Love the videos Bob great info....... and lucky you with all the hot GO Daddy gals supporting you haaaaa..........
Marcella ( (Massachusetts) on May 14 2012, 09:53pm  Reply
Thanks for the tips, Bob. We have stood by those same ideas and it does work. Vendors are willing to work with us and small improvements do make a big difference. Glad I found your blog. Thanks
Ken ( (Idaho) on Feb 24 2012, 09:43am  Reply
One of the best video blogs I have seen - educational & Funny. Bob has a charming ability to cut through bull#@x! like a sharp knife through warm butter. Watch every post you will learn something in each of them.

Leo Edwards CII FAIQ
Leo Edwards ( on Feb 16 2011, 02:56pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
Thanks again for the tips, I must admit I have been thinking of cutting my adds due to budget constraints. I think I will try and keep it going...
Billy ( (South Africa) on Jan 27 2011, 01:25am  Reply
These are so true...I was questioning whether to close down business because people are just not willing to spend these days. But now I will rethink some strategies and kepp going!
Jorge ( (United States) on Nov 15 2010, 11:27am  Reply
Bob you emphasis on advertising but is it enough to just advertise and not to do search engine optimization?
Shania David ( (United States) on Nov 4 2010, 11:09pm  Reply
Dear Shania,

Everything works in unison. Search engine optimization should always be part of your advertising and promotion plan.

bob parsons on Nov 5 2010, 09:02am  Reply
I just want to take the time to say thank you! I found the videos uplifting. I was in the process of closing my business & I clicked on this video. The weird thing is I myself love the song thunder struck by AC/DC.
I began this business venture:
several companies basically tried to put me to the curb side. Funny thing is the tactic they use to try & get me to stop....A top Ex. even came to my home I think as a scare tactic. What he doesn't know is when he walked away I took 2 pictures & a short video of him at my home. I'm pretty sure a VP can't do something like that ...I felt like quitting & giving up because they are huge companies trying to impeed the process of my business.
However, watching your videos has just made me feel the song within my heart & soul & it's truely something I believe in so i'm going to go kick some sales & make them believers that a woman can make a huge roar! Thank bob parsons for the inspiration!
suzanne gronley ( on Oct 21 2010, 11:33am  Reply

Mann love your videos! Those who don't need to go drink a margarita and chill. I started a lead generation site and wanted to ask your use your advise on presenting the best value and price during these hard times. I represent other company's and trying to figure a way to have them give the best value and price since their service and price reflects on me for referring them.
Mike Sexton ( on Aug 22 2010, 10:16pm  Reply
Great info, Bob.
Dave St. George ( on Aug 5 2010, 10:52am  Reply
I have a lot of Internet Businesses. Listening to your advice reminded me of my situation. I was comfortable with my businesses. Suddenly when the economy went bad I spent more time on my online businesses. They are suddenly paying off. The bad economy I guess is just what I needed.

I needed this advice. It is like you are reading my mind.

I really liked how you answer a lot of people's questions on the blog. Since I have been watching these Vlogs I know how you are going to answer them before you do. I get a kick when it turns out I guessed right.

Keep up the great work.

Manuel De La Paz
Manuel De La Paz ( on Jul 1 2010, 08:16pm  Reply

Where are good places to look for start up capital and/or grants outside of private investors and friends and family? I have a great business plan with willing investors but even with them I need more start up capital to be prepared out of the gate. I am a veteran, is there any funding out there for veterans in startup?

Jonathan on Jun 12 2010, 09:40am  Reply
Dear Jonathan,

I can't help you here. I've never had an investor. Everything I did, I did with my own funds — even when I was broke. Good luck to you.

bob parsons on Jun 13 2010, 08:38pm  Reply
Thank you Bob I think your are great with all this videos we need more people like you, specially in this hard time but like you said we need to stand up and follow are dreams and make it happen. I 'm working on my new goal with a good attitude and getting the righ ingridients.Thank you
THE RESIDENCE SOLUTIONS on Apr 8 2010, 06:36am  Reply

I really like the enthusiam you use in the video blogs. I am an Electrical Contractor and i have switched from construction over to more troubleshoot/service related work. It is going okay but I want to increase my market share! People do not buy my services from my website due to the type of service I provide. Got any ideas to help me out? Thanks
John Grass ( on Jan 8 2010, 03:33pm  Reply
Hello John,
I just read your letter at the BobParsons Video part of Godaddy.
I am at your website and it's as good as any brochure.
You asked how to get more business from your pages.
Well here's my 2cents worth:

Put all the information you have about your services, products and special deals.
Have a theme:
We are green: - windpower, solarcells, new types of green bulbs and fixtures, etc
We take care of you: generators, batteries, etc.
We can offer insurance plans and even financing if needed (local insurance,loan company, bank, will give you a fee.)
We not only do all the work for you but offer yearly inspections (small fee) and suggest upgrades that can lower or even eliminate expensive power bills with considerable savings to you.
Putting your photo and making the site friendly. Customer quotes and ask every customer if they would like their photo there with quote: Mary Loo says: "Oh wonderful service... and he's soooo handsome" .
A tips and hints or Q and A page.
Take photo's of all your jobs, past and present.
Don't bother to try and look "slick" - just look honest, friendly and excellent at your job.

- blah blah.

Once the website is loaded with the things that describe your business correctly and fully and the page leaves very few unanswered questions... then...
You now have to let everyone in the area you wish to serve know and, as
all the info is now on the web, all you have to do is get people to the website.
Forget the search engines until you sell solar panels to the world.

The only thing needed are short text ads in all the classifieds.
Simple ads that say: Come! Turn on the Light! Now!
Put that simple ad everywhere you want business

The response will be surprising but make sure you are ready to show them everything you sell on the website.
Your website is the world's eye on you!
Jy ( on May 24 2010, 02:20am  Reply
Good Videos. Used your input to help visualize a proposal. I likeAC/DC as much as the next ex-football player, but YOU are who I wanna hear.

question is.. who are you targeting with music that's a touch too loud? Do you NEED it to be heard!
Chuck Dorris ( on Jan 6 2010, 01:50pm  Reply
I'm reviewing all you vlogs again.
Thanks Bob for the another GREAT episode!
Rick ( on Dec 12 2009, 05:20pm  Reply

I have always loved your commercials. They certainly work at capturing attention and are good for a laugh every time I see one. Heck they did their job and made me want to investigate your company further. Now that I am starting my new company I came back to look at what you have to offer. Once here I discovered your Marine video blog and your entrepreneur video blogs. I knew I liked you and your company before but now I understand why. You and I think so much alike and have similiar back grounds....Marine Corps, Software, Technology, Motorcycles, Theories on doing business. You sure we weren't seperated at birth? Keep up the great work and I look forward to doing business with a like-minded person/company.
Mark Krug on Dec 5 2009, 06:45pm  Reply
Hey BOB ,
I love your spirit and enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing your experiences . I am an entreprenuer / musician who wants to enroll in B school can you please share your thoughts on whether or not Bschool is worth it . Did u go to Bschool or Grad school and would you do it again ?
Moyeen music ( on Dec 4 2009, 01:15pm  Reply
Dear Moyeen:
Bob is away working on Super Bowl commercials so I will reply. Bob didn't go to Business School - although he does have an Accounting degree from the Univ of Baltimore and is a licensed CPA. If Bob were here, I'm confident he would state that only you can decide if Business school is right for you. He would also tell you that don't expect a degree from Business school to be the answer to all your dreams and problems. Hard word, persistence and thinking out of the box is probably as important (if not more important) than the degree itself. The degree is a good start, assuming you think it is right for you - but once you have that degree — well, that's when the real work begins. Hope this helps! Best of luck!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away working on Super Bowl commercials)
Nima on Dec 5 2009, 10:44am  Reply
Thanks Bob. You enthusiasm in infectious.
Sam Visvalingam on Oct 30 2009, 09:56am  Reply
I agree fully. Bad times are the best occasion to develop the own business, since competitors are going to die, unless they are offering something outstanding: quality. Buyers are never looking for more quality than in bad times, and if quality always was your best horse, now people will appreciate and spread your business for free.
Giovanni on Oct 30 2009, 03:42am  Reply
Great advice!! Will definitely remember!!
Rachel ( on Sep 2 2009, 06:04am  Reply
God I love this stuff!
I think Bob is so damn positive because he's been through the shit.
Folks look at me like a nut sometimes because after the Corps, everything is easy in comparison.
Consider me a lifelong fan.
Semper Fi
Chris Moline, LEED AP ( on Aug 19 2009, 03:56pm  Reply
Hi, I'm starting an online company with aspirations of being as big as twitter and facebook. Lofty, but still. I've got the site designed, it's workings and the business model sorted out. Now, I need someone to build it. Problem is, this site is going to be a big build. Do I:

A: Look overseas to get the site built, where costs are far cheaper. (may compromise my edge though, by putting my idea into others hands, who I have no control over). Having said this, I'd be in complete control of the business and retain 100% steak.

B: Look for investors locally through a investment/idea matching agency. I'd potentially get the money I need, but woulkd sacrifice a chunk of the business. But I guess 50% of something is better than 100% of f-all.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Alaster ( on Aug 17 2009, 12:50am  Reply
Small everyday improvements over time give huge advantages....sound words of wisdom.
Love the little video edits through out. Very cool
Mick ( on Aug 9 2009, 10:24pm  Reply
Super Great Tips. An expert knows the techniques but a champion applies them.
John Meska ( on Aug 1 2009, 12:43pm  Reply
Bob Parsons. A maverick Indeed. We follow and Obey.
LeapBrowser ( on Jul 26 2009, 05:50pm  Reply

I was introduced to your blog about a week ago.
It's great
Keep up the good work, it's very thought provoking.

Be Well, and Best Regards
Marwshall Barney ( on Jul 26 2009, 08:01am  Reply
One of the points that I retain about renegotiating with the vendors, it's a good point, I will try this to see what outcome it will bring .
Jeff Jean ( on Jul 20 2009, 07:57am  Reply
Mr. Parsons
Your little blogs are a good as any I have ever seen. You are certainly doing a great service in this economy for small business people who are struggling to stay focused. I have very few technology skills but am a good sales person. It's nice to hear positive encouragement. Thank you again.
gloria gregory on Jul 19 2009, 06:06am  Reply
With companies getting larger and larger "customer service" is too often not a priority. This is a prime time for small/medium businesses to take a portion of this business back by showing a sincere interest in "customer service" - Jeff/
Jeff ( on Jul 18 2009, 02:51pm  Reply
Bob, I like your style and certainly the company you keep. I have been a staffing recruiter for 19 years and although i have never experience this type of a down economy. I simply refuse to give up without a good fight! Semper Fi.
Sal Espinoza ( on Jul 17 2009, 12:37pm  Reply
I love what you've done and how you've achieved it. Your 16 rules are inspiring. Your bookend beauties are a nice touch. Thank you for your words of encouragement and enlightenment.
Jack Hansen on Jul 16 2009, 09:12pm  Reply
Wow!! Someone who gets customer service!! It's awesome to see there are people who still have this kind of commitment!! Well Done Bob!!
Sincerely, Deborah Parsons
(and no, I'm not a relative!! LOL)
Deborah Parsons ( on Jul 16 2009, 07:09pm  Reply
Great Stuff! This is the first video I have seen, and it is very nicely done. Keep up the good work.

joseph ( on Jul 16 2009, 01:58pm  Reply
Every word you speak is valuable. You have confirmed previous ideas and plans that I've had. Dude you rock!
Michael Chapala on Jul 4 2009, 02:02pm  Reply
i like your company. i like how you do business (the customer service was awesome). i like you. great job with these blogs. i may have to give you a cameo in my feature film...

ray chang
ray chang ( on Jun 29 2009, 09:23am  Reply
Great information Bob!

"The progressive realization of a worthwhile goal."
Land Sales Company ( on Jun 23 2009, 08:37am  Reply
I am looking for a simplified approach to running my business with you, but this big-picture stuff is well done and fun to watch. I also agree. Thank you.
John Evan Frook ( on Jun 19 2009, 06:07am  Reply
really good points and you've managed to make this funny... great job!
Jose Ruiz ( on Jun 13 2009, 02:59pm  Reply
youtube ( on Jun 12 2009, 03:52am  Reply
cool stuff!!
Taibo ( on Jun 11 2009, 05:02am  Reply
WOW!! What a great blog. I just stumbled across your blog Bob. Great information.
Darrin Lindsay ( on Jun 10 2009, 07:35pm  Reply
Great business advice Dr. Bob! Our Arizona Scanning "Cheapskates" are busier than ever and, we are cutting overhead costs in order to expand into new photo scanning and slide scanning services. Thanks Marine!
Marc Tibesar ( on Jun 8 2009, 06:51pm  Reply
Great blog! I always say, "You can't afford NOT to advertise." I sell credit card merchant processing and right now, by helping business owners cut processing costs and increase the ways customers can pay them, I have made the bad economy work for me.
James Hussher ( on Jun 8 2009, 06:38am  Reply
This is exactly what i will do Bob...Thanks a lot.
Mert Eksi ( on Jun 3 2009, 04:35pm  Reply
A good and valuable message. Though I have never lowered my prices when times are tough. It's a bit like dropping your pants in a sandstorm. You are likely to get sand in the crack. I found that improving CRM (even providing Tea/Coffee at our office (even a slice of Pizza) works very well. Makes customers feel welcome. Great video - and that's what it is about. 'Make some money and have some fun along the way'
Ian Shelby on May 30 2009, 12:17pm  Reply
Nice video. great CEO
Jon ( on May 30 2009, 10:51am  Reply
great Info give to people for free!! Free advise is hard to come by—
JS ( on May 28 2009, 04:57pm  Reply
Hey Bob awesome video blog of yours...
This lesson really helps me to understand businesses..

gilbert@second chance checking ( on May 22 2009, 10:45am  Reply
Dear Bob,
I hope big success runs in the family! I'm impressed by all that you've accomplished. I'd love to meet you someday. I've just recently learned that your my 2nd cousin, I'm honored to call you family. My mom, (Marjorie Free) said I should look you up, when I told her I wanted to start a business. I don't think she realizes how busy you probably are. You truly are an inspiration, thanks! Liz

Liz Molyneux on May 22 2009, 07:30am  Reply
follow all you do on all social networks, thanks for the advice.
Different ( on May 19 2009, 11:14am  Reply
Just discovered your blog. I LOVE IT Great format, great advice and a great pair (of spokesmodels, that is) and you look like you're having a lot of fun.
Brian Fuller ( on May 17 2009, 05:59am  Reply
Bob, Robert you are a star. We, I love you. There are people who desperately need you, and I am one of them.
Anonymous on May 16 2009, 01:48pm  Reply
Is it just me or Bob Parsons sounds and acts a lot like Krusty Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants? LOL.
Sameer ( on May 15 2009, 04:02pm  Reply
Fantastic advise! Thank you! I appreciate it!
Linc2010 ( on May 14 2009, 07:32am  Reply
Hi Bob—I just discovered your page from another link. Awesome! I left an earlier comment. I really like your attitude and the things you have to say both in your video and to your followers. I'm re-entering the MLM biz in telecom and see that there are thousands of the same kind of sites which is frustrating but that's the nature of the business world as we know. So can you suggest some practical software that does what it says or ways to steer leads to my page or do I need an additional page? I am also an artist and have music MySpace and Facebook pages. I like the biz I'm in but I'm basically a newbie so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Bob keep up the good work! Patty
Twitter me @lil5linxgurl.
Patty ( on May 11 2009, 12:07pm  Reply
Oh, this is the best one so far. It's not only positive, but also very informational. Never stop growing.

- Vincent @
Vincent ( on May 6 2009, 04:26pm  Reply
Your blog just as good as always Bob. Keep up with the good work, I like your video blog.
Georges Elliots ( on May 6 2009, 06:20am  Reply
Joe Sabah ( on May 4 2009, 08:07am  Reply
Thanks, Bob. Great stuff for everyone to follow to make 2009 more profitable and worth all the efforts. Keep up all the great sharing of your vast and helpful knowledge (http/
Joseph Schinzel ( on May 4 2009, 04:13am  Reply
The economy is tough but watching your blogs make it alot easier. thanks for the enterainment.
Top Search Engine ( on May 2 2009, 07:45am  Reply
Go Daddy. Go Daddy. Go. your link love and interesting video blogs are the best on the web.
leapBrowser ( on May 2 2009, 07:43am  Reply
5 things and two girls, what a combination.
Go Bob Go......
Different ( on May 2 2009, 07:41am  Reply
greatest blog ever. This site is fun. The 5 things are that help you get through this economy topic is hot.
leapbrowser ( on May 2 2009, 07:38am  Reply
Everyone deserves a 'GOOD DADDY' and
you are the best!! Thanks for all the inspiration,
and drama. Watch for my message of inspiration on Home FORECLOSURES and the UNITE message to the World on Outer Space site.
Emma Pearl Allen ( on May 1 2009, 01:04pm  Reply
You've got great chicks and great advice. Nice marketing with the video blog and VH1 style editing. Well done.
Rich ( on May 1 2009, 11:50am  Reply
I heard a story from Bob (he was as speaker at a seminar in Phoenix) about how he improved business by putting a $1,000.00 a day into his customer service center. His motivation was that he had returned from the dentist (the dentist was a friend of Bob's) who gave Bob some extra laughing gas to calm his nerves, when Bob returned to the office, everyone else seem unhappy, and so he started the $1,000.00 a day campaign. Is this story written in a blog or published somewhere. I am a consultant and I would like to use the story for client motivation.
Jim Dunning ( on May 1 2009, 10:23am  Reply
Go Daddy rules.
Arn ( on May 1 2009, 08:54am  Reply
Your so right keep up the great work
TC Dixon ( on May 1 2009, 08:36am  Reply
Nicely done bob... a little bit 'biased' about the advertising money :) :) hah
james peckham ( on May 1 2009, 06:44am  Reply
LOL, I do not have a plan yet, but I am working on it...and thanks for this video. It definitely gave me some food for thought especially on advertisting rates.

As for the girls, the only reason some folks find them offensive is because the girls are hot. They would be hot in a potato sack or a burma.

If you dressed plain janes in the same clothes, no one would have said anything. ...and you have to evaluate what I just said in light of my position that I would never vote to allow a strip club into my community nor do I agree that adult material should be protected free speech.

Beautiful women inspire men to action. No one of any stripe can argue that point. All women have their own beauty, just sometimes you have to look harder...listen to that Boleyn woman and you will understand.

Tim Singleton on May 1 2009, 04:56am  Reply
Thanks for the words of inspiration!
suzanne ( on May 1 2009, 03:21am  Reply
Hey Bob- price per service has always been customers are cutting way back (which includes my service) and I am trying to keep afloat on that 3 hour tour! If I lower prices, making the bills will be very difficult, but will keep some customers.
So, here is the question..If I lower the price on my service...I am worried that they won't keep coming when I have to raise it again. What are your thoughts? People get used to getting a bargain, you know? Many only come when it is on sale!!! Keep up the great work! Suz
suz ( on May 1 2009, 03:18am  Reply
Dear Suz,

Cutting price is only one way to do something special. Another way is to take a look at your classes and enrich the experience in some way you might not be doing now. The idea is to generate some excitement among your customer base and others.

The whole idea is to take a step back, take a hard look at what you're doing and try to make it better in a way that creates renewed interest.


bob parsons on May 1 2009, 09:28pm  Reply
Hello Bob- Thank you..I will do just that....and let you know the outcome. Are you a yogi too? Namaste, Suz
Suz ( on May 3 2009, 02:27pm  Reply
Dear Suz,

I'm too fat to be a yogi. Maybe a yogi bear.

I did take a look on your website and seen you signed off with namaste there — so I did the same with my reply.

bob parsons on May 3 2009, 10:16pm  Reply
blog faster......your link love is beautiful Leapbrowser serch
LeapBrowser ( on Apr 30 2009, 07:25pm  Reply
Hey Bob! Not Bad. Only thing I would recommend is that you use your hands in a more effective way. You keeps canceling out the images we makes in our minds by using your hands the same way. Hands and movements communicate subconsciously. Try taking a simple course in NLP and DHE You'll be truly amazed.
Roger Gauthier ( on Apr 30 2009, 07:10pm  Reply
Blah blah blah useful information if you live in the shallowest sandbox in the world. I know quick hitter type of piece. How about some follow up on how any of your advice could actually happen? I do admire your childish use of video and tits er girls, are they your daughters? Thought not do they get health care? You seem to think the only one in business is a straight male. Which I happen to be I am just trying to be outside the box. I want to thank you for the way in which your character limit is done and displayed every other time I am in one of these boxes I end up deleting nine tenths of what I have typed and that is a real downer so kudos to Dr. BOB. If you do happen to need someone new in your organization I am willing to share all of my many fields of experience to help and earn some money as the result of making you and your organization better. Do not be afraid of the man behind the curtain Dr. Bob for it is me Steve. Not a Dr. or any thing important just a Chef with a world of many other experiences that could benefit you and the rest of the world. Thank you for your time and effort in producing this video and this box. Look forward to your response.
Steve on Apr 30 2009, 05:39pm  Reply
"only one in business is a straight male. Which I happen to be I am just trying to be outside the box."

Uh huh. Right. Okay. Sure. A fellow who needs to qualify his orientation AND wears an apron.

Okey dokey.
Tim Singleton ( on May 2 2009, 11:47am  Reply
I am going to switch, and I agree with you. I have survived recessions with 3 business 's at one time and sold them later, making money once the dust settled. But I lost my self esteem recently. No more my friend now.
Ed Manley
Edward John Manley ( on Apr 30 2009, 02:59pm  Reply
Thank you for your inspiration. I need to learn you life's lessons and maybe we can trade some from each other. As I have 50 years and much hind sight but you are 100% correct. Carry on Wayward my Son!! Thank you,
Ed Manley
Rock Solid International
Edward John Manley ( on Apr 30 2009, 02:57pm  Reply
Any suggestions on how or who to use to design my web-site? I was looking into using Thanks Bob!!!!
Eric Palacios ( on Apr 30 2009, 02:12pm  Reply
Dear Eric,

Start simple. Improve it everyday. Measure everything you do.

bob parsons on May 1 2009, 01:56pm  Reply
Hi bob I am a 25 years old. I am looking to start a detail company with in the next year any recommendations.
Eric Palacios ( on Apr 30 2009, 02:09pm  Reply
I agree complety now is the time to step your game up
Anthony ( on Apr 30 2009, 12:27pm  Reply
Thanks Bob for the GREAT reminders! You are sooooo right about how we can, as business owners, turn this "bad economy" into good. I appreciate the good business you run through Go Daddy and the great customer support! Keep up the good work. Oh, and I love the sound effects in your video...Camtasia?
Karie Clingo ( on Apr 30 2009, 11:27am  Reply
Anyone that can make a fortune out of selling something that should be free is a master in my book.

We get all of our domains from godaddy because the people rock, and people make the difference in any business.

Our business helps other businesses save money on their communications and we are kicking @ss right now.

Keep up the good work Bob! Semper Fi - Jim. (temp)
Jim Holmes ( on Apr 30 2009, 09:53am  Reply
Do you think it is a bad idea to start a new company with the economy as it is?
Cacho ( on Apr 30 2009, 08:18am  Reply
Dear Cacho,

This could very well be the best time to start a new company. if you can make it now, you'll roar when times improve.

bob parsons on Apr 30 2009, 10:52am  Reply
Very cool video. Nice effects and music editing. Congrats. I've been telling fellow business owners these same principles. Thanx for sharing!

Raven ( on Apr 30 2009, 07:27am  Reply
Thanks to Meg in the sales dept, she is the greatest!!
Give her a raise ;-)
Thanks again
Mark ( on Apr 30 2009, 07:16am  Reply
Nice to see not everyone is talking gloom and doom... Very classy and admireable that you would take the time to emphasise what we all know , but most are not thinking... to many people only listen to the news and forget the basics... When times are hard, look for the oppotunties and work harder! thanks for taking the time to get a positive message out there, and honest, with your associates on the video, I would have been happy and motivated if you only chose to read the phone book outloud. I am on now to begin the process of building a website for my commercial and investment real estate brokerage... already taking your advice of more marketing and positioning when all this ridiculous fear is over.
Thank you again for the post, I hope everyone will listen and go back to the basics that most of us have not had to do for a very long time.
Chris on Apr 30 2009, 07:11am  Reply
While I find your commercials with Danica Patrick 'funny and entertaining' and I know what I will see if I go see 'the rest of the video' online, some older racing fans are not computer people. I was commented about Danica during a commercial and my father-in-law said something to the tune of 'she's nothing but a stripper, now'. He assumes that if anyone goes to see the rest of the video on line, it involves nudity. His thinking is along the lines of people who just read the newspaper headlines and make an opinion on what is in the rest of the article from that headline. Danica deserves to have people thinking better of her.
Chuck Hankinson ( on Apr 30 2009, 06:22am  Reply
Dear Chuck,

A stripper? nudity? I don't think so. There's never been any nudity in anything we've ever done.

Regarding Danica: The vast majority of Americans and others have an incredibly positive opinion of Danica.

bob parsons on Apr 30 2009, 10:49am  Reply
Bob this is exactly what businesses need to hear. Not the answers but a direction. I've renegotiated 2 contracts, saved a bundle and switched to GoDaddy for cheaper, reliable hosting. No brainers. Keep 'em coming Bob - and for the girls; well done.
Russell Ackner ( on Apr 30 2009, 05:35am  Reply
good advice. Kind of hard watching with Bob's hands moving all the time. Are you Italian?
Keep up the good work.
T J Bender ( on Apr 30 2009, 05:07am  Reply
Dear T.J.,

Mostly Polish and from Baltimore. Our hands go up and down whenever we talk.

bob parsons on Apr 30 2009, 10:39am  Reply
"Mostly Polish"? You look Polish enough to me, unlike your last name :)
Where from? - if that's not pushing it too far? (Beyond Baltimore)
Matt on Apr 30 2009, 07:32pm  Reply
The info is informative and fast moving. Video clips are amusing. I will continue to view them. HOWEVER, with such fantastic customer service products, and motivating information why do you feel the need for the Hooter style girls (we know the answer) As a man growing my business in the US and now Europe they were offensive to me. Let your service and products be the selling points.
Greg Allen ( on Apr 30 2009, 01:25am  Reply
Dear Greg,

"Your comment was mostly positive" ... I tell myself. So, thanks ... I think.

Thanks for taking the time to post,

bob parsons on Apr 30 2009, 10:37am  Reply
Really? Found the Hooter's girls pretty offensive, as a woman watching your blog. Why not at least dress them in business attire, as you yourself are?
Dominique on Apr 29 2009, 04:16pm  Reply
I agree with you. But then maybe's target customers include those that would be more easily persuaded by these hooter-like girls. It makes me sad but at the same time I guess it is business, not personal. Still I wish things were more different. Makes me not want to buy from GoDaddy, but I still do because of their product quality. Sigh.
bb on Apr 30 2009, 03:04am  Reply
Agreed. Appreciate the comments.
greg allen ( on Apr 30 2009, 01:26am  Reply
What are you guys thinking?

GoDaddy is not like most other boring Web service providers. I think GD's size position in the market must indicate that it works and not everybody thinks the online business should look like Microsoft packaging.
Jim Bob ( on Apr 30 2009, 02:13pm  Reply
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DANNY ( on Apr 29 2009, 02:48pm  Reply
I need to add that free blog spot, how is it done.
Sharon ( on Apr 30 2009, 12:25pm  Reply
Entertaining - I enjoyed watching it but didn't learn anything new. Would have liked to forward to colleagues, but 5 minutes is a long time for entertainment only. Would love more specifics - statistics, strategies or good deals. Thank you!!
Cheryl on Apr 29 2009, 02:28pm  Reply
I like ur way of speach
Sam on Apr 29 2009, 02:24pm  Reply
Great site, blog, & company! Any opening for a Windows system admin in Flagstaff? I'd love to work for GoDaddy in Flagstaff!!!
Raul J. on Apr 29 2009, 12:34pm  Reply
I like what you have to say. I am a hardworking entrepreneur and run an entertainment company and at times I read your 16 rules to look for motivation. This was my first video watch and it was great to watch. Hope you actually do read all your comments. Check out the progrss.
Ryan Brennan
97 Bmx World Champion
Ryan Brennan ( on Apr 29 2009, 10:38am  Reply
Great video. With the slow economy, our retail sales are down, our website sales are up, and our Government sales are up. My goal is to stay ahead of last years sale. So far so good. We have some good suppliers. Most of them will drop ship to the customers for us. So we don't need a lot of inventory. Our expenses are down and sales are up.
Gary Grigg ( on Apr 29 2009, 09:34am  Reply
Once again your staff, (Luke) found a solution to my question. You're the man.
And as always,
Gordon Ferguson Yackle
Gordon Ferguson Yackle ( on Apr 29 2009, 08:54am  Reply
Hey Bob,

I love what you do with your blog. I was paying particular attention to the female's comment below about bimbos and boobs. You definitely pull off this advertising in a tactful way without compromising morals and values.

I am trying to explain this type of marketing to my significant other with the promotion of our clothing line but it's not going well. Any advice?
Ryan ( on Apr 29 2009, 08:15am  Reply
Dear Ryan,

Advice on how you can persuade your wife? Given that I've been divorced twice, that definitely falls outside of my abilities.

My suggestion is simply this, take a look at the video blog I released in Feb 2009 that deals with advertising secrets. Maybe that will help you convince the Mrs.

bob parsons on Apr 29 2009, 09:31am  Reply
First video blog I've listened to Bob. I will have to pay more attention to them. I liked the positive messages you presented in an entertaining way. Nice job dude! Keep up the good work.

Brad Mangas ( on Apr 29 2009, 06:39am  Reply
I love the people who try to market to Bob thourgh this! Leave him alone and learn from the master...keep up the good work Bob - great job and truly GREAT advice.

by the way if you ever need a....just kidding!

Joe ( on Apr 29 2009, 04:39am  Reply all you females out there...can you PUH-LEASE get a grip!! If you know ANYTHING about advertising SEX sells...from bread to cars to web services.

The next time you go to the salon to dye your hair or drop $200 at the MAC counter or spend $500 bucks on the "perfect" outfit, oh and let's not forget Victoria's Secret. I'm sure they're in business just for lesbians and woman to like to look "hot" just for their own self-esteem. Right.

Anyway next time you do one of the above activities, please email me and tell me how your doing all this to "satisfy" YOU and not trying to look good for the man in your life or the man you're TRYING to get into your life.

I'm a straight female...I have NO problem with females in advertising as a way to appeal to "certain" demographics. I am also NOT a push over, I don't feel "used" or "objectified" by men, and I can assure you in the business world I have no problems being taken seriously.

I don't see "Hooters" going out of business.

Perhaps, if "women" would just realize there actually is a DIFFERENCE between men and women life would be much more pleasant for all involved (maybe divorce rates would even be reduced—-but that's another story).

Anyway, LIGHTEN UP...The so-called PC (political correctness) we now have has driven us apart as a people in whole rather then bringing us together.

So, if Bob wants a couple of girls at his side to help him make his points...big freaking deal..LET HIM.

Which also many multi-million dollar companies are you running these days "ladies"???

And to you Bob...I thought it was an informative and funny video. Keep having fun at what you do.

Theresa ( on Apr 29 2009, 03:33am  Reply
hey Bob nice video. The fun and motivation was a plus.... I am glad I was able to watch it and will like to see more.... For I am a new comer and would love some of your assistance in getting started....
SAMANTHA on Apr 29 2009, 01:12am  Reply
laughing my head off I can watch this video over and over again LOL it's cool
SAMANTHA on Apr 29 2009, 12:57am  Reply
hahahaha like he needs your business case you haven't noticed Bob is living his life the way HE wants to and doesn't care who doesn't like it. There's a kudos for you Bob! Way to enjoy life. Maybe instead of taking offense, people will start to notice the positive in things.

Peace. Love. Personal Responsibility!!!
melissa on Apr 28 2009, 08:27pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

Please remember you also have female customers. Where are the HOT Guys!!!!

We NEED HOT guys get rid of the girls very boring!! Women have been exploited enought it's time to exploit the sexuality of men! Lead the pack!!!

Thank you for remembering women and their nees.
e. ( on Apr 28 2009, 07:58pm  Reply

You rock & ride...Keep the good advice coming....


The Prince.
Johnny Angelone ( on Apr 28 2009, 05:16pm  Reply
I love your blog and I love to watch your videos. You really give motivation to the cunsumers and businesses.

Mohammad Afaq
<a href="">Free Website Traffic</a>
Mohammad Afaq ( on Apr 28 2009, 04:26pm  Reply
Good advice.

say, what software are you using to make those videos?

mrt on Apr 28 2009, 04:22pm  Reply
Dear mrt,

We use final cut for mac.

bob parsons on Apr 29 2009, 01:27am  Reply
Loved this video and your 16 rules...hey, and I'm people, lighten up and enjoy a good laugh
Sue Redenbaugh ( on Apr 28 2009, 12:25pm  Reply
A three hour tour.... HA!
Perry ( on Apr 28 2009, 12:13pm  Reply
I appreciate that you are sharing the benefits of your expertise. As a professional business woman, I found the "babes" with their boobs hanging out of the tacky t-shirts very off-putting. I think you need to re-do your spot to appeal to all people minus the "bimbos". You have good information to offer, but the manner in which you are coming across seems tacky.
alicelaughing on Apr 28 2009, 11:55am  Reply
Dear alicelaughing,

Boobs hanging out? I don't think so. Bimbos? Not here either.

bob parsons on Apr 29 2009, 01:24am  Reply
I really liked the message of the video... reinforces the "basics" of business... but honestly the girls with the chests were very demeaning... Your target market also includes women... and some of us run a damn good business too!
Lisa ( on Apr 28 2009, 11:05am  Reply
You should talk about how bartering for goods and services can help in a bad economy as well.
Catherine Cohen ( on Apr 28 2009, 09:53am  Reply
I think that the information you have is relevant and motivational. I believe that you might experiment a bit with doing a few blogs where there are no sexual innuendos....and see what happens. Seems that might be stepping out....and discovering a whole new market. Just a thought. :)

I am a woman, I was listening to what you had to say, not really paying attention to the rest of it. Thanks for the insight. Trying to start over on my own and looking for the right company to host a website as well as register domain names.

Have a good one.
ICare on Apr 28 2009, 07:58am  Reply
Bob, you ROCK!
Love the AC/DC ending!
Keep up the great work!

Bring yourself and the gals to Vancouver, BC sometime!
It's almost as beautiful as them! ;)
Ryan on Apr 28 2009, 07:46am  Reply
Dear Ryan,

Other than producing the blog, I spend no time with Amber or Reva. Same thing goes for the Go Daddy Girls. It's all business my friend.

Now Renee is another story. :)

bob parsons on Apr 28 2009, 08:42am  Reply
I am a newwwwbie to all of this. Would you tell me where I can find your link to your custom website division cause I could sure use some help creating the one I purchased.Thanks in advance for all you do!
wendy on Apr 28 2009, 07:19am  Reply
Dear Wendy,

They will be reaching out to you.

bob parsons on Apr 28 2009, 08:40am  Reply
good advice — i liked the 16 rules too! will have to check these out more often.
Noah ( on Apr 28 2009, 06:49am  Reply

I have been a fan of what Go Daddy offers now for quite a few years. I love your products and what you can do with them. You and your team are always improving - be it a good or bad economy.

I whole heartedly agree. Strive to do that bit better every day regardless of anything and look back and see progress.

Thanks again.
adeezpk ( on Apr 28 2009, 03:41am  Reply
Thank you for the really cool video blogs. They're fun entertaining and educational - what more could you ask for? I'm fascinated by females finding them sexist - I guess some people are just born uptight. Are they saying those of us that are naturally well endowed may never wear tight t-shirts? Geez, that's not fair! Maybe they're just jealous.
I love your poster - 16 rules - it's up on the wall next to me.
Beth on Apr 28 2009, 03:27am  Reply
I love those girls myself. How about some Beefcake for them? Your Male sponsors in those tanktops and shorts, for example. Perhaps the sexist comments would go away for the most part if the girls had something nice to look at too(well, there are all kinds, so this could REALLY broaden your audience)
Oh, I almost forgot... Ihave your poster in Large on the wall in my office for my employees and me to see every day. Thank you for the motivational videos too. They get me going fresh every time.
Yes, and GoDaddy is the best! I have a dedicated server with many websites I maintain myself. I could not do it without the GoDaddy tools. Thanks, Bob. You do measure up.
Paul ( on Apr 28 2009, 12:37pm  Reply
I thought it was an excellent presentation.
Thanks Bob.
joseph godda ( on Apr 28 2009, 03:00am  Reply
Very cool and spot on. Cannot understand the comment about degrading women. makes the point perfectly. And, If you need a stand-in Bob,,, ;-)
Pat ( on Apr 28 2009, 01:56am  Reply
Bob, I like the girls on the blog, they add fun to an otherwise too serious world, the trailers make me laugh ;). Im going to be using your site for all my trades, hey you give good free advice, what more could you ask for? can't wait for the next one.
phil lyon on Apr 28 2009, 01:52am  Reply
Some people are too politically correct.
Good video.
Dre on Apr 28 2009, 12:22am  Reply
You are the Hugh Hefner of the .COM world!!!

keep it up! :)
Bruno Portela on Apr 27 2009, 09:33pm  Reply
Greetings Bob,
Thanks for the savvy insight. You and the head man at PREPAID LEGAL SERVICES INC. are tuned in to the real world. You both answer the question: How can I turn this into a positive?. My question is: Did all the money disappear or did the paperwork absorb it?
Robert F Mick ( on Apr 27 2009, 08:17pm  Reply
I think its a funny video. I think if your feeling insecure as a woman you may be offended by many things. I think whats more important is the advice given and the positive message it sends to business owners.
Jennifer on Apr 27 2009, 07:34pm  Reply
You're probably playing to a male audience, but to me, a woman, the sexy broads detract from your message. The content was spot on. I teach Good to Great concepts to my undergraduates and when they get jobs, they kick bottom and take names. If you're going to reference a Korean term, you might want to have it spelled out on the screen. It helps reinforce the concept. "Kaizen" is not as well understood as you presumed. Don't overproduce these spots. The intro took forever and while the music helps pacing, get the message across in less time. Get into the meat faster and let us get on with our lives! Here are some facts that would be helpful to your audience. They are embedded in this speaker's bureau reel:

Your pointers are much appreciated.

Dawn Fotopulos
Professor Dawn Fotopulos ( on Apr 27 2009, 07:04pm  Reply
I think I finally figured out who "created" Danny...LOL

You have good taste my friend :-)

By the girl beats your girl —- stay tuned

Dan ( on Apr 27 2009, 06:06pm  Reply
Bob, This is a good video. I like you approach style and eye for eye candy!!

I am an old software guy who has become a online Poker, Sportsbook and Casino Affiliate Marketing Guru.

You should consider having your own brand of online Pokerroom, GoDaddy Online Poker and Casino.

E-mail me and I can show you how!!
Barry Dee ( on Apr 27 2009, 04:47pm  Reply
Top Man....(the girls are not to shabby either!). We have never met in person, but you have earned my genuine respect via your blogs and straight shooting advice...Great stuff.

Now I am reselling your products...

Best regards,

Tony (From England, UK)
Tony Shotton ( on Apr 27 2009, 04:23pm  Reply
Good information, but I don't think you need to throw the sex in. It is distracting. I do love Updaddy and have used it for years. You team helped me achieve number position in Google for the search terms in my title page. I can't thank you enough.
Erik Bohlin ( on Apr 27 2009, 03:04pm  Reply
Excellent stuff Bob. I´ll continue watching your blog and recommending it other.
Neil Rhule ( on Apr 27 2009, 01:12pm  Reply
@ Michele Bousquet - agreed. This video was sexist, and as such, was insulting to serious women viewers. We've learned to stop insulting minorities, but some men still think it's OK to degrade women.

So, an otherwise B+ video gets downgraded to a C-.
JewelD on Apr 27 2009, 10:49am  Reply
Dear JewelD,

How in the world does it degrade women? What is it about my two assistants, Amber & Reva that bothers you?

bob parsons on Apr 27 2009, 12:38pm  Reply
What bothers me??

The girls are by your side and not mine
Bikini Joe ( on Apr 27 2009, 07:28pm  Reply
I am very interested in this video blog. Do you provide info on adding u tube to ones web-site?
Very entertaining as the Godfather is my favorite movie.
stacy barron ( on Apr 27 2009, 10:13am  Reply
While I'm sure this 'style' of video blog appeals to many, as a woman it is a turn off! More and more women are using websites to promote their services, products and/or company information. The T&A approach does NOT work for this demographic.
Heather Cooper ( on Apr 27 2009, 09:03am  Reply
Great stuff Bob.

I have been a fan of what Go Daddy offers now for quite a few years. I love your products and what you can do with them. You and your team are always improving - be it a good or bad economy.

I whole heartedly agree. Strive to do that bit better every day regardless of anything and look back and see progress.

Thanks again.

James Tansell
Brisbane, Australia

James Tansell ( on Apr 27 2009, 06:49am  Reply
I like the Babes, more Babes Bob! more Babes!!!
James JJ Jason on Apr 27 2009, 06:35am  Reply
Great points, Bob. I tell everyone that this is the best time to be an entrepreneur. Reason being, now someone can't call his buddy from Goldman and raise a big round of funding and outspend you (at least in the internet world - where I am). The field has been leveled. The ones with the guts and passion will thrive.
Kamal ( on Apr 27 2009, 12:43am  Reply
Another great issue - word of advice: hire the girl in the "one other thing" video - great resume.

Renegotiate with your vendors is probably the best advice in the current financial crisis.

I am in the lucky position to have seen a pretty decent profit increase over the last few months. We concentrated on adding value to our customers - more support staff, better terms.

I renegotiated some vendor agreements we had on 60 day terms. Offered to pay them within 30 days for future orders - got an extra 5% discount on prices.

Bad economic times are just another opportunity to shine and outdo your competition. Where everybody else in our market was rushing off trying to cut costs - we invested in offering better value.

Result? March was our best ever month and April looks like being even better... What recession ???
Andrew on Apr 27 2009, 12:14am  Reply
Hi Bob, Great Video Blog, never heard of it until now. Got me thinking!!!!!
PC ( on Apr 26 2009, 09:50pm  Reply
Ok, Dr. Bob - I learn so much when I visit your site, thank you. The content is always GOOD (meaning USEFUL) and when you say something is "The best 5 minute business lesson you'll ever get!" we can count on it being exactly that! You sometimes get serious and look so very pc, but we all know that within seconds we're going to see you give that knowing look with the smile that says you just might have to CUT & DO OVER because you are getting too close to laughing out loud AGAIN!!! I think you are laughing because the whole darned thing is just bustagut funny so you can't help yourself. Face it, Bob, you're absolutely right. It's all pretty funny. Think what would happen if everybody took 15 seconds to see what you're doing & started laughing, too! You are quite the character, Bob. A gift to the whole funny world.
Barbara Fitchitt on Apr 26 2009, 09:15pm  Reply
I have been telling my customers this exact same thing. Hard to convince them that now IS the best time to advertise and promote your business though. Great info and fun video.
Michelle Crossley ( on Apr 26 2009, 01:27pm  Reply
I thought this was great! I almost didn't listen as there is so much to listen/watch however, I'm glad I did! Who care's about the cleavage, I'm a straight woman and I thought it was fun and motivational!!
Fancy on Apr 26 2009, 12:00pm  Reply
Dr. Bob, you always have a way to put things in perspective. This is a great change of pace type of v-blog, putting a smile on the situation with good business sense.
Cy ( on Apr 26 2009, 11:57am  Reply
Just what I've been saying for years....
But said SOOO much better!
BigJohn ( on Apr 26 2009, 10:25am  Reply
Great !!! new invention, i like it
J.Tjandra ( on Apr 26 2009, 09:49am  Reply
These videos are made for men not women. He's also not saying anything that Trump, and others haven't already said.
Lisa on Apr 26 2009, 08:29am  Reply
The videos are directed towards men, yes they can be more user friendly however it is what it is. I think the message is great, and who cares if someone else already said it... He doesn't claim to be a financial genius or business god. He's delivering a very important, solid and valuable message to his customers and so many more. The message of the video is important not the characters or sexual innuendos.
Anthony ( on Apr 29 2009, 02:12am  Reply
Very Good Info
cenovio e gonzales on Apr 26 2009, 06:59am  Reply
Nice idea, fun, informative. But too much cleavage and the off-color allusion with the ruler make it clear you are catering to a certain demographic. I am a middle-aged straight woman; obviously you are not interested in appealing to me. Keep it straight without the sexual jokes and big breasts in my face, and I would love this.
Michele Bousquet ( on Apr 26 2009, 06:17am  Reply
Makes me realize that I need to ramp up my Google Adwords advertising now while the cost is low.
Jim ( on Apr 26 2009, 03:23am  Reply
Thanks for the pep talks. It is so true about advertising. When you stop people think you are gone.
Media is in a bargain mode. If they don't sell it is is gone, negociate, negociate.

Diana Barrera ( on Apr 25 2009, 09:31pm  Reply

Great information and very inspiring . I am a loyal and happy customer. I have a dozen or more domains listed with your company and you host my site. Would you take a look at my site listed and tell me what you think.

I would be honored and very grateful.

Thank you


Olympia Wa.

martin barkis ( on Apr 25 2009, 08:24pm  Reply
Hey Bob -

Met you at the Underground event not too long ago. Enjoyed your presentation there and have been using your tips on some of my blogs.

I get positively 'grilled' sometimes for the T&A...

You are polarizing my friend.

Regardless, I've got something like 40 domains registered with you, love the service and support and recommend GoDaddy without hesitation.

Thanks for all you do.


steve ( on Apr 25 2009, 06:45pm  Reply
Just watched Dr Parsons video, brilliant keep it up
I just finished my first web page with help from the godaddy team FANTASTIC
angela lyon on Apr 25 2009, 03:23pm  Reply
Excellent video and background music. Very informative and eye-opening. Congrats.

ibrahim ( on Apr 25 2009, 03:23pm  Reply
The video was great. I have always worked for someone else and now I have decided to start my own business. It can be a little scary just starting out and your video gave me the confidence I needed. Thank you.
Robin on Apr 25 2009, 12:30pm  Reply
I loved your bolg, it was upbeat and loved the concept. My question is, will you do mine? I sell real estate in CO, I am not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to computers. Please give me a boost. Thanks
Cindy Acierno on Apr 25 2009, 12:27pm  Reply
Dear Cindy,

Producing a blog is something you'll pretty much need to do for yourself. To pay someone else to do it would cost you quite a bit. We do have a custom website division but producing blogs for customers is beyond the scope of their expertise.

bob parsons on Apr 25 2009, 11:29pm  Reply
Hi Bob
Thanks the video was a nice change of positive information. The girls were great , and very cuite
I will spend more time looking at your blog and gathering information
I do like your 16 RULES will be ordering poster

It's a pleasure to work with someone that is honest and and very helpful, your team is great to work with.

Thank you
Steve Eckelberger
Steve Eckelberger on Apr 25 2009, 11:52am  Reply
Good work Bob. I do all my web business at Thanks for the great service and I love the Blogs.
Mark Pavelich Maximum Fighting President ( on Apr 25 2009, 09:10am  Reply
Great stuff buddy!

As always....

Steve Little ( on Apr 25 2009, 08:31am  Reply
Bob, you are old enough to be these young ladies Dad. Shame on you! You don't need to do this kind of advertising to sell your products. YOU CAN DO BETTER!! (:
Dean Miller on Apr 25 2009, 07:26am  Reply
Dear Dean,

Actually I can't do better.

BTW, how old do you think they are? What age difference between us would be more acceptable to you for purposes of video blog casts?

bob parsons on Apr 25 2009, 12:04pm  Reply
I love your replies, its appears to show or have concern with the feel of not actually having it. I can appreciate beautiful woman, as should anyone else. Unless they're middle eastern and have religious beliefs about it. GoDaddy is a fun company, the products and services you offer are in my opinion the best and I would NEVER use any other provider. Instead of spending millions upon millions of dollars on commercials you keep it simple, direct, fun and your products don't suffer like bigger companies i.e. Microsoft who spend a hell of a lot more on advertising.
Anthony on Apr 29 2009, 02:20am  Reply
Good Advice Bob. Thanks
Hoopy ( on Apr 25 2009, 03:52am  Reply
great- keep up the good work

cary on Apr 25 2009, 03:47am  Reply
That was very informative. I have also learned that times like these are the perfect time to start a business.
Jeffrey James ( on Apr 24 2009, 06:55pm  Reply
Too bad for my side business, they will never thrive in a bad economy. Even purchasing, developing and monetizing domains from TDnam which used to earn me dollars a click now pays me on average 2 cents a click via adsense for an F'ing finance themed domain. How ironic.
ben on Apr 24 2009, 06:02pm  Reply
awesome Bob U Rock
Rick on Apr 24 2009, 03:15pm  Reply
I really appreciate your video blog. I aspire to do the same one day. Would you please share with me what software you are using for your edits? Good job. REally makes me want to see more of you. :-) Thanks.
Dr. Marika Zoll ( on Apr 24 2009, 02:55pm  Reply
Dear Dr. Zoll,

We use Final Cut on Apple Macs.

bob parsons on Apr 24 2009, 09:38pm  Reply
I clicked on the link thinking it was some advertising junk. Great presentation. The points were very true. A friend of mine complained during the good days that we never had a recession to make a go of things in. A recession is a gift. If you manage well you will ride the wave when it comes.

Well done bob!
Eoin ( on Apr 24 2009, 02:17pm  Reply
Oprah for tekkies
james on Apr 24 2009, 01:41pm  Reply
Great video. We launched a new department of our company in Feb of last year and did great numbers for 2008. We've seen a solid increase for the fist quarter of this year. We've already been fallowing a lot of what Bob mentions here and we plan on trying the rest. Thanks for the advise!!
Will Crabtree ( on Apr 24 2009, 01:26pm  Reply
Hi there! For the most part, I agree with other viewers of this video, you covered excellent points, upbeat and humorous. The two ladies were already catching one's attention, they didn't need to be flaunting themselves! I would not be one to share this particular video because of this. Since this is my first time to watch any of your videos, this may not typical of your other ones, so I'll stop judging. I'll be back for more of your lessons!
Susan Priddy ( on Apr 24 2009, 12:06pm  Reply

Your thoughts are a breath of fresh air in these tough times. As a marketing executive, its good to see that there are people out there that get it. I'll definitely be forwarding this link to co-workers and clients.

Miki ( on Apr 24 2009, 12:02pm  Reply
BOB! That was an entertaining and informative video blog! And just what people need right now: Positive encouragement! Great advice - Thanks!

I even have something in common with you — I did some work with the guys at OCC. I wrote them a comedy screenplay that they loved titled MIKEY'S DAY OFF. (I've split my time as a screenwriter and ad copywriter for the last 15+ years; a Ferris Bueller sequel I wrote is in the works.)

I recently applied for a "Creative Writing" position at GoDaddy that I absolutely want, and my humor is a perfect fit. Check this link, Bob, and see just how much I want to WRITE FOR YOU:
Rick Rapier ( on Apr 24 2009, 12:00pm  Reply
Dear Rick,

Hilarious. I've passed it along to the rest of the staff.

bob parsons on Apr 24 2009, 09:33pm  Reply
Wow, Bob, that is abso-freakin-lutely awesome! I couldn't have asked for more. Glad it made you laugh, and hope to meet and work for you someday!

Staying positive,

P.S. I just wish I had an email address for you that I could send the ransom note/cover letter to — it has the URL embedded in it. All HR had to do was click on the link to see the video!
Rick Rapier ( on Apr 25 2009, 07:51am  Reply
First time I have watched a video blog. and wanted to say very nice! Well I need some advice just like the rest. My web site is parked and trying to take it to the next level. Can you peek at it and just let me know if you think it has a chance or not. I can get way passionate about talking about my ideals but I know it takes way more then passion, Thanks for the input. Anyone else that wants to comment, that's cool.
Tommy Johnson ( on Apr 24 2009, 11:34am  Reply
Great advice! I know my small business has been flourishing more than ever lately, and that is a huge blessing. Thanks for the tips.
Joel McLaughlin ( on Apr 24 2009, 09:54am  Reply
Great advice, this was the first vlog blog I've watched from you and im impressed. I'll watch more often and catch up on the past ones. I like the editing of the video too, well done multimedia team.

Anthony Proulx
Anthony Proulx ( on Apr 24 2009, 09:38am  Reply
Everyday living in Maui and watching the trends I see the economy and unemployment getting worse, and yet the opportunities to fill in the needs are boundless. I see a real gap in the learning curve with the SmartGrid, Energy, Food, Farming and even water being the key careers that can move the planet forward. We need the training, expertise and people to close the gap between the older workforce and the younger ones. We are in the middle of the web 2.0, but should be training people to work with technology that will be 3.0 and beyond, what ever that may be. Our imagination is the only limiting factor.
My company and some of the Non-Profits are looking for very self-motivated individuals that can writeand get grants, facilitate and organize groups of people, including leading the leaders.
There's a good opportunity side of every situation, you just have to learn to look at it that way.

Jim Hall ( on Apr 24 2009, 08:29am  Reply
I just applied for a position at Godaddy and when I finished I saw your blog. Informative and hilarious! I cracked up several times, but, the funniest was when the one girl whacked the other! I did not see that coming!
Linda on Apr 24 2009, 04:37am  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons,

I like this blog :-) thanks for your short advices.

Roby Widjaja.
(Joo) Roby Widjaja ( on Apr 24 2009, 04:31am  Reply
I love the girls
Fajars on Apr 24 2009, 03:40am  Reply
Comedy! It's great that you spell out the plus side of being in a tougher economy. Especially liked your tip about the talent pool.
Kat ( on Apr 24 2009, 03:26am  Reply
I just started watching these videos. Bob has very good advice. The fact it is free is amazing...don't believe the value is less because of that.
Alan Short ( on Apr 24 2009, 01:42am  Reply
I notice you use the "Big Titties" to sell advertising. Don't get me wrong. I have always liked them. My wife has the "stuff." Hers are real! Smile Bob, I Love You!
Chris Johnson on Apr 23 2009, 11:45pm  Reply
Dear Chris,

First, I'm not selling advertising. I'm selling domain registrations and everything that makes them work.

Second, I use all sorts of strategies to hawk my wares but I see you seem to have been caught up in what us motorcyclists call "tunnel vision."

Appreciate you taking the time to post. Nice having you here.

bob parsons on Apr 24 2009, 11:05am  Reply
I was going to make a comment about the lack of a real need for the T&A to sell goDaddy on TV and in your blog (great 5 points, BTW), but I'll leave it to the other bloggers to debate that point.

What impressed me the most as I read through all the comments is that Bob responded to at least 4 of the comments directly! This is my first time to watch a Bob video blog (and read the comments), so maybe that's normal. But I was impressed nonetheless.

Rebecca Pickett on Apr 23 2009, 09:15pm  Reply
Dear Rebecca,

Glad you took notice. Thanks for taking the time to post.

bob parsons on Apr 24 2009, 11:01am  Reply
Bob: Excellent! Thank you for those steps,
we all need that kind of encouragement.

Glad I'm aboard GoDaddy. Just in the rough draft beginning stage, and I look forward to a profitable domain. Your tech's are awsome!
Catherine DeLorenzo ( on Apr 23 2009, 08:58pm  Reply
Hi Dr. Bob,
I really like your SMARTSPACE product! Look at what I have just made with this product for my friend:
Keep it move up, Dr.
The only regrete is it doesn't support Vietnamese!
Duong Trung ( on Apr 23 2009, 07:34pm  Reply
HI Bob my wife intruduced me to your company and suggested i watch your videos I finally watched episode 24 and that was excellent advice I have been busting my but trying to make endds meet and keep both my businesses a float since i recently was laid-off but yes i have posted the 16 rules on my wall at work for all to see and yes your product help me tremendously and your advice is right on point and thank you sir. Mdigital Computer Center Westland ,MI
jeffery morris ( on Apr 23 2009, 05:29pm  Reply
the way this economy is going companies need to put people to work ,which increases demand, which increases buying power. The less we do the more cripple this economy becomes cars are not the answer, homes are neither, service and sales contributes to this economy , so put people to work so people can make a honest living all businesses have to cut cost to grow so make a product that is worth more than what it sales for a lot of companies squeeze the consumer by selling services to high with no competition and the services dont add up when you hear your neighbors in another state not affected by the economy as much but has choices and that is what people want a choice when the have to buckle down. There are jobs out there but to some people it's not enough or pride sets in because of their comforts or they need education to acquire the job or just pure stubborness or waiting on the government to help some people need help but others need to get up and help them selves and work. For businesses as well with luxuries and wasted spending we all need to get back to basics and turn this country around soon. Thank you for listening.

sorry I got off the subject but living here in Michigan the economy has taken its toll on all our residents
jeffery morris ( on Apr 23 2009, 05:22pm  Reply
Bob is dead on. I have been able to purchase equipment from some suppliers for my business recently at dramatically reduces costs, because NO ONE ELSE IS BUYING high-dollar equipment. Even at 1/2 off, watchmaking equipment is expensive, and it hurts to buy it, but it hurts more to think about what the stuff might cost with hyperinflation . . .

And one more thing Bob, the fact that you can maintain poise and focus with either of those two goddesses near you is epic man territory!
John W. Safranek ( on Apr 23 2009, 03:43pm  Reply
Dead on the money. Too many people pulled or are pulling their advertising. I'm a media consultant for a phone book company. I could see the product was working- and decided to take out a few ads of my own. As it was the only place I was advertising- there's no question where my calls came from.

3 calls this week and counting. At $30 a month I sure can't complain!

Matt McDunnell on Apr 23 2009, 03:33pm  Reply
First time I watched. Excellent presentation. Held my interest, gave me a few smiles and laughs while making very pertinent, valid points.
Keep it up. Thanks.
Anthony Battista on Apr 23 2009, 02:35pm  Reply
I don't need a 'motivating' handwaving segment. I'm looking for explanation of your website products.
Rachel on Apr 23 2009, 10:34am  Reply
Dear Rachel,

Hand waving is just part of it.

bob parsons on Apr 23 2009, 07:46pm  Reply
I have just started looking at your blogs, and find them very helpful. I don't have a business yet. I just started working. I always have been drawn to having my own businesses. I have been planning everything and doing research on evertyhing I plan on getting involved in. I plan on getting domain names here with you. And most likely will be asking more ?'s in the near future. I look forward to dealing with you and your company. I look forward to seeing your videos. Thank you.
Daniel Burton on Apr 23 2009, 10:20am  Reply
Dead on the money. People can say what they want and hate this person...but he is dead on the mark with his points and comments.

If companies did half of what he said, we would be well on out way out of the funk we are in. Keep it up!

It is Bob's positive attitude that is most refreshing. I'm a fan of yours for sure. Need a talented a marketing exec to help spread the word? I'm ready to sign on.

Rod Maksimovic on Apr 23 2009, 08:59am  Reply

Hello... That video blog was definitely motivating. I like your aggressive marketing strategies from the first time I saw the commercials. I actually saw you on the Big Idea when you entered with your motorcycle. Haha...

Anyway, I have a question... I have a very aggressive clothing line so it's been tough to get investors and buyers because of their preconceived notion about the reactions from customers.

Fukitt & Risky Clothing's mission is to inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and accept challenges worth the risk. Our clothing acts as a reminder that we only live once.

I have a lot of emails with such positive feedback from all walks of life...young, old, skater, corporate, etc. I just don't have the capital to bring it to the next level.

I've already missed so many opportunities just because I didn't have the capital to take advantage of them! Years ago, I had a marketing consultant who was interested in putting me in 500 UK stores! I actually posted on my website (About us) his insight about my clothing.

I believe that times have changed and the economy has definitely reminded core shops to provide more than just mainstream/popular brands.

Any insight, suggestions or help would be very appreciated...

Fukitt & Risky Clothing rdoZulueta

P.S. I implement 100% of your 16 rules which is exemplified through my work which probably gives makes my clothing authenticity.
Ricardo Zulueta ( on Apr 23 2009, 08:53am  Reply
Hi Ricardo,

Checked out your site and like you stuff. I really like the fukit t shirt with the skulls and crossbones. Made for me. I'll be ordering it.

Looks like you're using the social networks, that's good. You might reach out to some famous t shirt wearers and see if you can't strike a deal. One guy you might send a few tshirts to with a proposal is Mark Yosimoto Nemcoff. He does a weekly vid called things I learned this week and is always wearing a different and interesting t shirt.

Beyond that you might look into commission junction. Also set up shop on Go Daddy Marketplace. One thing to promote is something another poster was interested in, is to have other Internet retailers sell your line and drop ship it for them. No inventory for them to maintain, and sales for you.

bob parsons on Apr 23 2009, 09:22am  Reply
I like the video overall but do you really have to stoop to using the slutty girls? PLEASE... you've got to be kidding. This is 2009!!!! Girls with boob jobs are NOT professional!!!!
Mimi Schlichter ( on Apr 23 2009, 05:36am  Reply
Dear Mimi,

Why call them slutty? You don't know a thing about them. My guess is that there is more going on with you then simply being concerned about Amber & Reva's anatomy. In which case, I understand and hope that one day you get past it.

And you're right, it is 2009. And I'll tell you what ... I kind of like it.

Thanks, Bob

bob parsons on Apr 23 2009, 09:15am  Reply
i agree with each word in this episode as this is the toughest yet the most promising time to act! I am planning to launch my new business next couple of months and I see that without crisis it won't be possible at all as I am going to help people to nurture their businesses.
Good job, Bob! And... please learn some new gestures and make more different hand movements. You are always cutting the meat((
Bakhty Khujaev ( on Apr 23 2009, 02:02am  Reply
Everyday of the year Las Vegas provides trade shows and conventions that help do the things you bring out in this blog.

Thank you for what you do for the internet and small business, your tips have hit the spot as you can see with the comments posted

Joe ( on Apr 23 2009, 01:27am  Reply
I don't think the beauty is ever offensive, and those beautiful girls are helping, displaying info and making the video fun and relax...

Overall, I think the video is pretty positive, fun and motivating... Thanks Bob.
Don Gato ( on Apr 22 2009, 11:25pm  Reply
I am an entrepreneur trying to get their website to stand out from the plethora of websites. I found this video to be motivational, inspiring and entertaining. Looking forward to more.
Pamela Lee ( on Apr 22 2009, 10:50pm  Reply

The basics are always true even more so in a softer economy. There is a thinning out of the competition which can be a huge bonus for those that survive!

I'd love to see an episode from you on developing viral vblogs . . . I think you and your staff would have some great points. What do you think?

PS I am still waiting for your free order of my customized trail mix from Nutty Idea. You can reach me via the contact button on the webpage or my email on file.

Your Mix . . . Your Way!
Brett ( on Apr 22 2009, 08:56pm  Reply
I am a retired IBM technician, and I have a number of Web sites with Godaddy. Over the years, I have called with some really tough technical questions, and always got the right answer. My sites are UP 100% of the time, and your tech support is the very finest in the industry - I should know; I've been on the Internet BEFORE it was called "Internet" (1969 it was called ARPANET). You guys are simply the BEST.
David Todeschini ( on Apr 22 2009, 07:22pm  Reply
Good advise. Fun to watch. Who says successful business cannot be fun. Joe McKenna (
Joseph McKenna ( on Apr 22 2009, 02:26pm  Reply
Not a bad set of tips Bob, the economy has hurt some businesses but I have seen a pretty sizable increase in business as people look to get more bang for their advertising buck.

I think for small businesses in certain fields there are more opportunities in a down economy then when things are up.

I hope the rest of you manage to make the best of these times as some of my clients and I have.

Jason ( on Apr 22 2009, 12:42pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I have been saying this for years. I actually do better in bad times. I stop working as a wage slave. No work at all. I usually I start some project where the competition has folded their tent and do ok. When the heavies get back into the game when things improve I always cut and run for the wages. This time I'm in it to stay.

Here's my question: I noticed all that good content (and the girls). It looked like all you had to to was cite the sources for the clips. Is that all there is to it? One more: Do you know of some good links for us to follow for those of us who are about to enter the shark infested waters of multimedia and stay legal within the common practice of today?
Tom ( on Apr 22 2009, 10:11am  Reply
Dear Tom,

The licensing of clips and music is handled by our legal department. I actually don't know the process they go through on the various items we use.

bob parsons on Apr 23 2009, 12:01am  Reply
Top girls. You may want to also use exotic dancers and adult film actresses - apparently p2p has decimated their business so I bet they'd be dying for work and you could get good deals. I'd prefer if the girls were dressed in stripper style platform heels an miniskirts, but tight jeans that show off their butts is acceptable.
Anonymous on Apr 22 2009, 08:58am  Reply
I NEED HELP. I bought my domain (which is parked) from GoDaddy...I know what I want to sell and how I will question do I find wholesale distributors that will drop ship as I am working out of my home and do not want to carry inventory. I will be selling Rockabilly and "pin-up" style clothing, shoes etc. I have found plenty of wholesalers...none that drop ship... I am so ready to do this but hit a roadblock...can you help?
Barbara aka Stalet Winters ( on Apr 21 2009, 08:33pm  Reply
Are there any brick and morter stores in your town that sell this sort of clothing (smaller shops, not chains)? If so - visit them in person, and explain what you would like to do, and ask them if they would be willing to ship items from their store as you get orders online - with a reseller agreement. Worst case scenario they say "no thanks" and you've only lost 15 minutes. But people are usually interested in at least trying "win-win" sorts of arrangements. A local store won't be able to keep the same inventory as a nameless warehouse, but in my limited experience there is no substitute for face to face relationships like this would provide.
Matt Jallo ( on Apr 22 2009, 02:02pm  Reply
Hi Barbara,

Unless other readers have some suggestions, you're pretty much on your own on this one.

bob parsons on Apr 21 2009, 11:54pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
In reference to Barbara's question; I personally prefer having my products in stock so I can control the inventory, shipping, etc. This gives me better over all control of my business. We sell from my retail store and several websites!

But, if overhead and financial situation dictates that she starts out with drop shippers, she can contact for many products which may support her business.

Not all will offer drop ship services but enough will to get her started; and until she decides if drop shippers are what she needs or rather she really needs to stock her products.

If she wants to run the business out of her home she could also consider building a storage unit for merchandise or leasing storage services.

Best of Luck to her,

Butch Ragland, CEO
Ragland Trading Post, LLC
Butch Ragland ( on Apr 23 2009, 09:13am  Reply
You guys are helping me soooo much. I just want to say how much I appreciate it. I just may have to get a storage at the Garment District w/ my reseller licence. I guess that will get me started. But if anyone has any more would be so greatly appreciated...

Starlet aka Barbara ( on Apr 23 2009, 12:37pm  Reply
yikes, thats not much of a good business plan. Locking in your supply of your product is one of the most important part of business, but . . . . try advertising on internet forums of "group buys" and have it pre-payed ships in two weeks. Then after two weeks buy everything since you know exactly what you sold and when you receive it send it out. no inventory and no drop shippers? just a thought to get started. . . .
Kris ( on Apr 22 2009, 12:27am  Reply
Hey Bob,

Thanks for the great business tips and thanks for the beautiful GoDaddy girls. Have you ever considered having a sexy father as a "GoDaddy Daddy"? I have someone in mind lol.
John Murray ( on Apr 21 2009, 07:24pm  Reply
I would say eliminate the girls in the skimpy t-shirts. Offensive to female business owners.
Lauren ( on Apr 21 2009, 03:37pm  Reply
No so, I am a SB owner, and I love it. The girls set the standard higher, and makes me work that much harder to maintain my looks as well as my business. Keep it up !!!
Julie K on Apr 22 2009, 12:32pm  Reply
Dear Lauren,

I couldn't help but notice you're a very successful liquor dealer. I have to tell you that I'm having a little difficulty reconciling your comment with the nature of the ads promoting the various companies in your industry.

While Go Daddy certainly isn't a liquor company, the way females in our ads and blogs are depicted doesn't approach the way they are depicted by beer, wine and liquor companies. My guess is that your come back would be that those ads offend you as well.

My overall response to your comment is that given this day and age, and what we see everywhere's ads and blogs are incredibly mild. Nevertheless you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I respect that.

Thanks for taking the time to post,

bob parsons on Apr 21 2009, 04:35pm  Reply
Why does everyone act like you are taking advantage of these girls? They are getting experience, probably enjoying themselves and getting well taken care of (some even are racing!), and can use the hardwork they have put into making themselves look good turn into making money(going to the gym everyday is a chore!). I wonder if Lauren takes tax advantages for being a minority owned business just as these girls take advantage of being good looking to make a dollar? Its just smart business for both bob and the girls to use what they can to get attention and paid.
Kris ( on Apr 21 2009, 09:52pm  Reply
Hi, Bob.
Lots of business folks I know are running for cover. Me? I'm running for encouragement like you and the girls are handing out in buckets.

Thanks, and oh yeah!
Semper Fi from me, too
Victor Sedinger on Apr 21 2009, 02:41pm  Reply
Bob, just found your site and advice. Thought I knew a lot about life and people, but between your blogs and 16 tips found out I am taking life and myself tooooooo seriously. Thanks for tips
Brian on Apr 21 2009, 09:07am  Reply
I would like to add this video to facebook and perhaps my website. I tried copy and paste ..the paste didn't work..perhaps I was in the wrong spot on facebook...can you tell me how to do it?
marie curtis ( on Apr 21 2009, 04:40am  Reply
Dear marie curtis,

Our customer service area will be reaching out to you to help you post the blog to your facebook page. Thanks so much for your interest.

bob parsons on Apr 21 2009, 04:36pm  Reply
Definitely right on the marketing, been using TV a lot lately for pennies! What do you think about working with companies that could be a symbiotic relationship during ruff times?
Kris VanOrden ( on Apr 20 2009, 09:11pm  Reply
I guess it had some humor in it.
i guess godaddy is doing well right now also as many are going towards onlie.
Internetsalsa ( on Apr 20 2009, 07:43pm  Reply
Semper Fi, Bob! Great Job
Tom Brennan ( on Apr 20 2009, 06:53pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

Excellent tips- I always get something positive and inspirational from your blog.

Thanks- Semper Fidelis
Mike on Apr 20 2009, 03:53pm  Reply
Excellent tips, Bob... I always get something positive and even inspirational from your blogs.

Thanks- and Semper Fi
Mike on Apr 20 2009, 03:50pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

another great video blog. I should show this to my web guys. They could learn a thing or two about customer service during bad times. I'm not going to bore you with that story. I have to say, you do make an impression. Even though I only spent a few hours with you on a golf course you influenced me and you should be proud. I just launched my company a couple of weeks ago and we already have a story about us in The Daily Record. Check it out.

K eep producing the video blogs.

Stuart Berman
Stuart Berman ( on Apr 20 2009, 01:10pm  Reply
Too Jim Kramer-esque for me... imitation?

That video is offensive in its use of women. They are literally used as props, propagating the stereotype of the male business figure and the female play thing. If you really have a PhD, you should realize how inappropriate that is.
Patrice on Apr 20 2009, 12:54pm  Reply
That's a bit uptight! Perhaps we should close all the Hooters, ban cheer leading, outlaw Barbie, and cancel the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. Two Words. Lighten Up. I don't need a PhD to understand successful marketing campaigns and tactics. This was consistent with GoDaddys advertising campaign and branding. Great Job Bob! Long Live Benny Hill!
Bill on Apr 21 2009, 07:17am  Reply
Informative and Funny.
wmwidget ( on Apr 20 2009, 11:59am  Reply
I'm guessing your target market with these videos isn't the middle-aged female.
Rather a lengthy video, I think. Where are the naked men so the girls viewing this can have equal fun?
Jane Driessen ( on Apr 20 2009, 11:00am  Reply
A big 10-4 Bob! A bad economy really is a great time to spot opportunities ... opportunities to start a new business, grab greater market share (really!) and to outshine your competition in many different ways. A smart social networking and online marketing strategy can really make a business shine, in any economy. Why? Because online marketing is attainable and affordable for companies of any age ... size ... or location. When done right, it really can be the great equalizer. We use creative domain names (all from, of course ... my shameless plug for you) and targeted, relevant content to direct entrepeneurs and small business owners to the Herlife Publishing website, where they can learn how to Be the Bulb! (my shameless plug for my new book ...). Totally affordable. Completely effective. No fire sale on over-priced advertising needed. The bottom line? Know what you want and go after it. Always. If you close your eyes in hopes that the recession will go away, you'll miss the wealth of opportunity that is out there (and probably also bump into a wall or two ...) Thanks, Bob. You're always in the fast lane! ... Lori Martinek, Branding Expert and Author, and
Lori Martinek ( on Apr 20 2009, 10:55am  Reply
LOL. I would have preferred 2 really good looking guys (instead of those women). When I do my video...I'll have guys.

Thanks for the great info. My favorite part was hearing that once you stop improving...your project starts to die.

That motivated me.

Thanks again.
Phoebe LaPierre ( on Apr 20 2009, 10:04am  Reply
Hi Bob, great video and great business advice.
This past Summer, when my National Science Foundation grant ended, my grant-writing partner informed me she no longer wanted to do grant work. It nearly broke my business because when you work on federal education programs, it's the only thing you can do.
But, I've been here before, in fact I was at the same point right before I got that grant and my NASA grant. Each time that I end up in this position, I have to reinvent myself and my business but one thing has proven true, I keep moving forward and do bigger and better things - it takes guts to be an entrepreneur.
After the financial crash last Summer, I had to decide what to do about my web servers. I knew that I was paying too much to a local coloc for a slow connection and old gear which was limiting what I could do. Then, I discovered GoDaddy's virtual dedicated servers (I have been hosting my domains with GD for years and have all my clients host theirs on GD too), and amazingly the price was lower, I got to select the gear I wanted and the banwidth is insane! Plus, your customer service and tech support staff have been great.
Now, I am moving forward with my education company, Explore Digital Education, Inc. both with a new motion art gallery ( and my small business development system ( - which I'd like to partner with Go Daddy on) and, I even invented a cool fitness accessory for the iPod ( - can I borrow the GD girls to model).
Anyway Bob, thanks for being an inspiration, thanks for the great services, and thanks for the entertainment.
Eric Smith ( on Apr 20 2009, 09:38am  Reply
Bob I this was the first video of yours that I have seen, and I really liked it, and love your rules more. I am going to setup a godaddy site for my recording studio, and I am wondering, whats the best way to build my site myself, without any website design training?
Paul on Apr 20 2009, 09:04am  Reply
This has been really helpful thank you Bob.

Kennedy DeSousa ( on Apr 20 2009, 07:04am  Reply
Dear Dr. Bob,
Today is April 20th, the day I got lucky in a bomb explosion in my village, not too far from hill 190.
I want to use some of my profit made by reselling's products on my cart: to enter Mrs. Hillary Clinton contest, but they did not have the links to VISA from Viet Nam. Very disappointed for that :-)
I think some thing from Viet Nam would add a little spicy to the whole party!
This day is special day for me, because when it come, I touch on one of the three wounds I got the other day and still find one small piece of bomb does still exist on my face.

Good luck to you Dr.
Duong Trung ( on Apr 20 2009, 04:49am  Reply
Good business help content (except cage fight),
but overall, video was too long.
Consider making shorter for better memorability and more consideration of viewer's limited time.
Good use of humorous video clips inserted for impact.
Need more head movement in videos, Bob, and your hand movements are great, just need to be a little bit more varied, but good emphasis overall.
Rodney on Apr 19 2009, 11:14am  Reply
Hi Rodney,

Your comments are right on. The vids are too long. Look for them to shorten considerably and contain all relevant content.

We see what we can do regarding presenting things better (ie head movement vs hand movement etc).

Appreciate your comments,

bob parsons on Apr 19 2009, 10:58pm  Reply
Great Video! Highly inspiring. Thanks Bob!
Niraj on Apr 19 2009, 09:45am  Reply
As a new customer of 'Go Daddy' I am so entertained and impressed. Customer service is fabulous. If Go Daddy ever goes public...I'm in. PHB
PHB on Apr 19 2009, 08:35am  Reply
This video blog is good.Bob parsons"16rules" is good too.The Web is good.
shimin on Apr 19 2009, 04:32am  Reply
Great video, i think this is the best one of your videos, but you surprise me, by better ones than the past
Ringer ( on Apr 19 2009, 03:23am  Reply
Keep the videos coming...I love your stuff! Your "rules" are great as well. Thanks and I'll look for the next one.
Bill ( on Apr 18 2009, 03:24pm  Reply
I'd say don't listen to Veronica, but I don't think you need that advice.

I watched all your video blogs, and being a humanities major with no business background, I've found them to be easy to grasp, helpful, and most importantly, to the point. My friend and I started The Rosetta Blog, which is just short fiction and poetry really. Any advice on how to make money from it with the go daddy template?



P.S. I'm on the baseball team at my college, and we're 23rd in the country in our get a man pass for starting a poetry website I think :P
Eli Rosetta ( on Apr 18 2009, 02:41pm  Reply
Dear Eli,

How to make money with a poetry blog? You're pushin it dude, especially for a guy who learned all the poetry he knows at Marine Corps Basic Training (you know ... If I should die on the Russian Front, plus I don't know but I've been told ... and all those other Marine Corps classics).

But I have an idea. Find a way to get to sell a few items related to your blog that aren't easily found elsewhere — identifying them is up to you. Then open a store in Go Daddy marketplace and promote it on your site.

Also use twitter to promote your blog. See my next video for that.

bob parsons on Apr 18 2009, 07:49pm  Reply
I love the video blogs! I've been watching them for about the last 6 months and think they are great. I love getting tips and some insight on how other business owners have made it. I own a business that has been expanding since we opened, and is set to make a much larger step in the next year sometime. Great job, and keep the videos coming. (By the way, when the IRL was at Iowa Speedway last year, we got to install some GoDaddy stickers on Danica's car - it was pretty cool!)
Josh Anderson ( on Apr 18 2009, 02:09pm  Reply
Hmm, he never mentioned anything about the cute girls. Sex sells?
Anthony ( on Apr 18 2009, 01:52pm  Reply
Great video bob. We stick with advertising and it works. We always try to get the best deal for our advertising dollar. Our retail business has slowed down, but thanks to, our web site is doing good and our Government sales are up. Good luck to Amber
Gary Grigg ( on Apr 18 2009, 01:49pm  Reply
Bob, how about a Parsons Online University for Entrepreneurs similar to Phoenix U and Trump University.
I would pay good money to attend.
Doc Jim ( on Apr 18 2009, 01:00pm  Reply

Just before I try to blow my brains out i watch your videos and they really inspire me to keep trying.

Kevin on Apr 18 2009, 10:58am  Reply
I really enjoyed hearing your advice; it really makes a difference in what we do today.

I am launching a new business called "Geeks by the Sea"; our primary focus is helping the 50+ group not being taken advantage of when it comes to PC maintenance.

Etoi J. Moore ( on Apr 18 2009, 08:54am  Reply
Thanks Bob for your video!

Now is the good time for internet telephony. More deals will be closed on the phone or internet.

jonathan ( on Apr 18 2009, 08:17am  Reply
Wow Bob, you must be doing something right. look at all the haters.. You keep doin' what you do, while these clowns waste their time insulting you.. Nevermind these little hecklers, whethere thye know it or not, theyre witnessing your success, and ignoring their failure..
Ray Cruz on Apr 18 2009, 07:56am  Reply
Hi Bob/Team,

Just wanted to say your service and support is second to none I've seen.

After moving all of my domains and hosting to GoDaddy, there was only one question really bugging me, "What took me so long?".

Thank you and team again for a service second to none.

Michael Holman Sr
Holman's World Inc (R)
GoDaddy Unlimited Hosting and Super Reseller
Michael Holman Sr ( on Apr 18 2009, 07:01am  Reply
Another great video as always!
Congratulation on the first round. I haven't seen the second on this video yet.

Thanks, from Viet Nam
Duong Trung ( on Apr 18 2009, 03:48am  Reply
"Best value for their money" — yet Godaddy's been raising its rates.
Rob on Apr 17 2009, 09:22am  Reply
Dear Rob,

Raising our rates? I don't think so. Any price increases we've had have been because the costs to us have been raised by the various registries — most notably by VeriSign who operates the .com & .net registries.

bob parsons on Apr 17 2009, 12:14pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I'm getting beat up a bit by a competitor. I advertise with Google, Ask, Msn and Yahoo. What other way can I advertise my online toy store in this economy?

Shelly ( on Apr 16 2009, 10:22pm  Reply
Hi Shelly,
It seem that you make the web yourself, righ?
Can you share me how can you set this shop up?

It's a nice shop!

Duong Trung ( on Apr 17 2009, 12:46am  Reply
Dear Shelly,

My best advice is to first formulate a better deal than your competitor. Then find a better way to advertise then they do, Then communicate and do more for your customers than they ever dare. Don't be afraid to take a beating. Remember this is war. If you're willing to fail you will kick they're ass.

Before they realize they've been stabbed, their shoes will be full of blood.

Get em girl!

bob parsons on Apr 16 2009, 10:35pm  Reply
Bob, Keep up the good work.
Its entrapanures like you and me that built this country.
We need all of us we can get at a time our leaders are trying to take us down the path of socialism.
Doc Jim ( on Apr 16 2009, 09:42pm  Reply
Hey Bob,

Noticed the Ducati Jacket in the video and the cage fights with no blood. You have a 1098 I wonder?

You ever get to Nashville, TN? Myself, my wife, our 7 year old son, & 4 year old daughter all train MMA.

PS. I pimp cribs with monster A/V systems & also Prevost Tour Buses. Need any outrageous man-things? If so check out our site & let me hook the good Dr up!

My best,

Luc Boivin ( on Apr 16 2009, 08:57pm  Reply
Dear Lus,

I own and love to ride a 2008 Ducati 1098R.

bob parsons on Apr 16 2009, 10:16pm  Reply
I buy what you are saying, but honestly I have a hard time buying how your models reading the script. Anyhow well all know sex sells, but I wonder how your sales turn out, if you use small chested females or females with musical or artistic talent?
Little Fish ( on Apr 16 2009, 03:52pm  Reply
Amber is a great addition to the blog. Hope to see her in more. Another great blog, Thanks Bob.
Joe D. on Apr 16 2009, 01:25pm  Reply
Great blog. Keep having fun. That is what it is all about!!!!!
Coley Ramsey ( on Apr 16 2009, 12:21pm  Reply
Cutting Edge, Just what I needed today, a big boost!!! :)
Bill Miller ( on Apr 16 2009, 08:57am  Reply
Dear Bob,
What is godaddy the Hooters of web services? You seem like a huge ego maniac stuck in the 80s and look hilarious surrounded by young ladies. Get a grip f life!
Anonymous on Apr 16 2009, 07:15am  Reply
You must be operating in some vacuum somewhere! Why comment on something that you do not understand. Typical female chauvinist! If you have read the background of Bob, you would understand the precise of how he advertises and what he truly represents. Don't comment on something you do not know.
Aaron Murphy ( on Apr 16 2009, 02:05pm  Reply
Dear Veronica,

1. Is Go Daddy the Hooters of web services? No. Not possible to sell wings on line.
2. You seem like a huge ego maniac? Huge? Do you mean "fat?". If so you're right, I could shed a few lbs and believe me I'm trying. Until I do, when I'm not filming video blogs, I'm hanging with much fatter guys — makes me look thin.
3. stuck in the 80's? Don't I wish.
4. look hilarious surrounded by young ladies? What's your point? Jealous you're not one of them?

I want you to know that I loved your comments. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and post it.

bob parsons on Apr 16 2009, 08:45am  Reply
Good ideas, upbeat, but hand gestures a little too much like a car salesman that "won't be undersold" I like the energy and especially the clever background graphics/sense of humor.
Karl ( on Apr 16 2009, 06:37am  Reply
Dear Karl,

I won't be undersold!

bob parsons on Apr 16 2009, 08:32am  Reply
Great recession tips for my new business in the Caribbean. Inspiring. Will implement today especially step 7 and share results with you. Have fun. How about doing some advertising in the Caribbean. Email me
Lady D (Premier Marketing)
Lady D on Apr 16 2009, 05:41am  Reply
I love your sense of humour and your business advice is always insiteful.
Abba ( on Apr 15 2009, 11:53pm  Reply
Vicky Allison ( on Apr 15 2009, 11:32pm  Reply
Hi Bob, I fight out of and manage the fighters at the Lion's Den Scottsdale. We had a fighter, James Fabbri, competing at Bike Week. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and presents incredible advertising opportunities for sponsors. :) I'm actively seeking sponsors for our fighters who will be competing in upcoming local events and events that will be televised internationally. Please contact me for more information. Thanks!
Shannon Horn ( on Apr 15 2009, 11:24pm  Reply
Hi Shannon,

Appreciate the opportunity but we've ruled out sponsoring cage fighters or even boxers for that matter.

bob parsons on Apr 16 2009, 12:33am  Reply
Dear Bob,
I love GoDaddy and the GoDaddy girls, especially Candice Michelle, which brings me to one point : why don't we see her on the home page of I mean, we see mostly Danica, then Vanessa, why not Candice, she's the one who shift your profits way up with that 2005 Super Bowl ad. Anyways, keep up the good work and say hi to Nima for me please. And to Candice the next time you see her.

Yours truly,
"Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go!!!" :D
Melissa on Apr 15 2009, 10:28pm  Reply
It's always refreshing to get marketing tips and observations....delivered in a fresh and enthusiastic presentation! Eye-candy always grabs attention!

Mahalo nui loa,

Enrique Gascon on Apr 15 2009, 09:58pm  Reply
Bob, the production of your video has definitely improved and looks top-notch!

In regards to bike week 2010, why not pole the GD employees and select a few for a Bike Week EAI event lead by none other than.... Yourself!
Brad on Apr 15 2009, 08:58pm  Reply
Dear Brad,

Bike week Go Daddy EAI event? Maybe. But then again, why wait for Bike week?

bob parsons on Apr 15 2009, 10:32pm  Reply
I agree, the article was informative and Amber looked delicious!
Dave on Apr 15 2009, 08:26pm  Reply
Oh Bob!

You are a gentleman among thorns... oh, wait, no that's not it.... you are a thorn among scholars.... no, you are... uh... um... a true... uh-oh.
Janit ( on Apr 15 2009, 08:02pm  Reply
Hi Dr. Bob,
Great advise as always. May I take advantage of the time to negotiate with your wiseness to set up a business like yours in this down trend economy?
I dreamed of a system like yours but, for IT, but for Food Supplements market, with reseller systems, . . . :-)
It's always nice to hear from you!
Duong Trung ( on Apr 15 2009, 07:09pm  Reply
Loved the blog and the girl in blog. That Amber is very pretty and it was nice seeing a fresh face!
Patricia on Apr 15 2009, 04:26pm  Reply
Dear Bob,

it was long but well worth watching episode :) I am using Godaddy and now I got a secret of success and happiness in you and in your company! You are right to see the problems as an opportunities, and I trust this.. Keep blogging we are following you! Thank You

Salman ( on Apr 15 2009, 04:06pm  Reply
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blogs are great, go daddy has hosted our web site for years, yet it took a rainy, cold Saturday and checking my e mail away from my office to find all the great info. you share in a phenomenal entertaining way. The bolg is full of such good info I have made it required viewing for my sale staff and general manager.
the rules are great—I have two I use, I'd like to share that are real simple
1. I will not pay anyone to aggravate me.
2. you have to like what you do or it is time to do something else.

I understand your love of motorcycles and your issues with driving to the office call me some time and I show you a way to get to the office that is more fun, more exciting, and no one is going to run you over, and your weather is great for it
nothing like flying your own helicopter say the word and I'll show you how and you'll never drive again ,
also we have put some of our products on the go daddy market place would love to discuss ideas for making the market place more performance automotive friendly
thanks for your time keep up the great job
Ron Fuller
Stainless Works

Ron Fuller---Stainless Works ( on Apr 15 2009, 01:08pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
I dont want to make fun of you, I have been watching your vlogs for quite sometime now and I love them, but is there any reason why you always use the same hand gestures in every video or is that just the way you express yourself.
Bob for president!!!!!!
Mike ( on Apr 15 2009, 12:08pm  Reply
Dear Mike,

I use the same hand gestures because mostly I'm an amateur and from Baltimore and we talk with our hands — they just seem to go up and down whenever we open our mouth.

bob parsons on Apr 15 2009, 01:25pm  Reply
You are very inspiring! I feel like the lowest lifeform on the planet right now and I am the only one to blame. What's that damn qote? "Pick yourself up by your bootstraps!" I just need to put them on first. I'm gonna print out and laminate your 16 rules and put them in my wallet and read them if I ever I feel negative. You have a great energy that you share with us.
Thanks Bob! :)
Paul on Apr 15 2009, 12:04pm  Reply
Dear Paul,

Have faith in yourself brother. Give yourself credit for what you do right, and forgive yourself immediately for your stumbles. It can be a tough old world, I've seen the tough times many times myself. The big thing to do is to simply do the best you can today, think mostly about today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I'm rooting for you,

bob parsons on Apr 15 2009, 01:24pm  Reply
It is good to see and entrepreneur having so much fun. Is 10 pm your bed time now? Your blogs are always have useful information and something I can apply

Adam ( on Apr 15 2009, 12:00pm  Reply
The motorbike through the window, would help this business!!
Adam ( on Apr 15 2009, 11:51am  Reply
This is the first time I have watched one of you blogs...Very insightful, and upto date. Glad you covered bike week as well. Great blog and Amber you looked amazing. Great job
Matt ( on Apr 15 2009, 11:12am  Reply
Hi Bob,
I am a tech guy, "in between jobs". Luckily I have enough savings to where I don't need to take a job out of desperation.

Its been my experience that a recession is like a reset for our tech industry. EG: in 1991 everyone moved from DEC to SUN, in 2001 they moved from SUN to Linux.

What advice can you give folks like me regarding future technical trends? I think more services will move online ("cloud";), but as a tech guy how do I take advantage of that?


hmb-sandman on Apr 15 2009, 11:08am  Reply
Dear hmb-sandman,

Actually your guess is as good as mine. I will say that instant connectivity and flow of information provided by services like twitter are going to change things. I think it will be for the better but it's difficult to say how to act on that at the moment.

I will say that GoDaddy operated out of a cloud based system before such things had a name. Now it's cool to be cloud based, kind of like bell bottom jeans coming into vogue.

Best to you,


bob parsons on Apr 15 2009, 11:45am  Reply
Dear Bob!

Thank you for those great advices I'm sure I will apply.

Fabricio ( on Apr 15 2009, 10:32am  Reply
Hi Bob,
I agree with episode number 24, any monkey can manage a business in good times. It takes a real manager to manage in bad times. Thanks for reminding me of this.
Vern Stygar ( on Apr 15 2009, 08:26am  Reply
I like your idea about pushing for better deals with your vendors during a bad economy. By the way, in regard to what you're charging for your services....
Reverend Loveshade ( on Apr 15 2009, 08:21am  Reply