me to the core. I am an advocate for elephants and every single day, there are more reports that elephants have been killed in Africa due to illegal hunting and ivory trade. They say there will be no more elephants left by 2012 unless we stop killing them. There are other options other than killing off an endangered species. Shame on you.
Caroline ( on Mar 28 2011, 09:55am  Reply
I'm just so thankful you and people like you -weren't around when the dinasaurs were roaming this earth.
dkgssm (Arkansas) on Apr 7 2011, 06:15am  Reply
Dear Caroline,

You are completely misinformed. Elephants in Africa, especially in the Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa corridor exist in tremendous numbers. They are in absolutely no danger of becoming extinct. The bigger problem is that there is way too many of them.

You are right that there exists illegal hunting and ivory trade. This ironically happens mostly in places where hunting has been made illegal and there is no game mangement. The elephant population in Kenya was just about wiped out because of this.

I understand that your heart is the right place, but you simply don't have the facts. I've been over there six times now and work hard to help the farmers and villagers. The meat they get from the few elephants we take (which were in the process of destroying their crops) is literally the only protein they get. It's not like the USA where one can drive through a McDonald's.

bob parsons on Mar 28 2011, 10:58pm  Reply
Just saw your video celebrating the joy of elephant hunting. I have spent a fair amount of money with GoDaddy. Since seeing that video, I have spent my last dollar with GD. You want to help an African Village, send money, build fences to save crops, Preserve land. Killing elephants is a horror.
Bradford Goz (New York) on Mar 28 2011, 05:58am  Reply
Dear Bradford,

First you have to understand the people who have you riled up, have no idea what they're talking about.

Second, it's true. I spend a few weeks in Zimbabwe each year helping the farmers deal with problem elephants. The people there have very little, many die each year from starvation and one of the problems they have is the elephants, of which there are thousands and thousands, that trash many of their fields destroying the crops. The tribal authorities request that I and others like me, patrol the fields before and during the harvest — we can't cover them all, there are just a few of us — and drive the elephant from the fields. The farmers try to run the elephants away by cracking whips, beating drums and lighting fires. All of this is ignored by the elephants. When my team catch elephants in a field (there are never just one) we typically kill one of them and the rest leave for good. After we kill an elephant the people butcher the elephant and it feeds a number of villages. These people have literally nothing and when an elephant is killed it's a big event for them, they are going to be able to eat some protein. This is no different than you or I eating beef. If at all possible we avoid elephant cows and only kill mature bulls. By just killing bulls it has no effect on the elephant social structure (as it is matriarchal) as well as the herd size. The reason is another bull quickly steps up and breeds in place of the bull taken.

The people at are telling me that instead of shooting elephants destroying fields I should put a bee hive in the field or a line covered with chili pepper. Both ridiculous suggestions. I wonder how many of those people from will be on their way to Zimbabwe with bee hives and chili pepper covered string during the next harvest. My guess is none. I also would guess that none have ever been there. Should the folks at go to Zimbabwe with their bee hives and chili pepper lines, my guess is they'll return with a tusk in their ass and some very pissed off villages and farmers in their wake.

BTW, if you care to see the video you can find it here.

bob parsons on Mar 28 2011, 06:46am  Reply
As long as it goes to good use as food then it's all good. I did not see the video but when some thing is killed just for sport then it's wrong the good lord gave us the animals to eat and help keep us covered.
Thanks Godaddy keep up the good work
chad ( (Texas) on Mar 28 2011, 05:23pm  Reply
I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of the situation on the elephants. I understand their must be a balance between competing needs. If you want to help the villagers and the elephants you must go above the simple answers you may have chosen in making your choice. This country and its population choose lack vison and compassion. Shooting wild animals seldom solves the problem, creating a solution for both sides would show your creativity and skills. Let me know if you are interested in changing things for the better and we can work together for a reasonable solution.
Tripp Braden ( (Ohio) on Mar 28 2011, 11:56am  Reply
Dear Tripp,

Interesting idea ... create a solution for both sides. I wonder Tripp, do you have a solution that works well for both humans and cattle — something that helps both. The problem there is not much different than that. Unless you have been there and are willing to spend the cash, and it'll be an enormous sum, shooting a few rogue elephant to feed the starving locals seems to be the best solution.

bob parsons on Mar 28 2011, 11:04pm  Reply
great advice. There are too many big idea people who give up after the smallest set back. Persistence is the most valuable skill.
Aaron ( (Arizona) on Mar 23 2011, 09:36am  Reply