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Meet our new Go Daddy GirlŪ. She's sexy, hot and blazing fast! I go to the Arctic Circle. Brrr. Free Go Daddy ringtones.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Our new Go Daddy Girl is sexy, hot and fast!
I'm proud to announce that has signed the newest Go Daddy Girl. She thrives on competition, speed and power. She's also edgy, innovative and fun. That's certainly what Go Daddy is all about. Our new Go Daddy Girl is Indy car racer and super star Danica Patrick -- a true competitor and role model.

Danica Patrick will join our existing two Go Daddy Girls, Rachel and Candice Michelle " giving us now a group of three.

All of us at are pleased, excited and proud to be associated with Danica Patrick. We look forward to working with her over the upcoming years, and spending time with her in the winner's circle.

Get ready for two hot new Candice Michelle commercials.
Speaking of Candice Michelle, we now have two new commercials that are in the editing process and not far from release. Both of them are Go DaddyEsque. Quite frankly, this time I think my staff at Go Daddy Productions may have gone a bit too far. That said, each new commercial was done in good fun and left me laughing to the point of tears.

Whether I get to show them on television or not " the censors are tougher than ever these days " I'll of course make them available here. I trust you'll let me know if we went too far " again.

I just returned from the Arctic Circle.
As a complete aside, Friday I returned from spending 12 days in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ("ANWR"). ANWR is located in the extreme North East corner of Alaska, along the Canadian Border and above the Arctic Circle. It's about as desolate and remote a place as you can find on this planet.

The Refuge is 19.2 million acres with 8 million acres designated as wilderness.

The Refuge is not exactly a hot spot. It's estimated that about 1,500 people visit the place each year. During the entire time I was there, I didn't see another soul.

To get there I flew into Fairbanks, took a commuter into Fort Yukon and then a bush plane for an hour and a half that landed on a makeshift run way in the middle of nowhere.

It takes a special kind of person to visit ANWR -- one that needs zero amenities!
It was a no frills vacation. I slept in a sleeping bag, washed occasionally in a creek, and mostly ate freeze-dried food. To communicate (which was rare), I used an Iridium satellite phone. Click here to see my little campsite.

Most of my days were spent hiking throughout ANWR and climbing in its many hills and mountains. Once into a mountain or hillside, I typically would pull out my binoculars and spend hours glassing the surrounding area. This process was always made a little better by firing up my iPod and listening to some country tunes.

After spending 12 days there, I can say ANWR is certainly beautiful, desolate, wicked quiet and brutal. Animals that die there are devoured immediately. Many animals are attacked and devoured before they have a chance to die. I was able to witness quite a bit of this.

Everybody likes Danica!
When I was in the Arctic, I met a number of individuals who worked out of Fort Yukon -- as bush pilots, guides and outfitters. These guys hardly watch TV, and don't pay much attention to Indy Car Racing -- but all of them knew of Danica Patrick. Without exception, the boys in the Arctic thought she would make an outstanding Go Daddy Girl!

Once home, I was surprised that it took a few days to get used to sleeping in my own bed once again. My mattress -- which is firm -- seemed too soft. Not a terrible problem to have.

Go Daddy's programmers have installed some exciting and free new webmail features.
While I was gone, my programmers were busy. They released two new features I'm pretty happy about.

Webmail users can now easily set up contacts in their address book so they can send text ("SMS") messages to their cell phones. Once a contact is set up for text messages, Webmail users can then choose to send their messages as either: emails, text messages or both.

To the best of my knowledge Go Daddy is the only company that offers this.

If you haven't done so, you need to check out Mobile Mail. It's free with Webmail.
Many customers don't know it, but we offer a version of Webmail called Mobile Mail that works on most cell phones. It works great on Blackberrys, Treos, Qs and the like. In a nutshell, Mobile Mail is an optimized version of Webmail for cell phones.

And while we were at it, we thought it would be fun to also provide free Go Daddy ringtones!
The other exciting news is we've taken our library of famous " and infamous " Go Daddy sounds and now made them available as ringtones " and best of all, they're free!!! Sounds such as the Go Daddy Girl in our original commercial saying "Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go!" The staid female censor saying "Please keep that strap on!" is also available as well as the Go Daddy marketing manager saying "Send in the Go Daddy Girl," and Nima Jones saying "Ohhhh Bob!"

To get your free Go Daddy ringtones, just log on to mobile mail with your cell phone. Access the Internet and go to pda.< your domain name>.com and click on the link that says "get ringtones."

Until next time.
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