Hi Bob you only post comments that are positive towards you or godaddy.com. For this reason I have no respect for your company and as a result will not be registering any domain. If you were being a real, honest person, you would also post negative comments. I have nothing negative to say about godaddy.com. I'm sure it's a great business. But at the same time it seems things aren't quite as transparent as they should be aka comments on this website.
Tyler on Mar 10 2012, 11:40pm  Reply
Thanks Mr Parsons I appreciate the free tips.
Im loading up domain names with go daddy RIGHTNOW!
shawn lyons (California) on Jan 1 2012, 09:45am  Reply
Now I understood the key thing of making domain.
Thanks bob.
Australia Jobs Sites (http://australiajobsin.blogspot.com) on Jun 9 2011, 10:36am  Reply
Bob bright and dark, thanx for your excellent suggestions in this video!
Louise (http://definitivedomains.com) on Apr 7 2011, 08:27am  Reply
i bought a membership into a company that i can order products. and resale for a proff. This company offers there website at a very high dollar. Can i have my own website and put these products on my website for resale.
Janet (Indiana) on Mar 26 2011, 01:17pm  Reply
Dear Janet,


bob parsons on Mar 27 2011, 08:22am  Reply
Thank you so very much.......
Janet (Indiana) on Mar 27 2011, 04:01pm  Reply
#2(cont'd )-Bob- not certain if last went through or not, but wanted to say A) Thank You for your service to the United States of America B) Thank You for the information you post. I don't know if anyone else understands the value, but I do-the tech info is invaluable and the wisdom from your father that you share means alot ot me-I never got stuff like that- I wrote much of it down for daily review More Later-Barry
Barry Heath (California) on Jan 9 2011, 04:16pm  Reply
Thank you so much for all your tips. They really helped me when I was coming up with my website, and they are still helping now with my existing business. Your straight talk and humorous tone really gets the point across. Thanks again!
Mike W. (http://www.stiltfun.com) (Florida) on Dec 10 2010, 05:59pm  Reply
Hello Bob, i loved watching some of ur vlogs, awesome, fun, informative. Would like to know the best, cheapest,fastest way to get a website up and running, I dont sell anything, but would like to get major traffic to it. Can you give me some pointers plz. Thanx and keep up the great work
Sam Obrian on Sep 23 2010, 10:28am  Reply
Dear BOB
Just wanted to ask you what you think about ''.CO'', cuz I wanna set up a company and have several domins with the same name, but it ends with ''.net'' and ''.me'', so I dont know which one I should use. The problem is the ''.net'' domin has '' - '' sperating the names, however, the ''.co'' it hasnt and looks nicer. But what it worries me is that people would type the ''.com'' instead ''.co''
So plz give me your advice.

Best Regards,

mish on Aug 26 2010, 06:56pm  Reply
Dear Mish,

There's no doubt about it that it will take a bit before people realize that .co is not .com. I suspect after typing it incorrectly folks will look again at the url and type it correctly.

One idea might be after the URL name put the following (.co NOT .com).

Best to you,

bob parsons on Aug 27 2010, 09:02am  Reply
Thx Bob for your email, so should I use ''.me'' instead ''.co'' to avoid all these comfusion?

Best Regards,

mish on Aug 27 2010, 09:31am  Reply
this information is great. i am looking to start a business and am hoping to drive most of my trafic to a web site. what i am learning here will be great building blocks for my sucsess. what would be your best advice for me as i get started.
david beane on Aug 9 2010, 08:16pm  Reply
You display that you are a real person just like me.
You started out with an idea just like me. The only difference being that you have done it and now it's up to me. Thanks for the sharing of your knowledge.
Biill Loganeski (http://www.ezsaturdaymorningdiet.com) on Aug 4 2010, 03:03pm  Reply
Hi Bob, Thanks for all of all of your TACIT knowledge posted here. I really enjoy this EDUTAIMENT Shows from you. I would love to see more of your good stuffs which I'd prefer more case from your GUTS. No where teach me this Guts just like you did. I'm bored to read the Business book or taking in the business class. Thanks Bob. From your customer in Thailand!
Dr.Pete Siamese (http://www.buysbuy.com) on Jul 15 2010, 11:50pm  Reply
Hi BOB, i have an small business and I want to thank you for your videos, they have change the way I see my business today. Thank you very much
I believe that is a satisfaction to you. thank you
Armando Diez (http://www.flprohealth.com) on Jul 8 2010, 05:06pm  Reply
this information is very usefull.
thanks for give us this basic tips.
pankaj chavan (http://96kmaratha.com) on Jun 29 2010, 12:20pm  Reply
I bought my first domain 7 years ago with GoDaddy and I am delighted with the quality and quantity of services that offer now. Your counsels always are full truly and they are very funny, another great idea to be attentive to your videoblogs. BRAVO MAESTRO!!!!
Héctor Sapién (http://consultoralogos.com) on May 10 2010, 12:20pm  Reply
I really enjoyed your site!! Unfortunately I am no closer to creating my own Web Site!!!! I really need to be making some money but I dont know how?
Yvonne Henderson on Apr 16 2010, 12:27pm  Reply
Things are sure changing BOB...seems shorter the name may be better...but whats with all the new phrasing .coms....how will they find their place in online marketing in the next few years to come?
Albyena (http://www.kitchengiggles.com) on Apr 6 2010, 04:10pm  Reply
This is a great tutorial on choosing a domain name - high quality! Embedded it on buydomainname.tv while it's under construction. Thanx for the option. Sincerely, Louise
Louise (http://buydomainname.tv) on Apr 5 2010, 11:21am  Reply
Hey Bob, first time viewer of the blog! Nice to see GoDaddy is more than just some corp execs with corncobs up their a**! I'm a little curious (since you said you read all the comments) if you might share with us if you use an open source software for your video blog. I was actually searching for something nice to create my own controversial video blog when i stumbled upon yours. Hope you or someone else can share. Thanks Bob...love GoDaddy!
Mike Mosley on Feb 16 2010, 04:47am  Reply
Dear Mike,

I use an old old product called Serendipity. Shortly I will be switching to the GoDaddy product QuickBlog.

bob parsons on Feb 16 2010, 08:27am  Reply
Just watched you domain name selection ideas. Most of them are right on and helpful. Not sure if I completely agree with not "copying" someone elses idea. A domain name does not have to be an exact replica, but lets face it, most of the internet is a rehash of somthing that was already created and/or posted by someone else. There is seldom something totally new and fresh. (Godaddy may be the exception.)

Take a look at my domain name in my e-mail. You should notice right away where I got the idea. I did not take a registered trademark, copywrighted material, or other intelectual property. I did use a term that a certain celebrity is known for saying on a regular basis. I may have even registered my domain name (very similar to his) back when he was still using Yahoo so, if anything, he copied me!

Enough of my rant, I really enjoy your business rules and slightly off-beat presentations. No doubt they come from someone with real world experience of going against the grain and being sucessful in doing so.
Dean on Feb 16 2010, 12:04am  Reply
Great information! Thanks! I have been a customer of yiour's about a year before your first "Super Bowl" ad. Just found your website and love the clips.

Thanks again,
Paul on Jan 27 2010, 03:12pm  Reply
Your reference to whorepresents.com reminded me of a guy I know who uses libertyshaven.com.. it is supposed to be "libertys haven" a political blog about rights.. but lots of people go there thinking it is "liberty shaven".. a whole different cup of tea hahaha.
Mike on Dec 21 2009, 11:33pm  Reply
Great video blog! I love the Domain Name tip of "Check your spelling if convinced the name is already taken"..I've almost made this mistake numerous times!
James (http://www.javanx3d.com) on Dec 16 2009, 03:34pm  Reply
I was using GoDaddy's search tool to create a new domain name, and it also dumps out other possible answers.

I was looking to create a domain to represent a company to help develop "cloud computing" for the masses.

I put in the word "cloud" and "maker" and the search tool dumped out lots of other alternative names.

I saw "cloudbuilder.com" and purchased it (and the .NET one) immediately. Much to my chagrin, the system had come up with "COULD" instead of "CLOUD."

Since you can't "return" the names, I am stuck with domains that have no intelligent meaning.
DO NOT ASSUME THE "helper tools" do the right thing! on Dec 13 2009, 04:25pm  Reply
I recently registered Membiru.com with Go Daddy. A week later my father pointed out your rule that domain names should be easy to spell. Since I had already invested in other Membiru branding I made the decision to keep my name. I attempted to correct my mistake by registering common misspellings and having them automatically redirect to my homepage. I believe this will be an effective technique for the users that enter my address in their browser, but I do not know if search engines will be smart enough to redirect a request for Membriu to my actual business name of Membiru. Do you have any other advice for people who have made the same mistake as me?
Erik (http://www.membiru.com/) on Dec 11 2009, 01:21pm  Reply
Should have watched this before I purchased a domain that had a certain Washington based company's product in the title. Live and learn, Bill, if you are interested, send me a note?
Robert on Nov 22 2009, 11:18am  Reply
Thank you Bob! These are the tips that most people are gonna need when they register the domain names, especially there is a great issue with the trade marks and people must know that they have to avoid register anything if .COM is taken, because the .COM is GOD
CovenantDomains (http://www.covenantdomains.com) on Nov 11 2009, 07:21pm  Reply
We followed the tips Bob and utilizing them we did a good job!

Bob Parsons the peoples mentor!
PK SER (http://www.thewishinabox.com) on Oct 20 2009, 12:07pm  Reply
What do you think of Da Matrix dot com? Has a certain Go Daddy dot com ring to it don't you think? :)

I just thought I'd look if GoMatrix.com was available... unfortunately not, the domain has been registered since 1997!
DaMatrix (http://www.DaMatrix.com) on Oct 8 2009, 07:05am  Reply
Great tips from the master.
Land Sales Company - Land For Sale (http://www.LandSalesCo.com) on Jun 23 2009, 11:40am  Reply

Great info. I'm starting my own business. One of my sons sent me your site. Very valuable information and very well presented. Thanks.

Hugh McMahon on Apr 16 2009, 08:42pm  Reply
your under music is too loud for the blog... love the selection, the editor needs to drop the volume a bit...:)
carry Metkowski on Apr 12 2009, 04:26pm  Reply
Dear Mr. Parsons,
I'm new to go daddy and new to websites. I liked the video. I registered 41 domain names recently from go daddy. My initial feeling was GO Daddy projected business savvy, and good solid enterprise - entrepreneurial spirit - which inspired me. I never knew the man behind it all till now - and I liked your presentation - very mature, experienced, and capable of inspiring others for more on the internet.

The recent go daddy website has sexually suggestive videos. This bothered me because they seem crude from many perspectives, and I started with go daddy because initially I felt a good solid feeling- business leadership - and this feeling inspired me to use your services. Now I feel that with such a tasteless/exploitative approach - the solid business maturity that I initially felt with the go daddy enterprise is gone. At this point I will probably look elsewhere, even if it costs a little more - because stability in a business relationship is important - and the exploitative crude humor approach doesn't inspire my confidence - mostly due to the fact that I consider the decision to produce such videos a bad decision - overall the sexploitation thing is a bad omen for long term success.
mvp worland on Apr 10 2009, 07:40pm  Reply
I guess this would not work.


Well back to brainstorming again.

Paul on Apr 9 2009, 09:47am  Reply
Dear Paul,

Might be a bit difficult for most mere mortals to remember to say nothing of typing it correctly.

bob parsons on Apr 9 2009, 11:00am  Reply
Good Comments. I Love You BOB but i am not gay.
Fahad (http://nuxto.com) on Apr 6 2009, 02:09pm  Reply
pretty common sense stuff.
c on Apr 4 2009, 09:51pm  Reply
Very helpful. I am just beginning this "online business" stuff and I could use all the help and guidance I can muster up...

mfuess on Apr 4 2009, 05:34am  Reply
Thanks a lot Bob for those tips. While my domain choice is more for a personal use instead of a business use, I feel more secure with my choice thanks to this video.
RemmyX25 (http://remmyx25.wordpress.com) on Apr 2 2009, 11:36pm  Reply
Bob, I'd like to reach millions of buyers and bring them to my website (http://www.TVforFreeNow.com). As you can see, my software is a great product. And I'm trying to use viral marketing strategies to accomplish this (must enter name and email to test). I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before the traffic starts flooding in (which goes against one of your 9 rules of marketing). What do you think about this approach? And what else do you suggest? Thank you, Bob.
Jonathan Rodriguez (http://www.TVforFreeNow.com) on Mar 31 2009, 12:48pm  Reply
thank you bob. very interesting. i have a plan to buy a domain, it's really helpfull
rezki (http://bayi-anak.blogspot.com) on Mar 29 2009, 11:54am  Reply
Do you have a blog for the best way to sell your website? Or how to finance your website production? Or great ways to get listed on the top search engines?
D.Green (http://www.cashusa.biz) on Mar 27 2009, 08:47am  Reply
Thanks bob. I can draw a straight line from your candid approach to life and lifethings to your success.

dennis (http://westheimerIT.com) on Mar 25 2009, 12:51am  Reply
Nice tips
Amol (http://www.mintyrich.com) on Mar 18 2009, 01:55am  Reply
Great Tips! thanks for taking the time to share them.
Anonymous on Mar 13 2009, 10:42am  Reply
Great info as always Bob! Do you know the best way to search for trademarked names so we can avoid the issues you mentioned for rule number six? I have HUGE ideas to move forward with a company name and branding but I need to verify I'm going to not going to have any problems in moving forward. Thanks!
Steve (http://www.visablewealth.com) on Mar 13 2009, 07:06am  Reply
Dear Bob

All I have to say is that I just wish I had come across this video before I bought a bundle of domains which are usless. But thanks to you I know have some fantastic domains that I wont even consider selling them under 1000 dollars each. Keep up the good work Bob. God Bless You and Godaddy.com
Bashkim Krasniqi (http://www.godaddy.com) on Mar 12 2009, 01:55pm  Reply
Thanks for taking the time to make the video. I am shopping around for domain names and hosting and came across this. Loved how upbeat you are!!

Just added your page to my favorites..."Upper for a downer day" at the top of the list.

Definitely enjoyed your tips and list. I needed to be reminded. Please keep it up and continue to enjoy your life and I will do the same.

Linda in Houston, Texas on a very cold, rainy, dreary day!

Linda on Mar 12 2009, 12:20pm  Reply
Good advice -
steve mcalister (http://www.stevesideas.com) on Mar 10 2009, 10:26pm  Reply
Bob Parsons, I am totally inspired by your business genius. I often watch your videos for a boost.
I am learning much from you.

Abraham (http://contihost.com) on Mar 8 2009, 04:24am  Reply
Good feedback, could have or rather would have preferred the video without the loud music. Not necessary.
Lynne on Mar 4 2009, 04:47pm  Reply
thank you for making it clear and concise.
Alvin on Mar 4 2009, 11:27am  Reply
I just wanted to say that you have a realy nice cool website.
Ulf Eriksson on Mar 3 2009, 10:01am  Reply
Being in the business for the last couple years as an Independent webmaster and online marketing management assistant, I have found your blog and video blog very helpful, and just recently moving my domain needs to GoDaddy .

You have some very helpful domain picking tips here, but I do disagree with a couple of them.

1. Misspellings (not brand names) - Of course never risk a law suite (legalities are catching up with online businesses and they are not playing games anymore) - But buying misspellings of domains that you already own, can help you protect your business and bring residual traffic. (in my experience anyhow)
2. Hyphens - If you have a keyword rich domain, purchasing the hyphenated version of your domain can be very helpful in your SEO efforts.
Allthough, I do believe that outside SEO work should be the primary focus, i.e. article submissions and such.
3. Multiple tld(s) - I always try to lock down the 4 primary tld(s), .com .net .org .info , again protecting your business and brand. I have also found that .org has a tendency to to get indexed faster. (sometimes)

One of my own tips, it can be beneficial to invent your own word and purchase the domain for it. Make it something fun and easy to remember. Make a free wiki giving the deffinition of your word. Of course there is a lot of other work that goes along with the process, but I dont want to make this my own blog post. HaHa.

So far, I am happy with GoDaddy, hopefully it stays that way.

Bob, your blog is awesome, and a nice refresher for me.
Johnathan on Mar 2 2009, 12:23pm  Reply
Fun and informative!
Great effort
Kerry on Mar 1 2009, 10:19pm  Reply
Bob, GREAT blog! I love how you put one of the 16 Rules at the end of each Video Blog! 2,3, and this blog's #14 should be the mantra for anyone starting out and is still the "little guy". Thanks again - Danno
Danno (http://www.DannoDog.com) on Feb 27 2009, 07:32am  Reply
Thanks for the info I think i'm going to register another name and build my site I almost made a mistake. Thanks again!
Donnie Brasco (http://www.bucks4beats.com) on Feb 27 2009, 01:07am  Reply
Now the business is up and running and I know exactly what I'm doing, I'm changing the company name - hence the domain name registration. I loved the advice - all of it sound. I spent ages choosing my domain name first time around, and then made the mistake of going for a variation on a theme. Keep up the good work, Bob. I look forward to seeing your future blogs.
Matt Noble (http://www.noleconsulting.co.uk) on Feb 26 2009, 10:12am  Reply
Great Bob! Just thinking of #3, and Crossumind, where people could think of crossurmind or crossyoumind, but I wanted to have a unique name. I am sure we'll be alright. Thanks for the mentoring. I'll Be Back!
We WILL be talking someday! Cross
Chris McClure (http://crossumind.com) on Feb 24 2009, 10:46pm  Reply
Every name I put in to register was taken.Where can I get a list . This is taking Too much time this way
Ann Hesano on Feb 23 2009, 02:00pm  Reply
Well done - concise, fun & fast moving. The info is helpful.
Phil Lipp (http://www.allwestmortgage.org) on Feb 22 2009, 10:12am  Reply
Knock off the rock star status Bob!

bruce higley (http://TrikeZilla.com) on Feb 22 2009, 07:51am  Reply
Actually my son sent me your way for some insight today Bob and was so pleasantly surprised after just viewing your video on choosing a domain name. I have no idea on how to set up a site though so as another gentleman stated as well and you replied, I will be watching for your ideas. Thanks a million Bob for any help.
leelee on Feb 17 2009, 12:29pm  Reply
Very helpful - will watch more of your videos
una (http://yahoo.com) on Feb 15 2009, 06:08am  Reply
Great job. I thought the presentation covered the basics and then some. Informative as well as entertaining.
Bill on Feb 13 2009, 06:15am  Reply
Thought it was good overall but it would have been better if the end of the video you would have did a short re-cap of the 10 domain name pointers you just outlined for those of us that may have needed a final refresher.
J Rivera on Feb 11 2009, 07:17pm  Reply
J - this might come off a little snarky, & that's not my intention.

But it IS a replayable video & - seeing as you're here you must being thinking about starting a business - you probably have a pen & paper laying around.

Again, sorry if that sounds rude, but it's kinda common sense.
William Briabn MacLean (http://wbmaclean.com) on Feb 19 2009, 12:33pm  Reply
I think that having a forum to share information is vital to being productive online. When I first heard your radio/podcast I was impressed. After watching the video I was even more impressed that the owner of a major online company would take up the point position to communicate with his clients. It's looks like your having fun Bob as you help us connect the dots on the world wide web. Keep up the good work. You and your team know how to do business online.
Anthony (http://www.media151.tv) on Feb 5 2009, 07:12am  Reply
hey bob love you ads and your site i need some help with making a site. i have no idea how to design a web site and i need help making a name people will take seriously. help if you can but if you can no problem.

Chris on Feb 4 2009, 08:02pm  Reply
Dude - Until two weeks ago, I knew nothing of HTML beyond making text bold, italic, making links & placing images. I decided that needed to change.

Learning HTML, like any large subject, seems insurmountable. What I did was break each aspect into a little, bite-sized piece.

Need to learn how to make a menu? Google 'HTML menu' & you will find several tutorials on how to code different styles of menus - MANY can just be copy/pasted from the tutorial & all you need do is add your website's personal info.

Check out http://wbmaclean.com/ to see one of the several fancy (yet still cool) animated menus I found online.

So, so easy. Hope that helps, Chris.

'Hey' to you, too, Bob! :D
William Brian MacLean (http://wbmaclean.com/) on Feb 17 2009, 05:17pm  Reply
Dear Chris,

Guys (and gals) like you are the reason I do these video blogs. Stay tuned my friend and hopefully they'll help out at least in some small way.

bob parsons on Feb 4 2009, 10:46pm  Reply
I came up with this name for a hip hop t shirt line.
Hip Hop Rocks was already taking but I don't think they have anything to do with Hip-Hop but I like the name hip hop rocks clothing. Please let me know what you think and I am slowly working on the logo before i launch it on the website.


Leo Clifton (http://hiphoprocksclothing.com) on Feb 4 2009, 11:55am  Reply
hey Mr Parsons, i would like to get the nitty gritty out of the way and let you know i think you are really cool! I believe in solving my own problems, but i also believe in learning from the best!

im just about to start an online search company and to tell you the truth i wish i had someone like you to guide me in my life....

Tell your kids they are very lucky to have a pops as smart and down to earth as you!

Gareth - south africa
Gareth on Feb 2 2009, 07:00am  Reply
I should get 3 college credits for each blog i watch, my classes were always missing something special .....your intellect. Entertaining and yet simply enough not to forget, thanks.
Keisha on Jan 29 2009, 11:35am  Reply
Your video want both informative and entertaining!

Actually, this is the very first I have seen...

ya know I was suprised by your personality and "down to earth" tone!

A guy like you, with the success under his belt, as you have, usually talks down to people... I commend you for not doing that....and most of all have even a greater respect for you moving forward.

We have been and will continue to be loyal GoDaddy clients!

Thanks for offering the services and products you do.

Seems to me that... you have earned and deserve your success... "CAUSE YOU ARE A REAL GUY!!!" not a starched shirt!

Joe Le Roux (http://www.ffpro.us) on Jan 27 2009, 02:50pm  Reply
Good tips on picking a domain. When it comes to the best names, dot com names still rule. Are you reading this thread Carol? <a href="http://www.dropweightfast.com">Drop Weight Fast</a>
Neo (http://www.dropweightfast.com) on Jan 26 2009, 01:47am  Reply
If the name you want is available, grab it. I watched two friends "wait" to buy the name and had them disappear in a week...
Rob Koeppel (http://www.force-efi.com) on Jan 22 2009, 02:44pm  Reply
Good information for anyone looking into their first website.
keith (http://www.keithshoemaker.com) on Jan 21 2009, 11:23am  Reply
Bob my friend you are a cool guy and I quite like all of your vids keep up the good work mate! Your videos all seem to have a fun positive attitude about them with a lot of quality advice

Peace Our Fella
Alex on Jan 20 2009, 08:54am  Reply
That was interesting. Unfortuanetly, it feels like all the good domains are taken. So I ended up using www.i42.biz. Even though it has numbers in the domian name, at least it was short. Hopefully it doesn't kill my business. Who knows. I could end up selling red pope shoes.. Lol
Unclaimed Money (http://www.i42.biz) on Jan 15 2009, 04:40pm  Reply
good, honest advise.
dan on Jan 14 2009, 09:34pm  Reply
You are a fun guy. Enjoyed the vid! And thats saying alot coming from an attention impared radio dj such as myself. Buying domains is wors than gambling! lol. I'm addicted.
Gare "The Spyder" Stevens (http://www.ncdjco.com) on Jan 14 2009, 04:34pm  Reply
GREAT tips! Thanks Bob.

On another note, what a pleasure it is to deal with customer support people who speak English!

Dave Martin on Jan 13 2009, 01:52pm  Reply
Hey Bob,

Loved your ideas...very helpful! I've decided to venture out and take a domain name....build it in a unique way so that people can utilize the internet more efficiently. You rock Bob~!
Mike on Jan 13 2009, 09:20am  Reply
Great Tips! Thank you for the great information. When I do have to call and talk to support..everyone has been just wonderful. Your customer service beats everyone else hands down. It would be great if all customer service representatives were like yours, what a great world we would have.
MaryAnn on Jan 10 2009, 04:07pm  Reply
I actaully really like your advise on domain names. This comment might be very valuable. Because 3 month from now im going to change the word and change how we use the internet with my new website. You got the first exclusive here :0)
andy on Jan 10 2009, 10:43am  Reply
Excellent information-thank you!

Gretchen on Jan 7 2009, 10:10am  Reply
It's great to hear straight talk about domain names from someone who has the experience that you have. I'll share this video with some folks who are thinking about procuring a domain name.
Anthony (http://www.media151.tv) on Jan 6 2009, 05:34pm  Reply
how close should the domain name be to the
name on the website?
site opens to adrienne green photography
janet bell on Jan 6 2009, 12:14pm  Reply
Dear Janet,

I recommend that you register both names, one literal and one easy. Both should resolve to your website.

bob parsons on Jan 8 2009, 11:56am  Reply
Haha! i like the Video, fun and easy to remember those points. Great Video man. Thank for the tips
Simon (http://www.malaysiawebhostingreview.com/) on Jan 5 2009, 02:55am  Reply
Thanks for the video on domain names, I could sure use some more help in picking a name for my venture..Any more advise and what is a domain name used for? Kay
kay on Jan 2 2009, 10:04pm  Reply
Bob Parsons,
BP as usual great advice and a few wisecracks to boot. Your Top 16 List should be hung in all schools in all languages, on this entire planet! Thanks so much for being the key element in my successes. All my Domains & Websites are registered with GoDaddy.com God Bless & Much Success in 2009 to you and your Family!! - Mark Rentas.
Mark Rentas (http://www.marxink.biz/) on Dec 30 2008, 04:10pm  Reply
Good Information Bob. Wish I knew these tips in the $past. Thanks, - Joe Ward (ReFidolize)
Joe Ward on Dec 23 2008, 04:14pm  Reply
Great video...thank you!!
Joan Nelson (http://www.joannelson.ca) on Dec 21 2008, 09:23pm  Reply
Bob, I enjoy your video tips very much. I wanted to suggest another domain name opportunity I see missed, and a corresponding mistake. I am beating my competition by incorporating the benefit and category of my business in my domain name rather than my name, or some other vanity label. I think this builds my brand value, and it is transportable if and when I sell my business. A vanity domain name might be nice, meaning my name, but it is a dead end from many perspectives.

Shifting gears. I think your playfulness with the video tips is refreshing. There is no reason to live in a gray flannel world.

Michael Dougherty (http://arkansasnaturephotography.com) on Dec 17 2008, 06:31am  Reply
hi bob. i loved the video! I have a domain name. would like to know what you think about it.

sixtymin uteprofessor.com

karen on Dec 14 2008, 05:26pm  Reply
Hi Bob

Can I post those ten domain name rules on my website. I buy all my domains through you guys.

Neil Swindale (http://www.vendcentral.com) on Dec 14 2008, 04:47pm  Reply
Dear Neil,

You sure can publish them. Just credit bobparsons.com as the source.

Thanks, Bob
bob parsons on Dec 15 2008, 12:18am  Reply
Bob, you have way too much fun.
Good for you!
Barbara Mathies on Dec 12 2008, 11:46am  Reply
Thanks for sharing it....
Martha (http://www.ownmine.com) on Dec 7 2008, 10:20pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I have a website design and programming company named 58X. I also own 58X.com.

What do you think of this domain as I see in your blog above you said to avoid numbers, but I liked it cause it was so short and seemed brandable.


Kasey Stewart (http://58x.com) on Dec 7 2008, 05:16pm  Reply
Dear Kasey,

I kind of like it. It's short, and if you define it right it'll be easy to remember.

bob parsons on Dec 8 2008, 08:11am  Reply
You really made me think about the name I chose. I thought it was great but now that I think about it its way too long. Great tips. back to the drawing board.
Tracy (http://www.teambeachbody.com/XbutterflyX) on Dec 5 2008, 10:15am  Reply
Good video Bob but the balance between the music and dialogue volumes was a bit out at the end. I had to listen to your last statement three times before I got it. Good info thought. Thanks!
EnnisP (http://taitoday.blogspot.com/) on Dec 3 2008, 09:04pm  Reply
Hi there! Love your style Bob! My question is, what is the most common globally recognized ending ( for lack of the appropriate term) .com? .info? .net? I am looking to appeal mostly to The European & US markets.

Victoria Curtin Imsirovic on Dec 2 2008, 04:03pm  Reply
Dear Victoria,


bob parsons on Dec 3 2008, 08:43pm  Reply
feedback on this thought ,

First there was .com that was the whole internet, but we all assumed it was the US.
Then the other endings came with the countries .com.au .com.uk etc .
Then they brought in .net .org .biz etc
Then in europe they have .eu , now thats europe .
now theyve just set up .asia . and that encompasses from antarctica to somewhere way above south africa, whereas before there were only the single countries like malaysia and indonesia .china etc

It appears that there will now or soon be 3 main divisions in the main domains
Europe .eu
US .com
Asia .asia
My feeling is that .asia wont just be 'ANOTHER " small apendage it will be a major player.

Am i on the right track or just dreaming.
Also ,the reason i wrote EU for europe, i read on a site that eu is the most popular over there.

Can someone direct me to a site that has a list of the most popular appendages.

Thanx in advance.
raynard ditmar-jansse on Dec 2 2008, 12:06pm  Reply

Red Popes Hoes!
taha23 on Dec 2 2008, 08:24am  Reply
Hi Bob. So, you read every comment? That's truly amazing. I was one of your first customers and I continue to be a faithful customer to this day. I'm a successful lawyer who loves the domain name and website business. I somehow missed my calling! I have a cool website at www.nmfamilylawfirm.com. Thanks for the video on domain names. I have close to 1,000 domain names through Go Daddy, and I love them all!!
Felissa (http://nmfamilylawfirm.com) on Dec 1 2008, 06:48pm  Reply
Dear Felissa,

I actually do read every comment. I'm pleased and proud that you're a Go Daddy customer.

bob parsons on Dec 2 2008, 01:18am  Reply
Great Stuff Bob!! Thanks.
David (http://www.livingaboveandbeyond.com) on Dec 1 2008, 11:16am  Reply
just registered RhythmWednesdayinCheckloslavakia

thanks for the idea bob
jim on Nov 30 2008, 07:29am  Reply
Great information Bob, i found a great web site with your tips.
Art (http://www.robajob.com) on Nov 28 2008, 11:42am  Reply
It is so much more difficult than one would think to come up with a domain name. Your tips are extremely helpful. Fortunately, I had picked a name that fit all these criterias before I had watched the video. It was well put. Thank you.
Theary on Nov 27 2008, 04:43am  Reply
this looks what ive been looking for .
Bloody good stuff.
I have a few ideas for names but how do i ask bob without others seeing them.
raynard on Nov 26 2008, 02:59am  Reply
GoDaddy.com —> GodAddy.com

God's address?
Aldo on Nov 15 2008, 08:51pm  Reply
Thanks. I loved the balance of information and humor. And a special thanks for sharing the words of wisdom at the end; I needed to hear them. "Solve your own problems. A wise man (or woman) takes his own counsel."
Mo Gillis (http://www.expandingheart.com) on Nov 15 2008, 03:40pm  Reply
dc (http://yahoo.com) on Nov 14 2008, 08:12pm  Reply
Thank you for the Marine Corps birthday note! (I'm a Go Daddy customer and a Marine Mom!!)
Mary Blue (http://MaryBlueTravel.com) on Nov 14 2008, 03:00pm  Reply
your awesome!!, inspiring, and a bit cute ( for an old guy) thanks for all your advise!

emily grimes on Nov 14 2008, 12:43am  Reply
Thanks so much Bob for your outstanding tribute to the United States Marine Corps. I've been buying domain names from Go Daddy for a long time and certainly appreciate the hard work you've put in to your company. When you think back to our training and the personal experiences the Corps offered, hard work and dedication are certainly common traits we all share. Keep up the good work and good luck to you in all your future endeavors.

Semper Fi,

Brandon Stone
2/5 1st MarDiv & MSGBN
1999 to 2005
Brandon Stone (http://www.biotrauma911.com) on Nov 12 2008, 05:46pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
Thank you for the excellent tribute to the 233rd Marine Corps birthday! Happy Veteran's Day, as well.

Your 16 Rules are superb! I have been an industrial engineer for many years, and Rules number 9 and 10 are profound.

Semper Fi!

Jim Qualler
Golf Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines
1st Marine Division
RVN 08Feb68 > 10Jul70
Jim Qualler on Nov 11 2008, 08:07pm  Reply
My website can be spelt 2 different ways. I have it spelt the less spelt way....but It's still a somewhat popular spelling! haha.
Jayson Cole (KrunkMode) (http://www.KrunkMode.com) on Nov 11 2008, 06:14pm  Reply
Hey Bob,
Just wanted to le you know that there is a typo at http://www.bobparsons.tv/Top10tipsforpickingadomainname.html?watch=1, this page. Under email alerts, it says "Never miss a post! Get an instant email alert every time Bob posts a new vlog. (blog, not vlog).

Jeremiah (http://www.gjservices.us) on Nov 10 2008, 04:56pm  Reply
vlog is a Video Log....not Video Blog.

Blog is short for Web log.

vikkiD on Nov 11 2008, 09:07pm  Reply
Dear Jerimiah,

Actually it's not a typo. While I call this a blog, it also can and most properly should be called a vlog. Vlog stands for video blog.

Appreciate the heads up nevertheless,

bob parsons on Nov 10 2008, 07:30pm  Reply
Dear Bob,
I am 14 years old. I was wondering if I could send you a picture and if you could sign it for me. Also, if you have a chance, could you check out my website, www.gjservices.us, and give me some pointers?

Thanks a ton,
Jeremiah (http://www.gjservices.us) on Nov 10 2008, 04:46pm  Reply
Hi Jerimiah,

My office will be in touch with you. I checked out the site and it seems you're on the right track.

Best to you,

bob parsons on Nov 10 2008, 07:28pm  Reply
Jeremiah (http://www.gjservices.us) on Nov 14 2008, 07:10pm  Reply
thanks Mr. Bob for the posting today to recognize Marines and former / retired Marines...
Semper Fi and Bless you.
Gene Williams
USMC Retired...
and also a grad of Univ of Baltimore, 1969

PS: the tips on here for selecting a domain name are very helpful.
Gene Williams on Nov 10 2008, 04:02pm  Reply
SEO is our number 1 priority. As being on page 1 is the only way to get revenue in this industry. I am told I need to use hyphens - to seperate words. And I am told I need to use Keywords in my domain.

If I dont then my ranking will be lower and I cant aofford to have a lower ranking. The comptietion for page 1 position is severe.

What shall I do? When Bob says not to use hypaens and not to use longer domains.

Tony (http://na) on Nov 6 2008, 04:26am  Reply
You need to talk to an actual SEO consultant. While keywords in a domain, and one with hyphens is best from a SEO standpoint, the actual effect overall for a web site is small when compared to the SEO work that can be done with meta tags and content. If you are not going to market your site and only rely on search engine traffic, get a keyword-rich domain with hyphens. But if you are going to publish your domain and expect people to talk about it, get the shortest, most descriptive, or brandable domain you can. If you need to find a professional SEO (and I think you do) visit Seopros.org and they can help you find someone. And it's always best to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion unless you are sure what you are hearing is true. :-)
Chris Nielsen (http://www.domainincubation.com/) on Dec 18 2008, 10:07am  Reply
Is there a way domain registars could inform customers,when registering, that the particular domain name or names could or would cause trademark infringements? EX: cocacola.net. Also, how can a domain registar legally sell a domain name that could or would create trademark infringements? Seems to me that ALOT of people are throwing away ALOT of money registering domain names they cannot legally use. Chances are customers are purchasing a product that is basically worthless because if implemented, could or would initiate legal action from another party. Your opinion would be highly appreciated.
Richard on Nov 1 2008, 10:03pm  Reply
Hi Bob!

I just wish that I had seen this video well before I started buying domains. In beginning I bought some useless domains that are going to be deleted. But I have now learnt the lesson.And I can tell you that I have high hopes that I will make my money back or maybe more than just my money back.
Bashkim Krasniqi (http://www.thisisalbania.com) on Nov 1 2008, 04:33pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
My dad's name is Bob.. Any way I am starting an online business, wich is a back breaker, and I need help. I will post a link to godaddy.com on my site, and it will be big, for no payment other than mentioning my store. You are a reputable guy who knows his stuff. Mention it any where and tell listeners to visit my mail order business. We have everything from electronics to a figurine of BOB (thats YOU) I have products that are at better rates than most. I would be glad to speak with you public relations about working this deal. Thanks Bob you are a life saver to all of us with your empowering videos.

I also have a cash parking account and my first day on it i earned two dollars. I know it is just two dollars but hey i was happy. I paid i think 3.99 a month for this account and it has almost paid for itself. So i figure why not keep it going and see what happens i have nothing to loose.
Jonathan Smith (http://housedirect.biz) on Nov 1 2008, 10:10am  Reply
Wonderful ideas don't fly if they can't find wings.lots of idea's but don't know where to begin.no explanations on how to get started for the low tech among us.Can anyone out there help.is it possible for a low techer to make a website without outsiders help?
debra on Oct 31 2008, 12:40pm  Reply
Why choose, what is best,
.com or .net or .info or .org
How do I make a choice?
thanks Dan
Dan on Oct 31 2008, 10:09am  Reply
Well one thing you may consider is getting them all and protecting the name.
Arenlor (http://arenlor.com) on Nov 1 2008, 02:02am  Reply
Dear Dan,

It really all depends how you plan to use the domain. If it's for a business than a .com might be best for now. If instead it's for a personal site, then other domains work quite well — like .ME works well for a domain powered with Go Daddy's smart space product.

bob parsons on Oct 31 2008, 10:28am  Reply
Hi Bob

Brilliant video. I'm just about to sign up with a few new domains and transfer some more over to you.

Your hosting service is outstanding. I wish I'd found it before.
Lynda (http://www.lynda-hill.com) on Oct 31 2008, 04:55am  Reply
Hi Bob!

Only to appreciate you the time that you take to your users and helping us with some tips to make a better bussines, im from mexico and im 20, i start 3 years ago and now my web has about 100 000 unique visits peer day, sorry for my bad english, i hope you can answer me and if you can give me an advice to go to the top, nice day and hope you to answer.

Ed (http://www.eslamoda.com) on Oct 26 2008, 02:48pm  Reply
Thanks Bob,

I appreciate the detailed insight on selecting domain names, and I am glad I explored the website. Again, thanks...so much!

Bob, it would be an honor for me to have you as a call-in guest at HollaYo. I would like to introduce my listeners to godaddy.com, as I recently completed an interview with a prominent online marketing guru on how to start a successful online marketing business. And of course, web development and hosting is where godaddy.com comes in.

Please consider, and say yes; of course.

Thank you Bob,

Kishmir L. J. Burke (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/HollaYo) on Oct 24 2008, 01:21pm  Reply
Hi Kishmir,

My PR department will be in touch with you shortly.

Thanks, Bob
bob parsons on Oct 25 2008, 08:16am  Reply
Hi Bob: Your video blog really made me laugh.

Debby (http://www.ideasourcepromotions.com) on Oct 23 2008, 12:34pm  Reply
how about ebriate.com i mean, after inebrite?
Allan (http://hmmph) on Oct 21 2008, 08:43am  Reply
#16 don't pick an offensive name.
mark mason (http://iretard.com) on Oct 20 2008, 09:48pm  Reply
We specialize in brandable, keyword rich premium domain names.

For those asking about hyphenated domains, 99% of your traffic will forget to type in the hyphen and go directly to the non-hyphenated site. It's basically giving away traffic to your competitors. (same with .net, .org, .info)

Get a great, short, easy to spell brandable .COM domain right from the start. If you hav to buy it from a broker, that's better than using a name with no juice or power to it.



Most domain transfers are complete in less than 24 hours
Sterling (http://www.DotComDepot.com) on Oct 20 2008, 08:39pm  Reply
BOB, How did you edited your vedios and which camera that you used?—————————————————————————————————- ————————
Hotuser on Oct 19 2008, 01:54pm  Reply
Dear HotUser,

I used a little SONY one touch camera. Editing was done with final cut pro.

bob parsons on Oct 21 2008, 04:24pm  Reply
thank you...
mohamed essaidi (http://bob parsons) on Oct 19 2008, 12:05pm  Reply
V useful. My own domain name (Blooloop) kinda ticks most of these boxes except the spelling one. You've no idea how many times a day we have to spell the name! However, it is unique, memorable and successful so it's been a good choice. GoDaddy has been an important factor in our success, I particularly love the immediate and reliable telephone support. If we have any issues we simply call you guys up and speak to a real live person. In an age where virtually all companies seek to distance themselves from their customers this is sooo refreshing! Here in the UK the whole thing is mad, it is easier and quicker for me to walk to my local bank, 2 miles away, than it is to get them on the telephone. So keep up the good work Godaddy and Bob , your videos and post are great fun, your marketing is spot on (you recognise that it's all about getting attention) and we shall continue to grow with your support.
Charlie Read (http://www.blooloop.com) on Oct 19 2008, 02:57am  Reply
I love this...So true! I always tell my clients these tips when Im designing their sites and I always get them to host with GoDaddy!!!
E (http://www.ericapurnell.com) on Oct 18 2008, 09:22am  Reply
Simple but very good. First time I've heard Bob's voice. He's just a regular "joe".
Linda Messina (http://www.MyGenChan.com) on Oct 17 2008, 06:20pm  Reply
Your domain tips were on target. It helped me dpick 4 new domain names. I've seen you on Donny too. Sometimes, there are too many conflicting promotions for me. Thank you.
sylvia Hamowy on Oct 16 2008, 11:46am  Reply
I did find your suggestions helpful, I am currently in the process of purchasing a reseller account with your company, and my Husband, Nick Ball works as a tech support/sale agent for you in your Gilbert call center (funny story about that we actually got married in your call center's parking lot by another one of your employees), I just wanted to take the time to say that I have had only positive experiences with your company and I refer everyone to purchase their domains and services through GoDaddy.
Thank you,
Aspen Espinoza
Aspen Espinoza (http://mydomainmaker.com) on Oct 15 2008, 10:53pm  Reply
Dear what?

Huh? Your message makes little sense. I predict that shortly after you move to network solutions you'll be back at rocket ship speed. Reason: Much, much higher prices, service not at the Go Daddy level and it goes downhill from there.

Regarding the email limit, my guess is that you're talking about the SMTP relay limits &#151; this is in place for spam control. It's easy to get this increased (assuming you're not spamming) for a few bucks. You'll find getting this limit raised at Network Solutions to be a bit more challenging.

Of course, there is no limit on emails sent or received by Go Daddy webmail.
fady (http://host.mft1.net) on Oct 15 2008, 09:46pm  Reply
how about subtitles for workes who are not allowed audio while working
FAN (http://na) on Oct 15 2008, 04:06pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I have multiple enterprises and I'm putting together and multi-city application and I need to host 100 domain names and the sites associated with each. I used Web Site tonight for the first one which, by the way, is easy enough for even an idiot like me to use. Perfect. Anyway, how do I host the other 99 sites? Using Web Site Tonight is obviously not economically feasible. Lastly, if you ever come to Charlotte, I'll buy you the finest meal if you let me pick your brain for 30 minutes! Thanks! - David
David Hedges on Oct 14 2008, 06:44pm  Reply
Dear David,

Thanks for using GoDaddy.com's products and services, and your kind feedback about WebSite Tonight.

As I understand your message you want an economical way to build and display an additional 99 websites. You could use one of GoDaddy.com's Shared Hosting plans to host your websites. Our Windows or Linux Deluxe and Unlimited plans are setup to host multiple websites. However, the use of the stand alone shared hosting packages means you would need to design your websites via another software (Dream Weaver, Microsoft Expressions, CoffeeCup, etc.), outside of GoDaddy.com's system, and then upload your files to the hosting space.

If you have questions about the hosting plans that GoDaddy.com offers, our 24/7 Sale and Support Department is always available for you at 480.505.8877.

Hope this helps!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Oct 17 2008, 05:55am  Reply
You said that we should look at the domain names really good. The idea with RedPopeShoes.com can also be misunderstoud. RedPopesHoes.com.

Mikkel (http://Syth.co.cc) on Oct 14 2008, 11:54am  Reply
Bob and the rest of teh gang are THE BEST. Thank you, Adam
Adam Williams (http://www.CULTURESonFILM.org) on Oct 13 2008, 11:34am  Reply
GREAT Tips Bob!! Thanks.... My only question is other than having such a successful Company, why are you so Happy? You sure have a sexy smile.
marcie g (http://www.equitycall.com) on Oct 13 2008, 10:57am  Reply
Hey Bob,

Liked this post, taught me some tips that I hadn't thought of before..

Time to get me a domain! (Who else but Godaddy?? :P )
Brad Blogging.com - Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help (http://bradblogging.com) on Oct 13 2008, 09:45am  Reply
i would like to ask you about those domain name
4ke,info &org
youconv.com &net
Ayyad (http://not yet) on Oct 13 2008, 04:43am  Reply
Enjoyed your vid on domain names. Just getting ready to setup a site using Godaddy and heard a lot of good things regarding help with my web space.
Michael on Oct 12 2008, 06:01am  Reply
Great lessons Bob.. keep it up...

sudeep (http://www.sudeepkumar.com) on Oct 12 2008, 02:36am  Reply
At first, I thought the video was going to be lame, and thinking about it... I don't even know why I decided to watch it in the first place. But to be honest, I enjoyed the video a lot. It was somewhat informative but most of all, enjoyable to watch, it didn't even feel like 5 minutes.
Jim Ryan (http://Squee-GDesign.com) on Oct 11 2008, 09:22pm  Reply
veeeeeeeery cooool

<a href="http://www.ronaldoassessoria.com.br"> imobiliarias santa maria </a>
imobiliarias santa maria (http://www.ronaldoassessoria.com.br) on Oct 11 2008, 10:31am  Reply
Wow!!...Thank You for this opportunity to have a direct contact with a man who has achieved online success! My domain names are all inactive right now. I am a single mother and would really like to work from home. I would like to concentrate on just a couple of my domains and build them into something that can generate income. I know it can be done but it takes money to make money and sometimes I feel hopelessly lost as I have fumbled many times in my attempts. I have been learning along the way though and I appreciate your video and blog...I would like to see you discuss more enterprising tips on how to design a website that can generate income? Once upon a time I had www.kitchengiggles.com up and running selling AMAZON products when I lived in Tennessee....When I returned to california the site was shut down, as I was facing tragedy. Suicide of my second son JESSE. Now I am determined more than ever to have one or more of my sites generating income so I can work from home and be with my two young daughters still at home. www.kitchengiggles.com,
www,sportseagle.com, www,theshowerbunny.com www.showerbunny.com
www.clowncast le.com
www.musiwo rms.com
I am a very creative person in coming up with domain names...I THINK??...but now what..What do I do now that I have a clever IDEA....building a business plan for online success is difficult on a limited budget. I would like to work one or two successfully and sell the others,,,and dont know how to sell them correctly as I've tried TDNAM Either what I have in DOMAIN names are just JUNK??...or I just need more information and more trial and error....but it's been several years of these domain names not generating income for me. I will most likely concentrate on www.kitchengiggles.com and sell home products,
recipes and laughs. The heart of the home is truely the kitchen....and besides I love it when my honey comes home at the end of the day and I'm doing the dishes and he wraps his loving arms around me. FOOD for thought..Thats another dream,,as it seems like I have been forever single, but perhaps if I could make some income instead of having to always look for that JOB or have to resort to FOOD STAMPS..Maybe my dream of owning my own home, a new car and a real partner in life like that man is on ly in my dreams right now may see me as worthwhile.It will be nice to be able to pick and choose my HONEY. Time to get serious and go daddy www.kitchengiggles.com into success. Thanks for your time.
Albyena "ALBY" Newberry
Sacramento, California
Albyena Newberry (http://www.myspace.com/showerbunny) on Oct 11 2008, 03:19am  Reply
Dear Albyena,

I've looked at the domain names you've listed and while they are all interesting and clever names (I'm a single guy and I'm not sure but I think I may have dated theshowerbunny :) ), they are very targeted as to who they might appeal for purposes of resale.

Successful domain transactions on the aftermarket happen not so much because they are being sold, but much much more so because there are individuals intent on buying those particular names — thus the high transaction values we see from time to time.

Domainers who have been at it a long time know that often they can sell good names for a song or they can be patient and wait for just the right buyer and get a much higher selling price.

As to generating search income from placing links from Google and others on a standalone web page there's a few things to take note of now. The most important is that there needs to be traffic to the page — if the name is very generic like motorcycles.com or chocolate.com this is easy. if it is not so generic it is much more difficult. The second factor is google and yahoo (particularly since their search agreement) are less interested in supporting websites that consist only of links and are paying lower rates for new deals (and even cutting rates on existing deals).

I know the above isn't exactly the news you want to hear, but that's the way it is.

If I have any suggestions to you it would be this. First you might consider being a reseller of Go Daddy products via our Wild West affilitate program. You would front the site and we do all the back office work. There's also programs available for resellers from eNom and Tucows so you can check those out also. Naturally I think ours is the best hands down. If you get traffic to this site (and try to do so by offering lower rates than Go Daddy on some items and promoting it locally — eventually traffic will build). That might get to the point where you can achieve the independence you are looking for (but it will take a while). In the interim, don't hesitate getting a job outside the house. Just being outside will allow you to meet more people, give you a real perspective etc.

Do know that I wish you all good luck and success.

bob parsons on Oct 11 2008, 09:42am  Reply
Thanks for looking at some of the domain names I listed. TheShowerbunny Target...RETAILING? Perhaps Bridal Shower, Baby shower, And Bath and shower products....of course the title of this domain could also be highly suggestive I am a little more on the conservative side. Let's face it sex sells but modesty is always in style.
In regards to targeting for resale I will look into your suggestions for marketing to individuals that may like to utilize my domains,,,i.e sportseagle.com, www.hotpacer.com....Racing Cars seems to be a big TADA with many people, it's all new to me. Patience is truely a virtue. Generating income by advertising and driving traffic to my site is where my investment dollars will be going hopefully making it happen in time.
I understand it will take some perserverance to see my sites to some sort of success. It's unfortunate that rate cuts and lower rates for new deals and existing deals is happening. There must be a lot of upset individuals...So does that mean that the people who have been doing this prior to these cutbacks have a bit of a monopoly?...I loved that game as a child....however someone always looses. Thanks for the news,,,,it gives me a better perspective.
I am working part time outside of the house, I am a Mural Artist, errand service and Pizza clerk.
The three dimmensional reality is always a lot better then believing that my success will come from my online attempts. HOWEVER.....I am not a quitter and I am not going to give up on the idea that I may be able to make money on line.
Thank You for your all your response, well wishes and May GOD BLESS YOU, Today,Tommorow and ALWAYS
Sacramento, California
Albyena Newberry (http://www.myspace.com/showerbunny) on Oct 13 2008, 10:19am  Reply
Dear Bob:

First, let me say that Kim Darwin, one of your account reps, is the best. Second, I love the all around support of your site. I own over 300 domain names and appreciate the discounts and service your company provides.

My domain lookingforlove.com was a parked domain for many years with Network Solutions. As a parked domain it was in the top 100,000 sites. After I moved into the dating business, the site lost its upper echelon status and is hovering around the 1,000,000 mark (Alexa.com)

Is there a way that I can move forward with my free online dating site and boost the SEO again? Can I do it with GoDaddy's help?

Thanks for the blog.

Janet (http://www.lookingforlove.com) on Oct 10 2008, 10:01pm  Reply
Hi Janet,

Interesting question. First, my staff will reach out to you personally to answer your question. I also will answer it — on my radio show next week.

bob parsons on Oct 11 2008, 12:33am  Reply
Hello Bob,

First of all let me thank you for the domain name registrations tips video. Its very useful and informative.

I need a sincere advice from you. Some times back, the .info domains dropped to 99c and I registered around 282 .info nokia phone model based domains like nokia1100.info

Could I be in a serious trouble?
Alok on Oct 10 2008, 08:05pm  Reply
Dear Alok:

Potential trademark infringement in a domain name requires an analysis of different factors. While I cannot provide legal advice, I do suggest you read the UDRP for an outline of those factors. If you are unsure about your domain registrations, you should contact a lawyer for assistance.

Bob on Oct 12 2008, 12:50pm  Reply
Dear Alok,

Serious trouble? Tough to say. My guess is the most serious thing that could happen would be to lose the domain names — but I'm not a lawyer.

bob parsons on Oct 11 2008, 12:15am  Reply
Hello Bob,
I really didn't know what to expect and so was very pleasantly surprised.
I've certainly made some of those errors you mentioned; won't happen again.
Many thanks,
Gloria Hamilten (http://ad-hd-drugfreesolutions.com) on Oct 10 2008, 01:17pm  Reply
If the .com name is taken, why is it a bad idea to take the other tlds - e.g. .info, .org? I can understand the reason when you're talking about a trademark or a specific business name, but what about a more general term(s), phrase or business name?

NK on Oct 10 2008, 06:58am  Reply
Dear NK,

Nothing really other than the fact that at this juncture Internet users think in term of .COM.

If you do own the .COM that's why it makes sense to purchase the other tld's. By purchasing the related tlds you would avoid confusion by preventing someone else from using your website name for some other purpose.

bob parsons on Oct 10 2008, 09:32am  Reply

I host multiple sites and have had nothing except A+ service. Other large corporations should learn from you and your company of staff.

Thanks Bob and never let go of your service!
Chad (http://www.ccsnv.net) on Oct 9 2008, 06:44pm  Reply

Your customer service is superior & one of a kind. Never change that and you will reign supreme in the hosting business.

Good Luck Loyd
Loyd on Oct 9 2008, 08:59am  Reply
You're pretty hip Mr Bob, GoDaddy rocks!
Thanks for all the help along the way, Nice vid too. Some good tips. Who Represents.. LOL..

Take care Bob,

Tyler (http://imagoconsulting.net) on Oct 9 2008, 07:23am  Reply
Do you think in the future using dashes in a domain name will be more acceptable?
Delphine (http://acsgrp.com) on Oct 9 2008, 12:03am  Reply
Dear Delphine,

Hyphens in a domain name are acceptable. The reason I advise against their use is because people just don't think using hyphens. In many cases the domain is already registered by someone else not using hyphens. For example assume the name AceBikes.com. If that was taken, registering the name as Ace-Bikes.com would not be so good.

Trademark issues aside, most users would simply type AceBikes.com into their browser and never use the hyphen. This being the case much of the traffic intended for the site Ace-Bikes.com would go to the other site AceBikes.com.

bob parsons on Oct 9 2008, 09:00am  Reply
Hey Daddy, thanks for your tips. I've come to admire you through the good work of your employees. I feel like I'm talking to a friend who knows their stuff. As far as your TV video's I want one of my own too on my site. You're not exactly a beauty like maybe John Travolta but I do see that Marine sharpness in your jaw line and that's quite handsome. Only a Marine would go up in a plane that small. I've come to admire you Bob, mainly for hiring service people I feel comfortable with. They're good!. How about being a sponsor of my site? I'm the process of updating. With your tips and backup I may possible reach the goal of encouraging more Latinas to stay in school.


Adela (http://www.mujereslatinas.com) on Oct 8 2008, 01:56pm  Reply
Bob, that was a great video filled with a lot of common sense. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :D
Minhajuddin (http://minhajuddin.blogspot.com) on Oct 8 2008, 10:24am  Reply
Great video Bob! I even laughed a few times. So headed to represents.com. Seriously though, I know GoDaddy works because I spend so little time worrying about your end and reliability. Good stuff!

I played with that xml for Googlebot on godaddy once but still need to work on that or get a simplified process. In any event, much thanks for the teamwork on my site.

— Tracy
Anonymous on Oct 7 2008, 06:04pm  Reply

You must be waiting on the stockmarket to go up before you venture another blog subject!!

Jim Bob (http://JoeAmerica.org) on Oct 7 2008, 02:06pm  Reply
I did not have access to this information untill after I had registered my name!
James Greer (http://www.fathertimeonline.com) on Oct 7 2008, 09:53am  Reply
Hello Sir Daddy (Bob),

This is really not a comment but a question. Why is it, that when I type "cjaysimage.com", it shows your website (godaddy.com), but when I type "www.cjaysimage.com", then it's mine? Can you please help me understand the reason for this. Joined your site, and I'm using iWeb to create my website, all is well so far. Just wondering why I'm having problems with that area. I know I have friends that don't need "www" to be found.

Thank you for your time, can't wait to hear from you Sir.

Good day.
CJI (http://www.cjaysimage.com) on Oct 6 2008, 08:11pm  Reply

This occurred due to some of the requirements particular to iWeb. To accomplish this, forward cjaysimage.com to www.cjaysimage.com inside the Go Daddy Domain Control Center. If you have any issues, give our support center a shout.

Bob on Oct 7 2008, 02:04pm  Reply
As a wise man-in-training, I can't help but still seek your counsel Bob. In all honesty, what do you think of the domain name Somebodystolemypancreas.com ?
Minky (http://somebodystolemypancreas.com) on Oct 6 2008, 05:40pm  Reply
Dear Minky,

Depends if someone did in fact steal your pancreas.

bob parsons on Oct 6 2008, 09:27pm  Reply
Regarding shopping carts, I've noticed that the pricing is high compared to your other economical packages. Also, please please implement the ability to upload products into the system while maintaining graphics for each line item. Currently, if I'm set up with photos and products...my new upload will replace everything and putting images back on is taking forever. Thanks Bob!
Emily (http://davisdesignsonline.com) on Oct 6 2008, 04:41pm  Reply
Hey Bob, this is the first time I've seen your video. Great feature!
What was the Asian saying that you quoted at the end of the video? (I couldn't understand what you said, might be a combination of the loud music, and perhaps your voice dropped in volume a bit).
Lori (http://www.gradydesign.com) on Oct 6 2008, 09:14am  Reply
Great show Bob! When I registered my first domain at GoDaddy ages ago. Those tips would have come handy. :-)
John W. Furst (http://www.fcon21.biz) on Oct 6 2008, 06:25am  Reply
thank tou
mohamed (http://m.essaidi.ws) on Oct 5 2008, 08:17am  Reply
bravo! your's idea is best.
By the way, can you add a chinese subtitle in your video next time. Because i really like your video but my english is very poor
Gland Lee on Oct 5 2008, 03:45am  Reply
Hi Bob,
This is my second comment on here, I have built my own websites and are starting to build others Go Daddy is great but here is a couple of good tips for you.

Please introduce a shopping cart with multiple currencies, ie GBP, Euro I tried your shopping cart and it was easy to populate and get working only then did it become apparent that it only takes USD so being in UK we had to abandon your shopping cart. WE would still like it on our other sites if it took the corect currencies

Tip on people asking for live support do not do it
I hate dealing with people who can only use generated text and don't seem to have a brain.

Your call center guys do an excellent job so keep it that way .

Another good tip I think would be to introduce flash files for website tonight. not as an intro but as image section on the home page. You could use the same formats you have as intro's
second problem is with the intro bots spyders have trouble reading sites with flash intro's
so may be better for those people that want them to have them in their home page

I agree with one of the other comments.
in the videos you come over as a friendly guy but the images on your site don't

Other than that keep up the great work and grow your international customer base like me

Steve Jones (http://sexyasever.com) on Oct 4 2008, 07:29pm  Reply
Thanks for the tips. It's a Very nice compilation of domain choosing tips. The text, graphics and sound illustration are working perfectly to enhance the message.
Akhmad Guntar (http://akhmadguntar.com) on Oct 4 2008, 07:07pm  Reply
I think Bobs comments are cool and a great idea for having the videos. my first domain name suffered with two hyphens in it lol not so good.

Now I have what i think is one of the best domain names in the lingerie world which is now also trade marked sexyasever.com
short and to the point a saying that one day may become an household name.

What pleases me more is the customer support you get at go daddy.
there are companies that I have registered domains with in the past which are a complete waste of time. getting to speak to them to difficult if there is a problem

But with Go Daddy its much easier. I call transatlantic but costs me no where near as much as calling a company on these shores. this was the main reason for moving to go daddy

but watching the videos and learning new things and tricks is always a major help .
Good luck for the future Go Daddy you deserve it .
Steve Jones (http://www.sexyasever.com) on Oct 4 2008, 07:01pm  Reply
Hey Bob,

Just wanted to say hello.

Maybe one day when I become a player, I will get to meet you.

Thanks for the domain advise.


Ps, I am the guy who left the message that you are doing a great job with your customer service. I dont think you should ever do any "front running" assistance like "you know who".

mark russell (http://Home411.com) on Oct 4 2008, 11:40am  Reply
Go Bob Go!
Siona on Oct 4 2008, 06:51am  Reply
Dear Bob,
I am just thinking of opening my site but really new to this. I need it for my Real Estate business. CAn you give me some tips because I find all the web sites are very simular and absolutely boring. Help, Daddy!
Dmitri (http://no yet) on Oct 3 2008, 02:36pm  Reply
Dear Dmitiri,

Sounds like good subject matter for a future blog. Stay tuned.

bob parsons on Oct 6 2008, 09:19pm  Reply
Is there a big difference between having a .com address and a .net?
Susan Weiner on Oct 3 2008, 12:51pm  Reply
Hey, I was considering switching to another provider this year. But I Like your style and helpful tips. I'll stick around for another year. Go Daddy!!
J. Whitehead, Chicago (http://Chicagotoday.org) on Oct 3 2008, 07:02am  Reply
Dear John,

My man! Hang in there brother.

bob parsons on Oct 3 2008, 10:07am  Reply
why should I have to pay extra for email services when it comes included on many other webhosting companies. picking up the name of a domain name sounds fun, but it sucks when you pick it and the system tell you is assign to your hosting and the other side someone has had that domain for years (yes this happen here!) and lastly, why am I only limited to 250 emails per day and restrictions on email size, I guess you guys never heard of e-commerce where you need to reach hundreths of customers about their orders and you have a cap limit, WTF. get it right go daddy!!! I am moving my domains today to Networksolutions. I hope this helps you improve your services BOB, the commercials are great, but they suck without a good follow up on your site.
what? on Oct 3 2008, 05:33am  Reply
NetworkSolutions is terrible!
mattunger (http://www.mattunger.com) on Oct 5 2008, 09:34pm  Reply
Dear what?

Huh? Your message makes little sense. I predict that shortly after you move to network solutions you'll be back at rocket ship speed. Reason: Much, much higher prices, service not at the Go Daddy level and it goes downhill from there.

Regarding the email limit, my guess is that you're talking about the SMTP relay limits — this is in place for spam control. It's easy to get this increased (assuming you're not spamming) for a few bucks. You'll find getting this limit raised at Network Solutions to be a bit more challenging. :)

Of course, there is no limit on emails sent or received by Go Daddy webmail.

bob parsons on Oct 3 2008, 10:06am  Reply
Bob, it's nice to see who's behind godaddy.
T (http://www.yellowspringscrochet.com) on Oct 3 2008, 05:08am  Reply
TIP # 11. If the name you REALLY want is not available . . . . go to TDNAM.com and search. Chances are you will find a much better name there than making a new one. While you're at it monitor the name(s) you really want but no matter what you do take action. Get a name. And get moving.
Adam (http://www.TravelStew.com) on Oct 3 2008, 02:24am  Reply
FANTASTIC advice! Maybe an addition to the "don't intentionally misspell words" would be don't use numbers for words... like www.go2ourstore.com or www.gr8food.com or www.weserveu.com unless you want to spend extra time EVERY time you mention your url, explaining "go2ourstore.com, that go the number 2 our store.com" or "www.gr the number eight food dot com" .
Dan Meredith (http://www.usindsolutions.com) on Oct 2 2008, 04:24pm  Reply
Go Daddy!

just noticed you are ranked #3 for server reliability....good job
doug rhodes on Oct 2 2008, 04:03pm  Reply
BOB, i just logged onto my godaddy email and i've noticed the new SMS feature. i'm writing on here as i have done before and it was great to actually get a response. two things:

SMS - what a great idea - is this service free?
IMAP - i asked last time about this, you said it was in the pipeline, any news?
tsfftf on Oct 2 2008, 08:13am  Reply
Dear letters,

SMS is an included feature in Go Daddy webmail. Imap launched about a month ago with our Unlimited Email Plans.


bob parsons on Oct 3 2008, 09:57am  Reply
WOW! impressed that sms is free -i'll have to figure this out.

1 more reason to stick with godaddy in my book.
tsfftf on Oct 3 2008, 02:00pm  Reply
Great job.Much appreciated.
Personal comment:consider replacing the pictures of yourself currently posted.They don't do you any justice.The video shows you to be very friendly...a very nice guy.The pictures make you look like you have an attitude,and a chip on your shoulder. Best wishes, Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh (http://bobwalshmusic) on Oct 2 2008, 04:26am  Reply
Hi Bob when are you going to have your next video blog they are great. I am glad to see Radio Godaddy is back.
David Jados (http://drinkliquidvitamins.info) on Oct 1 2008, 07:06pm  Reply
Thanks Bob your tips in selecting a domain were very helpful—all ten!
Steve Ferry on Oct 1 2008, 06:52pm  Reply
Dear Sir, I'm not sure you are 100% right about the length of the name. Most times, people do not type the name: they click on a link and, if they like what they find, they bookmark it. But it is not 100% true either. Alas!
Gabrielle Guichard (http://www.howtopronouncefrench.com) on Oct 1 2008, 08:20am  Reply
As an event company we select and purchase domain names for our clients events. Great advise, learned the hard way in some cases, I could relate with your comments. As a business owner I would appreciate more of your insight, perhaps appearing on "The Big Idea" with Donny Deusctch, CNBC. Thank you for having a staff of patient, knowledgble individuals. One last wish...with more and more opportunities to purchase excellent design templates it would be nice to offer a brief a this same format on how the process works and if us layman can do this.
Noticed GoDaddy has these, but I would first like to see the steps and process before buying this.
Again...thanks, and congratulations on your success!
Kimberly (http://www.kimcoevents.com) on Oct 1 2008, 08:01am  Reply
What do you think about www.verosoft.biz domain ?
www.verosoft.biz (http://www.verosoft.biz) on Oct 1 2008, 06:38am  Reply
Thanks for the tips.
Another added value from GoDaddy.com

Appreciate it!
Not Bob on Sep 30 2008, 06:42pm  Reply
Hi Bob

Opinion on lifeguardtrainer.com?

Lloyd Plueschow (http://lifeguardtrainer.com) on Sep 30 2008, 08:34am  Reply
The stock market dropped 777 points today after Congress decided not to decide anything. Here's a couple of names that are still available for blogs: WorthlessCongress.com
bill (http://vampirefans.com) on Sep 29 2008, 09:32pm  Reply
Hello Bob. Thanks for the advice! Tid-bits like this really help out in the thought process when picking out a domain name. This is my first time watching your video blog and I will return for more. Thanks again!
Jim Bayse (http://www.unendingleads.com) on Sep 29 2008, 05:18pm  Reply
Bob, thanks for the tips. Although I did obtain my domain name about a year ago and wasn't fortunate enough to have this information available at the time, I still avoided most of the top ten mistakes. Thanks for being out there for us and a special thanks to your techs who have guided me through plenty tough situations, very gracefully....I'm staying with the Go Daddy family for many years to come.
Rob Strickland (http://Besecureandsafe.com) on Sep 29 2008, 04:53pm  Reply
Great information. Please tone down the music. I don't need sonic percussion banging my ears every 20 seconds. I don't need the pain.

Claude Hawkins (http://claudehawkins.com) on Sep 29 2008, 12:22pm  Reply
Here is one more tip, if your domain name is unavailable offer the owner $100. That is how I got my great domain http://geeksforchrist.com
Orlando Cruz (http://geeksforchrist.com) on Sep 29 2008, 10:38am  Reply
Good video and had some thought provoking ideas. Appreciate the good advice.
Mary Roth (http://www.MaryRoth.com) on Sep 28 2008, 05:05am  Reply
Dear Bob,

Did I make a mistake when running for President with my domain name BikiniJoes.net ? Should it have been BikiniJoe.org or perhaps BikiniJoeforPresident.com. I need your help, I am not getting the support I need and I think it could be the Domain name...what do you think?

Is it to late to get the right domain and get back in the race?
Confused Joe (http://BikiniJoes.net) on Sep 27 2008, 08:24pm  Reply
What do you think about this domain name :

SocialEngine.Ro ?
JURJ LIVIU (http://www.socialengine.ro) on Sep 27 2008, 04:46pm  Reply
How about www.ilovegr8food.com? Is that easy to remember? Bob?

Jacob David.
Jacob David (http://www.ilovegr8food.com) on Sep 27 2008, 08:30am  Reply
very useful tips...happy i didnt' make any mistakes of this choosing my domain name...thx so much mr bob :) iam one of your silent fans but thought I would give a comment once :)
till next time... :)
Prince Words
Prince (http://princewords.com) on Sep 27 2008, 06:53am  Reply

While you were gone the country went away!!
Does Google have enough to bail us out?

Jim Bob (http://JoeAmerica.org) on Sep 27 2008, 01:52am  Reply
Good advice presented nicely. My web site is for wargames figures (toy soldiers for people who play out great battled with miniatures from different historical eras such as ww2 or the Napoleonic era).

I wonder if it is too long for people to type. You could create a tool to analyse domain names for spelling, length, any difficult components people have trouble typing or saying.
Neil (http://www.reinforcementsbypost.com) on Sep 26 2008, 09:07pm  Reply
I'm a new reseller for Godaddy so wanted to watch your videos to learn as much as possible about the company. I've been with godaddy and have recommended to everyone I know for the last 6 years. My only suggestion is PLEASE change the home page picture....it's been the same for way too long, and would love to see the site changes with the seasons, as we the people do!!!
Julie Steele (http://steeleinc.com) on Sep 26 2008, 12:03pm  Reply
top five reasons that go daddy should have and or offer live chat

5. increase customer support
4 increases sales
3 reduces shopping cart abandonment
2 allows you to show images and links
1 revert to number 5!
bob you say customer care is key, then offer LIVE CHAT and you will be truly the king of customer care (in addition to your giant call center agents can CHAT and speak on the phone, doubling the pleasure of customer care!



ajs (http://websitealive.com) on Sep 26 2008, 09:38am  Reply
Dear ajs,

I've often found that live chat makes for poor service — thus we don't offer it.

bob parsons on Sep 26 2008, 08:37pm  Reply

If you have good people to run your chat you get good service Bob you just may too old school for for this technology Also you should listen to your customers and not your ego sometimes


Adam j
adam j. stass (http://websitealive.com) on Feb 26 2009, 08:43pm  Reply
Dear adam,

Whatever brother. Whatever.

bob parsons on Feb 28 2009, 01:06am  Reply
Take the DavidPalmore.com as your main website domain. It's not too long (15 characters is usually looked at pushing the length limit).

Point all the other domains to your main website. But what's most important for you is to own your company's prodserv generic descriptive domain. So instead of your potential customers trying to remember your name, you're getting their typeins because you have several domains that describe what you do (and make sure those domains are .coms). Point those generics to your davidpalmore.com website.

It's easier and cheaper to use a generic domain name to promote what prodserv you offer over spending money trying to brand your own name or company name. This is a basic online marketing trick that the Fortune 100 companies use. Type in "baby.com", "toothpaste.com", "book.com" or other clear one word descriptive domains.

I provide domain marketing guidance for large and small companies, along with domain investors, both pros and amateurs.

hope this helps. good luck!
Stephen Douglas

sdouglas (http://www.successclick.com) on Sep 26 2008, 03:25am  Reply
What are your thoughts on the use of pronouns in domains?
Dennis Dailey (http://www.ourfreehelp.com) on Sep 25 2008, 10:45am  Reply
Dear Dennis,

What's a pronoun?

bob parsons on Sep 26 2008, 08:36pm  Reply
I most certainly agree with you Bob. I really enjoy your blog~casts. "Funny yet informative"

Thank you!
http://www.freshpatents.com/A-computer-server-with-built-in-modula r-networking-components-dt20070315ptan20070061435.php
Carlo L. Di Cristofano (http://www.Lan2Wave.net) on Sep 25 2008, 07:02am  Reply
Great advice, but having used hyphens for years, it works at moving up on Google, so what is more important, being on top of search engine or no hypens. As example, Low-Cost-Wifi, Low-Bid-Wins, Get-Paid-To-Stop-Smoking, Beach-Body-Club, Boost-Immunity,RecessionProof-Business, Mind-Your-Businesses, as example, so don't underestimate hyphens is what I discovered works best at moving up search engine listings, and isn't that the most important goal for all businesses?

Thanks Bob
LOW-COST-WIFI (http://Low-Cost-WiFi.com) on Sep 25 2008, 05:04am  Reply
You are quite the guy...a real guy! Love your style! Tips aren't bad either!
Rina (http://www.fantasiahomeparties.com) on Sep 24 2008, 05:59pm  Reply

When are we going to hear from you again? With this long of a break I suspect you might be trying to sway Sarah Palin from V.P. to GoDaddy Girl.


Jeff (http://www.gizmotastic.com) on Sep 24 2008, 05:47pm  Reply
Dear jeff,

I'm fresh back from Zambia and Zimbabwe. I'll be posting something new next week. As for Sarah Palin, she doesn't have what it takes to be a Go Daddy Girl. Sorry Sarah!

bob parsons on Sep 26 2008, 08:35pm  Reply
I couldn't agree more. She should just stay in Alaska and shoot a few moose or two. I'll leave politics out of the comments from now on...
Jeff (http://www.gizmotastic.com) on Sep 28 2008, 08:48pm  Reply
Stay where you are JEFF
johnny on Sep 28 2008, 03:18pm  Reply
Liked your presentations. But, the music is too loud to hear you well. It is too loud in relation to your voice. Maybe a little too hyped. 4207
Steve Dougherty (http://working on "doorstoopperstore.com") on Sep 24 2008, 04:02pm  Reply
Started off nervous and then got better and better-more please.
Mark TIERNEY on Sep 24 2008, 03:54pm  Reply
You shared point #14 today of your top 16 ideas you've gathered over the years. How can I get a complete list. I was really impressed with todays council.

Thank you!
Gary Villamor (http://haven't purchased a domain yet) on Sep 24 2008, 03:36pm  Reply
Very useful information. Good work Bob! This is the first video of yours I watched, and now I want to watch more!

Dan MacFarlane (http://www.SkateboardingExplained.com) on Sep 24 2008, 01:39pm  Reply
BOB, The blog is a great idea. I value your company keeping JOBS here in the USA.

John (http://GrumpysMetal.com) on Sep 24 2008, 09:09am  Reply
Hey Bob, I want to be a part of GoDaddy.com in Arizona! I have been looking all over for a great company to work for and I love what you have to offer. If you are interested, please email me 8-)
David (http://www.drocco.com) on Sep 24 2008, 07:54am  Reply
Dear David,

You'll need to check out the careers section of our website.

bob parsons on Sep 26 2008, 08:28pm  Reply
well done and to the point.i wouldnt expect anything less from danica's" go daddy" LOL
Mitch (http://www.tscmusa.com) on Sep 24 2008, 07:24am  Reply
I can't find where to guess where bob is so I am going to guess here since Nima is checking these. I think Bob is in Nigeria!
Gordy on Sep 24 2008, 04:45am  Reply
Dear Gordy,

Actually I was in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Close.

bob parsons on Sep 26 2008, 08:27pm  Reply
Thanks Bob,

Great Show. Now I'm wondering about my domain names I bought. Well, I'm going on with them so my next question is can I trade one in if I am no longer using it and it hasn't expired?

I need one more in the SixFigureEconomy vein and I have one that's not a part of that brand anymore with a year's time on it.

Any advice?

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford (http://www.SixFigureEconomyPro.info) on Sep 23 2008, 09:30pm  Reply
Like your 16!
How about #17: "Live your life in a manner that no one would have a reason to question your integrity."

I just used some of your website name advice and updated to an easier name on GoDaddy.
Brad on Sep 23 2008, 06:57pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
When I first saw your image with the top of your head cut off in the header, I thought you looked like a ruthless businessman (which is ok). But now that I have seen your video you seem much friendlier to me. I have been told that I look like Elmer Fud so I don't mind saying you look a bit like "Froggy".

When I call in for help I feel a bit like I am bothering the techs, is it because they are under pressure to move people with issues along or get them to more thoroughly read the online help manual? If so, perhaps there is a way to take the pressure off the techs so it is transparent to the customer.

The bottom line is this. Your service is appreciated. I was referred by a friend and have subsequently referred friends and helped them with website tonight.

I hope this helps.

Froggy is OK in my book!


Tim (http://www.highpricespaid.com) on Sep 23 2008, 03:52pm  Reply
First Video I watched as I never thought I'd like them...but I am glad I watched...it was enjoyable and had nice info. Go, Daddy! :P
Kelly on Sep 23 2008, 10:15am  Reply
Bob, Im changing to a personal email domain.
Which is best in your opinion davidpalmore.com.dpalmore.com,depalmore.com, dpal.com or palmore.me..(PALMORE.COM was taken). I have already purchased all of these from your company, but am unsure which has the right feel. My gut says .com is king but davidpalmore.com is long!! I 'm a sales strategy consultant and former tech exec. who want a better more direct presence and image.
Thanks and keep up the video advice, its very helpful as is your rules poster.
Dave Palmore
Dave on Sep 23 2008, 09:32am  Reply
As entertaining as it was informative. Thanks!
Chris on Sep 23 2008, 08:43am  Reply
The rule to not use a misspelled word is very important. For example, the word "googol" could be misspelled "google". If you did that, clearly "google" would never, ever catch on.
Mark on Sep 22 2008, 10:25pm  Reply
I was inspired by your tips! Looks like you have some dorks trying to give YOU advice. I guess there are always some wanna-bes that want to tear down what the successful people have done. I am excited about starting a site! Thanks. Dave
Dave kabela on Sep 22 2008, 09:29pm  Reply
I just listenend to your rule number 14. You mentioned that no one succeeds in technology by following others. I agree 100%. I have no experience at all in my web business and because of that I have no preconceptions. I am blazing my own trial. I am having a lot of fun and making money at the same time.
Neil Swindale (http://www.vendcentral.com) on Sep 22 2008, 03:04pm  Reply
Thank you for the video, I enjoyed your tips !!
I think this will keep you going !!

Sharaf Alkibsi (http://Yemenweb.com) on Sep 22 2008, 01:15pm  Reply
You forgot to mention that it should have a "flow" to it, or be catchy, IF you HAVE to use a .net, or if you don't. For instance, I don't have to use a .net, but chose to because it rhymes with: missmypet. It flows off the tongue as www.missmypet.net and not so much as missmypet.com...Right?

shannon (http://missmypet.net) on Sep 22 2008, 12:58pm  Reply
Hi Bob;

Enjoyed your suggestions, I am trying to find out how to get my own "Blog" online, your company bigdaddy.com might be what I need to get the job done.

Thanks again

Jim Quaife
Jim Quaife (http://Jimquaife.com) on Sep 22 2008, 12:13pm  Reply
Thank you for the down to earth blog. As I venture out to produce and sell my own product, I could use all of the tips available from the pros. The godaddy website seems more user-friendly than bluehost.com However, I'm looking forward to reviewing your templates and hope they have improved since I used them a few years ago. Thank you.
Cindy Parker (http://TBD) on Sep 22 2008, 10:26am  Reply
Hello Bob: I learned a lot from your 10 suggestions about picking a domain name. I teach writing classes on the internet and since I learn best when someone gives concrete examples, I teach using examples. You did the same on your 10 suggestions which really brought your points home. Thank you for a succinct, informative presentation. Best, Sandra
Sandra Miller-Louden (http://www.greetingcardwriting.com) on Sep 22 2008, 06:34am  Reply
I like your company even more now. That was funny and informative. I like your logo where can buy a tee shirt on your website.
daniel christiansen (http://danielpchristiansen.com) on Sep 22 2008, 06:32am  Reply
Bob, How do you expect me to hear your wise words when the music is turned up so loud? We're not all young multi-taskers you know.

Good tips; thank you from the UK.
joseph harris (http://www.debtcontrolman.wordpress.com) on Sep 22 2008, 04:09am  Reply
Really good advice—especially about "Who represents".

For commercial names, be careful about any plural followed by the word Exchange, which is a common word for "trade".

I registered Dallas Products Exchange as a business trade name and registered the .com name on GoDaddy. Almost immediately I realized that almost any plural followed by Exchange will contain the phrase "sex change".

You also should point out that thousands of people register names in bulk hoping to resell for high dollars, but the chances of getting more than 1-2 sales are pretty low and few startup businesses are willing to pay significant money to a speculator. If the speculator is lucky he will make up in sales his cost of registering all the names that he didn't resell.
Joseph T. Reinckens II (http://www.GodOnThe.Net) on Sep 21 2008, 08:10pm  Reply
I liked it Bob. Can you do a show on how to make totally sophisticated, million dollar sites on a dollar a day budget? Well, at least tips to get us closer.... :)

If you like this idea, please visit my site, maybe I can come up with a whole list for you for free!!!
Kyle A Weed (http://freeupfront.com) on Sep 21 2008, 04:18pm  Reply
Some of the things in your top 10 were very interesting and informative, especially the number one about the misspelling.
I have a number 11. Don't use a domain name you won't remember a year,like funsitealikeus.com, from now because everyone else won't remember it either. Thanks
Terry Freer (http://Yahoo.com) on Sep 21 2008, 03:06pm  Reply
Haha, Bob, that was hilarious! I was especially hysterical when you showed "who represents" as "whore presents". Keep these coming! :D
Joe (http://hackinabox.net) on Sep 21 2008, 10:36am  Reply
Starring your own commercials can work really well. Dave Thomas and Wendy's springs to mind, and who can forget the very successful marketing campaign "I liked the product so much I bought the company".

For every "owner" dud there was an "owner" winner and this is a blog, not a commercial. IMO his ideas should be presented by him and he does a good job of it. Short, sweet and to the point with useful information.
Karen on Sep 21 2008, 05:09am  Reply
Awesome tips!...I just wish I had seen this video BEFORE I registered my domains. But it is becoming almost impossible to get good names, they all seem to be either taken or for sale for thousands of dollars!
Antonio on Sep 20 2008, 03:33pm  Reply
Excellent, common sense tips. Thanks!

Especially the one regarding the inavailability of the .com . I have to admit that I fell for that in my earlier uninitiated days and purchased the .net, .info, etc. extensions of the hyphenated form and I now know that I will have to buy the jacked-up price of my domain in .com asap. (Was planning to before today, but this blog drove the point home.)
Esti Allina-Turnauer (http://www.safecell.co.il) on Sep 20 2008, 10:36am  Reply
Where do I get a go daddy jacket or tee?
Adrian Bailey (http://dadge.wordpress.com/) on Sep 20 2008, 09:31am  Reply
Dear Adrian:
Check out some Go Daddy goodies on this page:

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 20 2008, 12:43pm  Reply


I felt a little guilty after my last comment for not saying anything constructive. (Jobs knew not to star in his own commercials).

Where I think you shine is when you get to rule #14. You are a great purveyor of business advice and philosophy. At your (our) age, you've earned your stripes. You're much better than Trump because you're not bombastic.

But fun/basic studd, like basic rules to choosing a domain name, hell, if Danica did them, they'd be all over youtube. (Danica on your landing page? Brilliant.)

Finally, careful not to turn yourself into a Go Daddy Hugh Hefner though. You surrounded by a bevy of women.......I dunnno. Just never let us see you in pyjamas.

So that's it. Thanks for a great product.


Peter Ehrlich (http://www.peterehrlich.com) on Sep 20 2008, 06:23am  Reply
Steve Jobs knew not to star in his hugely successful commercials. Bill Gates did not.

"Bosses" should know when not to be the Star.

Why didn't Danica do the video blog?
Peter Ehrlich (http://www.peterehrlich.com) on Sep 20 2008, 06:09am  Reply
this video was really informative, but it was also pretty annoying to watch — especially the supremely goofy beginning.

i love your company and i register and host all my domains here.

never the less, i'd like to see you do something less cheesy.

i say this with tremendous admiration and respect for your product.

just don't cheapen it!

JASON SCHOLDER (http://jdoggpictures.com) on Sep 20 2008, 06:06am  Reply
Dont be such an ass, the guy is having fun.
Gary Little (http://www.BigDong.com) on Sep 22 2008, 07:31pm  Reply
Thanks Bob, I liked your advice on how to pick a domain like a pro, And you are very right, People should take a good time to pick their right domain and they should avoid to long and mispelling domains.

Iam defently going to check out your book,


Herbal Nourish (http://www.herbalnourish.com) on Sep 20 2008, 01:41am  Reply
Good advice, sir.

I can't believe I've just registered a name with free hosting here for less than a quid. If it works okay, you can guarantee I'll be back for more!
Adrian Bailey (http://dadge.wordpress.com/) on Sep 19 2008, 03:38pm  Reply
i look forward to being the next billionaire poster boy thanks .........justin
justin kirby on Sep 19 2008, 01:43pm  Reply
Great Job Thanks
Aaron Sandusky on Sep 19 2008, 11:14am  Reply
I'm totally agreeing with you, M(r)s. Niemla, Bob Parson DOES have great screen presence, and I didn't feel like it was a waste of time either!

Angelique, did you watch this video to see his tie? I doubt it. (;

Mike P.
Mike P. (http://www.mikepost.nl/) on Sep 19 2008, 11:14am  Reply

Your templates are ok, but not great.

Could you increase the number, try some simple ones. How about some templates that are just nuteral, with pictures of nature - nutreal subjects that can be used for any site.

TT on Sep 19 2008, 08:29am  Reply
Great info Bob!
Jess (http://www.craftersdomainregistration.com) on Sep 19 2008, 08:21am  Reply
I enjoy your your video blogs. Would be very interested in your thoughts on email marketing.
Jim McMillin (http://www.macpps.com) on Sep 19 2008, 08:16am  Reply
Super domain tips! Will use them to save money and more importantly make some!


Brian "bc" Cole on Sep 19 2008, 08:03am  Reply
Finally. Bob talks straight and give good advice. No sexy broads, or celebrities, just good advice for domain buyers. He missed one great aspect though:

If you WANT a domain owned by someone else, and they're willing to sell it, consider the value of that domain to your company. Spending thousands of dollars for an aftermarket domain can bring in potential hundreds of thousands of dollars in branding and revenue over the next few years of your company promoting that domain. Pick a domain that describes your prodserv generically. A domain name is an "appreciable marketing asset".
Stephen Douglas (http://successclick@gmail.com) on Sep 19 2008, 02:05am  Reply

You rock.

I always enjoy your videos.

Your so inspirational !!!
Terry (http://visionarycompany.com) on Sep 18 2008, 07:10pm  Reply
I noticed that you advised against using numbers, but the number 42 (used in my email address) has special significance. Late author Douglas Adams wrote a book entitled The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and in the book the number 42 was the answer to life, existence and things in general. Of course this didn't please many people who had waited a very long time for this answer from the great super-computor named Deep Thought, and the computor's lame defense was that it probably could have given a better answer if it had known what the question was in the first place. This is one of my favorite books, and, much to my consternation, e42.com was already taken, as was e42.net and e42.org. People seem to be surprized that my email address is so short, and I get comments on it sometimes, so people seem to remember it. I've also looked into B52.com, and it has already been taken. I'd be willing to bet that F22.com is also already taken, as well as M16.com, AK47.com, P51.com, and so on. Of course random numbers are probably a different matter altogether, and it does seem like that could get in the way sometimes, but people seem to remember e42 although they do tend to forget the freaking biz part! e42.com is for sale, but when I have tried to ask for a selling price, there is no response. This might have to do with the fact that the website that comes up in such inquiry is using only oriental characters (Korean?), and I can't read a syllable of it. I used to have a website at e42.biz which was primarily concerned with adding value through product improvement. I was trying to sell ring chess longboards (8X16 squares) printed on towels with a silk screen. In Douglas Adam's book, a towel was the most useful item anyone could have. You have to admit that anyone wearing a towel draped over the shoulders is certainly someone who appears to be a real go-getter, someone to be taken seriously...
I really hate to bore people, so I'll cut this short, but I should add that if you are curious about ring chess, a much more enjoyable game than classic chess, the rules for the game and a brief description of it can be found at http://www.ringchess.com
Have a good one.
Mark Cameron (http://markspotsthex.com) on Sep 18 2008, 06:42pm  Reply
lose the tie, it doesn't suit you. with love, angel

angelique (http://www.organiserum.nl) on Sep 18 2008, 01:54am  Reply
I found this information to be less than helpful. These tips are no brainers, how about some lesser know tips for those of us that can actually spell (ie. Canadians)?

Thanks 2 u... just kidding Thank you.
BigTreez (http://www.theprofessorpresents.com) on Sep 17 2008, 05:01pm  Reply
Wow, I hope he makes more videos like this. He's got great screen presence, and I didn't feel like a second of this was a waste of my time. I'll bet he gives great keynotes!
Karen Niemla on Sep 17 2008, 04:11pm  Reply
Bob I STILL love you. You're awesome! I am going to post this video for my web design customers to watch.
Joyce (http://artpr1.com) on Sep 17 2008, 08:57am  Reply
Thanks Bob for the insight on how to pick a domain name. This is my website hosted by go daddy. Please give me your opinion on my domain name do you think it is to long? Thanks for you input
Ashay (http://realtorwithanswers.com) on Sep 17 2008, 08:49am  Reply
Dear Ashay:

Often times, people post on this blog asking Bob's opinion of their domain name. Unfortunately, this is a really difficult question to answer because there are so many factors involved. You are really the best judge to determine if the domain you selected is a good one based in large part, on reviewing Bob's recent blog post!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away!)
Nima on Sep 17 2008, 01:43pm  Reply
Hey Bob, nice tips. =) It was cool hearing a little about how you chose the GoDaddy name, and what the other choices may have been. Are you planning (or do you have) a history of GoDaddy, from its founding to present-day? I'd be interested in watching that, too. Thanks for your service - I've really enjoyed being a customer ever since I switched to you for hosting, and have begun bringing my domains over as well.

All the best,


David Christian Liedle (http://www.aeysha.com/) on Sep 16 2008, 11:21pm  Reply
great sense of humor!! Hot!
lisa (http://none) on Sep 16 2008, 07:42pm  Reply
Hey Bob,
Does GoDaddy have a hot air balloon? I am planning on attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta next month and wondered to myself if I might perhaps see a specially shaped balloon resembling "The GoDaddy Guy".
Jeremy Smith on Sep 16 2008, 05:44pm  Reply
Dear Jeremy:

Last I heard, we didn't have a Go Daddy hot air balloon. But if you see one, let us know!

Nima on Sep 17 2008, 08:45am  Reply
thanks Bob for the great advice! I enjoyed your video and now I am educated on choosing my domain name. I thought the music was great, but just a tad loud, couldn't hear you as much as I would've liked, especially toward the end of the video.
Carol on Sep 16 2008, 04:18pm  Reply
Who do I go with being a great advertising force, like you and a racing fan. Danika, Earnharht, Harvick, Biffle, Johnson, Gordon, Kyle Bush, David Stremme? Guilaland? Just Dave
David Mullins (http://thechocolatepipe.com) on Sep 16 2008, 04:22am  Reply
Uh-Oh, Bob! I just watched your video, but I saw it too late. Just before I watched it, I bought the name "AmerrillBank.com", which is a guess at what the new name might become, because of the pending merger of "Merrill Lynch" & "Bank Of America"... Should I immediately cancel this domain name's registration, Bob? I would not want a trademark legal hassle. Thanks for your time.
Chris on Sep 16 2008, 01:21am  Reply
Chris, though I'm not an intellectual property attorney, I am an attorney and I have studied intellectual property laws regarding trademark and copyright.

The bottom line is that a person/company that has itself widely associated with a tradename, trademark, or servicemark has the legal right to stop ALL other use because of what is called "dilution". There was a famous case where a company that made radio tubes (you know, before transistors!) called them Rolls-Royce radio tubes. CLEARLY no one would confuse electronic parts with automobiles. But Rolls-Royce Motors was able to get an injunction because if anyone could use the name it would cheapen it.

You didn't just happen to pick the name. You deliberately figured you would profit from someone else's time, effort and money spent. Those are the things that give the name value. Under intellectual property laws, the person / company who spent the time, etc., is the one with the right to profit. Also, ICANN has a commission that can order a name transferred. It was created specifically because many people bought the names of famous actors/actresses.

By the way, the infringement doesn't have to be intentional. When designer jeans became hot Sassoon jeans caught on. Vidal Sassoon didn't sell clothing. The jeans were from Abdul Sassoon, who had been an unknown. But everyone thought they were from Vidal, because of Vidal's connection with fashion. Even though Abdul was using his own name and had no intention of confusing the public, Vidal sued and received an injunction.

Use of name and marks can be prohibited if they are "deceptively similar" or "likely to cause confusion". In one case a company was prohibited from selling "Tornado" fence because the public would like confuse it with "Cyclone" fence. (Surf and Tide detergent brands are from the same manufacturing consortium.)
Joseph T. Reinckens II (http://www.GodOnThe.Net) on Sep 21 2008, 08:40pm  Reply
If you grab a name with the intention of reselling there are no laws governing you holding the name. If you started a business to profit from someone else name and publicity then they could come after you. Hold the name and see where it goes. Good luck!
Stu on Sep 16 2008, 06:55pm  Reply
Dear Chris:

Unfortunately, this blog is not a legal forum. If you are concerned as to whether your domain runs afoul of someone's (or some entity's) intellectual property rights, you should consider consulting an attorney.

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Sep 16 2008, 08:56am  Reply
Hi Bob, Your Video is good.... May I add a link to my webpage on this video? I just would like to share with my browser customer on how they can pick a domain name through GoDaddy.com.
Cindy on Sep 16 2008, 01:07am  Reply
Dear Cindy:

Of course you can! To link to Godaddy.com just go through the "Links to Us" approved links located at https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/customer_link.asp?ci=8929

To link to this blog, you can either link directly to bobparsons.tv or, embed any particular video blog on your site by using the link provided with each video blog.

Hope this helps!

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Sep 16 2008, 05:11pm  Reply
Hi Nima, Thank you for your fast response. All the best!
Cindy on Sep 17 2008, 08:39pm  Reply
I Like your videos. They are down to earth. Broken down for even the start up guy. I can tell you have read "Think and Grow Rich"
Would like to pick your brain sometime.
Aaron (http://DrinkSomeBeer.com) on Sep 15 2008, 10:43pm  Reply
If I have already registered some domains which I later found out that were already trademarked, what do I do? What if I have registered domains that are trademarked and I don't know they are trademarked? What if they go on to becoming trademarked later on? Do I lose it without it being bought from me?
Kenny (http://www.24cashnow.info) on Sep 15 2008, 10:09pm  Reply
Dear Kenny:
These are all very good questions. However, this blog is not a forum for dispensing legal advice. Your best bet is to contact an intellectual property attorney.

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Sep 16 2008, 05:14pm  Reply
Thanks Bob,Go Go Go GoDaddy
Ahmed Samy (http://www.staregy.com) on Sep 15 2008, 10:04pm  Reply
Thought it was good, but the music was a little too catchy. Caught myself singing along instead of listening to the advice. (http://www.usmomstoday.com)
Jennifer (http://www.usmomstoday.com) on Sep 15 2008, 06:42pm  Reply
Actually, a lot more helpful than I expected. Most of the rules are common sense, but that's NOT so common nowadays, is it? Wish the music was not so loud, but that's a nitpicky thing.
Barbara on Sep 15 2008, 05:40pm  Reply
Hey, the video was good. Especially the rule was greatly educating. Thanks.

Pervez (http://www.international-trade-consulting.com) on Sep 15 2008, 02:49pm  Reply
i wished that i saw this video before i register mine , i was wondering what do you think of our domain www.1ka-media.com that stands for (OneThousand Adventures) for media services :$
khalid joharji (http://www.1ka-media.com) on Sep 15 2008, 02:18pm  Reply
Dear Khalid:

What any of us think of your domain name is moot. What matters, now that you have selected it, is how you market it and how you drive traffic to the site. That will determine your success.

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 16 2008, 05:13pm  Reply
I have over 1200 domains, and I do use hyphens (sometimes). It all depends on what was available.

Some are affilate sites, while others will be charity-based sites

Thanks for this post. It was very good!
Kevin (http://onlinebizcreators.com) on Sep 15 2008, 01:56pm  Reply
Very good!
Thanks Bob
Michael L Large (http://oceansidewealthaffiliates.com) on Sep 15 2008, 08:42am  Reply
It was really help full, but unfortunately i saw your video after we registered our domain. Happy to say that we did exactly the way you explained in your blog video :)
Dimal on Sep 15 2008, 03:46am  Reply

I buy all my domains at Go Daddy, but never saw your cute, smiley face until now. Very entertaining, personable and informative.

So now I NEED V.I.P. Productions for my film company, any suggestions?

PS__the reason I NEED to have V (Virginia) I. (Irene) P. (Powers) is that is my maiden name and I desperately want it for my new film production company.

Any suggestions?


OH, and by the way, I send everyone over to Go Daddy to buy their domain names.

virginia ashmore (http://www.demomomma.com) on Sep 14 2008, 10:58pm  Reply
Dear Virginia:

If the domain you would like to use is already registered, you have a few options. You can choose a different top level domain extension, such as .ME, .NET or .ORG, or you can offer to purchase the domain from the current registrant. Go Daddy offers a service, Domain
Buy Service, which includes contacting the current owner to negotiate the purchase of the domain on your behalf.

Thanks for being a Go Daddy customer and for recommending us to your friends.

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 15 2008, 03:41pm  Reply
This reminds me, I need to do a blog on 10 things to avoid doing when making a video blog :)
Larry Dean (http://TheHollywoodStudio.TV) on Sep 14 2008, 06:56pm  Reply
We like your business and the way it works. You have awesome tech support and we are completely satisfied!
richard lay (http://myracefan.com) on Sep 14 2008, 12:22pm  Reply
Your Rule #14 is why I started my own web server. I got SO tired of moronic tech support people at other web hosts (contrary to their belief it does NOT take 3 weeks to install an SSL), I started researching wehat it would take to become my own host. I have had my server up for over 5 years now, host approx 50 websites, with 99.9% uptime.

Thank you for your products and great tech support!
geekgirl (http://grandpascloset.com) on Sep 14 2008, 11:23am  Reply
Great info Bob. I have fallen for some of these mistakes in the past myself. We all have to learn the hard way sometimes

Andrew Peers (http://www.quickercomputer.com) on Sep 14 2008, 07:31am  Reply
Great advice! Like others, I wish that I had seen your video in advance before purchasing over 100 domains.

I live in the rural South and would appreciate your recommending an attorney who deals with domain and trademark issues.

Thanks, Andrew
Andrew on Sep 14 2008, 06:03am  Reply
Dear Andrew:

Unfortunately, we are not in the attorney referral business. We suggest however, that you contact your local Bar Association. They will be able to assist you with attorney referrals.

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Sep 15 2008, 09:01am  Reply

Keep up the Good work. It is informative.

As Jason pointed out, the conclusion is great. :)
suthaharan (http://www.kurinchilion.com) on Sep 13 2008, 06:35pm  Reply
Bob thanks so much for the effort you put in with the blogs etc. Can I make a comment. Your photo on your home page doesn't show you as handsome as you are in your video blogs. No I'm not gay I'm a photographer and I know I can improve your image ...
tim mooney (http://www.timmooneyphotography.com) on Sep 13 2008, 02:53pm  Reply

Nice, nice work. You've got me inspired...I'm thinkin' of making my OWN Top 10 list.

Oh, and the conclusion to your Video Blog is GREAT! I hope everyone hangs out to watch it!
Jason Womack (http://www.JasonWomackBlog.com) on Sep 13 2008, 02:22pm  Reply
Great info you kept my attention.
Wellness & Blessings to you
Your Wellness Informant
NATASHA, Think-ologist (http://www.whathappenedtoyourlastmeal.com) on Sep 13 2008, 02:17pm  Reply
Semper Fi, Jarhead! 2nd Bn / 4th Marines, 68-69 Viet Nam. I have those 16 rules taped next to my monitor. Except for number 16, I think I was probably exposed to all of them at Parris Island. I smiled on graduation day though. What about you?

You have built a company that I use as an example while building my own. Your absolute BEST element is your tech support. All else is excellent, but your tech support is just OVER THE TOP.

It makes me proud that a Jarhead built that kind of company.
Kenneth Parrott (http://www.acworth.net) on Sep 13 2008, 02:16pm  Reply
Hey Kenneth I'm in the Acworth, GA area and just wanted to say hello, I build websites as well, and I have seen you site in the past and just thought it was interesting to see your post on Bob Parsons TV. Best of luck with the web biz and thanks for your service.

Robert Davis
Robert Davis (http://www.robertdavisproductions.com) on Sep 15 2008, 08:36am  Reply
Great Tips bob... You're great!
ivor (http://www.ivorpadilla.com) on Sep 13 2008, 11:54am  Reply
Some good tips but I have one comment: Ditch the suit - you look more "Go-Daddy" like in the open collar shirts!
margaret (http://healthandhealthcare.com) on Sep 13 2008, 11:29am  Reply
Great Job, perhaps I should have seen this before I owned 60 something names! But, I just wanted to say "thanks" for taking time to do stuff like this! GoDaddy Rocks!
Chet Lewis (http://www.aprosvc.com www.chetlewis.com wwwlhillbillyworkshop.com) on Sep 13 2008, 10:26am  Reply
It is borderline painful to watch this, the stop and go reading with odd pauses is just aweful not to mention the zero charisma. You're not good at this so check your huge ego and desperate desire to famous at the door and stick to your business. This blog idea is pretty transparent.
Average user on Sep 13 2008, 09:23am  Reply
I have not watched too many of these, so Bob, I am sure has his following. I just thought the extra hype is not that interesting.
Pamalah on Sep 13 2008, 08:50am  Reply
Thank you so much. Have been spending quite an amount of time to come up with a personal home business name and website. Your information gave me a great deal of precise tips to make my choice
Brenda Kelley (http://www.freedomathometeam.com/40620528) on Sep 13 2008, 08:03am  Reply
Hi Bob,
I appreciate you comments on common mistakes.

Very helpful!
Keep up the good work

Thor V Johansen (http://www.biolifenaturals.com) on Sep 13 2008, 07:09am  Reply
Mr . Bob

I just saw your video and i agree with the sujjestion's you have given.

But One thing you forgot to mention is the service provider , it shloud be best , and it shloud be Go-daddy.

If you are planning to be really Big then Go with BiG


Mr.Manit.I.Nagrani (http://www.IndiaCakes.com) on Sep 13 2008, 03:04am  Reply
whore presents.com!

I know how they feel.

People think my site is foe sex toys sometimes, instead of a fantasy football community.

Travis Pflanz (http://kansascityfantasy.com) on Sep 12 2008, 09:44pm  Reply
I dig it, Bob!
Jared Stein on Sep 12 2008, 08:53pm  Reply
Great "common sense" advice. Your 16 rules state many mantra I have used to make it through life. I would only add 1 thing:

17. Speak and act towards others with respect (or love), sincerity and truth. If people know you have respect for (or love) them and are honest (in a kind way), the relationship (business or personal) will be based in reality. If you do this, you will find yourself affiliated with allies whose interests are more closely aligned with your own, thereby smoothing the way for your success.


Molly (http://mollydarnell@comcast.net) on Sep 12 2008, 07:02pm  Reply
Great presentation!!!
Hani Naser (http://www.HaniNaser.com) on Sep 12 2008, 06:48pm  Reply
Awesome tips on picking a domain name. Entertaining, yet informative! Good advice! Thanks! Your awesome!
Shauna on Sep 12 2008, 06:02pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
I liked your video on the tips to choosing a domain name that it is featured on my website in "Today's Topics". I think everyone should see it. Keep up the great job. So where do I send people to get their domain name? You're right!
GoDaddy.com that's where! Oh yeah! How about that Danica? I'm a true fan of hers too. "You Go Girl!" What a team...Go Daddy and Go Girl! They get the job done ...
World News n' Views (http://www.worldnewsviews.com) on Sep 12 2008, 04:48pm  Reply
Excellent advice on domain names. You have web marketing down to a science. I study and consider carefully what you do. There's a lot to be learned from your focus and understanding of indirect selling. Studying but not copying those that are the successful masters of their trade is always of great value.
George Fragos (http://FragosTech.com) on Sep 12 2008, 03:35pm  Reply
Love the tips, Bob, but can you make your part the same volume as the music?
Holli on Sep 12 2008, 02:49pm  Reply
Your video was well done!! Good info and great graphics.
Retrieving a password is too difficult on godaddy.com.
Just thought I'd let you know.
Annie on Sep 12 2008, 02:25pm  Reply
Dear Annie:

Retrieving a password may seem difficult, but it is done for the protection of domain owners everywhere. GoDaddy.com takes account security very seriously and each process is designed to ensure that only authorized partices can make changes to an account.

Thanks for writing in to the blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 15 2008, 09:06am  Reply
As always, great stuff in your video blog!
I wish there was a way to stop cyber squatters. I'd like a 4 character web name but the one I want is taken by someone who owns a lot of other short names, has little content and has them for sale at a rediculous price. Any way to bust cyber squatters?
Wilson Fausel (http://www.rightstephomeinspections.com) on Sep 12 2008, 01:33pm  Reply
I really loved your top 10, felt like i was watching David Letterman. You need to think about going on main stream tv. I was really a fan after you did the 1/2 show on the super bowl, with the strap. Working with the racing driver was another great move. I am a singer songwriter , and have a gift of creating on the spot commercials . In Canada they called me Instant Ralston when I created a theme song on the spot at the concert called Mariposa folk festival. Ps if you ever go on national TV , with your own show , i would be pleased to be a guest performer, i have now 20 domain names and have referred many more over the years.
Gerald Ralston aka Gerry Gee
gerrrygee (http://www.rentaweb.net/blog) on Sep 12 2008, 01:29pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
This is very helpful, coming from a person who built a solid business around domains. Keep the good job!!
Jonathan Ponsard (http://www.ponsardgroup.com) on Sep 12 2008, 12:36pm  Reply
Hey Walter (post # 19)
" can you send them to me"
It's called High Speed...get it or be quiet!! I'm sure Bob has plenty of time to RE-send information to whiners that complain about a FREE SERVICE. GEEEEZ. You take the time to bitch on a blog, but won't take the time to listen to someone that runs a multi-million dollar business. Listen to Bob...it might be the first step towards success (or getting a life)
Thanks Bob...I took notes.
Shawn Leonard (http://www.ColdwellBankerColorado.com) on Sep 12 2008, 11:23am  Reply
Searching for domain name is my favorite time pass, and ofcourse buying them, but now a days most of the good domain names are taken :(
And soon we will not be able to buy any domain name which satisfies all the good rules which Mr. Go Daddy just mentioned.
Amit Patekar
Amit Patekar (http://www.webworldguru.com) on Sep 12 2008, 10:54am  Reply
Thanks for the tips, Bob.

Your tech support has been great, too.

If you ever need help giving tips on writing Web copy, let me know. That is my line of work.

Keep up the good work.

David W. Ballard
David Ballard (http://www.dwbwriter.com) on Sep 12 2008, 10:54am  Reply

I keep your 16 rules above my desk to keep me motivated every day.

I found the video entertaining and most of us watching it can relate to each scenario. I can especially as I worked with the word "news" to create a domain name .its easy to break it into "new" + "s".

Thank You,


Ryan (http://www.NewsOrViews.com) on Sep 12 2008, 10:16am  Reply

Nice job. You're a branding champ! We enjoy your business model.

Best wishes on continued successes.

Don (http://www.globalbehavior.com) on Sep 12 2008, 08:52am  Reply
Where's the suggestion box?
I'd love to watch your tips/suggestions on how to best approach a person for selling their domain name. l would like a specific name, they've had it for almost a decade, and have never put it to use, and I am a one-man startup, so you know I have no cash.
For work, I had to spend $5000 for two domain names, which matched our company name... because international domains don't carry the same rules. Total cyber-squatters.

Brian (http://none worth mentioning....) on Sep 12 2008, 06:39am  Reply
Excellent domain name tips and great video - just, please, lose the tie!
I also love your 16 rules, most of them are exactly how I live - so thanks for writing them down.
Just for note, I live my advice - I lost my ties in my mid 20's and retired at 30 - Keep smiling! :)

Seth McGovern (http://:)) on Sep 11 2008, 02:43pm  Reply
Hey, I like the SouthCarolinaSchoolofLawandSheetMetalWork.com! Ha.

Catchiness might be the best idea! Or even just getting a domain name for redirection that can create a buzz. (For example, you run a charity but get a redirection for SaveTheWorldToday.org which you post around town on flyers to spark curiosity, they go there and are redirected to your site.)

For the starters, this is a great video for those just starting out.

On a sidenote, anybody interested in helping me get my socially responsible college startup going should click my link and at least give it a read. Let other people know if you would too, please.
College Startup (https://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-09-10.1057476673) on Sep 11 2008, 01:15pm  Reply
Hi ya Bob, First off I would like to say that your video blog was very helpful about the domain names, the name I have chosen is 26 letters long is that too long for a domain name and I have so many questions too ask you. I thank you for sharing your wisdom with us....
noel (http://www.brownbagparty.com/19431) on Sep 11 2008, 10:15am  Reply
i would like to pick your brain on an idea i have.
if that would be possible please let me know. just 10 minutes is all.

I would really like your input and i enjoyed your information on picking domain names.

thank you
John Alexander
John Alexander (http://www.clockinaz.com) on Sep 11 2008, 10:11am  Reply
just viewing one of Bob's videos and meeting the face of GoDaddy.com, convinces me that this is a company I want to partner with for my future sites!
swartzinator (http://www.swartzsystems.com) on Sep 11 2008, 09:40am  Reply
Great information. I am working with Mike Dillard and he suggested I use your service. Have A Blessed Day.
Winston Wainscott on Sep 11 2008, 09:36am  Reply
I just found it, I have a new website thru you, am starting to work on it. For someone with no experience it is good to find someone like you. helpful and honest. Roseland Gardner recommended you
Edith Williams on Sep 11 2008, 09:27am  Reply
Hi Bob,
I was very impressed with your video on how to select a domain name so I am featuring in todays topic at www.worldnewsviews.com
Hope it is okay. It loads as a new window.
When a person needs a domain name, where do I send them? Yep! Is there anywhere else? Not as far as I am concerned. The people in tech support are awesome! Keep up the great work.
Mike Maund (http://World News n' Views) on Sep 11 2008, 12:55am  Reply
On trademark issues, you're still pretty well covered by the Supreme Court's ruling on parody and satire, as long as you're not trying to trick anyone into thinking you are the official website or company being parodied
bill (http://www.SmithBlarney.com) on Sep 10 2008, 11:47pm  Reply

I just discovered this webpage early this morning.

I really enjoyed reading the entire page. You have a lot of tenacity.

I met you at a party last April at a private home in Phoenix, and shared our bald eagle Challenger with you.

I appreciate your service to our country as a Marine and Vietnam Veteran.

Thought you really enjoy this new Challenger music video. It's very symbolic of America's Freedoms.


God bless.

Al Louis Cecere
American Eagle Foundation

#1 Al Cecere (www.eagles.org)
Al Cecere (http://www.eagles.org) on Sep 10 2008, 10:31pm  Reply
wish I'd know this before I got my domain name on my site
Karen (http://www.play2learnmore.com) on Sep 10 2008, 10:03pm  Reply

Great Video Blog! Love it and great information!

mark (http://imoria.com) on Sep 10 2008, 08:50pm  Reply
I thank you for the great advice! Shouldn't it be called the top 9 tips? #3 and #1 say about the same thing. Thanks again.
fishmanszmit (http://atandybox.com) on Sep 10 2008, 04:20pm  Reply
Enjoyed the tip at the end of the video on selecting a domain name. The music behind the tip was a major distraction.
La Ronda (http://www.bowenassoc.net) on Sep 10 2008, 08:54am  Reply
Nice video, and I agree with it 100%!
Char (http://www.charpix.com/) on Sep 10 2008, 08:15am  Reply
Hey Bob,
I enjoyed the video, fun to watch and informative. Nice Job!

Bill Goerl (http://www.wheelsofgold.com) on Sep 10 2008, 07:04am  Reply
Your video was entertaining. Thanks for taking the time to make it.
Scott (http://www.somting.com/) on Sep 9 2008, 09:02pm  Reply
Loved the candor! Especially number 5! I chose my name and luckily it was available....I did find that someone has copied it without one of the "t"s in the middle. I do need help developing it though. I think it could be huge! One of your support staff agreed and told me to find someone....I have yet to find anyone. Any ideas?
Take Care Bob!!...You're a true Maverick!!
John (http://www.itsallaboutthefun.com) on Sep 9 2008, 07:43pm  Reply
Why can't you just post the 10 things about a domain name? I didn't want to watch the video, so I didn't get them.

Can you send them to Me? Thanks. Walter
Walt Johnson (http://none at this time) on Sep 9 2008, 11:34am  Reply
I thought I was well aware of all issues involved in picking a domain name. But the old pro (you) gave me some pointers that I certainly bear in mind for future reference. Thank you Bob.
M Fowler (http://www.LapWarmer.com) on Sep 9 2008, 09:56am  Reply
Thanks Bob, your input was very informative. Glad I took the time to listen! :)
homebakedgifts (http://none yet) on Sep 9 2008, 09:39am  Reply
Loved the video! Informative and TOO funny, Bob! This is the first time I've accessed this site and I was hooked right away. Nima, I bet you never have a dull moment working with Bob! lol!
Cyndi (http://Lots of 'em!) on Sep 9 2008, 08:21am  Reply
Dear Cyndi:

You hit the nail on the head. Working with Bob NEVER has a dull moment!

Nima Jones

Nima on Sep 9 2008, 11:47am  Reply
Just want to make sure I have this right...

ReddickIn-holePumpInstallations.com would be a bad choice because it's probably a registered trademark already, right?

I swear, sometimes I think our patent system is broken.



John Dale (http://www.redendo.com) on Sep 9 2008, 07:06am  Reply
Dear John:

I don't know whether the name you cite is a registered trademark. If it is and you aren't the owner of the registered trademark then you should probably consult with an attorney before registering the .COM version. As to whether our patent system is broken? I'm sure you'll get a different response depending on who you ask.......

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he's away)

Nima on Sep 9 2008, 02:10pm  Reply
Very lively and informative video ... thank you !
I think you are good at this.
Chris on Sep 9 2008, 01:58am  Reply
Hey Bob, Czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore but I have gorgeous friend from the Czech Republic who would make a great GoDaddy Girl. Real eye candy!
Dave (http://www.collectiblebits.com) on Sep 8 2008, 07:33pm  Reply
You're a kick. Great info. Going to check out the rest of your video clips. Sixteen rules are right on.
martin walden (http://coffeeofthegods.com) on Sep 8 2008, 07:06pm  Reply
As a singer could I use my own name as the domain name?
Linda on Sep 8 2008, 06:52pm  Reply
Dear Linda:

Of course you can!

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he's away)
Nima on Sep 9 2008, 06:19am  Reply
thanks , nice tips
abu anas (http://www.islamhouse.com) on Sep 8 2008, 03:43pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
Your video blog on choosing doman names is excellent. Could you put it in writing so that it could be printed off.


Fintan Lynch (http://www.engology.com) on Sep 8 2008, 12:02pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
Are .com domain names likely to go up in value with time?
Fintan Lynch (http://www.engology.com) on Sep 8 2008, 11:52am  Reply
The "value" of any item is often very subjective. What is valuable to one person is not valuable to the next person - and even if two people deem something "valuable" the actual dollar amount they assign to it can vary greatly. This is true whether the item at hand is real estate, bowling balls, or domains. With respect to domain names, the value of any domain name, regardless of whether it ends in COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, etc. depends on the price agreed upon by a willing buy and a willing seller. If there is no "sale" involved and you are just interested in the general "value" of a particular domain name, you could always get it appraised at GoDaddy.com.

Thanks for writing into the blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)

Nima on Sep 8 2008, 01:35pm  Reply
Hey Bob,
this is my first visit to your video blog. Really useful tips. My fundamentals about domain selection just got a nod from an expert.
take care.
Krsna Solo on Sep 7 2008, 09:44pm  Reply
Hi Bob, I got my domain name through your support team?
Can I do it on my own without the support team or is it too difficult for me?

Rubert (http://www.rubertsleapinreading.com) on Sep 7 2008, 06:56pm  Reply
Of course you can purchase domain names without our support team if you are so inclined. Just type in the domain you are searching for in the search box on our home page and follow the steps. If the domain is available we'll tell you — if not, our search results will offer you similar options. If you don't like any of them you can always search again for a domain that you think is appropriate. Once you settle on one domain (or more) to purchase you can complete the entire process online. Of course, many folks feel more comfortable having our support staff assist them with the search and purchase — whatever is more comfortable for you will work!
Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 04:46am  Reply
I would've been scared to make a mistake anyway Bob. I would prefer having a professional do it like your support team.
thank you for right back to me.
Rubert (http://www.rubertsleapinreading.com) on Sep 8 2008, 12:18pm  Reply
Um, yeah, wish I'd thought about the length of my name before I had to spell it out to dozens of people! Oh, well, it attracts the right crowd and business is booming! People are always having babies! :)
Olivia S (http://www.belliesbirthbabies.com) on Sep 7 2008, 06:24pm  Reply
nice blog, i was learn so much about the life and strategy of bob.

thanks bob!

hf from mexico!.
hector fdz (http://www.sinfactura.com) on Sep 7 2008, 02:50pm  Reply
Thank you so much, now I know that the Domains like ZeroGas.com are worth holding on to. I had a offer this week for a few hundred bucks for it, but I just use it to entertain during the ElectionErection.
Obaum Oshash (http://ZeroGas.com) on Sep 7 2008, 02:32pm  Reply
So many people make these mistakes. Thank you for blogging their pain before it comes.
I just want to say your company has helped me to become an indepent business person. Because of Go.Daddy I no longer have to work for anyone else! 90% of my business is through my Go.Daddy site. Your 16 Rules, easy to understand templates, great customer service people, etc. have made my life better. Thank you.
KEVIN on Sep 7 2008, 12:48pm  Reply
Loved the video!
Colin (http://ESSENTAILeBIZ.com) on Sep 7 2008, 10:41am  Reply
Nice info:)
rune flaekoy (http://www.israel1948.com) on Sep 7 2008, 06:06am  Reply
Hi Bob,
10 very good recommendations, but I think you missed #11.
"If the name is already owned, and it's what your business really needs, see if you can buy it."
Needless to say many names are currently owned with the sole intention of re-selling them.
2nd comment: Any chance you will be able to increase the amount one can list a "for sale" domain on GOdaddy's "Premium Listings" above 5k any time soon and perhaps think about lowering the commissions you all get to something a little more reasonable. For instance Sedo charges only 10%. If you did this I think you could rather have godaddy become a major player in the resale after market, even #1 I'd bet!
Keep up the good work and low prices and say hey to your excellent employee Brad L. (in executive accts.) for me.
Doug (http://www.realestateforasheville.com) on Sep 6 2008, 09:50pm  Reply
Dear Doug:

We are working with our partners to expand and promote our all of our customers' names that are for sale on the most visited site on the 'Net to find a domain name, GoDaddy.com. I think you will find that you won't be disappointed by our results.

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)

Nima on Sep 12 2008, 04:50am  Reply
I enjoyed this video. :)
Debbie on Sep 6 2008, 06:58pm  Reply

Do you think OnSiteAdz is a good name ? for a digital billboard company?
Jeffery A. Harman (http://www.onsiteadz.com) on Sep 6 2008, 03:09pm  Reply
Dear Jeffery:

Whether a particular domain is "good" or "bad" is not an easy "yes" or "no" answer. The domain name is only the beginning — how are you marketing the company? What is the website like that appears when a potential buyer types the domain name in his/her browser? Is the site informative? bare bones? easy to navigate? Is there also a 'brick & mortar' store associated with the business? How are you going to advertise the website? What is your pricing?

Ultimately, whether a domain name is "good" or "bad" is a determination that goes beyond the actual name itself. If you've read any of Bob's previous blogs, you know the story behind how GoDaddy.com got its name. And you know that many people thought Bob was crazy when he picked the name — but with great marketing and great biz practices Bob built GoDaddy.com into a great domain name!

Best of luck!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 05:02am  Reply
I looked at your video after I chose my domain name. At the end of your video I saw your name used on one domain, so I was relieved. Eventually I have to think of another one too, so your tips are good. Thank you.
Cathy (http://www.cathyfletcher.com) on Sep 6 2008, 12:43pm  Reply
By an iMac and you can make your own videos.
Apple (http://apple.com) on Sep 6 2008, 11:37am  Reply
Dear Apple:
We use a MAC PRO to produce Bob's video blogs, as well as Final Cut Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro.

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he's away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 04:51am  Reply
'Keep it real.' That seems to be the secret to your success. Good work.
Andy on Sep 6 2008, 10:49am  Reply
Well the bad news is you just lost some business :-o I was about to register a new domain and as I was about t buy I saw the link to this vblog.

Well I can see I was about to make some classic mistakes. The domain was taken and I was looking at a different tld, adding a hyphen or maybe using a variant of a copyrighted name.

i think I register too many names and you vblog has made it clear how I should be doing this.

Now with these 10 rules in mind I am going to rethink it all thru.

thanks for the candid honesty, which in the short term will lose you business, but in the long term will keep long term clients like me loyal to Godaddy.
David (http://wiki.dynamicsbook.com) on Sep 6 2008, 08:18am  Reply
Bob, you mentioned to be careful with a .info domain if the .com is already taken.

For example diet.com is taken.
If diet.info is available I cannot see that there is any danger of a claim by the diet.com owner as 'diet' is a generic term.

Agreed ?


N. Wilson on Sep 6 2008, 06:43am  Reply
Dear N:

From your example it appears you are asking if there are certain .com names that, due to their generic nature, would allow you to use alternate extensions and protect you from legal action. Questions such as these involving trademark or copyright issues are legal in nature, and cannot be answered through this forum. It is best to consult with an attorney regarding them.

Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog.

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 04:57am  Reply
Good advice, how about putting it in a printable written form. I register domains for people so this would be nice to send to people either vi email or in print since I deal with people who don't have email and I have to show them how a domain name and web presence can be useful.

Right now My domain business is basically "paying my Godaddy bill but I have something like 125 names. (If anyone wants to be "cellphonegirl.com" that's mine)

My experience is that domain name buyers rarely use the domain names for the purpose I thought they would be used for.

Also, watch TV near an active computer. A few months back I was watching the popular cable TV show "Deadliest Catch". It was a crew discussion at the bar and someone used a non obscene but derisive term (which I will not name). I tapped it into godaddy and found it was available. It was a slang term, I googled it a few minutes, found some stuff. I subscribed to the godaddy "buyers club or whatever it's called so I basically get domain names for $7 and change per year. Someone called me and offered $100 a few weeks later. It turned out to be a Southern US inland trucking clothing store that found that the term had a significance to truck drivers. That is sort of how it work. I've basically got the use right 20% of the time at best.

Finally, respect buyer confidentiality. The next potential buyer will google you. That is why I made the details here so vague.

That said, there is still great opportunity. I am retired civil service after 33 years. I try to help a lot of community groups and individuals get a web presence and the right domain name can help a lot.
Greg Lang (http://freedomtoact.com) on Sep 6 2008, 04:35am  Reply
Can a person sell a home with a domain name?
And how do I go about it
grace on Sep 7 2008, 09:10am  Reply
Dear Grace:
Many realtors and individuals market their homes on the internet. There are virtual tours, multiple listing services and all sorts of other tools surrounding the commercial and residential real estate market that are readily available to buyers and sellers. Offering a comprehensive plan as to how you can sell your home is beyond the scope of this blog and we suggest you contact a real estate professional in your area to find out more about the options available to you.

Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog.

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 05:05am  Reply
I love your 16 rules. I copied them and printed them out for inspiration.

G-ranical (http://www.worldpwn.blogspot.com) on Sep 6 2008, 03:08am  Reply
Nice tips from a good Balmer boy.
Fred on Sep 5 2008, 02:21pm  Reply
MATT (http://FHAHEADQUARTERS.ORG) on Sep 5 2008, 12:52pm  Reply
T Shirts are already offered on the website. You would have to do the personal domain on the back yourself though.
Paul on Sep 9 2008, 08:21am  Reply
not happy with GoDaddy video.
Scott (http://Still Searching) on Sep 5 2008, 12:13pm  Reply
Great video, I especially liked the tip about what to do when you've found a great domain name that's not taken... I've been the victim of spelling errors more than a few times!
Jeff (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffbelina) on Sep 5 2008, 07:52am  Reply
I have decided to use GoDaddy for my needs becuse of DE Jr's endorsement and also I used Pardon's Technology products back in the early '90's on a 80386 system.
david edens (http://not yet) on Sep 5 2008, 07:06am  Reply
Thank you for the tips, I learnt from them. The only comment I have is that there is a disparty of volume between your voice and the transition music that I found very distracting; I had to raise your voice volume and lower it when the transition music came in.
Jeff Siddiqui (http://jeffsid.com) on Sep 5 2008, 06:54am  Reply
Hi Bob, great video, I do like your performance (unlike the guy below).
IMPORTANT QUESTION: You say "avoid registering . me or .info
if the .com is taken"
I sell Scalewatcher hard water treatment products through Aqua Genesis Co (at www.aquagenesisusa.com ) ; the domain Scalewatcher.com is taken by the manufacturer (we buy from them) so I just registered www.scalewatcherusa.com which points to my own website and www.Scalewatcher.me for a new site to be soon.
Another: Scalewizard.com is being used in the UK, I bought (from you=) Scalewizard.info in case I decide to sell that product name in the US. I ve been paying (you) for the domain for years and I may or may not use it. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?
BTW YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING AND A GREAT VALUE THAT YOU OFFER! Keep it up. Thank you for your great and affordable service. Eduardo Jalles CEO Aqua Genesis Co.

Eduardo Jalles (http://www.aquagenesisusa.com) on Sep 4 2008, 05:21pm  Reply
Dear Eduardo,

Thank you for your kind comments on the video and our customer service.

The problem with using alternate extensions on domains such as ScaleWatcher.com or ScaleWizard.com, or even including the names in alternate .com versions is that the owners of these domains may very well have legal rights to them. If so, any use of the names, even through domain forwarding, could cause the owners to vigorously protect
those rights through the court system, possibly involving you in a lawsuit.

Trademark and copyright issues can be multifaceted and tricky, and providing legal advice is outside the scope of this blog. Therefore, we highly recommend you consult your own counsel regarding any questions or business considerations.

Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 8 2008, 04:54am  Reply
Bob, what gives on trying to sell a great domain? I own DietFirm.com and have been trying to sell it - but with no luck. Any opinions? Any suggestions?
Hey, I really like the services at GoDaddy.... and these tips, and video clips, are outstanding!!
Thanks, in advance!!

Danny Trujillo on Sep 4 2008, 04:16pm  Reply
Dear Danny:

It's never easy to explain why something doesn't get sold. Of course, the simple answer is that no one wants what you're selling, but it could just be that the person who wants it doesn't even know it's available.
First, you should get the domain name appraised. You've probably done that, but if not, there are plenty of places to get it done, including Go Daddy. Beyond that, it's a question of marketing and appeal. Either it's got natural appeal but no one knows you're selling, or it doesn't appeal to anyone... or a combination of the two.
Have you contacted people in the health industry to determine if they would have a use for the domain name? Have you tried building a real website instead of just a "for sale" page? Remember, a company with a need for a name like yours could always get a slightly different domain and build a brand on its own. If you haven't developed a brand in conjunction with the domain name or found any ways to drive traffic to it, then you're relying on natural traffic, which often isn't enough incentive for a prospective buyer to lay down lots of money for it.
Best of Luck!

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he's away)

Nima on Sep 5 2008, 06:07am  Reply
Hey, I'm really impressed with the feedback - the information you provided and the quickness in which you responded. Thanks! This is just another example why GoDaddy is so popular... QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE!
I just know that DietFirm.com is a great domain. I guess it's just like buying a piece of land outside of the city limits.... until someone wants to build on it, it's relatively unknown.
Thanks again for your feedback.

Danny Trujillo on Sep 5 2008, 09:47am  Reply
Great presence on camera...
jim on Sep 4 2008, 10:49am  Reply
Great video blog, Bob! I'll be adding some to my site as well.
Donna (http://www.DonnaSpeaks.com) on Sep 4 2008, 09:38am  Reply
I really enjoyed your tips. You have a witty sense of humour! Keep being my favorite domain name provider and I may top 100 domain names someday. Your customer service ROCKS! I have sold quite a few to people who have needed some of them and I wasn't greedy about it either. It's my only hobby!
Karl (http://www.speedhealing.com) on Sep 8 2008, 07:10pm  Reply
Great video blogs! -I have my brother-in-law to thank, who is also an employee of yours.

George Vamvoudakis on Sep 4 2008, 09:08am  Reply
really like the fact your are riding American - Good Domain tips. I am a lucky man, I was able to get OffshoreBoats.com and many others.
Would you like to be my guest at Indy some year? We can hang out in the Pagoda.
Good Luck
Jim on Sep 4 2008, 08:15am  Reply
i like whorepresents.com... i'm a linguist, and i love double-entendres. ironic that the name of the company whose domain i own and registered here is an intentional misspelling... and i'm a linguist. hey, i didn't pick the name, someone else picked it and it stuck. the name was there for 6 years before the domain. after awhile, since the name just wouldn't die, i stuck with it. even asked a lawyer about it. he said trademark it. go figure. hey, rules were made to be broken, right?
Rashad Foley (http://blakskorpion.com) on Sep 4 2008, 07:48am  Reply
You are a Linguist. Great! Me too. But why don't you use capital letters where it is warranted?
Vernon on Sep 4 2008, 10:14pm  Reply
Bob, This was the first time I saw your video blog. It started off very slow and cheezy - dump the announcer guy. Second you seemed too stiff and unnatural. Just be yourself. Third, you seem like you were reading the script for the first time and the editing was very choppy. Mostly the content was funny but there is a lot of dead space.

The bottom line is drop the cheezy-ness, keep the humor and be yourself - perhaps a little ice breaker (joke or something) at the beginning wouldn't be bad either. It was informative.

Practice makes perfect so keep hitting the ball.

I think seeing the real "Bob Parsons" is better than seeing Bob Parsons trying to act like someone else.
Terry on Sep 4 2008, 05:44am  Reply
Thank you very much for the suggestions Bob!
Ariel (http://www.arielbravy.com) on Sep 4 2008, 01:03am  Reply
How does one become a "Go Daddy" girl...you know like the gals standing behind you in the picture?
I know that, to stay ahead of your competitors, and keep things interesting, there is nothing quite like witty, pretty and , most importantly incredibly intelligent girls from time to time in promotions etc. We might start off with a "Domain Faire", wherein millions of people...looking for their special catchy phrase of a name will come to you , (OH WISE ONE) for guidance. Meanwhile , the GO Daddy Gals are servin up Sizzling Fajitas on pewter platters to your (paying customers) and everyone is becoming richer, fatter and mucho happierito!! Comprende, mi amigo?
Where is your Corporate Headquarters?
Taryn Nocella
taryn (http://Domain Faire) on Sep 4 2008, 12:30am  Reply
You are a "natural", very adorable too!
And, you know...I detect the cutest little lisp, or don't I? Any ole way, you get a thumbs up from me Roberto as it was very entertaining and I'd like to see more of you, your'e funny and I love to laugh!
Taryn LOL xoxo
Taryn (http://Bob's 16 Rules) on Sep 4 2008, 12:01am  Reply
blog #14 helped alot. Thank you and much success.
April on Sep 3 2008, 11:47pm  Reply
Thanks Bob - great info and great performance. I love this company and now I'm hooked on your videos. And your superb tech help is in the good ol' USA...what more could a girl ask for?

Go Daddy!

Ronnie (http://www.TodaysBroker.com) on Sep 3 2008, 11:44pm  Reply

I just discovered this webpage early this morning.

I really enjoyed reading the entire page about how you got started and viewing some of your creative instructional videos for picking domain names.

You have a lot of tenacity.

I met you at a party last April at a private home in Phoenix, and shared our bald eagle Challenger with you.

I appreciate your service to our country as a Marine and Vietnam Veteran.

Thought you really enjoy this new Challenger music video. It's very symbolic of America's Freedoms.


God bless.

Al Louis Cecere
American Eagle Foundation

Al Louis Cecere (http://www.eagles.org) on Sep 3 2008, 11:33pm  Reply
Great Video - It made me rethink my domain name pick. Great common sense rules. All it takes to make a big mistake is break one of those rules.
Ron (http://www.columbiabase.org) on Sep 3 2008, 09:10pm  Reply
Love the blog.
Thank you for the advice.
Here's to unique names and people with enough vision and the guts to go for it.
Go Daddy!
Kimberlie Baber on Sep 3 2008, 07:46pm  Reply
Bob, THANKS for this video. I look forward to sharing with my web business owners and entrepreneurs and hope that you will work with us one day! (www.webbusinessownership.com)
Chris Curtis (http://www.webbusinessownership.com) on Sep 3 2008, 07:18pm  Reply
Bob You Rock!
Wish I had this info before picking my .com name. I'm guilty of #8 (hyphen)!!!
I also like your 16 Rules.
Thanks for all your good info.

Chris (http://www.vintage-views.com) on Sep 3 2008, 11:51am  Reply
Quite amusing and very helpful! Thanks.
Elaine (http://www.lostislejewelry.com) on Sep 3 2008, 11:48am  Reply
This was the first time to watch one of these and it was very informative, but hey Bob, did anyone ever tell you you look like an older version of Max Headroom? hehehe...looking forward to more videos.
Melaman (http://www.gamecheat.in) on Sep 3 2008, 11:38am  Reply
Hey Bob,
When your voice goes deep and sounds like tires skidding on gravel, are you doing that for effect or is it for real?
Mosh (http://mortnerlaw.com) on Sep 3 2008, 11:14am  Reply
a little cheesey, but more interesting than what is on prime-time television... and a lot more useful ;-)
Greg Milby (http://gcm.syr.edu) on Sep 3 2008, 06:34am  Reply
These are very good suggestions! I will now recommend my web design clients to always have domain names which are shoreter, easy to spell, and easy to remember, keeping in mind the trademark and brand name issues.
salil (http://www.best28.com) on Sep 3 2008, 04:57am  Reply
Hi Bob, my friend looks like you: Dave Remmers at TopNoteMusic.com When you need custom music, call Dave!
KaRi from ThePrimeSpot.com (http://www.ThePrimeSpot.TV) on Sep 2 2008, 06:57pm  Reply
Interesting, informative and always funny. The hits keep getting better and better.
Scott Biller (http://www.scottbiller.com) on Sep 2 2008, 06:50pm  Reply
I like your style. You are bright, articulate and...funny. Great combination.
I on the other hand...kind of a stick in the mud!

If you check out my site (GoDaddy roots of course), any ideas on how to spruce this up a bit, or potential JVs would be a huge help.

Extendmpg.com is perfectly timed to our economy, and speaks directly about what I do, but I obviously am the guy standing in the way of its success.

It's a bitter pill to swallow, but the right help would definitely make the medicine go down much better.

Thank you for what you do,

Larry (http://www.extendmpg.com) on Sep 2 2008, 05:31pm  Reply
Hilarious, I really enjoyed this video blog, keep them coming. I kept laughing but you did make some really good points, keep up the good work.
netridge (http://www.webmasterwidget.com) on Sep 2 2008, 12:58pm  Reply
i am tying to set up a web page with a logo ,could you assist me and let me know the cost.there is a separate company that advertising for me ,charging me commision ,i feel that this cost can be cut out if i get the right web page coverage .i have already purchased a websight from you.best regards
calvin marillier
calvin (http://marine de la villa {guest house south africa}) on Sep 2 2008, 11:37am  Reply
Great advice!

I do have a question, when someone has the .com address you want —- and you are really stuck on using this name; could you give us your thoughts regarding this. I have all other versions except .org for this name.
Robin Harpe (http://www.RobinHarpe.com) on Sep 2 2008, 10:33am  Reply
Dear Robin:
Finding that the domain name you want is already taken is a natural part of this industry. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this. The fact is that domain names are unique property, just like real estate, and as such, all you can really do is approach the current owner with the hope that he or she is willing to sell for a reasonable price. Now,
unlike real estate, it can be quite difficult to accurately determine the value a domain name. (Go Daddy has an appraisal service to help with that, and if you're truly interested in trying to buy a name from someone else, we also have a team of specialists who can try to anonymously broker a deal for you (ask about the Domain Buy Service which comes with a free domain name appraisal)).

Just remember that it may be easier to find a new domain that works for you rather than buy an existing one. If you absolutely must have the domain someone else has, realize that just by asking them to sell it you've increased its value. You'll need to be prepared to pay a lot for
Best of Luck,

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)

Nima on Sep 4 2008, 09:46am  Reply
Hi Bob,

Your 16 rules rule. Rule number 10, however, needs in my opinion a small ammendment: "Anything THAT IS MAN-MADE and not managed will deteriorate".

All the best.
Vassil on Sep 2 2008, 09:26am  Reply
Trademark Question.Example Ford.com
If the domain FordCars.com was available and I bought it and then pointed it to my used car lot,LyingLynnsLemonLot. Is this infringment?
bruce (http://www.KidsDigger.com) on Sep 2 2008, 12:13am  Reply
Dear Bruce:
If Bob started giving legal advice he would be practicing law without a license! (He may be a Doctor but luckily he isn't seeing patients!) Seriously, the determination as to whether a particular situation constitutes infringement under the various intellectual property laws of the United States is not one to be made lightly. Such inquiries should best be handled by an attorney and really can't be answered on this blog.
Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Sep 3 2008, 05:33pm  Reply
You are an inspiration Sir! I love your video blogs and have registered about 15 .com's with your company as well as becoming a go daddy reseller. Here's an interesting fact.... I still after 8 years of business get a bit of traffic from www.foodirect.com (one 'D' and a .com without the .au) .

Domain names fascinate me - I'll look you up next time I'm in the states and buy you a drink Aussie style... Thank you for an informative and brilliant website and service.
Ilana Hannan (http://www.fooddirect.com.au) on Sep 1 2008, 08:51pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
I really like your video and liked your advice about making sure the spelling is correct on the domain name ones interested in. I saw a very cool domain name the other day and almost bought it. The name was www.GoDad.com. Right before I pushed the buy button, I realized the "o" was actually a "0" zero. Great advice!
Thanks John Willis
John Willis (http://www.UsediPhones.net) on Sep 1 2008, 07:06pm  Reply
What an inspiring video. I wish i knew how to create something just like that for my web site. Also i got a great idea for a domain. TY TY TY!

Jane (http://beadsbymail.com) on Sep 1 2008, 06:37pm  Reply
Thanks for the great site. Was wondering if anyone can take a domain against my wishes. I've secured the domain but haven't done anything w/ it yet. Do I need to do anything to protect it other than renew it?
Mike on Sep 1 2008, 06:25pm  Reply
Dear Mike:
While neither Bob nor I can provide legal advice, I can tell you that there are always ways to lose a domain. For trademark infringement, a trademark holder can file a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization, or another arbitration center, under the UDRP. Additionally, under federal law a domain registrant can lose a domain in certain circumstances. There are also ways to lose a domain just through registrant mistakes - like not updating your contact information. You can protect your domain, to a degree, using our protected registration services, found here: https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/protect/landing.asp?ci=9004. Beyond that, you will need to seek the advice of a lawyer if you are concerned with losing your domain from improper use.

Thanks for writing in to the blog!
Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 2 2008, 09:59am  Reply
These are very good suggestions! You missed one though: Don't search until you are ready to buy. Now I doubt this is actually GoDaddy's fault, but back in June I looked to see if my full name was available, and it was. Not but a few days later, the page was taken, with a GoDaddy holding page in place! Now if I want it I have to wait a year and hope they don't renew, or buy it from this holding company...
bryan on Sep 1 2008, 10:42am  Reply
Dear Bryan:
We certainly want to assure you that GoDaddy.com's systems are secure and we do not share domain queries information with any other parties, but we ultimately have to check other entities outside of our system and we cannot account for their security or business practices. While it is great to plan ahead, if there are domain names that are highly desirable to you, we recommend you purchase them when you search for them. Most domain names that are taken, however, are typically 'kited' and may become available again within 5 days, so you might want to check again to see if your name is now available - and if so, grab it!

Thanks for writing into the blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 2 2008, 10:02am  Reply

You have a great company, I've been in business 3 years and going strong, in large part because of the opportunity your products provide. Easy to manipulate, cost effective, and time efficient... and above all the support for the products. You make it possible for concepts to come to life, as mine have.

Thank you,
Peter Esposito
CEO / Founder
PlayPusher Inc.
PlayPusher (http://www.playpusher.com) on Sep 1 2008, 01:41am  Reply
Registrars of dotcom domain names don't automatically own copyrights to the same domain under other TLD's. Otherwise, GoDaddy.com would be legally prevented from allowing anyone else but the dotcom registrant to also register the same domain name under other TLD's (.net, .org, .us, etc.). Being first no longer offers protection from same-name competition. And, while I agree with your suggestion on a purely-idealistic level, the Internet/world-wide-web is filled with such abuses. Too many frivolous lawsuits have over-burdened the courts such that same-name registrars can no longer expect said courts to tolerate even more litigious nonsense. Thus, GoDaddy can expect many additional years of happy revenue from customers who ignore your suggestion to avoid registering same-name domains under alternate TLD's.
Michael Sanders on Aug 31 2008, 11:42pm  Reply
Although: it's all fun and games till somebody gets sued. If someone were to rip off coca-cola.info and sell merchandise that hurt the coca-cola brand, coca-cola would have every right to sue them, and would.
Doyle Clark (http://www.doyleclark.com) on Sep 2 2008, 08:38am  Reply
As always great advice Bob, Thanks.
Rick (http://www.blogofcrappyness.com/) on Aug 31 2008, 11:13pm  Reply
Domains and Search Engines!

After owning a lot of domains and building little sites or real business sites with maybe half of them and parking the other half I find the following seems to be true with Google and Yahoo.

1- Names like Google, Yahoo, Zoodoodle etc seem to go to the top of search engine listings first because they are not a real word.

2-Domains like WigPros.com or ZeroGas.com seem to be great for search where as BikiniJoes.com or JoeAmerica.org seem to take a lot of work and time..the sites, key words, meta tags etc being equal. My quess is Wig and Pros or Zero and Gas are not found in text, copy, keywords etc together as much as Joe and Bikinis and Joe and America.

A good example of this is BikiniJoes.com and BikiniJoe.com have been active website of some kind for going on 10 years and till this day Google will not deliver those sites in first place when you type in "Bikini Joes" in my case a customer of ours does and its not so bad. On the other hand we have a new Brand Name "Legal" for swimwear, I own it everyway till Sunday including LegalSwimwear.com, LegalBikinis.com, LegalBeach.com and they all went to the top in search of the two words the day after a little site went up.

Just thought at some time later a little VB about Domains and Search engines might be helpful. As most of us know Yahoo and Google are important and Most Domains/Sites are shown different by these two and the others they supply search for such as Ask, MSN, AOL etc

Joe (http://LegalBeach.com) on Aug 31 2008, 07:23pm  Reply
Good suggestions from the Pro.

I've found it a bit hard to find unique short urls so have broken some of those rules in the past.
Cheryl Jones (http://www.lhn.me) on Aug 31 2008, 09:45am  Reply
GoDaddy is an excellent company with exceptional customer and technical service. I could not recommend a company higher! Bravo!

Keep up the great work, Bob!
Alexis (http://www.alexispage.com) on Aug 31 2008, 09:30am  Reply
Only had to wonder where you go to check to see if your domain name is already taken.
Paula Golay on Aug 31 2008, 06:14am  Reply
Dear Paula: To find out whether a domain name is taken simply type it into the search box on GoDaddy.com. If the name is available, we'll tell you — and if it is taken by someone else, we'll tell you that too!

Nima Jones (filling in for Bob while he is away)
Nima on Aug 31 2008, 08:26am  Reply
Bob, you're the greatest! I have a short list of people I admire the most! Bob Parsons, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet and a few more. I think you're the greatest. Thanks for running such a great company and giving us
fun in the process! Your 16 rules is my bible
for life! Sincerely, Wayne Kooden

Wayne (http://www.diamondbladeworld.com) on Aug 30 2008, 10:24pm  Reply
I have learned a lot since becoming a domain investor. I think slogan domains are important for future growth. They can expand market share by targeting regions and specific groups. I have determined several area of interest in purchasing domain names. Top three criteria, easy to spell, easy to remember, sends the right message. I have used memory association to come up with several of my top picks. I own over 700 domains and would like some more expert advice from Go Daddy on marketing. I have a reseller license and several accounts with you. How do I get the message across to business owners the importance of creating lead systems through secondary sites, build directories for the opportunity of being able to network with local leaders and place their own business on banner
banner positions, and building sites with book markers to direct specific traffic. Why is business so far behind on these issues. Robert
Robert Payne on Aug 30 2008, 08:09pm  Reply
Dear Robert,

I believe that if you had the answers to most of your questions, you would have the making of a top-selling marketing book. In answer to your last question, "Why is business so far behind on these issues[?]" we can only look at the big picture...most businesses are great at what they do, be it plumbing, balancing the books, making satellites, or grilling a perfect steak. In the past, their marketing approach typically consisted of an advertisement in a yellow book and an occasional radio spot. Some businesses may feel overwhelmed by the internet and advertising on it can be scary and overwhelming. Find your spot in making it easier for them and removing that fear and you have yourself a successful business opportunity (read #2 of Bob's '16 Rules for Success' - http://bp.bobparsons.com/gdshop/bp/gear.asp).

Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Sep 2 2008, 10:22am  Reply
Excellent suggestions! Thanks for all your funny and informative ideas. I always enjoy watching your videos because they are short and useful. The redpopeshoes cracks me up every time.
Deborah (http://www.water2fuel.tv) on Aug 30 2008, 07:12pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I've enjoyed your video and rules. While I've been on my own for many years, I'm just now starting to really run an Internet business. I bought my domain name from you, and you will be hosting my site when it's ready, since you have what I need. Shopping carts, reasonable price, all the good things. It can be intimidating until you get it through your head "take not counsel of your fears", which is essentially what you're saying.
I also liked where you said to solve your own problems. Maybe you should add "don't be afraid to ask for help", though. I fully intend to use your support if I don't undesrstand something. That's what tech support is for.
From the name of my site you can tell I'm into photography, but I'm going to apply to resell for you, too, and also Skype. It took a lot of research for me to come to theses decisions, a lot of it based on your excellent advice, though I didn't know it. You are, simply, the best deal on the Net, and Skype rules over Oovoo and other VOIP. The tie in is Net space and communications for other photographers. If I have my way, there will be a net of Godaddy based websites linked by Skype for mutual support, advice, sales, trades, etc. What do you think? I'm not looking for anything lengthy or free advice. I just want a quick opinion, kind of "Great!" or "think about it a little" kind of answer. I'm asking directly because the whole thing will be based on Godaddy as host.
Thanks for the good advice and videos. I'll be watching and more importantly, learning. I'll make mistakes, but I have your Rules posted where I can see them. The harder it gets, the closer I figure I'll be. Thanks Bob, I appreciate the effort you've put into helping us.

Tim Morgan
Godaddy subscriber and future rich guy :-)
Timothy Morgan (http://morganphoto.biz) on Aug 30 2008, 06:55pm  Reply
Dear Tim:

Bob is away and I'm filling in during his absence. We all appreciate your enthusiastic support of GoDaddy.com and wish you the best. Remember Bob's 16 rules as your new venture progresses....there is so much wisdom in them!

Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 30 2008, 07:49pm  Reply
Great video Bob! you speak clearly and have a lot ot good ideas...I don't suppose you'd be interested in investing in a hawaii tourist site? or could offer any advice..the site is www.happeninghawaii.com If you ever want to visit hawaii and care to surf or sail...give me a call or e-mail...aloha and mahalo, Dean
dean powell on Aug 30 2008, 06:47pm  Reply
nice work bob...clear and to...... the point
dean powell on Aug 31 2008, 05:22pm  Reply
very infromative. thanks
Garner Conn on Aug 30 2008, 05:21pm  Reply
Bob, Thank you. I had no idea how to get my own venture started until my mother (75 yrs old) told me about godaddy.com. I like all your 16 rules but I live by # 16. If you ever feel the need to add a # 17 you can use my personal motto, "Life is an adventure, enjoy it".
Sandi on Aug 30 2008, 04:38pm  Reply
You are a smart grand daddy, bob. I really enjoyed your video. Most of us begin our internet biz journeys long before coming across go daddy.com.But each of those suggestions are worthwhile before I consider my next domain name! Thanks bob.
Purushottam Padala (http://www.bluewebtrolley.com) on Aug 30 2008, 12:07pm  Reply
I really thought the video would be bs. But looking it all through I am forced to admit that I enjoyed it. Basics yes, but that was the topic as well.

So good work and thank you.
elpaco on Aug 30 2008, 11:44am  Reply
Thanks for the video - very helpful. Is owning the .com critical to sucess of the business name? If the name I want is not available for sale as .com (already taken) and the .com is not being used for a business (sitting dormant), am I safe to proceed using a .net or .org for the business successfully? If I then succesfully trademark of the name coupled with owning the other non-.com names (.net, .org, etc) will I be in a good position of mitigating problems when if dormant .com comes to life by another business at a later time? Does my establishing business recognition under my other extension give me leverage over the value of the .com sitting dormant?

Also, it was advised once I secure my domain to buy the same name under different extensions for protection of name - buy .net, .org, .biz, etc. Is this a correct assumption?
Rachel (http://.com already taken domain but dormant (is it critical to own?)) on Aug 30 2008, 11:20am  Reply
Dear Rachel:

No question about it, a .com extension can be a tremendous asset to a business, and continues to be the premiere choice of those wishing to promote an online presence. If your business is going to be associated to the Internet you'll want to consider a .com extension in your decision. That being said, other extensions may be as or more appropriate depending upon the business in question. As example, a .tv
extension may be more preferable for podcasters. Also, businesses targeting mobile users may choose the .mobi extension as it is dedicated to delivering the internet to mobile devices.

Your questions regarding the use of the .net or .org extensions of a dormant .com domain, trademarks and leverage from business recognition are multifaceted and of a legal nature, and cannot be answered through this blog. Important business issues such as these should be reviewed by an attorney.

Please know there are several advantages to securing your business name under different extensions, not the least of which is to keep your competition from registering domain names that can draw customers away from you. Purchasing additional extensions up front can ultimately cost you significantly less than trying to buy them later through third
parties, or trying to obtain them through legal means. In addition, owning multiple extensions of your domain provides opportunities to promote different products and services, drive more traffic to your website and create distinct advertising strategies that reach different target markets.

Thanks for writing into Bob's blog!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away)
Nima on Aug 31 2008, 04:43pm  Reply
Rachel, Was back it was suggested to get all, but not so much anymore because of stuff like what Bob said. You're best to consult with a Trademark/Patent attorney. I can pass on what I've been told though. The answer depends on a lot - not only with who has which site first, but yes, what they are doing with it - such as business type (NOT if dormant), and who got legally protected first. Just because a website is inactive does NOT mean they aren't an open brick and mortar business - and possibly that IS already trademarked. That's why I say you need an attorney. They can not only help you with the site info, but also research the other company and their legal status, as well as the name you want. Also, there may be a business already out there with the name you want - already trademarked - but using a different website name. Then it's a question of whether you include the .net or .org, etc. extension as part of your legal company name or no. So again, if you want to be legal and protected, I can't stress contacting an IP (intellectual property) attorney enough. Search the yellow pages or search online for the 'state bar' of your state if you don't know any. Good luck!
Mich on Aug 31 2008, 04:25am  Reply
Great job Bob, keep knockem dead. Hey got any advice for an entreprenuer with the next billion $
coffee company - really! (www.intlcn.com) and struggling to find the investment money.

Art Fogarty (http://www.intlcn.com) on Aug 30 2008, 10:17am  Reply
Thank you bob.
you are great man.


please make communication opportunities between your team and cutomers. your blog is so little to share something.

necmi demirkeser (http://www.tr3d.com) on Aug 30 2008, 09:46am  Reply
Great job Bob!! Very nice video and great informations. Thanx.
Maurizio (http://www.talkworld.net) on Aug 30 2008, 01:08am  Reply
Andy Rooney comes to mind.
Steve Williams on Aug 29 2008, 08:30pm  Reply
I really enjoyed your video. I was purchasing domains from Network Solutions when it was the only kid on the block. I am soooo much happier with GoDaddy.com. We intend to build all our names, it is a slow process but we are working on it. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.
Walter Bono (http://www.alohahotels.com) on Aug 29 2008, 06:51pm  Reply
Thank You.
JOE HENRY M (http://JOE HENRY M) on Aug 29 2008, 04:49pm  Reply
I'm new to all this internet stuff. Loved your video though; super informative. Your a pretty cool old dude, just kidding! Wished I would have seen this on the home page in big letters. It would have been the first thing I looked at before I started my godaddy.com journey down domain lane! I'm glad you created godaddy.com

Big Boss Bob! You da man!
Demetrius (http://gogglepower.com) on Aug 29 2008, 11:53am  Reply
Excellent! Informative! Fun! Great example of how to effectively use video in a blog. I wish I had listened to this before I bought choosingforgivness.com :)
Charles W. Thomas, Jr. (http://www.prosperingtimes.com) on Aug 29 2008, 05:50am  Reply
The video Pick a domain name like a pro ROCKS - go GoDaddy.com
Damir T (http://tvebook.com) on Aug 29 2008, 01:43am  Reply
Hi Bob where is a person to start looking to purchase a trademarked name for a business. I also heard it is exspensive.
dbarselow on Aug 28 2008, 08:42pm  Reply
Bob asked me to reply as he is away.

Your question is a multi-faceted one and unfortunately, beyond the scope of the blog. We suggest you enlist the assistance of a trademark attorney to be sure you do it correctly.

Thanks for taking the time to write in!

Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 29 2008, 01:45pm  Reply
Hello Bob!

Very useful tips indeed to optimize domain name registration!

But Bob, what are your 25 best Tips for CashParking optimization? I would love to know even 5 of them!

Can you answer that one please?

Cheers Bob!
Chris on Aug 28 2008, 08:28pm  Reply
Hey Bob,

Are you married? I think I'm in love! O.K. seriously though...your top 10 was given at a very perfect time for me so thanks a ton.

L.Allison on Aug 28 2008, 05:50pm  Reply
you are really weird but in a good way. Better say interesting :) your facial expressions are funny, but i have a feeling that people who take you lightly get suprised at just the right time for your advantage! I wonder how you talk during business meetings...you must kick butt! Wish you luck and be good, greets from Croatia! GoDaddy rulez!
vedran on Aug 28 2008, 03:43pm  Reply
Very informative. Easy to understand the key points. I am looking forward to my website become a big stop on the info super highway.
cain (http://inthepm.com / promotionsandmanagement.com) on Aug 28 2008, 03:19pm  Reply
I love watching your v blogs! If i didn't live in Florida, I'd be asking you for a job! Yeah, I already know your a great boss! LOL
David Gordy (http://wearethekeepers.com) on Aug 28 2008, 01:39pm  Reply
Your the real deal Bob! Honesty and great customer service has served Godaddy well.
Val (http://Historyforum.com) on Aug 28 2008, 01:37pm  Reply
loved your company for a few years now. I have sent a link or three to those who were in serch of the perfect place to hook up.. in the information world. I have never have problems when calling customer support and always get a cheerful person when I do talk to one of many of your outstanding techs.
Tammy (http://http:www.kelra.info) on Aug 28 2008, 01:32pm  Reply
I own a media and production company that has the same name as a consulting business in the U.S. They got the dot com. I have the dot org and I'm about to buy the dot tv. The dot net is selling for $2000+ at godaddy.com (you can see there's some weight on the name).

Is there a copyright issue with having the same name as some other company? We are not trying to get anything out of those guys, just trying to do our own thing. And our businesses are completely different in every way.

My company is not a US company, we are located outside the US.

I appreciate any comment or advice on this.

Thanks again for the videoblog. :-)
Rene on Aug 28 2008, 12:24pm  Reply
Dear Rene:

Bob is away and asked me to reply.

Whether there is a trademark issue with using the same company name as another company would depend on whether the other company name is trademarked. You can do a trademark search to determine if the company has a registered mark. If there is a registered trademark, please see the response to Comment # 26599 on trademark infringement on domain names. If there is no trademark issue, Bob's blog suggestion to not register other TLDs if the .com is taken is meant to help you drive traffic to your site. If you choose to use the same name with a different TLD extension, then I suggest you utilize some tools for driving traffic to your site, such as our site enhancement tools Traffic Blazer or Traffic Facts.

Thanks for writing in to Bob's blog!

Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 28 2008, 03:46pm  Reply
Super cool! I really loved your advice.

As I was searching for my domain name awhile back, I thought about the name Trish's Trips. It was available, but when I checked it out it could also be www.trish strips.com. Certainly didn't want that! :D

Have a great day!

Trish Gasitneau (http://trishtravel.com) on Aug 28 2008, 06:42am  Reply
Nice job, lots of help, mostly common sense, but sometimes common sense goes out the window for whatever reason, thanks for the focus.. Bob D
Bob DeVriend on Aug 28 2008, 06:37am  Reply
Great hints, Bob ....Thanks .... and, yes ... you look good in the suit.
Dave Devlin on Aug 27 2008, 09:25pm  Reply
The clip would not play in Mozilla for some reason today on my lap top in Vegas...But, I find that .net names can be used when you own the .com for things like our Bikini Joe for President video. Buying all the names and some around your Brand has always been a low cost way prepare for the furture of your brands or sites

BJ (http://BikiniJoes.net) on Aug 27 2008, 07:16pm  Reply
I'm very happy to get our domain name through your company. Your the man, and that video was pretty funny.
Good job.
Rubarb Siesta (http://Clown-Vomit.com) on Aug 27 2008, 03:38pm  Reply
Good Stuff BOB,

Any Idea of the Value of a domain like
Auctiun.com or Auctiuns.com

Best of Success in Everything
BILL in Bangkok
PornDotcom.com (http://www.Auctiun.com) on Aug 27 2008, 01:16pm  Reply
Great tips, Bob! I am off to give my online branding presentation next week at the national SBDC convention in Chicago 9/4 and will share your advice when I pitch your video blog, as I always do. And, btw .... nice suit! That's a new look for you. It works.
Lori Martinek (http://www.pplusonline.com) on Aug 27 2008, 09:35am  Reply
keep it up bob- your the best boss! i love working for GoDaddy.com!!!
michelle kimble (http://www.young-woman.net) on Aug 27 2008, 09:27am  Reply
Bob, I found your tips helpful, yet also troubling with a recent experience with GoDaddy. Tip #1, check spelling on really good domain finds, well your services should check much more. I recently found, checked and rechecked multiple great names before purchasing them thru GoDaddy, only to be told no and refunded later. What a dissapointment to lose Beeping.com,Released.com,Prohibits.com,Atoning.com,Lorded.com,Lobbied.co m,Exempted.com and Ruin.com,,,I felt cheated, but at least I got GodsGoDaddy.com so maybe vengeance is mine yet sayeth the Lord.
CopScott (http://TheGodIAM.com) on Aug 27 2008, 07:24am  Reply
LOL you cant register GodsGoDaddy.com and actually expect to keep it. Didnt you listen to Mr. Parsons, "registering a trademark is a no no"
Paul on Aug 30 2008, 12:55pm  Reply
Hi Bob,
some great advice your handing out, thanks alot there goes about half of my !@#$%^ customers because of you as a consultant. No not really don't get your panties in a bunch LOL. I do think it is a great aproach, it sure isn't like these other hung out to dry providers.
dbarselow (http://www.travelatlantic.com) on Aug 27 2008, 07:22am  Reply
I am truly impressed with how easy it has been choosing my domain name for my new business. I used the tips from this video clip to choose my name and when it was complete and I needed help the customer service representatives where helpful and patiient. Let's face it, I am not a technical person but I look like I am with the help of godaddy.com
Thank you,
Diarra (http://www.kimijoka.com) on Aug 27 2008, 06:50am  Reply
you are funny man, things you say is so true
fitzgerald crutcher on Aug 26 2008, 11:23pm  Reply
Thank you, Bob, for these great tips! They are educational and relevant for new website developers as well as seasoned domainers and webmasters alike.

The information is highly practical, very topical, excellently presented, and easily accessible.

Cy (http://DietGlutenFree.com) on Aug 26 2008, 10:08pm  Reply
Oh no, I had two out of the ten suggestions for a good domain name. In this case that's NOT good. I'm going to have to rethink my dog breeding website!
Thanks Bob, I wish I'd read this 5 years ago! But hey, there's always fixing it.

PS due to my dyslexia I misspelled one try, and have hyphens in the name... so it's back to the drawing board!

Jeann Svarvar on Aug 26 2008, 06:31pm  Reply
The Video content was Awesome Bob! Putting it simply; you have nailed it when it comes to the name game Dude... I however have a small request. Next Blog video episode we sure would like to see You along with one of those sweet Babes that make us Love GoDaddy so much :) Just a thought, can't hurt to ask LOL...
FlashRiver (http://www.OkieBabe.com) on Aug 26 2008, 06:24pm  Reply
Two "Bob's" don't make it right, but you are right on with your tips. Your tech support is great also, Wow, a follow up phone call the day after, it does not get better then that, and a U.S based co. I will be moving my sites over to Go Daddy, Bob your batting a 1000's but you know that. Bob tell me why I need a Mobile .com when everyone can get the web on there I-phone? Is there something I am missing. Nice tie.
Robert on Aug 26 2008, 04:51pm  Reply
Dear Robert,

Thanks for writing into Bob's blog and for your nice words about our tech support. As for the .mobi TLD, there are approximately 4 times as many cellular phones than computers worldwide. While the iPhone with its
"desktop-class web browser" is revolutionizing the mobile phone industry, the vast majority of cell phones cannot view sites as readily and are still using specialized browsers that parse web sites for mobile
phone use. Basically, if you are running a business online, you don't want to miss out on a valuable market niche.
Hope this helps!

Nima Jones (filling in while Bob is away!)

Nima on Aug 29 2008, 02:19pm  Reply
I never pictured you as much of a suit and tie guy. Good advice on the selection of names. I still struggle with the usefulness of names in search engines though. For example I chose a name with a "my" at the beginning and I have noticed that Google routinely strips the "my" off when I search through them. I guess the good news is that I will be buying more domains to try and correct this little problem. Great Blog.
Kent (http://www.myhomehealthcare.ca) on Aug 26 2008, 11:41am  Reply
Great suggestions!

But an entire video blog without a godaddy girl being shown or mentioned? You're slipping Bob! Kindly make up for it in the next one!
Alan on Aug 26 2008, 11:09am  Reply
Bob, for a video with zero godaddy girls, this is probably your best so far. Thank you for all the inspiration!
Ben (http://www.assloadsofcash.com) on Aug 26 2008, 10:32am  Reply
Hi Bob!

Great Blog, good advice, excellent presence, and damn nice haircut!
See ya next time!
Robb Clark (http://Lasermedoptical.com) on Aug 26 2008, 09:23am  Reply
Pity I didn´t hear your clever tips before I took my company name Valcox. Now I have to wait a zillion years till valcox.com is free and arrange myself with valcoxonline. Regards. MB.
Maximiliano Baldassarri (http://www.valcoxonline.com) on Aug 26 2008, 05:53am  Reply
Your 24/7 tech support is the greatest! :-) My hat is off to them for the help I received. Visit my site and see what I mean. My first web site. Still working on it, but I have learned so much in this process. beetthis.com - even added music and pix from different places (including youtube).
Connie (http://beetthis.com) on Aug 25 2008, 11:47pm  Reply
The advice about looking hard at the name you chose is so true! A few years ago I was going to start a site for people to post their own fiction called "The Pen Is Mighty". The Pen Is Mighty.com sounds like a good name until you remove the spaces and re-read it...bet it would have gotten a lot of visitors, though!
Vickie (http://www.magicmoondesigns.com) on Aug 25 2008, 10:17pm  Reply
I actually follow your advice and at times do feel like giving up. But, like yourself, I refuse to go back to working for the man. Instead, I'll just ride it out and deal with the b$...lol

http://www.myspace.com/sophist icatedndetermined
Shawn (http://www.United-States-Politics.Drewryonline.net) on Aug 25 2008, 08:55pm  Reply
Thanks, Bob!
Very helpful, but I wish I would have seen it 2 hyphenated domains ago!
Rob (http://www.onlinebusinessreviewers.com) on Aug 25 2008, 07:33pm  Reply
Thanks Bob for the advice on choosing domain names. (I have made some of the mistakes you mentioned.) Sometimes I wonder if my domain name: hostingbytabitha.com was a wise choice. I'm sure most people would understand what type of hosting I provide, but on the other hand maybe I will gets lots of traffic, ha ha. Looking forward to more video blogs.
Tabitha Gallman (http://www.designsbytabitha.com) on Aug 25 2008, 05:33pm  Reply
Bob, I have many great domain names and would like to know there value and if possible interest from the public for purchase, or cash parking tips, etc... Also if a .com name is taken what is your thoughts about the second or third best selection ,net or info, me, mobi, etc...if that name is available only via this venue. Any tips on making sales to entities would help. Also with Mobile now growing rapidly and technology expanding, do you like the mobi, purchases??

Maria on Aug 25 2008, 04:55pm  Reply
Hi Maria:
Bob is away and asked me to reply.

One of the most important things to remember when considering the value of a domain name, or anything else for that matter, is that it is only worth as much as what someone is willing to pay for it. It's very difficult to accurately estimate what any domain name is worth because there are so many factors involved. If you get a Certified Domain Appraisal, Go Daddy will take into account market trends and other currently relevant industry factors. Still, an appraisal is just an estimation and it's impossible to tell what any particular domain name would actually sell for when it comes right down to it.

If you're serious about what you're doing with a domain, it's a good idea to get all the top-level domain versions. The last thing you want is for someone to steal business from you by taking a similar name. We all know COM is the most recognized TLD. Typically, NET, ORG & BIZ are next in line but we've seen a lot of support for the recently released ME domains. And MOBI is always useful if you have a mobile version of your site.

In the end, your marketing and business success will determine your brand recognition which is what will make your domain name valuable to you.

Appreciate you taking the time to write in!
Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 28 2008, 11:26am  Reply
I really liked this blog. I was checking it out while doing some work and then thought to myself, " this is pretty good". I would like to have my first blog done with similar flare and style. Any info you could pass to me on how to go about it would be great. Besides the flare and style I thought the info was good as well.
W Staton (http://www.thechopshoplawnandsnow.com) on Aug 25 2008, 02:24pm  Reply
Great tips bob!
Mike (http://www.977th.com) on Aug 25 2008, 11:48am  Reply
Thanks for offering your tried and true advice. I know I'm hearing the voice of experience,and although I'll follow my own counsel as you suggested, you've increased my frame of reference to help me arrive at a better decision . Keep the knowledge coming, you rock !
lerrad on Aug 25 2008, 10:33am  Reply
Was shocked by your business widsom. Intriguing. Hey, I am a small scale wind developer with big plans. I am laying out a lot of possibilities and wondered if you had any interest in joining Boone Pickens in the wind world. I think I am about a year from a tremendous breakout in the wind energy business. I have spent the last 2 years trying to position myself for a big run. I need more capital and make take on an investor. I have no outside investors at this time, but some Joint Ventures in the works. If you have interest in the next big green expolosion let me know. I like your business savvy.

Sincerely, Billy Tiller
P.S. — My grand daughter calls me big daddy. Go figure. Well anyway, thanks Bob.
Billy Tiller on Aug 25 2008, 08:54am  Reply
Bob, love all your videos—this one is very helpful yet still has a light touch. thanks!
Barbara Weaver Smith (http://www.whalehuntingwomen.com) on Aug 25 2008, 08:53am  Reply
I really enjoyed video blog #14 - very informative!

I also appreciate the use of the wisdom proverbs!
Aaron Brewer (http://aaron.brewer.dm@gmail.com) on Aug 25 2008, 08:41am  Reply

Good advice, Bob.

I love picking out clever domain names and finding them available for my registration and use, especially when a venture is in its relative infancy.

I alternate using my various domains depending on whom I am advertising to.
Just a few examples:



ww w.TooDamnFast.com


... and I stick solely to the .com names.

Take care,



Perry (http://www.FastCash247.com) on Aug 25 2008, 03:18am  Reply
I think any domain name with the word "gold" in it is pretty good.

Great advice on Aug 24 2008, 10:15pm  Reply
The info and video is cooler than a fan godaddy. I love your name.
Maji (http://AAWN1) on Aug 24 2008, 09:49pm  Reply
Very good advise! Here is more on wisdom:

Proverbs 1:
5 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:

20 Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:

21 She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying,

22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

Proverbs 3

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed.
Kevin (http://artofanam.com) on Aug 24 2008, 06:21pm  Reply
Thanks Bob for another entertaining yet informative Blog Clip.

I almost did not add a comment to this blog & never have on any blog...but couldn't resist saying one thing to the Joker who wrote about TP and Toilets.

I think your idea should fit right along with your S*!t for Brains. In the future, just ask Bob to be the Financial Backer for your next Brilliant Idea.

T Metz on Aug 24 2008, 05:25pm  Reply
Your'e HOT...and you have enlightened me to the process of creating a domain ... how about dinner? Thanks
Lori I. on Aug 24 2008, 04:29pm  Reply
This was useful. Thanks !!
SD on Aug 24 2008, 04:05pm  Reply
See, no edgy content but survey results say "Liked" in a big way!
Biker Jeff (http://myspace.com/blue_iis) on Aug 24 2008, 03:45pm  Reply
Hey! That was a very useful session there...but one small thing i wanted to point out was that the Danica Patrick Ad that you have, over in godaddy has the little girl register a site called Beat-The-Boys.com. wink
Meneer.Chrome on Aug 24 2008, 01:06pm  Reply
Dear Meneer,

Good eye. But do know we did that just for effect.

bob parsons on Aug 24 2008, 09:51pm  Reply
Dohh!!! Wish I had watched it first. C'est la guerre. I would say that the background music made it hard to hear what you were saying as you ran the closing credits.
Joseph Myerson (http://www.help-on-the-way-computing.com) on Aug 24 2008, 12:39pm  Reply
Thanks for the tips about the domain name. I have spent about a month trying to come up with a short and descriptive name for my product that has not already been used. Your top 10 rules will have made me change my mind again. All in all, great blog - thanks for the FREE tips. That is nice for a change.
Erin on Aug 24 2008, 10:11am  Reply
Hello Bob!

Very useful tips indeed! Thanks.

But Bob, what are your 25 best Tips for CashParking my domains? I would love to know even 5 of them!

Cheers Bob!

Chris (http://www.nichepremium.com) on Aug 24 2008, 06:13am  Reply
Great vid, I liked it. It was entertaining and informative. I have seen a bundle of internet training on the web and this is well made.
Mark on Aug 24 2008, 03:20am  Reply
Loved the video!
What is going to happen when there isn't any more "short" domains left? I know more extensions keep coming out, but the .com is king.

Can I get your opinion Bob?
I am not happy with the name that I tentatively chose for my new division of my website design business. WatsonsInnovativeWebsites.com Its just too long.
Do you think that WatsyWebDesign.com is better? I want it to be unique but also professional.
Karissa on Aug 23 2008, 08:29pm  Reply
Dear Karissa,

Short domains have been scarce for sometime — by that I mean 3 or 4 character domains. Beyond that many are still available. And when you combine two words (short ones at that) many, many more are available. This isn't going to change for many years to come.

bob parsons on Aug 24 2008, 09:48pm  Reply
Can you clarify that "old ancient saying" that you mention at the very end of this video? I'm having trouble hearing it over the music. It sounded like you said, "A wise man keeps his own counsel.". I thought the saying was, "A man who represents himself has a fool for a client.".

Good video...especially the tip about spell-checking a domain that would presumably be unavailable. If it's too good to be true...
John T on Aug 23 2008, 07:05pm  Reply
One of this weeks Top Ten Tips was about avoiding trademarks. (maybe 2)
I have a number of (www._week.com) domains for use to create a series of weekly events. The (_) part of the domain is, (each are) trademarked words or names. Are there examples of people who have successfully negotiated with these trademark holders? Perhaps by showing them each (and individually)that the significance of the combined presence of all of the names being used to promote the general product line, helps each of them to reach their loyal customers in a new way. That being, "TheirProductWeek". Or as an example, lets say I owned www.CharminWeek.com, www.ScottTissueweek.com, and that one with the bears.
If I also owned www.ToiletPaperMonth.com and was running a month long campaign that (lets say) was financed by the the Kohler toilet fixture company and I got the TP manufactures to sponsor the event (which really is just a way for Kohler to put butts in seats) couldn't that be a scenario where the right angle gets the trademark holder to invision a working relationship with you?
Dawad (http://not yet activated) on Aug 23 2008, 06:04pm  Reply
Dear Dawad:
The scenario you pose is an interesting one. However, the answer is complex and raises legal issues and is really outside the scope of this blog. Your best bet is to consult an intellectual property attorney.

Nima Jones
Nima on Sep 16 2008, 05:19pm  Reply
Your video and site have not catered to my number one question: if I search for the domain name I want and it is available can I snap it up across .com, .ca, .org, .net, .U.S., .ws, .info, .biz simultaneously through your site? and if I search for the name will someone be able to scoop it and make it unavailable except at a cost to me?
Lawrey Smashnuk on Aug 23 2008, 04:20pm  Reply
Hi Lawrey:
Bob is away and asked me to reply to your question.

When you search for a domain name at GoDaddy, the first page you usually see is the page telling you if the name you wanted was taken or not. That page also has quick add-on checkboxes for several other popular top-level domains, but not necessarily your exact list. The top-level domains offered could always change, but for now you'd have to use the "Add Another Domain" search box for the other types.

Regarding your second question, the answer is definitely yes. Until you actually complete your purchase and have a particular name assigned to you, anyone else can come along and buy it. That's why we always suggest you act immediately on any domain name you really want and find is still available.

Appreciate you writing in to the blog!

Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 28 2008, 11:18am  Reply
very useful tips BOB. I have 7 domains with GD :D
Pummy (http://allaboutfitness.info) on Aug 23 2008, 03:05pm  Reply
At first I thought he looks like a nut. Then I thought yeah buy most of my favorite friends are nuts, not to mention a hell of a lot of fun. Let me see what he has to offer. Glad I did! The video it's self did not impress me that much, but the information it offered was great. Guess there's a lot to be said for nuts. Thanks GoDaddy
obsidianights (http://obsidianights.com) on Aug 23 2008, 02:48pm  Reply
you are absolutly right Bob, there are so many people who just register names with out considering the 10 rulels you mentioned. for me, i guess using hyphens in a domain name is the worse thing that might happen. but some people still claim that it is a good factor for better SEO.

by the way, i really like the video of " Emails that Drive us nuts"

keep it up buddy :)

waiting for your next vidoe :)
Mayed Style (http://www.MayedStyle.com) on Aug 23 2008, 02:36pm  Reply
good job. I wish I saw this blog earlier.
Robert Baindourov (http://www.1-800webdesign.com) on Aug 23 2008, 01:44pm  Reply
Hi Bob,

I mean this in the most polite!! of ways LOL, when i say you remind me of Mr Crabs from SpongeBob Squarepants LOL

Thankyou for such a amazingly fluent service.

HAHAHAHA @ Paris Hilton joke !!!!

Dean on Aug 23 2008, 01:11pm  Reply
amazing! I would expect a much longer comment section by now... these are good tips!
Cree Dalene (http://creedalene.com) on Aug 23 2008, 09:02am  Reply
Dear Bob,

Another excellent presentation. Good advice...
When I came up with MY domain name, I had already established 'ADVEL' as a contracted representation of my business 'Advanced Electronics'. I added the 'INC' because someone had taken ADVEL. I am not incorporated but it worked well into my business plan that calls for, among other things, a laser:' A beam of coherent light where all parts of the beam are in phase with one another'. I have ADVELINC paid for through 2013 which should give me time to get my point across...

Chris Jacobs (http://www.advelinc.com) on Aug 23 2008, 07:36am  Reply
Should i sell my domain Name?


Or should i hang on to it for a couple of years?

Thank you!

Mr. Kim Worthen
Mr. Kim Worthen (http://worldmarketmalls.com) on Aug 23 2008, 06:42am  Reply
First!! :)~
jenn on Aug 22 2008, 09:57pm  Reply
Hey, Bob -

I am starting my own rules for sucess. How about "Impress yourself first". As in: "If you are happy with the way you operate in life then those whose image of you matters will automatically have a good impression."
Michael on Aug 22 2008, 08:47pm  Reply
Dear Dr. Bob,
Good tips for new domainers! Can you tell me how can I check whether my domain name violate the brand name or not?
Or could you give me some comments on my name on your system: www.NetPostel.com, And don't charge it as an appraisal, Dr. :-)

Van Trung (http://www.dentobay.com) on Aug 22 2008, 07:36pm  Reply
Dear Van Trung:

Bob is away and has asked me to reply to your question.

Although I can't provide you with legal advice on trademark infringement (nor can Bob) you can read the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy for an overview, found here: http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/legal_agreements/show_doc.asp?isc=wmlvsdb4 04&pageid=UNIFORM%5FDOMAIN.

The Policy outlines when a domain name registration may violate the rights of a third party. If you still aren't sure about your domain name after reading the policy, you should contact a trademark attorney to assess your domain.

Thanks for taking the time to write in to the blog!

Nima Jones

Nima on Aug 28 2008, 01:02pm  Reply
Thanks for the video it was a big help. I have been researching domain names, webs sites. software and reseller programs and I appreciate what you have done. What I would like to request is a page for us brand new people to this "internetworld. Specifically sort of "soup to nuts overview" of GoDaddy's products and how to implement your products into a website. I can learn the technical stuff if I see the advantage of how it will help my customers.
Nigel Unarie on Aug 22 2008, 07:08pm  Reply
Bob, this one is a little boring so when you start hearing crickets and wondering why their are no blog posts like a few weeks ago.... it's not because your blog is down. It's probably because this one is lacking the racy content we all enjoy!! Have a great weekend.
Brad on Aug 22 2008, 07:05pm  Reply
Go Daddy
Ron on Aug 22 2008, 06:41pm  Reply
I was bummed when my company name was taken. Now I'm glad. I ended up with a shorter name that people could remember and also tied in with my company, plus kinda had another meaning that was fun and added to one being able to remember it.
You rock,
Lisa Lovett (http://www.lisacooks.com) on Aug 22 2008, 05:56pm  Reply
Say you find a .com name that's available and you register it. All other TLD's are also available but you decide to hold off registering those until you see that your .com is going to be popular. At what point do you register the .net, .info, .biz, .org etc? And how does registering those help you?
Guy Ellis (http://guyellisrocks.com) on Aug 22 2008, 04:41pm  Reply
dont wait, never wait to register the other TLDs. I know you want to wait to see if your .com is going to be popular or work out but really how much is it going to cost you to get the rest up front? Even by just grabbing the .net and .org your looking at a grand total of about $18 for one year. Dont take a chance and maybe lose your rights to a name for $18.
Paul on Aug 30 2008, 08:50pm  Reply
Dear Guy:
We think your question comes down to protecting your intellectual property. When you register multiple domain names, you:

Keep your competition from registering a domain name that draws customers to them instead of you.
Drive more traffic to your Web site.
* Protect your brand and online identity from those who may have unsavory purposes.

Would you wait to register your great new invention until it was popular? If you do someone else could end up enjoying the fruits of your labor. Don't let happen with your domains! We say protect your idea and register all of the TLDs when you get your .Com. If your idea doesn't work out you can always cancel or let them lapse later. It will cost you significantly less than buying or fighting for the other TLDs if someone else registers them.

Remember, GoDaddy.com can offer you the protection of your property in one quick easy transaction for a great low price. Try matching that with any other form of your intellectual property.

P.S.- Have you ever noticed that when you type in GoDaddy.net you are taken to GoDaddy.com? Try it out and see for yourself.

Thanks for writing in to the blog!
Nima Jones
Nima on Aug 29 2008, 01:55pm  Reply