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Fox hands us a lemon. We make lemonade out of beavers! A new type of Super Bowl ad.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It seemed we couldn't get Fox to approve anything. This includes, the edgiest and most hilarious ad we've ever produced: Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick's "Exposure" ad.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Danica Patrick's "Exposure" ad and Candice Michelle's "White Light - Director's Cut" will be available -- for your viewing pleasure -- on the website no later than 4 pm MST today!

Got Two!
Then we sent in our 11th and 12th submissions. And to our surprise and delight, Fox not only approved one, they approved both. So now we have two approved ads on our hands.

We want viewers to see our real ad.
The purpose of our "Spot On" ad is to direct the attention of Super Bowl viewers to's website where they will be able to see our real Super Bowl ad " the ad we wanted to show, but that Fox refused " Danica Patrick's "Exposure" ad.

Just don't say "beaver!"
As I pointed out in my last article, Fox refused "Exposure" because in the ad, we called actual beavers, "beavers!" In refusing the ad, Fox informed us that if we referred to the furry, damn building rodents or beavers by something other than "beavers" the ad would be approved. I felt if I made that change the ad wouldn't be quite the same, besides this is America I should be able to call a beaver, a "beaver." So I withdrew the ad and took the "Spot On" approach. You might say, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons or in this case, out of beavers.

Viewer Discretion Advised.
Now if you watched "Spot On" and paid close attention, you noticed the words -- "Viewer Discretion Advised" -- on the end slate where viewers are told how to see Danica's "Exposure" ad. These words are usually reserved for certain movie previews and television programs. The fact that our Super Bowl Ad carries this warning is not us playing around. We added the warning to accommodate Fox's Standards and Practices group. We believe that this is a first for any Super Bowl commercial. My mother will be so proud.

"Exposure" is in a class by itself!
Those that visit our website to see Danica Patrick's "Exposure" ad certainly won't be disappointed. It's edgy, it's relevant, it's hot and it's hilarious. Of all the ads we've ever done, this one gets the biggest reaction from anyone who watches it.

I'm not the only one who thinks so!
I'm now at a convention in Reno and I've shown "Exposure" to a countless number of people. I really enjoy watching their reactions. Without exception the comments have been "Wow!" or "Awesome!" followed by laughter or a very broad smile. And then they all ask the same question: "Can I see it again?"

What to do with our second approved ad?
Unlike prior year's when we always had two or more Super Bowl ad spots purchased, and only one approved ad to run, this year we have only one spot purchased and two approved ads. The second approved spot called "White Light" features Candice Michelle and is GoDaddyEsque in every sense of the word. If we have occasion between now and the Big Game to purchase a second spot, we'll air "White Light." In either case, a director's cut of that ad will be available for visitors to our website.

Super Bowl Sunday should be an interesting day indeed. Even though the Big Game is here in Arizona, I'll be watching it at the offices while enjoying a bucket of popcorn and a few cans of ginger ale.

Got an opinion? Why not share it with all of us? Please take a moment and post a comment on this blog.

Until next time.
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